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Today at 01:29 pm
I like to color flowers and Pokemon. I'm working on learning to draw, so maybe eventually I'll also be able to draw my own flowers, which would vastly increase my options in terms of what plants/flowers I can do. I've heard rumors that drawing flowers is a lot easier than drawing people and animals, so I have high hopes that this will be coming in less than a year.

Shop Rule Stuff:
I don't like coming up with this so I'm going to basically steal Kaien's, like so:
Once you've decided what you want, reply below listing which options you would like ONLY! This thread is for tracking purposes, so please keep your replies very minimal. Extra details around the specifics of what you want should be sent to me in a PM. That way, if I need clarification on anything, we can PM back and forth (or Discord/Steam, if you would prefer) without cluttering up this shop thread.

Please note: I won't accept payment until the code is complete, however I will not provide the actual coding for it until payment is processed. It goes:

Request - > Details Discussion (via PM/Discord/Steam)(including which images I should use) - > Coloring and Layering -> Revisions - > Final Product Preview - > Payment - > Image Uploaded and Sent To Buyer

Plant/Flower species:
- If you want, you can pick a flower yourself.
- Alternatively, I can pick one for you based on the species and temperament of the Pokemon.
Note: Currently, I need to be able to find a suitable black-and-white illustration of the flower/plant. If I can't, I'll need to go with a second choice.

- Species: Pretty much any real Pokemon you want. (Fakemon probably not, unless you're able to provide a bunch of reference images and a black-and-white version.)
- Color: I will try to find colors that most accurately match the image on Bulbapedia, unless you have a request to slightly alter them. No additional charge for doing the shiny colors, or whatnot. Be aware that if you're requesting an image for a Pokemon you have on-site, you might not be able to ask for crazy weird colors. Or, if you do, that probably won't be canon.
- Poses: If you want a non-Bulbapedia-image pose, you should provide me with a link to a black-and-white print of the Pokemon in your chosen pose.

How many:
- I can try doing multiple Pokemon or multiple types of flowers/plants.

50 tokens per flower/Pokemon

Amnisiad with Sunflowers
(100 tokens)

Melete with Hyacinths
(100 tokens)
Nov 29 2017, 07:06 PM
(Warning: minor gore)

Cynthia woke from her sleep just as the dew began to form and frost over. The freezing late autumn air raised her hairs as she looked out to the wilderness. Light would come, gradually, in a few more hours. Before that happened, she had to be ready.

Amnisiad, like most of the critters of the forest, would not awaken until dawn, so Cynthia was alone, for now. She stood up slowly, shaking off her leafy bed which clung to her white clothes. She gathered her spear and her pale form softly tread away from her makeshift camp. Eventually she found a suitable place. Nestled between a boulder and the roots of a giant tree, she hid and waited with her spear at the ready. Minutes trickled by, and she half closed her eyes. Hours trickled by, and she felt like her body was turning into the unmoving stone and wood that she sat beside. She couldn't see much anyways, so her eyes closed and she listened to the silence.

Finally the sky beginning to brighten. Her eyelids snapped open when she heard a few soft rustlings. The dark sky was streaked with hints of gray, betraying the dawn and dimming the stars. Another rustling. Something was digging through the thick carpet of leaves, scraping away the layers of foliage, first the newly fallen and then the old, decaying layers.

Cynthia hardly breathed, let alone moved. Between the rustling of the leaf layers being hastily pulled apart, she could hear the footsteps of the creature, dainty and quiet. She waited as it drew closer, just a few more steps at a time. Finally, she saw it: a dark brown shape that snuck into her limited view. Its nose twitched and its long fluffy ears flopped back and forth whenever it took another hopping step. Its soft, brown fur was accented with a tuft of warm, tan wool that covered most of its lower body. The Buneary cast dark, wet eyes out towards the shadows, feeling safe near the shelter of the large tree. But it should have been watching the tree itself, to see who was already taking shelter there. As it leaned over and began pushing its little front paws into the soggy leaves, Cynthia's spear flew out of her nook, stabbing the poor creature through the neck and pinning it to the ground.

The trachea as well as the jugular were both pierced, and the Buneary tried to let out a scream but could only manage a soft cry. Vaulting out of her hiding place with assistance of the now firmly planted spear, Cynthia quickly drew her knife and cut the Pokemon's suffering as short as she could. For a moment, she stayed kneeling beside it, watching the last heave of its small chest as she gently laid her bloodied knife in the disturbed leaves beside it. She solemnly bowed her head as she silently thanked the Buneary for its life and wished it the best on its next journey.

She could finally breathe again, and she stood up, swinging her arms to stretch her cold, stiff limbs. Cynthia grasped the spear in one hand as she leaned down, placing her other hand on the body and pressing it down as she yanked her spear upwards, dislodging it from the earth and the deep puncture wound. She grabbed her knife and scooped up the back feet of her kill, lifting them with the hand not tightly wrapped around her spear. Several more stars vanished as she made her way back to her camp.
Nov 19 2017, 10:11 PM
"Hello. I'm back once again." Cynthia gave a somewhat reserved, strained smile to the announcer. She was tired of his antics, honestly. It could be seen as vaguely amusing, at first, but now she was thinking him quite odd and not at all to her liking. Not that the poor man ever had a chance. Cynthia just wanted a bit more experience for Amnisiad, before the fair came to a close. Before Naut could spew his usual cheery nonsense, she quelled his jabbering with a frosty look and an equally frosty, polite tone, "Please just sign me and Amnisiad up. Thanks."

The small bird Pokemon was, as per usual, sitting on Cynthia's left shoulder. She peered out into the fairgrounds, wondering who her next opponent would be. Please not something big and scary like her last two opponents. Not again. Still, she had gotten some good rest, and it was probably her last chance for a good, safe battle with relatively low risk of death or serious injury. And she would much prefer that kind of battle.

The fact remained, however, that Cynthia and Amnisiad did not have any new tricks up their sleeves... not quite yet. At least, no tricks that would probably work. Cynthia waited, calming her nerves by gently grooming Amnisiad's feathers. The bird tried to relax and just enjoy the preening, but she was far too wound up to do so.


Amnisiad: Female Fletchling
Ability: Big Pecks || Nature: Hasty || Level: 9 || Loyalty: 23%
Health: 100% || Status: Healthy || Held Item: None
Moves: SNATCH ◒ Tackle ◒ Growl ◒ Quick Attack
Personality: messy; high energy spikes; too curious
Nov 19 2017, 06:30 PM
((A short and sweet development thread with Cynthia and Amnisiad, hopefully to increase Cynthia's Healing skill and ideally also Amnisiad's loyalty.))

Cynthia found herself just past the edges of the fair. She didn't want to be disturbed at this time. She particularly didn't want her Amnisiad disturbed. Sitting on the ground, neatly crossing her legs and leaning against a tree, Cynthia delicately tapped the button of the resting Fletchling's pokeball. Amnisiad appeared in a small, crumpled pile of feathers. She managed to at least be right-side-up, but she was still sprawled out in the leaf litter, her wings askew and her little scaly legs splayed out behind her. The small bird flapped her wings weakly, trying to get to her feet.

"Easy, there, little one," Cynthia murmured. Instantly, she was hovering over the Fletchling, gently placing one hand on the small Pokemon's back and shoulders, stroking the feathers soothingly, feeling the temperature and texture of the normally silken-smooth tufts of reddish orange and blue-gray. "Just relax. I've got you."

Amnisiad's head turned to one side so she could gaze up at Cynthia with one beady, black eye. Cynthia gave a reassuring, small smile, and the bird blinked, allowing the tense, pained muscles to relax. Her wing feathers separated further as her own weight pressed them into the ground, and Cynthia carefully slid a hand under each wing and gently lifted them. She allowed them to hover just millimeters above the ground, so they were not dragging against the leaves, as she extended and retracted them slowly. They spread out to their full span, gently stretching the coiled muscles and carefully testing the integrity of bone and tendon, before gradually folding back together at the small bird's sides, stress and tension relieved.

When she was sure that none of the wing bones were broken, Cynthia moved on to Amnisiad's head. She hesitated, not entirely sure what she was looking for. Something told her she had to check the brain functions, but she couldn't entirely remember how. "Ammy," she spoke softly, and the bird lifted her head. "Watch my hand," she commanded, and she held out her index finger. She moved her finger from the left of Amnisiad's head, in front of her, and then to the right.

Amnisiad, confused by her human's behavior, but seeing no reason to refuse, did so, but the nature of her species resulted in a typical, avian motion: a jerking of the head as she tracked the movement of the hand with her entire head rather than just her eyes. Cynthia's face twisted into a dissatisfied grimace. What good did a test do if she didn't know the baseline? A soft sigh escaped her lips as she looked on at Amnisiad, troubled. Dwelling wouldn't do any good, though.

"Okay, in that case..." she murmured mostly to herself. She ran her fingers over Amnisiad's head. The robin-like Pokemon flinched as Cynthia touched a bruise, but she didn't try to pull away. Cythia found no evidence of blood or sharp, broken fragments of bone. She continued her careful physical examination, touching the bird's delicate face, her neck, her chest and back. She hesitated when she saw the singed feathers and blushing red skin stretching from Amnisiad's throat to her belly. That burn would sting for a while. Cynthia's eyes watered, though she didn't know why. She impatiently brushed the tears away and teased her fingers through the feathers around the burnt area, brushing ash and curled, denatured strands of feather away.

Amnisiad closed her eyes. It smarted, a little. Despite Cynthia's startlingly gentle touch, even the feathers around the burnt area hurt on contact. At the same time, the young bird relished the feeling of being groomed. Taken care of. Loved. Preening was an immensely important part of bonding for birds.

"There we go. That should be good," Cynthia flicked her fingers, forcing away the ash and dead feathers and skin that clung to her. Relatively clean now, her hands returned to the small bird, lightly pressing the ribcage. She could feel Amnisiad's breath, the entire chest heaving, stretching open to draw air into her lungs, creaking shut to send it out. The creature's heart beat against her fingers, too. Cynthia could barely count them, the little bird had such a quick pulse. She couldn't hold back a smile as she thought about high-strung and quick Amnisiad was in everything she did. It only made sense to her that the little bird had such a fast heart rate.

Cynthia gently brushed the boldly patterned white and black tail feathers of her little friend, and Amnisiad twitched them unintentionally, tickled by the brushing. Nothing wrong there. Finally, Cynthia lifted the bird from her resting position and gently touched her legs, repeating the action she had done with the wings to make sure they were intact and all the joints of her legs and toes were bending correctly.

Finally, Cynthia's evaluation was complete. She cradled the bird in one hand against her chest, close to her neck, for a few moments. She closed her eyes and just sat for a while. Amnisiad buried her head into a fold of Cynthia's white tunic, finding a stray lock of auburn hair to nuzzle against, feeling warm and safe.
Nov 13 2017, 07:19 PM
There was no way around the first awkward moments of an interaction with a stranger, but there was not a trace of anxiety in Cynthia's voice as she found herself in-step with her jousting opponent. It had probably been expected that she would leave in the opposite direction. Then again, Cynthia did not usually do things in the most expected way.

The tall woman with auburn hair offered a small, friendly smile to the other woman as she spoke, "My name is Cynthia, by the way. Do you mind if I walk with you for a bit? I have some questions, if you're not too busy."

She waited for the other woman to reply, hoping that she would not consider her too forward or rude. Her right hand reached subconsciously up to her left shoulder, and she resisted the urge to fidget with... something that was not there. Slightly disconcerted by her own, unexplained tick, she refocused on the woman before her. She was a good five or six inches shorter than herself, with brown hair and eyes that were somewhere between green and brown and amber. But the most noticeable physical feature was her shortage of limbs.

Cynthia was careful not to stare, but her curiosity was great. What was it like? Did she need help? Did she want help? Cynthia couldn't imagine surviving without both arms and both legs, and her emotions were confusing as she tried to make sense of this enigma.

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