Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


As Terrene leaves behind
the long, dark nights, their minds turn to friendship and romance at the second annual speed dating! And don't miss out on the clover hunt or the poetry season. Our plot event, alpha & omega, is drawing closer to its end, but is still going strong for now.


Spring will be here until
June. The rainy season begins in the tropical areas; the rest of Terrene begins to thaw and warm, shaking the chill of winter and creeping toward the heat of summer. Fairy and grass types relish in the season of rebirth and renewal!







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.simpappname { font-family: oswald; text-transform: uppercase; color: #ccc; letter-spacing: 2px; font-size: 30px; line-height: 100%; padding: 2px 0px; text-align: center; }
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<div class="simpapplication">

<img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/faffe68a2525f0d15831b800db38d2b1/tumblr_n52plwnABA1sim304o1_500.gif">

<div class="simpappname">SPENCER ROY JASPER</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">18 - MALE - BI-CURIOUS</div>

<div class="simpappdesc">Appearance</div>
Tired. If one could sum up all of how Spencer looks at a glance, the overwhelming aura and sympathetic feeling one instinctively picks up from him at just a cursory look, it would be tired. Sure, the other obvious and basic details also will strike one. He's white, and not just as in pale of skin, but all but the actual color itself, his skin pasty to the point of leaving one doubting if he has ever spent more then a passing minute or two in the sun.
Quentin Smith - Dead By Daylight/A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) - Tumblr

<div class="simpappdesc">Personality</div>
personality goes here, 2+ paragraphs, please! Up to 100 tokens may be earned from this section.

<div class="simpappdesc">History</div>
history goes here, 2+ paragraphs, please! Up to 100 tokens may be earned from this section. (Even though your character won't remember most of their history if they are coming over from the Suffering Universe, the rest of us are certainly curious!)

<div class="simpappdesc"> PLAYER NAME - TIMEZONE - PRONOUNS</div>

<div class="tcred"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1892" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div>
Yesterday at 11:59 am
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<div style='width: 380px; height: 200px; margin-top: 10px; background-position: center; border: solid 1px #943838; background-image: url(https://picload.org/image/dolgwcaw/third.jpg);'></div>

<div style="font-family:Pacifico;align:center; font-size: 30px; color: #751919; line-height:10%; text-shadow: #cfcfc6 -1px 0 , #cfcfc6 0 1px , #cfcfc6 1px 0 , #cfcfc6 0 -1px; ">How deep is your heart</div>

<div style="width:380px; text-align:center; font-family:Calligraffitti; font-size:14px; letter-spacing: -1px; color:#72605b; padding-top:28px;line-height:100%;"> ————————————— <big>deep <b>i n s i d e </b> the <i>darkness</i>.</big>—————————————


<div style="width:355px; height: 340px; text-align:justify; font-family: georgia; overflow: auto; font-size:10px; color: #604f4c; padding-left:10px; padding-right:5px; margin-top:5px;line-height:100%; padding-bottom: 0px;">Twilight spread its satin sheets across the evening sky, stars lacing it like gems stitched into it's silken folds. And the sun's rays, lone gone, left their warmth breath still across the land, its sight vanished but its memory held in longing wistfulness, the grasses swaying as though dancing in tribute to it, a susurrus whispering with the rustling of rushes 'the sun, the sun, the sun,' their golden stalks shimmering almost in the darkening light, reflecting, gold upon gold, a rolling sea. It was not dark, not truly, for it was not night, not truly, just some meager in-between, the traces of dusk still fading though certainly one could say with utmost certainty that the day had long already past, the hum and buzz of bug types disturbing the coming night with an almost rhythmic whirr and flick.
This truly was the Lion's Plains, his first love, his first life. He could say it was unchanged, but that was not the case, though the temptation of the still evening night could lead one to feel it was. Certainly many aspects were timeless, an immortalized primal wildness. The slopes of rolling hills and swaying grass. Yet a glance behind found a sparkling city, lights flickering and dancing that even a short while before were not there. How the years had passed so fast, yet ever did Crater grow, a cub growing into a beast, a lion rising and beginning to awaken. And how long before they heard it roar? How long before it rose to it's feet and placed it's paws upon the land? It was a dangerous thing, Crater and it's master, and a beautiful thing, enticing in its allure of power, thrilling in its promise of blood, the smell nearly in the sense already, a premonition of what was the come.
Or perhaps what had already come. Perhaps the scent was a tang driven on the wind, a hint of coppery iron tasted from further in the plains. Idyllic though the grassland may seem at first, beyond its rolling hills stalked predators, blood on their muzzles and death on their claws. A grin, lopsided, teeth glinting against tanned skin, and casually digits looped themselves through a belt, leather brown and worn but sturdy still. Aiy, a great many kind of predators lurked tonight.
It may be easy to think at first, at a passing glance, that this dusky man, not quite stranger yet not quite native anymore to this rolling land, was careless and casual, a wanderer strolling aimlessly through the land. Foolish perhaps, or cocksure, confident perhaps in his luck, for while a pokeball adorned his belt it was without an occupant, and no obvious weapon or tool of defense marked his person. If he was a traveler he travelled light with belt pouches and pockets but not any bags or packs. If he was not a traveler then his evening stroll was in an auspicious time of night, and he was under equipped for the land, though it did not seem to bother him.
It took a closer look really, to notice more about this tall and tanned figure then what he presented as open carelessness. He presented the fool, but easy steps were light and lithe, and casual posture was tensed and sprung. He was not here by accident, no, nor was he as destination-less as he might seem. It was a bit of nostalgia trekking through the grasslands he knew when he was younger, but never did he let his wits abandon him, keeping a mental map of how to get back to Crater. And if he seemed unprepared for the primal land around him, perhaps he was cocky, but he was alert and wary, his smile hiding the alertness of hazel eyes, glimmering green in the faint light as they flicked around, ears attentive to the shifts and murmurs of the grasses around. True he did not come well armed, but he was more able then he seemed, and with luck he would not be here to fight or hunt.
Not that one always got a choice in such manners, but he had held his own before, and he felt he could again. He chose the witching hour because he was confident, and because he did not fear the night, nor its horrors. Superstitions were a useful thing, and he knew them and respected them, but he did not hold to what they told him, for what people are oft most afraid of is strongest when used against them. And it was high time he found himself a companion and a subject, a pokemon to lead and to use. He needed one, true, to follow his goals, but he wanted one, also, to pursue his drives and needs. And if he would get one, then it would be one he found and conquered or charmed himself. And if he would find one, it had to be the right one. One that was not afraid to stalk the twilight hours, between the day and night, and one that could be fearsome while clever. A kindred or a weapon, a friend or a slave, it did not matter as long as it could follow him, and as long as it could be worthy.
Yes Dust was hunting tonight, and if he feared being hunted as well, then it was a price worth paying to catch his prey.<p><p> </div>

<div style="width:355px; text-align:center; font-family: Rokkitt; text-transform: uppercase; font-size:10px; color:#72605b; padding-top:5px;"> 902 | @admin | Muse | Ahhh here is Dusty boy, man that was a trash post <br> </div>

<div style="width:355px; text-align:center; font-family: arial; text-transform: uppercase; font-size:10px; color:#72605b; padding-top:20px;"> <small><small><small><big><big>( </b></big></big><a href=http://cttw.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=2216>♛ DORIAN PAVUS ♛</a><b><big><big> )</big></big></small></small></small></div></div>[/dohtml]
May 9 2018, 07:07 AM
So a long time ago I had this project to do all the Terrene starters in a certain style that's sorta tribalized. You'll get it when you look at it. At the time I managed to get all of them and even do a few not starter pokemon on the site! So I'm reviving this project, please feel free to tell me your starter species and name for me so I can sketch them, and if you want even request any other pokemon you have acquired on site! Feel free to recommend pokes from inactive chars too, eventually, I want to try to get them all. In the meantime, the few years old ones!
(I need to take a picture of a couple still so this is incomplete)

Sirius - Judas' Starter, Purrloin

Enki - Nayru's Starter, Turtwig

Juniper - Audrey's Starter, Leafeon

Richard - Daren's Starter, Litleo

Angel - Shadow's Starter, Petelil

Mar - Shae's Caught Pokemon, Murkrow
May 8 2018, 01:04 PM
Came the Fall
To Those Abandoned

Inspired by those of the Suffering as the legendaries called havoc upon them, their other brethren asleep and humanity left to fend for itself against gods.

A dragon sat upon the world
He spread his wings, then did darkness unfold
The start of suffering did we then behold
And by his weight, he broke the sky
Distraught, we watched the chaos let fly
And in fear, in panic, silent tears we did cry

Begging of mercy our prayers were unheard
As rose from the night a great scaled bird
In wake of tempest she was undeterred
By her claws she brought decay
And while we fell in awed dismay
She scored the heavens to keep the sun at bay

And then the trickster came to reign
By their hands we soon knew pain
The echo of their laughter unhinged and insane
Such sweet visage as though a child
Yet one soon to be so deeply reviled
The hope of the gods not to be reconciled
May 8 2018, 11:22 AM
Remember Hope<br>
<span style='font-family:Times'>Inspired by Immigrants and early Terrene explorers trying to encourage and lift their fellows over their fears and to embrace the new land

Raise your voice up to the sky,<br>
<span style="padding-left: 10px;">Raise it loud and raise it high!<br>
This world is ours now to be taken,<br>
<span style="padding-left: 10px;">From your wandering stupor you must waken!
The forest is alive and so are we,<br>
<span style="padding-left: 10px;">Dare to be brave and you shall see!<br>
No beast, no storm, can our way bar,<br>
<span style="padding-left: 10px;">Persevere and adhere, and we shall go far!
The night is dark but there is naught to fear,<br>
<span style="padding-left: 10px;">Pay no mind to the stories others would have you hear!<br>
The world may be full of danger,<br>
<span style="padding-left: 10px;">But to hardship we are no stranger!
So stray not into the wild alone,<br>
<span style="padding-left: 10px;">But neither should you stay locked at home!<p>
Remember that above the sun is shining bright,<br>
<span style="padding-left: 10px;">And remember that hope is a glowing light!<p>
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