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As Terrene leaves behind
the long, dark nights, their minds turn to friendship and romance at the second annual speed dating! And don't miss out on the clover hunt or the poetry season. Our plot event, alpha & omega, is drawing closer to its end, but is still going strong for now.


Spring will be here until
June. The rainy season begins in the tropical areas; the rest of Terrene begins to thaw and warm, shaking the chill of winter and creeping toward the heat of summer. Fairy and grass types relish in the season of rebirth and renewal!







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 Professional Army Event
 Posted: Jun 3 2017, 02:43 PM



It seems the problem that many trainers have is that they don't know how to train their Pokemon, and thus both the humans and their Pokemon are at the mercy of the world around them. For the majority of his life on Terrene, Beta has been striving to fix that problem within his city; preparedness is his byword. This summer, however, he has undertaken a larger project to train all the citizens of Terrene.

Various obstacle course-like training fields have been constructed just outside of Crater City; these are free to use for residents of Crater City, but cost a small fee for nonresidents. The cost is 100 tokens, though is reduced by how much you would normally earn from a completed thread, so, assuming the thread is completed, your net loss from such a thread would be 50. However, residents of Crater City who complete their thread would still the typical 50 tokens for completion.

This is not all, however! Beta is encouraging those in the middle of his hierarchy to go out and share their knowledge and to help the trainers teach and train their Pokemon. These people have set their prices based on their rank, and again, residents have a significant discount. The assistance of these "professionals" would surely be invaluable in creating a better learning environment and experience for both trainer and Pokemon.

The training threads themselves work like development threads; you get to write out how your character and Pokemon use the training facilities. The NPCs are also controlled by you, however, if you have any questions at all or need suggestions on how the NPC would behave, what they would say, and so forth, or if you would like us to whip up an NPC for you to use, we could do that for you.

On top of all of this, if someone decides that they like what Beta is doing and would like to move to Crater City, Beta will sponsor their move, providing the money they need for the food and water to make the journey. It is important to note that this is for characters MOVING to Crater City, not VISITING Crater City. If your character is simply going to Crater for the Professional Army event, travel is free and automatic (you do not have to create travel threads and your character is still technically in their city of origin). If your character is moving to Crater City, you do not have to purchase any supply packs but you do have to go through the travel threads. However, you don't have to wait for the travel threads to be completed before your character can jump into the training threads.

Also, if your character travels into the Rolling Mountains and is assisting Omega in the Alpha & Omega event (beyond the first freebie thread), they cannot constantly be traveling into Crater for the Professional Army event; if your character immediately goes to the Rolling Mountains for the Alpha & Omega event, you are limited to completing only ONE training thread in the Professional Army event. Alternatively, if your character completed a number of Training event threads before traveling to assist Omega, they cannot go back and complete any more after traveling to the Rolling Mountains. And although it is not technically against the rules to spam in the Professional Army event for a month and then have your character travel to the Rolling Mountains, I will squint suspiciously at you for manipulating the system and may dock your EXP gain.

Please note that these EXP gains listed below are bonuses on top of whatever EXP would be earned by the actual training. Additionally, Bishops can only be trained with once for nonresidents; the rest are unlimited and Bishops are unlimited as well for residents.

Training Tiers and Costs:

  • Training without a professional: +2 EXP bonus; costs 100 tokens for nonresidents (net loss is 50), free for residents (they would get the 50 tokens for completing a thread).

  • Training with a peace officer: +3 EXP bonus; costs 150 tokens for nonresidents (net loss is 100), costs 100 for residents (net loss is 50).

  • Training with a deacon: +6 EXP bonus; costs 250 tokens for nonresidents (net loss is 200), costs 150 for residents (net loss is 100).

  • Training with a bishop: +9 EXP bonus; costs 350 tokens for nonresidents (net loss is 300), costs 250 for residents (net loss is 200).
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