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winter will be here until
Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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Nov 28 2017, 03:32 PM
Sorry that I haven't bounced back after Sydney like I expected to. Part of is that while we were in Sydney, my boy, friend proposed. I said yes so now I'm engaged. The combination of working, home chores, holiday shopping and planning along with ring shopping and the beginnings of planning a wedding is becoming a bit overwhelming.

I might be stressing out more than necessary, but lately I haven't been able to find much time or inspiration to write. I appreciate you guys for being patient and understanding and I'm going to do my best to post when I can manage it.
Oct 26 2017, 08:51 PM
[Hoping to gain some loyalty with Cecilia's new Mr. Mime]

The village had been grateful when Cecilia had come back from the wood and informed the village that the haunting would cease. They had been less enthused to learn that Cecilia had brought the culprit with her back to the village.

"She's actually a bit of a sweetheart. I call her Sugar." Cecilia introduced her new pokemon to a few of the villagers who were gathered around her. Now seen in the light of day without any obscuring pink mist, the Mr. Mime didn't seem frightening at all. She waved happily at everyone, only too delighted to be the center of attention. She then pretended to be pulling herself forward by an invisible rope. A few children who were present and hiding behind their parents out of fear of the scary clown/skeleton terror beast, couldn't help but laugh at the pokemon's amusing antics.

"How do you know it's a girl?" One child asked, bravely stepping forward.

"I...don't," Cecilia confessed. The child, a little girl, came over to Sugar and extended a hand politely.

"Hello Sugar, my name is Jane," She said. Sugar stopped her pantomime to look the girl over. Cecilia watched closely, unsure of how her new pokemon would react. She didn't think Sugar was dangerous, but she wasn't certain enough to bet a child on it. Fortunately, Sugar seemed only too happy to make friends. She took the girl's hand in hers and shook it reverently. After that, all the children came up wanting to meet and play with the pokemon.

"Don't crowd her. We don't want her to get frightened and start making barriers and mist now do we? Here's an idea, give me some time with her and maybe we could put on a bit of a show for everyone. I think that's what Sugar was trying to do all along. We'll just practice some tricks that will be more entertaining and less disruptive," Cecilia suggested. There were certainly more important things that she should probably be doing, but Cecilia liked kids. She certainly didn't want to village to keep being afraid of her pokemon. And really, how hard could it be to entertain a crowd?

"How does that idea sound, Sugar?" Cecilia flashed a smile at her new pokemon.

"Mr. Mime! Mr. Mime!" the psychic fairy cried, clapping her large hands together joyfully. She had a high, feminine, and vaguely human voice. Cecilia couldn't help thinking of her a bit like an eager but crazily powerful child. She had about the size, shape, and personality of one. This triggered a natural affection in Cecilia and she couldn't help wanting to protect Sugar and make her feel welcome in the community.
Oct 26 2017, 07:19 PM
Hey Terrene,

I just wanted to let you guys know I might be scarce for a while. I basically work nonstop from today until I leave on my trip to Australia. Then I'll work nonstop for a while again. I might still be online and able to make posts from time to time (especially dev threads, gotta have something to do on my 22 hour plane ride) but I make no promises and I wanted to give everyone a heads-up.
Oct 19 2017, 08:14 PM
[May I encounter a Rowlet from the swarm please?]

“We may actually be in a little bit of trouble, Grape.” Cecilia grumbled, knowing that even if her Pokemon could hear her from where he was up in the branches, he wouldn't comprehend her frustration. Grape was enjoying their little outing, and he liked it even more now that the sun had set. He was a nocturnal type. He was at his best beneath the cloak of darkness.

Cecilia was having much less fun. She'd volunteered to go out into the forest to do some hunting and gathering for the village. She'd been feeling confident since she'd finally acquired a weapon and she'd managed to teach her Pokemon a few basic commands. She'd hoped to catch another Pokemon or at least forage a few herbs and berries, but she'd been out all day with no success at all. Cecilia had tried to head back to the village once the sun began to set, but she'd misjudged how far out she was and hadn't made it back in time. Now it was completely dark, and she'd lost the path. She feared that she was now hopelessly lost.

Grape had better night vision, and he could probably find the path and lead them back to the village. However, Cecilia certainly hadn't trained him to track and she didn't know how to command him to head home. Right now, Grape had no reason to want to head back of his own will, so Cecilia was stuck following her Pokemon hoping they either stumbled back upon the path by accident or Grape grew bored and led them to the village again.

Cecilia listened carefully for the forest around her, hoping to hear footsteps or a familiar voice. Philippa had warned her before she came out that there had been an increased number of sightings when it came to demon pokemon, but Cecilia hadn't worried much about it after she'd been told they mostly come out at night. Cecilia had even hoped that she might find a grass, electric, fire, or fighting type pokemon to capture. She'd figured out that the greatest threats to Grape were water and ice types, so she was hoping to build a more balanced team of pokemon before leaving Forest Beach Village. Funny how she'd started with such optimism, and now she'd be happy just to make it safely back to the village.
Sep 26 2017, 04:59 PM
Cecilia had been sitting in the stands watching the jousting going on for a little bit. She had her pokedex out and she'd been using some time to study up on the different pokemon that people had with them. This event was a great way to safely see how pokemon battles sort of worked. Granted, this was a highly controlled situation, not at all like the life-and-death that one might encounter while traveling between towns. It seemed a safe place to practice.

Grape, Cecilia's gligar, was also out and watching carefully. He found watching the jousts thrilling, and Cecilia had to grab him and tell him "No!" many times in order to keep him from gliding out into the arena to join the fun. He cheered the players excitedly from the stands, clicking his claws in applause while the other audience members scooted far away from him. "I'm sorry," Cecilia looked back and forth, apologizing to the people on either side of her and her pokemon. "He's just very excited. He doesn't mean any harm."

Cecilia stood up. "Grape!" she called, and her pokemon looked up, recognizing his name and wondering if he was in trouble again. Instead of scolding him, however, she kept her tone light and pleasant. "Do you want to play?" She pointed onto the jousting field. "Like the other pokemon? Is that what you want?" Grape really wished she would learn common pokespeak so that he could understand her better. He looked onto the field that she gestured to, and then he looked back to her smiling face and thought he got the idea. He smiled back at her, clicking his claws happily as he gave a little chirrup of pleasure.

Cecilia led the way out of the stands and over to the man who seemed to be running the event. "Hello, sir..."

"Name's Naut! S'a pleasure to meet you," The blonde and blue-eyed gentleman said, immediately seizing Cecilia's hand and giving it a shake that she wasn't expecting. She awkwardly returned it, trying to pretend she wasn't uncomfortable.

"Cecilia! It's a pleasure to meet you too, Naut. I was just wondering if my pokemon and I can sign up for a joust. He's awfully eager, you see." Cecilia took her hand away from Naut and gestured to her gligar who was bouncing along behind her with his tongue lolling out happily.

Naut smiled, taking in the two challengers. "Oh wow, you two are so cool together! Like, if someone invented a time machine, but it could only be used by cool people, you two would be able to go back in time. No problem!"

"Oh? Well, thank you," Cecilia said. Tactfully leaving out "I think" from her response to that particularly strange compliment and keeping her face from betraying her puzzlement. Naut simply continued to smile at her. "Um, so may we joust?"

"Of course! Of course! Of course...you'll need an opponent. Have you got an opponent?"

Cecilia looked at Grape, worried about what might happen if she faced a challenger that he didn't stand a chance against. The gligar wasn't worried about being defeated at all. He was feeling energetic and playful. All he wanted was a battle and he didn't care who it was with.

"We'll take the next challenger, please." Cecilia told Naut. The man wrote her name down on a ledger and signaled her and her pokemon to head to one end of the arena to await an opponent.

Grape: Male Gligar
Ability: Immunity || Level: 5 || Loyalty: 15%
Health: 100% || Status: Healthy || Held Item: None
Moves: NIGHT SLASH ◒ Sand-Attack ◒ Poison Sting
Condition: Playful and ready to rumble
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