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March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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 Last Night Out, [Starter]
 Posted: Jan 5 2018, 05:12 PM


A tall man with long dark hair and black clothing walked casually in the dark of an empty house. At least it seemed that way. No one was home at the moment. Probably out enjoying a nice dinner on this cold night. Perhaps the owners were at a movie or spending time at a friends house. Either way, they were likely celebrating after winning their case in court.

David Saunders was a man accused of kidnapping a young girl and murdering her. His wife Karen, must have been unaware of her husband's actions. He worked late and sometimes he would have to work overnight to get extra work done. She never questioned why some nights he wouldn’t be home for dinner.It was an okay cover up for someone who loved him dearly to believe, so why would she think otherwise.

The man was found innocent as there was no evidence to be presented other than a few situations that seemed coincidental. Ivan didn’t believe in coincidences. To him, everything happens for a reason. Just as he was meant to purge this world of sinful people, David Saunders was seen several times lurking around the local neighborhood at night. During the time he should have been at work.

Ivan had been following the story of this investigation for sometime and had decided to wait outside of David's work until he left for the day. Unbeknownst to the man, Ivan was able to follow him all the way to an empty woods. How David didn’t know he was being followed was beyond him, especially since he had been driving down the sams road for a while.

Parking off to the side of the road, David took a shovel from the trunk of his car. Ivan waited for his return to find him stuffing a body bag into his trunk. The man with the long dark hair should have intervened here, but it was not how he sought justice. Even if the man was found guilty he’d only be imprisoned. Ivan wanted him to burn.

Back at the Saunders home, David and his wife Karen were walking in. They seemed to have had a good time wherever it was that they came from. David marched upstairs to head to bed. Unfortunately, it was Karen who had walked into the kitchen to find a strange man cloaked in black clothing standing in front of her. She went to scream, but he immediately grabbed her, holding a knife to her throat as he cupped her mouth.

“Shhhh,” he whispered softly to the woman. “That is no way to welcome a guest into your home,” he continued speaking softly. His voice strangely soothing and eerie at the same time. “I am not here to harm you, sweet lady. But, your husband has done something very bad and must be punished,” he continued cooing i her ear.

Karen was afraid to move. Ivan could feel her body trembling.

“Now, I want you to leave. If you stay you will die. If you try to stop me...you will die. Ask yourself, if your life is worth a child killers?” Ivan chuckled quietly as the last fews words left his lips. He slowly began to let go of the woman. She was still too terrified to move. Ivan smiled at her as he backed away. She stayed in place still.

“Shame,” the man said.

Ivan picked up a canister of gasoline he had placed nearby. He began pouring it around the house, surprisingly not making enough sound to peak David’s curiosity. The man must have been extremely exhausted. Ivan held a pokeball in his hand has he approached the woman still standing petrified in the kitchen.

“Last chance, darling. Run or burn?”

She remained motionless still.

“He kills a child and you still prefer to die with him?” Ivan’s quiet tone changed. He was no longer entertained by the woman’s fear to move or say anything. It disgusted him at this point.

“I know what he did. For that, I’m just as guilty.” she responded.

Ivan’s smile dropped as he glared at the woman. He stepped closer to her now with rage. “I changed my mind...you can scream now.” Ivan clicked open the pokeball and outcame an Alolan Marowak. The pokemon stood beside him waiting for his command. “Burn it down,” he spoke softly once more as the marowak set fire to the gasoline. Marowak grabbed Ivans hand and the two phased through the ground. The Saunders home burst into flames in an explosive fire killing the married couple.

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 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 04:25 PM



Though he may have worked many times with the ghost type, training and practicing escape strategies such as they were doing now, this would end all to different. Even as the house faded from view, the marowak working to bring its trainer to safety, the voice would resonate in his head. The feeling of the ghostly hand on his skin was gone suddenly, as he was yanked away from that which he'd known. From the vigilante act he'd just committed, and the world it was on. The force wrapped about his body, safely pulling at him as his vision was filled with orange orbs of light.

The feeling was nauseating as he was transported through a void of emptiness, nothing around him if he could even see through the lights dancing around in his sight. It felt as though time was elongated, the seconds dragging out as his body rushed through, unable to move or function independently. But the feeling wouldn't last too long, the ground suddenly appearing beneath his feet. The orbs burst into a cacophony or orange hues, flooding the room around him until all the blank space was filled. The ground deepened in color, creating a much darker color to contrast the air.

Beneath his feet, the tint phased to a red, a small batch of flames bursting to life under him. The flames created a full circle, flickering and touching at his clothes and skin, but only providing a warmth and not burning him at all. It trickled in a source of energy, passionate and strong as it waited to be sure he was ready for what the presence lingering unseen had prepared, the fire starting to spread across the void. After only a few moments, the orange was gone, replaced instead by the fierce red that took its place.

Let's Get Started.

At first, nothing happened. The void remained as it was, the same illusion stretching out further than his eyes could see. But once he took a step in any direction after the command, the ground would rise into a short platform. As he continued, the path developed before him, shaping itself quickly in a variety of ways that would open - or close - different pathways. The fire behind him would rise, preventing him from turning back but allowing him time for decisions if necessary.

Cross The Paths.

The paths started to form in front of the platform, pushing forward to the left and right from his current position. The first choice was simple. To one side, he'd find a luscious landscape, vibrant green plants decorating the ground with other colors popping up here and there from the healthy flora. A bit to the left was a small river, pushing through and weaving as it fed the land around it, little bridges of wood appearing here and there to help him cross it.

To his right was a plant much more devoid of life, the ground coated in coarse, bland dirt. It was easily brushed aside, but was not alone. Tall, weathered segment of structures stood tall all around, masking what lied behind but promising great history. With the ruins of buildings and other constructions came the promise of great history, but the landscape was not one that encouraged life much. It would likely be drying and harder to cross, but there would certainly be more to see.

Once he'd made the first choice, the paths would continue to develop at the end of whichever he'd chosen, the other being consumed by flames and disappearing from sight. This time, the path branched into three new directions, giving him an additional choice which he may or may not end up appreciating. To the right was a deep pool of water, rushing back towards the shore closest to him. Suspended in the water were a series of unstable platform, which he'd see bobbing as the waves disturbed them. The water crashed against the end, splashing up upon the ground in front of it. To get to the other side, he'd need to be agile and balanced, needing to jump from platform to platform without tipping them, landing anywhere but center causing the platform to flip him into the water. The rush of the waves would carry him back to the beginning, without crashing him lethally against the edge.

Mostly straight forward was a path shining with silver hues, the sounds of many contraptions grinding and working beyond the start. The beginning of this path hosted a tall wall with a door, and if he cared to look he'd see the sides were closed in as well. Carved into the door was a mapping of a maze, with symbols marking a variety of strange objects. If he entered, he'd immediately find the door locking shut behind him, trapping him to this choice. It would turn out to be the maze from the door, if he'd had taken the time to try memorizing the map. As he progressed, there would be many feats of speed and quick-thinking to get through, from patrolling bots trying to grab him to bindings launching from the walls to restrain him and pit appearing with nets at the bottom to bind him. If he found himself caught, he find himself being carried back to the start by one of the bots, which would vanish upon delivering him to the beginning.

The path branching to his left was more straight-forward than the others, sporting a couple walls with a push dummy blocking the way through. When he started, he'd find that it was relatively easy to push, but the further in he got, the more it would start to resist. He'd need to be strong and resilient to get past the hall, to the other side where more challenges awaited. He'd need to hoist on a thick knotted rope to swing across a pit, before climbing a 90 degree wall. At the top, he'd find himself on a metal frame, blocking him from simply jumping down. There would be a large hammer waiting, and a pressure point in the center. Each time he swung the hammer onto the point, the frame would lower half a foot down the 15 foot wall. But once it touched the bottom, the frame would fall outward, allowing him to step over and continue on.


At the end of the second path he chose would be waiting quite the sight. A large, ruby coated door would be glimmering, standing tall above him and waiting for him to enter. Gold lined the frame and other details of the door, an intricate design carved into its surface and masterfully woven within the gemstone. When he opened the door, which would prove to be much lighter than likely imagined, he'd find a veil of water reflecting him, and masking what was to come. Though it stretched within the frame, he'd find himself easily able to push through and move on to whatever awaited him next.

And Continue Forth.

Welcome to the void between universes. Ho-oh and her beasts will challenge Ivan in a variety of ways, to discover how he faces and overcomes the obstacles they lay. The three legendary beasts will take turns creating puzzles or riddles to solve. Each will have a variety of answers to choose from, but don't fret - there are no right or wrong answers. If Ivan is unsure or unwilling to complete a challenge, he need only sit down and they will progress to the next step. They will use his methods and choices to help determine what type of pokemon compliments Ivan, and his process will be considered when selecting his partner. However, Ho-oh's decision is influenced by what she believes works best in tandem with Ivan, so where the answers lead may yet surprise you!

 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 10:41 PM


Ivan was expecting to phase through the floor of the house and appear away from it as he usually did, but something wasn’t right. The feeling changed as the vision of his pokemon faded from him. There was a bright light that blinded him as a voice echoed in his head. Ivan was pretty sure his pokemon couldn't talk and that he wasn’t crazy. At least he didn't think so.

As the blinding light faded he felt himself floating in a void. Did he get sucked into some ghost dimension? Perhaps the phasing finally affected his mind. Either way he figured he would just go with the situation. If he was going to hallucinate, he may as well enjoy it.

Landing his feet in the void, Ivan took a look around. He wonder what would happen if he took a step. Would he fall? The man did so anyway. As soon as he did paths began to manifest. One appearing more Iively than the other. The other path seemed desolate empty of life. To him it was perfect. A place like that could be a fresh start. Perhaps he could be the one to shape it. Ivan took the right path.

Entering the path things began to fade away. He seemed disappointed, but kind of excited to see what would happen now. Three more paths formed in front of him. He noticed the pool with platforms. It seemed he’d have to cross it. Ivan wasn’t exactly interested in attempting this one. Another path revealed a push-dummy blocking the way. This one appeared to lack a challenge as well. It was the middle path that drew Ivan’s curiosity.

The man walked toward the door that had a map carved into it. A maze? This would fun. He analyzed it and attempted to memorize the image. Perhaps it would come in handy. The man entered through the metallic door as it locked behind him. Inside he faced many obstacles. Ivan had managed to out-maneuver mechanical guards and dodge capture. Making it through the maze with the map in mind, he found himself at the end of the path.

Once the man stepped out the maze it disappeared behind him. Before him he spotted a door with no other paths to travel down. Ivan went forward to open it, revealing a veil of water between him and the path ahead. He smirked at the thought of what lied ahead. Ivan stepped through the veil.

user posted image
 Posted: Jan 21 2018, 11:08 AM


Stay True To Yourself.

The voice resonated, echoed, and then faded out from his mind as he stepped through the veil, leaving the world of fire behind him. The change was visible, and clear in feeling as well, as he pushed through, the water bubbling up and floating in little orbs of clear liquid next to him. The subtle warmth that had been rushing through him was quickly replaced with a slight chill, certainly a drastic change but not so cold as to leave him too uncomfortable to focus on the tasks at hand.

As his feet landed in this new version of this strange world, the ground started to ripple, the void covered in a short layer of thick blue water. The miniature waves pushed out orderly and fluid towards the edges of the horizon, continuing on unseen. As it did so, passing by the positions up ahead, the water started to bubble up in two places, the water rising. It pushed up into the air, reaching until it reached the desired point and started to fan out. Each pillar create a small, round table, waiting for him to inspect further.

Which Do You Desire?

The first thing he would notice is the appearance of an object in his hand. A sensation pricked at his palm, causing his hand to close around the object. In it, he would find a small wooden figure, delicately carved and colored akin to realism. The craft was a miniature of himself, down to every detail of the clothes he was wearing to the style of his hair. A few details ended a little odd comparitively though, credited to the fact that it was made of wood.

On each table, a replica of an environment appeared, small detailwork in ice carving out the scenes that he would find, along with golden letters along the rim of the table spelling out a word. On one side was a well-built and structured town, though the houses were closely packed and huddled together. Around the civilization was a large wall, closing in the city and protecting it from that which lurked outside. On the remainder of the table were trees and other natural environments, with a variety of creatures prowling. The only humans to be spotted though were safe within the walls. The word lining the table read "Government".

The other reflected quite the opposite. The spattering of homes and huts for people to live were a bit more distant from each other, no real semblance of a specific order or design lining up. Humans roamed openly, the entire table to see, but among the beasts that also walked the land. There were a couple small scenes depicting a human and creature battling, man-made weapons assisting those of his own kind to defend themselves in the open world. But there was no ruling, no specific laws or defined standards to follow, which would match the word lining the table. "Anarchy".

Choose One And Solve.

With his choice made by the figurine placed on the table in alignment with what he wanted, or with his decision not to place on either, the tables would start to change. The ice scenes would melt into water as each table started to stretch, pushing across the distance between the two. they continued to grow out until the two streams met each other, filling the space between them and solidifying into a single, long table. Across the length of the table formed a few small collections of objects.

To the leftmost side of the table held a literal puzzle. A rectangular board of wood, with the center carved so that the edges of the puzzle space would be clear. Sitting under it would be the collection of wooden pieces to complete the puzzle. With only 100 pieces, it wouldn't be much of a challenge, but would just take a little time and though to arrange the pieces in the proper order to complete the puzzle. The pieces were stained with different polished colors of wood finish, a myriad of rich browns creating the final image, which was a stained image of a fire in a campsite, with trees all around it.

The second set was simply a large piece of parchment, and an ink pen beside it, the pen made of a dark obsidian color. Written on the parchment were intricate golden letters, the ink shimmering on the page. But as he looked at the strange characters, he'd find that he understood their meaning, even if the script was unknown.

Complete the unfinished pattern, based on the ones prior.

3 - 9 - 21 - 126 - 1512

8 - 24 - 192 - 3072 - 516096

6 - __ - __ - __ - __

The final choice looked to be just one item - a cube, with many separate faces. Each side of the cube looked to be broken into 9 individual panels each individual face with one of the primary 6 colors. Around the entire cube, there were enough of each color to make each side one color, but for now they were all in a jumbled mess. IF he'd been familiar with the puzzle in his previous world, he'd recognize the rubik's cube, where each turn of the puzzle counted and one misstep could drastically hurt his chances of properly solving the cube.

Cross Through.

Once one of the puzzles was completed, whether correctly of incorrectly, or hehad chosen to give up or not complete them, the three challenges would dissipate into mist, quickly spreading and filling the air, along with the table they rest on. The mist hung heavy in the air, spreading out and covering the area all around and above him. In the distance ahead, a shimmering blue light pierced through, and the fog separated to reveal the next door. This one was made of a sapphire color, with silver detail work engraved into the stone. Once he opened the door, he'd find another veil of water awaiting him again, the next set of tasks lingering hidden on the other side of the doorway.

Push On.

 Posted: Jan 21 2018, 02:45 PM


Passing through the door, Ivan smiled. He wanted to see where things lead and it seemed he had yet to fail. The man was slightly disappointed that the fire disappeared. Feeling the warmth helped him feel like this may actually be happening as opposed to a dream. Of course, as soon as the warmth faded the dark-haired man felt the cold chill fill up his body. With the cold came a strange liquid. Ivan wasn’t entirely sure if it was water based on how alive it appeared. He watched as it took shape before him setting up his next test.

Ivan approached the shapes that formed. He stood in the middle analyzing both tables trying to figure out what the challenge could be. Without warning he felt his hand prickling he stretched it over and over trying to shake the feeling. Then suddenly his hand shut tight. He struggled to open it for a moment, but when it shot open he noticed the tiny figure in the center of his palm. Ivan quickly pulled it close to his face and looked at every detail of the tiny figure. It was a carved wooden replica of himself. Ivan looked back at the tables wondering if he had to figure out where the figure would go.

One table that was titled “Government”, he could see a well structured city. Ivan scoffed. The people in that civilization were trapped not safe. At least this is how he saw it. The other table titled Anarchy made more sense to Ivan. People taking things into their own hands. No government to control or corrupt its people. The man gripped the figure once more while decided where he wanted to place it. Anarchy of course. Placing the figure down into the chaos he grinned.

As soon as he decided, the tables melted away. The liquid reformed close by into a single table. On it were several objects which Ivan would take the time to look over each one. To the left he found a puzzle. In the center was a parchment with what seemed to be numerical pattern. Ivan wasn’t exactly interested in working through a math problem. To the right, he found a rubik’s cube. Of the three options he wanted to piece together the puzzle. He remembered as a kid he would do puzzles with his mother when his father wasn’t home. The two didn’t talk much while they did them, but he remembered that being one of the lighter moments of his life. The man assembled the puzzle, taking the time to separate the ones that matched in color first to make it easier. Figuring it out over time he could begin to see the picture before completing it. When he finally did, he was glad to see the campfire in the woods.

This time the table did not melt away or reshape into another trial. The water evaporated into a mist that lingered in the area. The mist before fog and through it shined a blue light that revealed a door. This one similar to the last but was sapphire and silver. Ivan opened it and pushed through the veil onto whatever lied ahead.

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