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May 14 2018, 07:47 AM
One of the clearings he cleared out for wood was a perfect place for Alfonse to sprawl out under the warm sun, a rare day where he didn't have any commissions or errands to run. So, he packed a small bag of his berry bread, a skein of water, and some bark for Rune to nibble on. After some careful consideration, he left his Pokeballs behind and instead only brought Rune's.

The Skiddo was sprawled out next to him, dozing peacefully with her head slightly on top of Alfonse's ankle. Light brown eyes warmed slightly as he eyed the Pokemon, digging through his pack and tearing a piece of his bread in half. Taking a bite of it, he sat up and eyed the forest around him.

There had to be something interesting around here. Like another person or something.

May 14 2018, 06:10 AM
As Rune bounded out of the door enthusiastically, Alfonse couldn't help but watch his partner with some amusement. Now that it was later on in the spring and as it got warmer, the leaves that were a part of her flourished under the sun and soaked in what it could. The happy little Skiddo had him remember when she showed up on his front door, happy as can be and walked straight through the door.

Despite being rather surprised (though at the same time not, because he had helped her out), he had picked up one of the spare Pokeballs he had. After booping her on the nose and holding out the Pokeball in half-curiosity half-interest, she had merely stared at him blankly before touching her nose to where he had pointed with his pointer finger. She had pushed hard enough there had been a faint 'clicking' noise, before looking surprised as red light flashed out and pulled her in.

Admittedly, it had taken a few times before she would allow the ball to pull her in. Even then, sometimes she preferred staying in the Pokeball. Not always. Most nights she would doze off in the bed with Alfonse as he gently rubbed her ears and stroked her back. It lulled her into sleep, especially when he began to murmur softly to her stories of his youth or soft songs. One of his particular favorites was one his mother sang to him before they started getting busier.

His heart ached at remembering his parents, and with a soft sigh, he watched her from the open door of his little hut. Pursing his mouth, his light honey-brown eyes focused in on the path he had walked before he found the Pokemon that had eventually led to Rune literally walking through his front door. Stifling a laugh, he pressed his fingers to his mouth and let out a piercing whistle through his teeth.

Rune's head shot up from where she was chewing experimentally on a patch of grass. Raising his hand, he gestured along the path as he inquired, "Fancy on going for a walk?" He stifled the urge to laugh as she glanced mournfully at what she was snacking on, clearly conflicted if she should go on the walk. Then with a clearly aggrieved sigh, she hopped up on her hooves and trotted at his heels sulkily.

"We can find something else for you to snack on, Rune." he said with some amusement. She merely bleated in irritation and refused to look at him. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry." This time, he failed to keep his laughter in and it seeped into his voice, earning another sulky look. "You'll be fine," Alfonse rolled his eyes at her. "You're such a drama queen." he added faintly, a louder irritated bleat escaping Rune and an angry huff.

She leaned down to nip at his ankle, but he nimbly dodged out of her way and nearly slammed his face into a tree. With a cackle of sheer amusement and mischief, Alfonse darted down the path with Rune chasing after him at full speed.
May 14 2018, 06:00 AM
INSPIRATION: making the unmodded adventures and mentioning that Alfonse would sometimes sing for Rune to go to sleep.


Wander among the stars,
Let the moon guide you
And never fear the dark.

Remember the little things
You would hear and see,
That whomever may bring

The song of the night
Should dance among the stars
Who come about at twilight.

The truth could be harrowing
If one knew where to look,
Just keep them from following

The footsteps of the past
And sing with the moon.
Forget all that is asked, darling,

And sleep as the sky watches
Over you and comforts you
Before the dawn pauses.

Sleep, my dear.
Rest your eyes
And sleep until morning appears
May 14 2018, 05:31 AM
(made with the intention to maybe increase loyalty and do some training. and maybe earn some extra money on alfonse's end and to increase his crafting skill. can it be all four?)

"C'mon, Rune, you can do it!" the golden-haired man encouraged enthusiastically, clapping his hands together and waving the grass-type on. The little Skiddo couldn't help but roll her eyes, nipping irritably at the strange leafy rope around her neck. As it was spring, the leaves and flowers were blooming fantastically and things were getting warmer. Thank the legendaries for that!

Grumpily grunting, she bleated noisily at him as Alfonse let out another excited noise as she continued to pull forwards. In fact, she wouldn't even be in this situation if it hadn't benefited her in some way. Pulling these smaller cut logs would strengthen her little body for when she actually attacked other Pokemon. In fact, she rather ignored him as she huffed and puffed her way from where she pulled the cart.

It strained at her small body, pulling at muscles she didn't even know she had. Wincing, the Pokemon stubbornly pulled ahead despite the man's encouragement. Despite it being fairly early in the morning, the sun was peeking through the bottoms of the tree trunks and sending light wisps of dusty warmth into the forest.

For the woods to be so thick and wet, it was bliss. Despite not getting much snow in the winter, the western side of the forest grew warmer. She knew that the heat would probably get very wet and humid as it reached into the summer months. Huffing, Rune pulled out of her thoughts and dug her hooves into the ground as she reached the other side of the house where the wood box was.

"Good job, Rune," the man said, looking particularly pleased as he came around the side of the house and rubbing one of her ears. For all that she ignored the man, he was a master of hand-rubs. "Treat?" he offered, holding up half a slice of the berry bread that he had pulled out of the fire that morning. He seemed slightly amused as Rune's ears pricked and nearly ate his hand as she snatched the snack from his hands.

If this was the way that he would praise her, she could get used to this.
Dec 27 2017, 01:51 PM
The cold snow against her nose was rejuvenating, especially ever since she had been let out of the home of her fellow companion. Rune stifled the urge to sneeze, the rough tickling of it harsh against her throat and pressing up against her sinuses. Much to the skiddo's consternation, as soon as she released her muzzle, she let loose a series of muffled sneezes. The golden-haired man's face seemed amused as the little grassy goat glanced upwards, feelings of revenge stirring up within her.

Still, the sneezing was rather rampant. The man let out a soothing murmur, golden-brown eyes sparkling with good humor as he stroked her muzzle. Rune froze instinctively as soon as his fingers touched the area beneath her eyes. Why was he touching him? She wrinkled her little black nose uncertainly, her eyes glued to the fingers touching her. There was a sensation of a mild burning, as if she was straining her eyes to see the fingers gently stroking her face.

Was he expecting something? Rune bleated uncertainly, releasing her head from the man's hold. A brief glance upwards had the little pokemon be subjugated to a mildly disappointed look, so in turn she nosed his fingers again. Even if she was startled, the rubbing felt good. Rune let out another confused bleat, sniffing his fingers tentatively and taking in his warm human smell. On top of the musky scent was a random mix of wood shavings and the fresh scent from being buried in a pile of snow or being among the forest for too long.

The goat glanced up to Alfonse again, who was starting to stand up. Tilting her head cautiously, Rune gently head-butted his leg and wound herself around the pair. Inhaling slowly, she couldn't help but smell something different. Something new. Something that was in the nearest alleyway. Now that the man was digging through his many different bags and packages, the skiddo could disappear for a good few minutes.

Shuffling around the stall, Rune pushed through the eight inches of snow, which barely reached her chest. She was leaving a trail behind her, which was unfortunate. Bleating and shivering lightly from the cold of the powdery white snow, she let out another muffled sneeze. Maybe shoving her way through drifts wasn't a good idea. Mumbling under her breath, she shook out the snow from her grassy coat and clambered her way on top of the snow.

A flash of red drew her eyes back to the alleyway, the little goat not far from the entrance of it. It was... a white and red bird. A bird. With a red lower body, little white tail, and white feathers that dangled down to its chest. A bird? Yeah. It wasn't really paying attention to the mountain pokemon, cheerfully patting down the cover of the basket it was leaving. Wait a minute. A present! Rune could bring her human this basket, so he could open it!

She didn't have opposing thumbs anyways. As she peered down at it, she noted that the object was actually a rather wide basket, but it didn't have a handle. Oh this could be difficult to carry. The cloth that draped over it was a swirling kind of color, probably a tie-dye, not that Rune actually knew that this was that particular design. Bleating cheerfully, she began to push it out of the alleyway, absently noting that the delibird gave the goat a cheery wave before disappearing into the underbrush of the surrounding forest.

Head-butting the basket, she gently moved it out of the alleyway. It took a little bit of maneuvering, but Rune managed to skirt it around the path she had made earlier and into the area behind the stall. Yawning briefly, she wound herself around her companion's legs, bleating loudly all the while. Confused honey-brown eyes met her own eager dark eyes, a confused question escaping him. There's a package, there's a basket! Open the BASKET! Rune prided herself that she was able to easily interpret her human's body language and emotions, as well as his vocal tones. Head-butting the basket eagerly, she pushed it over to Alfonse.

Open it, open it, open it! she snuffled at the basket eagerly, little three-leaf tail wagging eagerly. The golden-haired man gently patted her muzzle, an amused smile warming his expression. Rune couldn't help but feel particularly pleased at her prize as he began to carefully unwrap the tie-dye cover.
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