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Autumn will be here until
December. All of Terrene is cooling by degrees; those in Ashfield scarcely notice because it never truly gets cold there, though they will notice the decreased rains and humidity. Winds pick up, particularly in the southern areas. Ghost types are more common this season.







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Nov 18 2017, 04:45 PM
Victor had made it to the outskirts of town. He woke bright and early. The trainer had all the supplies need for travelling outside the city and he was just waiting for Sonia to catch up. The two weren't sure where they were going yet, but were going to discuss it soon. He figured he may as well let his pokemon out of their balls. The three pokemon materialized from the light that burst from the pokeballs.

Ghost the vulpix yawned loudly as she began stretching. She looked at her trainer who she was excited to see. She barked happily at him. He looked down and smiled. She wagged her tails in response.

Wisp the budew sprung from his ball in shock. He didn’t know what was happening, but the second he spotted his trainer he scurried over to his leg hugging him tightly. “Hold!” he squeaked. Victor bent over to pick him up and held the little seedling in his arms. Wisp relaxed as he felt the warm sunlight beaming on his face.

Spirit the ledyba hovered in the air looking disturbed. He preferred being able to rest a bit longer, but being out of his ball was a relief. The bug stared grumpily at his trainer. “What are we doing here?” He buzzed.

“Morning guys, had a good sleep I hope,” he said genuinely. “I figured since we’re going to be travelling today, we’ll need to start early. Make the most distance we can in a day.” Victor tried speaking with confidence. He wanted his pokemon to share his energy. “Why don’t you guys take some time to play before we head out. Who knows what we’ll be facing out there,”

Ghost offered for Spirit to come play with her,but the bug didn't seem interested. He turned his head to ignore her. Wisp however seemed to want to play. He wiggled in Victor’s arms yo let him down. Victor set him on the ground and the seedling chased after Ghost. The two ran in circles in the field. Victor approached Spirit who didn’t seem at all interested in conversation.

“I’m sure you’d prefer to train?” He asked the ledyba. Spirit looked to the human.

“What?” it buzzed.

Victor held out his hands palms open. “Come on. Hit me,” he said gesturing for the bug to punch his hands. Spirit smirked lightly. He punched softly at his trainers palm. “Oh come on, you can punch harder than that,” Victor teased. The bug punched harder and harder jabbing each palm. It was a fun way to pass the time.

Nov 16 2017, 09:54 AM
Victor was relieved the budew agreed to go with them. He was sure it would screech and run off again. It had seemed Ghost had done enough convincing to bring the little seedling along. Victor lifted the baby off the ground and held him. “Hey, little guy. Let’s get you out of this forest before that pidove brings it's friends,” he said sarcastically.

Budew looked up at it's new friend. He didn't know what the guy was asking but he felt comfortable with his tone. He was still a bit nervous. What if something bigger than the human appeared? Who was going to protect him then?

“Come on Ghost, let's get moving,” Victor called to the fox as the trainer began walking. The vulpix followed closely before walking ahead of its trainer. She felt confident enough to lead the way. The path back to Ashfield seemed familiar. She couldn’t wait to get to the city. Hopefully there would be food.

Victor thought for a while as the trip headed down the path. “So, I’m curious as to how a budew ends up in the care of a lickitung,” he spoke aloud. He knew the two couldn’t answer but it helped pass the time to pretend they could understand. “You’d think a roselia or roserade would be looking after you,” he went on.

Budew just listened to the man speak. “You make funny noises human,” he yipped joyfully.
Victor just smiled. “Yeah, I’m sure you’d like to be a roserade one day. For, now you’re just a little wisp,” he said jokingly. Victor patted the seedling on the head as it embraced the pet. Ahead, Ghost happily tread across the path, skipping almost.
Nov 12 2017, 10:59 AM
After for departing with the stranger known as Ri, Victor decided to head to the outskirts of the city where he could find a quiet place to sit and get know his newly caught pokemon. He didn’t want the little guy to be startled by the large crowd of people around them. The ledyba likely spent a lot of time in the forest and humans were probably terrifying to it. Victor could totally relate. Seeing as how he wasn’t a fan of people either.

The trainer found a nice bench he could sit on and let the ledyba out. He wasn’t sure what its initial reaction would be, so he decided to let out Ghost from her pokeball as well. The little fox burst from her ball, materializing from a blue light. She hopped with joy at the site of her trainer. Starting at him with glowing eyes she waited for him to speak or hopefully pet her.

“Alright girl, since we have a new friend, we have to help them feel welcome to our team. I figured you can help with communicating,” Victor spoke in a comforting voice. This seemed to be the volume to which she responded best to.

The fox wagged her tails. She didn't know what was happening but she was sure she was about to get fed. Victor reached into his pack to pull something out. Ghost could hardly wait for the delicious….pokeball? This was not food!

Victor held out the ball, clicking it to open. The blue light streamed from within letting out the round bug. It came out holding it's fists in the air.

“Ahhh!” it roared as best as you’d expect a bug to. It was more like a buzz. The bug checked it's surroundings to find the trainer who dared enslave him and the pokemon who's butt he was about to kick. “Couldn’t finish the fight like a ‘mon, huh? So you had to contain me?” he growled.

Victor and Ghost just watched with confusion. The trainer didn't know what it was going on about but he figured it wasn't too happy about it's capture. Ghost just let it vent. He’d burn out of energy eventually.

“Come on, you mutt! Round two, you and me!” he beckoned the little fox as he held out his fists for a fight. Ghost didn’t bother. She just watched in hopes he would stop soon.

“Why, don’t you relax a bit? No one is here to hurt you,” Victor said calmly. He tried relaxing the angry bug. It just looked up at him with rage.

“I have fought humans before, do not test me.” The bug pointed at him as he went on. Whatever the human was saying it didn't t matter to him, he knew what he was now and he wasn’t going to try to escape. He figured he wouldn’t make it a pleasant stay either.
Oct 30 2017, 08:28 PM
Victor decided to enter Ashfield. After spending sometime in the wild and getting to know the area, he needed to stock up on supplies. For some reason he felt like he had to move on. The wanderer wasn't sure why, but it was an instinct. If he could at least get some food and water, then he could explore further beyond Ashfield City. Thinking about it now, he really should have come here first, but he didn't care to be around people so quickly.

Ghost kept pace beside him. Victor figured she would want to stretch her legs after resting in her ball the entire way to the city from the forest. She had a habit of looking up at her trainer every few steps, to see if he was looking back at her. He didn't, but she hoped he would.

In the city, Victor could see that it was very populated. At least more than he thought. There was also decorations and vendors stands that had been set up in a particular part of the city. It looked like there was a celebration of sorts happening and the duo walked right into it. Just great. The last thing he wanted was to be in the middle of a festival or party.

"I honestly don't even know where to begin, Ghost," he spoke aloud for this little fox to hear. She looked up againwagging her tails. He said her name! That meant he was talking to her! Victor looked down at the snowball. He smiled at her as she yelped with joy. Perhaps someone around here could give him an idea of what was happening and where to start, just not her. Though, she would help with anything else he asked.
Oct 24 2017, 07:10 PM
Victor Emerson and Ghost
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