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Terrene continues to heat
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Summer will be here until
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 Abilities & Moves
 Posted: Aug 25 2016, 12:31 PM



Each Pokemon begins with one of its abilities, which is randomized by the mod when the mod is spawning the Pokemon. There are many ways to unlock a Pokemon's second or even third ability. You may train for it or you may find an special item for it. Otherwise, a Pokemon's second or third ability will be unlocked when they reach their final evolution.

If you do not know what a certain ability does, I recommend you look it up on a Pokemon resource website such as Serebii or Bulbapedia. When it comes to how to use or express the ability in the roleplay, it is mostly up to you, as the player. Be as realistic and creative as you can! If you have a question regarding a specific ability, feel free to PM a staff, ask in the cbox, etc. If a certain ability is asked about a lot, we will add it and its explanation to the list below.

The List

◓ Dancer

If the opposing Pokemon uses any sort of dancing move, the Pokemon with the Dancer ability will automatically imitate it / use that move at the beginning of their next turn, whether or not the Pokemon has actually learned the move yet. This does not take up room in the Dancer Pokmon's turn; after the dance move has been used, you may attack or use an item or withdraw or whatever you like as usual.

◓ Illusion

We handle Zorua's illusion ability a bit differently here. They cannot take on the form of a human, but they may take of the form of any Pokemon that they have previously seen. The more they have seen and interacted with a particular species or individual, the better illusion they can create. When they are touched by physical contact or if any sort of attack makes contact with them, the illusion has approximately a 1 in 3 chance to fail and reveal their true form. Illusion does not have to be used immediately upon entering a battle.

Zorua's illusion ability focuses primarily on itself. It can cast illusions over itself so that it appears to be something it is not. Upon evolution into Zoroark, however, it can expand its illusions into nearby scenery as well. A Zoroark's illusions are comparable to a fully-evolved, well-practiced ghost type's illusions- that is to say, very convincing. However, A Zoroark's illusions work with only the senses of sight and touch and sometimes sound, but not with scent or taste.

◓ Pickpocket

In battle, this ability works just as it does in the games: when an opposing Pokemon makes physical contact with the Pokemon of this ability, the item of the opponent is stolen. Outside of battle, however, this ability can be used for a chance for the Pokemon to steal an item from someone once per topic. There are two ways to do this: pickpocketing a random item, or pickpocketing a specific item.

In the random item method, an item will be randomized, though the mod must try to ensure it makes sense with the environment; the chance of success is 20% for this method. In the specific item method, you may indicate what it is the Pokemon is trying to pickpocket; the chance of success is 10% for this method.

◓ Schooling

For the in-battle effect of hundreds of Wishiwashi coming together to do epic battle, the Wishiwashi using the ability has to be in the water in order to use it; Wishiwashi cannot be summoned out of the water to flop around like idiots on land. This in-battle effect requires the Wishiwashi to be at least level 20. This ability also has an out-of-battle use: it draws other water Pokemon to the Wishiwashi. When you wish to use this, let the mod who is running your thread know, and as long as it is possible for water Pokemon to appear in the location you are in, they will spawn one or two for you. The Wishiwashi does not have to be level 20 for this out-of-battle effect to take place.

◓ Sturdy

Just like the games, Sturdy will save a Pokemon from a one-hit KO. Unlike the games, it won't leave them with just 1 HP- it will leave them with about 10%-15% health, since a Pokemon with health in that range or lower than that range are at risk of fainting. In some situations, the ability Sturdy could also be stretched to save them the Pokemon fainting from a powerful blow, even if it wouldn't technically be a one-hit KO. For example, a Pokemon is first hit with a weak move that leaves it with about 90%, and is then hit with another move that would bring it down to 10% or less and leave it fainted. You could potentially use Sturdy in that situation, preventing the Pokemon from fainting completely.

 Posted: Aug 25 2016, 12:43 PM



Pokemon do not have a limit to how many moves they can learn. They do not "forget" how to do any attacks as they level up. Once they learn an attack, they will always be able to use it. There are a few exceptions, but these exceptions will come up via the roleplay. For example, if a Meowth was de-clawed it would not be able to use scratch, fury swipes, or any other move that required the use of claws.

Pokemon learn most of their moves through leveling up. To see at what level a Pokemon learns a new move, check a Pokemon resource website such as Bulbapedia or Serebii. Mods should let you know if your Pokemon learns a new move when they announce that a level up has occurred, but sometimes we forget or are mistaken. If we make a mistake, just let one of us know, and we will fix it!

The other traditional methods of learning moves are through breeding (egg moves), TMs/HMs, and move tutors. Egg moves are randomized by the moderator, and they cannot be learned any way other than being lucky and being born with it or being specifically bred for the move. Some wild Pokemon have no egg moves or one egg move; they could have two egg moves if you are lucky. Pokemon you breed for have a greater chance of knowing egg moves and there isn't really a limit to how many they could know.

TMs and HMs are discs just like in the games. However, your Pokedex does not automatically come with the technology to use the TMs and HMs; it is a specific upgrade that must be bought. Or you could pay someone else to do it for you. Additionally, moves learned by TM or HM can also be taught through rigorous IC training. If a Pokemon learns a TM through an Emitter, although the Pokemon technically learns the move immediately and it is added to their movepool, the Pokemon must complete one thread where they practice the move before they can use it effectively in battle. Think of it as if they are being handed a weapon that they don't fully know how to use.

Move tutor moves as well as moves that a Pokemon would have been able to learn in older generations can be taught through rigorous IC training, with the exception of old egg moves which the Pokemon used to be able to learn but can no longer learn. Keep in mind that this could take a while, depending on the move and the Pokemon.

You may notice that evolved Pokemon sometimes have a collection of "level 1" moves that they theoretically can know. When a Pokemon evolves here on Terrene, we will randomize one of those moves for your Pokemon to know. If you want your Pokemon to learn the other moves, you will have to train them in a dev.

Just as with abilities, if you do not know what a certain move does, look it up on a Pokemon resource website. When it comes to how to use or express the move in the roleplay, simply be as realistic and creative as you can! If you have a question regarding a specific move, feel free to PM a staff, ask in the cbox, etc. If a certain move is asked about a lot, we will add it and its explanation to the list below.

The List

◓ Hidden Power

When a Pokemon learns hidden power, a mod will randomize the move's type and will include the type in brackets on the Pokemon's index where the move is listed. Although Fairy type cannot be a hidden power type in the games, it is possible to get a fairy-type hidden power on our site. Normal type is still excluded.

◓ Night Shade

Night Shade's damage depends on the user's level. At level 1 (technically it starts at level 0, but level 0 doesn't exist), Night Shade has 10 power. Every 5 levels, the power of Night Shade will go up by 5. So at level 5, it will have 15 power; at level 10, it will have 20 power, and so on. The power caps when it reaches 75, which will be when the Pokemon is level 65.

◓ Pay Day

The Pokemon generates round, metallic coins and launches them at the foe to inflict damage; after landing on the ground, the coins fade away. If the move Pay Day is used at least once in a thread, a bonus token amount will be received at the end of the thread. The number of tokens received is equal to the level of the Pokemon who used Pay Day. This bonus is not stackable; no matter how many times Pay Day is used in a thread, the bonus can only be received once.

◓ Perish Song

After four turns, Pokemon who heard the Perish Song from nearby (within reasonable battling distance, or around 3-4 yards) are taken down to 10-15% health, and either faint or become extremely close to fainting. The more distant the Perish Song is, the less the effect. A Pokemon barely within earshot of the Perish Song would feel dizzy, nauseous, and/or momentarily weak or tired. Pokemon in their pokeballs are safe. Pokemon returned to their pokeballs have their Perish Song countdown removed, unless they are immediately sent back out again. Being returned to the pokeball isn't a reset button, but give it a couple hours and the Pokemon can be sent out again with either no symptoms or just mild dizziness that will pass. Perish Song will not kill, in most circumstances.

 Posted: Apr 10 2017, 01:14 PM



We do use Z-moves on our site, to a certain extent; but we forego the jewelry, the gems, and the dance moves. Rather than the gimmick that they are in the game, they are regular moves (albeit much stronger than most regular moves), learned via level up. Starting at level 50, Pokemon can learn any Z-move that they would have the potential to use in the game, learning one move per every ten levels. You will be able to choose which move they learn. Because we are using them as regular moves in and of themselves instead of powered-up versions of other moves, we are defining them below to prevent confusion. Also, learning a Z-move will not replace the move that it would normally be the upgraded version of in-game.

For use in battle, one damaging Z-move and one nondamaging Z-move can be used in a battle, but no more. These are very powerful, after all, and thus would exhaust a Pokemon. Additionally, the brief move descriptions below are taking from the game descriptions, take them with a bit of salt and feel free to alter it slightly.


◓ Acid Downpour [poison]
180 special damage. The user creates a poisonous swamp and sinks the target into it at full force.

◓ All-Out Pummeling [fighting]
180 physical damage. The user creates an orb of energy and rams it into the target with full force.

◓ Black Hole Eclipse [dark]
180 physical damage. The user gathers dark energy and sucks the target into it.

◓ Bloom Doom [grass]
180 special damage. The user collects energy from plants and attacks the target with full force.

◓ Breakneck Blitz [normal]
180 physical damage. The user builds up its momentum using its Z-Power and crashes into the target at full speed.

◓ Continental Crush [rock]
180 physical damage. The user summons a huge rock and drops it onto the target with full force.

◓ Corkscrew Crash [steel]
180 physical damage. The user spins very fast and rams into the target with full force.

◓ Devastating Drake [dragon]
180 special damage. The user materializes its aura and attacks the target with full force.

◓ Gigavolt Havoc [electric]
180 special damage. The user hits the target with a powerful electric current.

◓ Hydro Vortex [water]
180 special damage. The user creates a huge whirling current to swallow the target with full force.

◓ Inferno Overdrive [fire]
180 special damage. The user breathes a stream of intense fire toward the target with full force.

◓ Never-Ending Nightmare [ghost]
180 physical damage. Deep-seated grudges summoned by the user traps the target.

◓ Savage Spin-Out [bug]
180 physical damage. The user binds the target with full force with threads of silk that the user spits.

◓ Shattered Psyche [psychic]
180 special damage. The user controls the target and hurts the target with full force.

◓ Subzero Slammer [ice]
180 special damage. The user dramatically drops the temperature and freezes the target with full force.

◓ Supersonic Skystrike [flying]
180 physical damage. The user soars up then plummets toward the target at full speed.

◓ Tectonic Rage [ground]
180 physical damage. The user burrows deep into the ground and slams into the target at the full force.

◓ Twinkle Tackle [fairy]
180 special damage. The user creates a very charming space and totally toys with the target.


◓ 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt [pikachu]
195 electric special damage. Pikachu powers up a jolt of electricity and unleashes it. Critical hits land more easily.

◓ Catastropika [pikachu]
210 electric physical damage. Pikachu surrounds itself with the maximum amount of electricity and pounces on its target with full force.

◓ Extreme Evoboost [eevee]
Normal status move. Increases the user's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats by two stages each.

◓ Malicious Moonsault [incineroar]
180 dark physical damage. Incineroar strengthens its body and crashes into the target with full force.

◓ Pulverizing Pancake [snorlax]
210 normal physical damage. Snorlax moves its enormous body energetically and attacks the target with full force.

◓ Oceanic Operetta [primarina]
195 water special damage. Primarina summons a massive amount of water and attacks the target with full force.

◓ Sinister Arrow Raid [decidueye]
180 ghost physical damage. Decidueye creates countless arrows and shoots the target with full force.

◓ Stoked Sparksurfer [alolan raichu]
175 electric special damage. Alolan Raichu attacks the target with full force. This move leaves the target with paralysis.


A list of status Z-moves and their additional effects can be found here. When learned, these moves will be listed with a Z before their name, for example, Z-Swords Dance, or Z-Whirlwind.


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