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Sep 26 2017, 04:59 PM
Cecilia had been sitting in the stands watching the jousting going on for a little bit. She had her pokedex out and she'd been using some time to study up on the different pokemon that people had with them. This event was a great way to safely see how pokemon battles sort of worked. Granted, this was a highly controlled situation, not at all like the life-and-death that one might encounter while traveling between towns. It seemed a safe place to practice.

Grape, Cecilia's gligar, was also out and watching carefully. He found watching the jousts thrilling, and Cecilia had to grab him and tell him "No!" many times in order to keep him from gliding out into the arena to join the fun. He cheered the players excitedly from the stands, clicking his claws in applause while the other audience members scooted far away from him. "I'm sorry," Cecilia looked back and forth, apologizing to the people on either side of her and her pokemon. "He's just very excited. He doesn't mean any harm."

Cecilia stood up. "Grape!" she called, and her pokemon looked up, recognizing his name and wondering if he was in trouble again. Instead of scolding him, however, she kept her tone light and pleasant. "Do you want to play?" She pointed onto the jousting field. "Like the other pokemon? Is that what you want?" Grape really wished she would learn common pokespeak so that he could understand her better. He looked onto the field that she gestured to, and then he looked back to her smiling face and thought he got the idea. He smiled back at her, clicking his claws happily as he gave a little chirrup of pleasure.

Cecilia led the way out of the stands and over to the man who seemed to be running the event. "Hello, sir..."

"Name's Naut! S'a pleasure to meet you," The blonde and blue-eyed gentleman said, immediately seizing Cecilia's hand and giving it a shake that she wasn't expecting. She awkwardly returned it, trying to pretend she wasn't uncomfortable.

"Cecilia! It's a pleasure to meet you too, Naut. I was just wondering if my pokemon and I can sign up for a joust. He's awfully eager, you see." Cecilia took her hand away from Naut and gestured to her gligar who was bouncing along behind her with his tongue lolling out happily.

Naut smiled, taking in the two challengers. "Oh wow, you two are so cool together! Like, if someone invented a time machine, but it could only be used by cool people, you two would be able to go back in time. No problem!"

"Oh? Well, thank you," Cecilia said. Tactfully leaving out "I think" from her response to that particularly strange compliment and keeping her face from betraying her puzzlement. Naut simply continued to smile at her. "Um, so may we joust?"

"Of course! Of course! Of course...you'll need an opponent. Have you got an opponent?"

Cecilia looked at Grape, worried about what might happen if she faced a challenger that he didn't stand a chance against. The gligar wasn't worried about being defeated at all. He was feeling energetic and playful. All he wanted was a battle and he didn't care who it was with.

"We'll take the next challenger, please." Cecilia told Naut. The man wrote her name down on a ledger and signaled her and her pokemon to head to one end of the arena to await an opponent.

Grape: Male Gligar
Ability: Immunity || Level: 5 || Loyalty: 15%
Health: 100% || Status: Healthy || Held Item: None
Moves: NIGHT SLASH ◒ Sand-Attack ◒ Poison Sting
Condition: Playful and ready to rumble
Sep 26 2017, 11:14 AM
It was a beautiful day in Forest Beach Village, and Cecilia was trying to make herself useful in the community. The villagers had all been exceedingly kind to her, freely giving her food, shelter, and even clothes since she arrived at this place with nothing but the outfit she wore and a single pokemon companion. No one had demanded or expected anything from the woman in return, but Cecilia was determined to contribute somehow. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like Cecilia had any particularly relevant skills.

She managed to do simple tasks, like lifting heavy boxes or bags of supplies. Cecilia was definitely a strong woman, but she had no real skill in foraging, fishing, or crafting which was what really seemed to be needed around these parts. The community gathered most of their food from the ocean or hunted and gathered in the forest. The bounties of the land made the village prosperous and generous, and Cecilia did her best to learn from them.

She had a particular interest in watching the craftsmen construct bows and arrows and watching the hunters use them. Cecilia wasn't sure why she felt so drawn to them, but the weapon interested her far more than any others that the hunters used. Having a weapon would certainly help her to feel safer as well, as it would allow her to protect herself better without needing to rely on her young and mostly wild pokemon. She didn't want to make a nuisance her herself though, and she often felt her questions and interests were a distraction that the crafters could happily do without.

That was why she was now assisting one of the fishermen's daughter in cleaning and filleting basculin that her father had caught so that they could be sold at the market this evening. The girl, Lara Chevrolet, was only sixteen and had been born in Terrene. She was friendly, chatty, and pleasantly ignored the disgusted face Cecilia couldn't avoid making during the work. Cecilia didn't like the work and couldn't help hating the slime and the smell. She was strong-willed however, and she wasn't about the back down from an important task just because it was unpleasant. She was determined to do her part, and maybe she would learn a thing or two along the way.

"The basculin and krabby legs here at Forest Beach are probably the best in Terrene, but you know, my pa took me to the fiftieth anniversary fair last year and they had doduo drumsticks. Can you even imagine it? They were massive! Oh, be careful Cece! You'll cut your hand doing it that way. Take the scales off like this. Watch how I do it." Lara said, demonstrating the proper way to descale a basculin.

Cecilia smiled at her politely and tried to revise her method. She couldn't imagine doduo drumsticks. She couldn't remember if she'd ever been familiar with different pokemon, but since she'd arrived in Terrene, she'd been almost entirely reliant on the locals and her pokedex for information on the different pokemon species running around. Sometimes a pokemon might seem familiar when she saw it, but even then, it's type and behavior was usually a mystery to her.

Lara continued to chatter on, using the nickname she'd made up for Cecilia as if the two of them were good friends, and Cecilia tried to do a decent job of preparing fish filets for later sale without slicing open her own fingers. They were both so absorbed in their task that they didn't notice the strange mist rolling into the village and surrounding them until there was no way to escape it.

Cecilia stopped, looking up and around but she could only see shadows of Lara and the objects around her. She didn't need to consult her pokedex to know that the mist wasn't natural. It seemed slightly pink, though perhaps that was caused by the sunlight. It also seemed to sparkle, almost to glitter and glow.

"Oh no! This is the fairy mist! That means it must be happening again," Lara spoke in panicked whisper. Cecilia clutched the hilt of the knife she'd been using on the fish and tried to focus her eyes on her surroundings, searching for what was causing the disturbance. In the distance, Cecilia could hear screams from the other villagers. Were they simply frightened, or were they being hurt?

Cecilia felt something ignite in her like a shadow of a memory. She knew that she needed to do something. She needed to protect these people who had done so much for her, asking nothing in return. "Lara, can you find your way into the house? Go inside and stay by your father if you find him." The voice that Cecilia used now was different than how she normally spoke. It was not the polite, soft, feminine tone she used in conversation but a firm tone that brooked no argument.

Cecilia could hear Lara heading into the house and hoped that she would be safe there. Keeping the knife clenched in one hand in case she needed to fight, she extended her other hand and used it to slowly make her way through the mist as she headed towards the sounds of screams.
Sep 25 2017, 07:36 AM
[Hoping to get a little bit of experience and loyalty, and maybe familiarize Cecilia with Grape's moves.]

Cecilia walked out towards the beach just outside of Forest Beach Village wearing some clothes and sandals that had been donated to her by the generous citizens. Once Philippa introduced her to the rest of the village, Cecilia quickly found that the old woman was not the only incredibly kind person around these parts. Citizens were offering to teach her things, and many offered to donate simple supplies to get her started such as the clothes she wore now and a plain backpack.

Cecilia wondered why the kindness surprised her, since she couldn't remember anyone ever being cruel to her. For all that she knew, everyone in this world was just as cooperative. Her instincts, however, told her to be cautious. From what information she gathered from Philippa, there was a man who carried over his memories living in a place called Crater City. Cecilia decided that she eventually wanted to travel to this place and meet him. She had decided that she simply couldn't quietly dismiss the loss of her memories and carry on as so many others had. She needed to know if there was any way to get those memories back, and she wanted to learn more about the world she'd come from and why it had been necessary for her to move. How was the whole feat accomplished? This man, Beta, seemed to be her best chance for answers.

But to get to Crater City, she would need to travel. If she wanted to survive the journey, she'd best be able to survive a fight or two. Cecilia found a nice spot in the sand and set down the wicker basket that Philippa had prepared for her and Grape. She had made a lunch for them when Cecilia told her that she wanted to go out and do some training. No sooner had Cecilia set the basket down than Grape was there trying to get into it. Food seemed to be his major motivation ninety-percent of the time, and Cecilia hoped to use this in his training.

"No Grape! You wait," Cecilia told him firmly, pushing him away from the basket gently with one hand and holding her other out flat in her signal for "stop". The gligar stayed where he was even once Cecilia removed her hand, and he looked up at his trainer with pleading eyes. Cecilia waited a moment, and once she'd decided it had been long enough, she reached inside the basket and pulled out a single purple grape. She tossed it over to the gligar. "Good boy, Grape." The gligar eagerly caught the treat in his mouth and hungrily watched Cecilia for more. The woman reached into the basket and pulled out a handful of the small, sweet, succulent fruit and placed them in a pocket, making sure that Grape saw that she had them.

"Today we're going to do some basic training. I'm going to do some running on the beach to build my own strength and you just follow me. You'll get treats as long as you stay close to me." Cecilia said, knowing that her new pokemon still probably didn't understand her. She wanted him to get used to the sound of her voice. She knew that he was clever, as he was already learning a few words and commands. With time, he might learn to understand everything she said, or at least the most important stuff.

Cecilia began running, and she looked back to see if her pokemon would follow her. Grape was visibly torn between staying near the picnic basket and following his trainer. Trying to poke into the basket had earned him a "No" earlier, but he knew there was food inside. On the other hand, his human had food as well and she was running away from him. He grumbled in agitation for just a moment before he began hopping down the beach after his girl.
Sep 17 2017, 09:16 PM
[[Goals: Gain some loyalty and just introduce Cecilia to her new partner and her new world]]

Cecilia had been pushed into a new world. She spread her feet slightly and extended her arms like a person who had just been spun rapidly in circles and was trying to regain balance. What had just happened? It felt too real to be a dream, and yet she was suddenly surprised to be breathing in air and smelling the scents trees, flowers, and earth. She put her hands on her body, checking to make sure that she was all there. Ten fingers, ten toes, and all the stuff in the middle...check. She had a few items as well stored away in the pockets of her uniform and attached to her belt. Quickly, she took inventory.

She had a few pokeballs, a few berries, a badge with what was probably her name on it, a wallet with some money and a picture of some strange people and pokemon in it, a potion, and a...what was this? Cecilia brought out a high-tech looking device with a screen and a keyboard. It seemed familiar, but she didn't remember ever seeing it before. She didn't remember much of anything except that maybe she dreamed of doing lots of weird trials.

Her lack of memories disturbed her greatly. Mentally, she kept reaching for bits of past that she knew had existed once and coming up empty. It was like taking a step forward and finding thin air instead of solid ground. The feeling made her nauseous with anxiety.

Stay calm, she commanded herself and took deep breathes. Take stock, where am I? What is around me right now? What memories do I have left to work with? She knew her name was Cecilia Clark. Looking around, the recognized that the environment around was a forest. The leaves on the trees were just beginning to change colors. Very few had begun to fall of and litter the forest floor. Cecilia recognized this as a sign of early autumn. She felt warm and looked up. Daylight poured down through the branches in the trees. Afternoon, she guessed, closing in on evening judging by the sun.

Straight ahead of her was a beaten path. It wasn't paved, but it was obviously well-used and probably reasonably clear. It seemed to lead into a village of small wooden buildings that she could see in the distance. Cecilia made up her mind immediately to go there. Maybe someone would recognize her, and even if they didn't maybe they could help her. She was about to begin trekking along the path when an approaching creature caught her attention.

The creature was purple, and though it had wings it didn't fly but bounced along on its segmented tail. It had large pincers, a defined stinger on its tail, and sharp pointed teeth. It might have been frightening if it wasn't for the pink tongue poking out its mouth, making it look like a rather silly bug/bat creature. This is a pokemon, Cecilia thought, pleased that she could still recognize simple facts like this. She didn't know what kind of pokemon it was though.

Cecilia pulled out the pokedex as seeing a pokemon jogged her memory a bit. These two go together somehow. She pushed buttons on the pokedex experimentally until the screen lit up. Once it was on, Cecilia let her instincts take over. She had used one of these before, even if she couldn't recall when. As long as she didn't think about it too hard, she was able to navigate the device's options until she summoned a list of pokemon with pictures. After some scrolling, she located a picture that looked like the pokemon in front of her.

Gligar, the flyscorpion pokemon! Usually found near cliffs, gligar attacks its prey by gliding onto its face and attacking with its claws, pincers, and venomous barbed tail. Males have larger stingers than females. The text that filled the screen of the pokedex read informatively. Cecilia looked back and forth between the picture on the pokedex and the pokemon in front of her, noting the very large stinger at the end of its tail.

"Then...I'd guess you were a boy gligar. Hey there little guy!" Cecilia lowered the pokedex into her pocket and smiled sweetly at the pokemon in front of her.
Sep 12 2017, 04:57 PM
"P-p-please! I already gave you my wallet!" The blonde accountant stammered. He was a pretty thing with neat blonde hair and glasses. His brown eyes betrayed his terror.

"What's in the briefcase? Show me!" The man dressed in all black was larger, and he kept his face covered by a mask. He poked his knife at the accountant's neck. By his side, a mightyena growled, backing up his threat.

"J-just some papers..." The accountant opened his briefcase, spilling papers everywhere. A single pokeball came bouncing out. The man in black grinned behind his mask and reached down to take the ball.

"Very good, I'll just keep this too."

"Please no, that's my pokemon. It's the only one I've got."

"A shame you hadn't the sense to use or train the thing or you might not be getting robbed right now." The man in black replied with a smirk. "It will be better off with me."

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" A female voice yelled. The man in black stiffened and looked around. At the end of the alleyway, a tall woman in blue stood with her weapon aimed. A police badge gleamed at her breast and ruby-eyed nidorina stood at her side. "This is Castelia City PD! Put your hands in the air!"
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