Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 Posted: Feb 2 2018, 05:30 PM


Dull eyes shadowed by long lashes stared up at her, the perfect example of what was right and what was wrong. Bony fingers gently grasped at the delicate face, habitually examining the body beneath the assailant. A smile curled across her sharp features, the curling of something that was dangerous, an apex predator. Even then, as her vision flickered with the tell-tale sign of the demon leaving her, Vertigo found herself not feeling... anything as her memory blanked and she stared down at the too familiar scene.

Closing her eyes, the female tilted her head back to observe the stormy sky with a brief twitch of her lips downwards. This... was tiresome. Coming back into consciousness, it was something that happened far too often to make her not care much more. In fact... the dark-skinned woman knelt down next to the still body, her fingers gently combing through the matted blonde curls absently.

Her long digits were caked with blood, as if Vertigo had dug them into someone's throat and tore out the jugular. Running her tongue over her canines, she familiar taste of iron was faint on her tastebuds. It was still strong though, making the young woman want to retch and puke in the corner. Forcing the urge down rather violently, the dark-haired woman made a choked noise as if she was truly going to throw up.

Brushing the back of her hand across her lips, Vertigo found that her eyes weren't burning yet. Why weren't they burning? (They had always burned, the tears streaking down her face and leaving trails of fire behind in the caked blood.) She exhaled sharply, closing her eyes tightly shut and moving her gaze to stare at the wall instead. Staring at it absently, not feeling.

Not feeling... anything. She curled her lips upwards unconsciously, fingers tightening in the soft yellow curls. Another life, dead and gone. Lost somewhere among the other souls she had condemned. Slowly, she swiped her tongue across her lower lip and bit harshly down into it. When the skin didn't break, Vertigo bit down even harder until she felt it give.

A rush of blood filled her mouth, staining her lower lip red as she continued to stare at the wall until all sense of time was lost from her. There was... nothing to live for. Nothing... she could go back to. All of her belongings and apartment gone up in flames as a meteor hit the residency, causing everyone to flee the area. Of course, she hadn't even been there. Everything she needed and wanted was on her anyways.

Her clothing consisted of a dark purple hoodie, pale green tee, her favorite cargo pants, and her running shoes. Her belongings were a pokeball with her Zorua in it, and the metallic ring on her left hand. As she stood up on shaky legs and slowly breathed out, the pokeball slid out of her pocket and landed on the dead woman's chest.

By the time the Rangers would come, she'd be gone.

 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 05:52 PM


Do Not Despair.

A rush of energy would make its way to her body, a flash of orange light appearing in front of her. A single orb floating in her path, only about an inch in circumference. Then suddenly, it was two. Two turned to four, which only continued in pattern as the deep orange light started to loop around her, clutching warmly to her chest as it channeled comforting energy into her body, seeping through her clothes and skin to supply her veins and cells.

And then, even more suddenly, the world was gone. That grip which held her, safely holding her torso, pulled her away, the world, the colors, all shrinking away like a portrait she'd only been visiting. Within a matter of moments, it was gone, and in it's place was nothing. A blank expanse stretched out around, devoid of color and substance, until it wasn't. Her feet were on the ground again, a dizziness being combated by that same strong power that coursed through her veins, and the world was alight with a saffron light, the orbs that had brought her here collapsing beneath her to create a small, square platform her her.

In the blink of an eye, a path appeared. Glowing yellow shined ahead as a winding path pushed forward and up, a table waiting not too far up. The energy that had been filling her suddenly started to fade out, though she would not be left alone long. The platform beneath her sparked, changing the color to yellow. As it did, a bit of static pricked at her skin, and a new rush of power coursed through her, exciting and upbeat. It was like adrenaline, giving her the rush to do much more than she might otherwise.

Time to Move.

A new voice, deeper and more bouncy than that which had spoken before. As it instructed her, the path started to spark with electricity. The sparks started close to her, and continued forward, as if ushering her to move along the path. If she looked around, she'd find that there wasn't much of an option anyway. She could either move forward, or simply refuse to move at all. Still, the electricity tried to guide her, the first table waiting for her up ahead with a collection of items.

Complete All, Some, Or None.

The items waiting to be inspected were few, but intricate. In the center of the table was a cylindrical, oaken mount, rising a few inches above the rest. It was like a pedestal, to allow one of the statuettes around it to be displayed above the rest. Each of the carved statuettes were delicately featured, and made of a warm gold. One was a Lion, the thin carvings of hairs around its mane beautiful and glittering in the light, as it roared, a paw reached out in front in a predatory pose.

Another was sticking up from a thin pole. The thick, rounded body was delicately detailed with feathers, long proud wings displayed out, widely spread as it was frozen while soaring through the sky. A long, sharp beak was hooked at the end, as the head was slimmed down with sharp eyes, piercing through as the creature sought out its next prey. The final statuette was also suspended on a thin pole, however this one was in the shape of leaping, creating a crescent shape as the aquatic creature curved through the air. It's smooth body leading to the fanned tail at the end, with two fins along the sides and a large, smooth hooked fluke on top of its body. Its large mouth was open, showing its many teeth.

At an angle to the left up the path was a small pedestal, with a hole in the center containing a flame. Resting on the surface around it were the thirds of a sphere, all smoothly cut and evenly sized. The clean cuts could be held up into each other to recreate the perfect sphere each colored piece came from. The blue piece, once touched, would fill her with a sense of peace and contentment. It made her feel like they were alone, but she would be comfortable and without conflict. The red piece once touched would provide a sense of love, all directed at her. Surrounded by others, but with the drama and war that comes with competing interests. The last, the yellow, filled her with a sense of power. It made her feel as if they could do anything, to accomplish anything her heart desired. A gift that would come with a hunger, never truly being happy with what she had.

Written into the surface were the instructions for this task. Choose one, the most appealing of these three, to cast into the fire." As soon as one was in the fire, it would consume the piece of sphere and immediately go out. Then, she was free to move on to the next task.

The next table forward and to the right was waiting for them. On it was three items, each glowing a bit as if to pull her attention. There was a padlock, with a shining silver glow to it. Inscribed around the dial was the word "Safety". Next to it was a miniature chest, the framework glowing gold with the base in a warm orange color. In the front of the chest was the word "Acquisition". The last item was a earthy, shimmering bronze model of a bed, the mattress and sheets matching the color of the frame holding it. In the back of the frame was inscribed "Comfort".

Up ahead there would be a keyboard, set up and ready to play. The brilliant white keys shined in the yellow world, beautiful and free from any dirt or dust. On the top of the keyboard were three buttons that read "Easy", "Intermediate", and "Hard". Once she pressed one, a key would light up orange, waiting for her to press it. With it pressed, another would light up, the song starting. Each note for the song they were to play would light up, not waiting for her but keeping with the tempo. If she could keep up, the music would be beautiful. If not, it would simply be incomplete. As could be gleaned from the options, each challenge rating would give a different level of song and tempo, increasing in difficulty based on her choice.

Enter Through The Doorway.

At the end of the winding path, past all the challenges that she could either complete or simply walk by, was a strong, tall door. It was made of a brilliant golden color, warmer hues of the color etched into designs in the door and coating the frame, to offset it from the rest. It looked powerful and heavy, however once she tugged on the handle, she'd find that it was quite a bit lighter than would be expected of the heavy material. Inside the frame once opened, she'd find a veil of water, reflecting her and the path which she'd crossed to get here. But the water was only a thin mask for what lied ahead, and would not keep her from pushing on.

So Much More To Do.

Welcome to the void between universes. Ho-oh and her beasts will challenge Vertigo in a variety of ways, to discover how she faces and overcomes the obstacles they lay. The three legendary beasts will take turns creating puzzles or riddles to solve. Each will have a variety of answers to choose from, but don't fret - there are no right or wrong answers. If Vertigo is unsure or unwilling to complete a challenge, she need only sit down and they will progress to the next step. They will use her methods and choices to help determine what type of pokemon compliments Vertigo, and her process will be considered when selecting her partner. However, Ho-oh's decision is influenced by what she believes works best in tandem with Vertigo, so where the answers lead may yet surprise you!


 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 08:06 PM


The voice was neither female nor male, a soft whisper in the back of her mind as the world briefly flashed a gentle orange shade. Her dark eyes glued to the orb in front of her, she extended a single pale finger as if to touch it only to jerk it back in surprise when it doubled. And doubled again. Energy rushed to her brain, flowing to all parts of her body as the energy looped around her like some kind of graceful vortex. It was.. comforting, like she was coming home after a long day and getting her head massaged by her fiancee-

Everything went dark, even as she could see the world around her warping strangely. Shifting into something smaller, smaller... until she could literally see nothing but darkness around her, the soft golden color curling around her chest like a content feline. Then it exploded around her, causing Vertigo to have, well.. a rush of vertigo. She inhaled sharply, the soft color of sun expanding and shifting to form something beneath her feet.

A... platform? Vertigo observed it in puzzled bemusement, blinking and shifting her gaze back upwards. The electrifying yellow curved path sent a rush of panicked emotions through her, causing Vertigo to tense and hiss wordlessly through her teeth. She would forever deny the ensuing squeal of bewildered shock as the hair on her skin rose and it felt like something staticky was brushing up against her.

"Fucking hell!" letting out a strangled shout of shock, Vertigo nearly fell backwards as the square she was standing on flared a bright yellow. Time to move. The second voice was much deeper, much more energetic than the first. What.. the hell? "Y-you- agh-" she jerked backwards again, eyes widening as the path in front of her sparked with electricity, arcs leaping across the path eagerly as if they were beckoning further. "Whu- oh- Jesus- Ack-"

She planted her feet on the ground firmly, scowling up at the darkness mistrustfully and parting her mouth to shoot off exactly what she thought of the... thing that brought her hear. "What the fuck is going on?" she spoke aloud, the words jarring her in the otherwise silent place. "Where the hell am I?" Complete all, some, or none. The new voice murmured, Vertigo's tongue poising to give some truly lashing words.

Did she want to do anything? No. Not really. Did she have a choice? According to the voice, yes she did. As far as she knew, Vertigo could refuse to do anything. However, her damn curiosity was rising and the young woman didn't want to get involved. At all. No. Nada. Zilch. No. Would it hurt, though? Probably not. A defiant scowl pulled at her lips as she kicked at the bright yellow path. "Why do you sound so enthusiastic?" she muttered under her breath as she repeated the voice in her brain, grumbling under her breath and shooting irritated looks around her.

As she approached the table full of intricate golden carvings, the black-haired young woman found herself eyeing the lion thoughtfully. Out of all of the equally beautiful pieces, Vertigo thought that the mammal was the most eye-catching. It held a predatory beauty, eyes glinting as the electricity sparked along the path and each individual hair on it's body carved out in painstaking precision. "Where on earth would you find time for this, hmm?" she murmured softly, picking up the creature with thinly veiled fascination. Quite frankly, Vertigo admired the wood-working skills of those who carved, often wishing that she could do it. Unfortunately, she wasn't all that good with carving as she was with music.

"I wonder if I can take it with me," she muttered quietly, reluctantly placing it on top of the wooden support and glancing irritably at the angled path in front of her. The next place to go to was off to her left, a pedestal glowing in the light of a soft flame. Admittedly, the fire drew her in, her mouth tugging down to consider it quietly. Each of the disks were a different color: blue, red, and yellow. Scoffing slightly, she picked up the blue one between her fore and middle finger, freezing as the emotions from it rushed towards her brain.

Swallowing thickly at the sensation of peace and comfort almost drew tears to her face. Instead, she quickly put it down and warily eyed the other sphere thirds with a faint frown on her face. If they all had varying emotions, Vertigo didn't want to have any part of it. No, no she didn't. Frowning, the young woman attempted to brush it off and began to stalk forward, shoving her hands inside of her purple hoodie. Then she merely scowled at the darkness up above her. Did... did they really want all the tasks completed?

Making a sound of disgust, she shoved the blue one in the flame without any regard to the other colors. As she came to the next task, she merely stared at the items with a rather frank dislike. No, she wouldn't deal with this one. No. The scowl on her face pulled downwards even further as she stalked forward once more, dark gray eyes becoming flinty and irritated the further she walked. "Why the fuck am I even doing this?" she asked herself, faltering at the sight of the keyboard. Her fingers twitched, as if begging to be placed onto its white keys.

Inhaling deeply, she slammed her fingers down on the hard button. The first key glowed orange, as if waiting for her to start playing. For a moment, Vertigo hesitated, as if she didn't want to harm the instrument in front of her. Brushing that off, the young woman placed her fingers appropriately on the keyboard and began to play. The piece that came was remarkably familiar, one of the hardest pieces she had played most recently. However, she hadn't even tried it since before her fiancee died. Swallowing thickly, she let her fingers fall across the keyboard in a familiar rhythm, the tempo steady and swift as the moving river.

A constant flow of change, one that would change her life for the better. "Why are you doing this?" she asked bitterly, her words filtering through the music and echoing around her slightly. "Why am I here? Why did you-" she gritted her teeth, her fingers moving against the keyboard and roughly smacking the glowering orange keys and listening to the music as it grew even more intense. As the music filtered off to turn into a slow, haunting melody, Vertigo found herself even more exhausted as of late. Yet her fingers moved along as steadily as they usually would, without faltering and without pausing.

"I just want-" she swallowed, tears burning in her eyes as the music brought up into a furious tempo again. She refused to let them fall, hands moving swiftly along the keyboard as her irritation and the familiar feeling of grief filled her. "I just want to be with him again," she choked out furiously, slamming the notes down to an end of the piece and stalking off in fury. Obviously she could still feel pain, which was a good sign that she was alive. So much for thinking that she was dead as she ripped open the door to the other side, ignoring it's beauty and staring hollowly at the other side.

Into the water it was, and as she moved through it, it didn't give any resistance to her movements.

 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 03:37 AM


Trust Your Instincts.

As she pushed through the veil, the water would brush against her form, oddly repelling from her rather than being absorbed. This left the woman's skin and clothes dry, despite the liquid around her. The water bubbled into little orbs of clear light, floating out away from her as her body pushed them from their source. They hovered directionless, crystal clear and with a light reflection until they dissolved, the warmth of the room easily evaporating the water.

The gentle heat was accompanied by a logical source. Red light shined from the softly flickering flames of the same hue, covering the ground calmly and completely. Though she was stepping in the fire herself, she'd find that the heat was not overbearing, and would not threaten to burn her. The sensation was odd as the flames licked at her shoes and flesh, providing prickling energy. It was deep and passionate energy, intensifying those emotions and desires deep inside her, not that she seemed to entirely need the help embracing her current emotions.

Choose A Path.

Three pillars of flames rose up ahead, reaching up towards the sky. They widened, enough to each cover at least three walkways width of comfortable walking for her. Fire raging, it flickered much more quickly than the gentle lull around it, reaching up higher and higher until it started to push out. The walls of flame moved out and away from her, a block rushing away, each of the three in a different direction. As it moved, the block revealed many different things behind it, creating three much more realistic paths that she could look at.

Straight ahead of her was a path that shined much more than the others, the steel plates making up the floor of this path reflecting the light of the flames around it. Walls rose, rising too high to be scaled. As they did, she'd find that they were creating corner and interconnecting paths, a sort of maze being created in that direction. Being that it was somewhat narrower than a normal grid for a maze, the complexity might seem easy, but if she crossed into the puzzle she'd find that it wasn't such a simple task to solve. It would take her to the left side, and there would be a long hall with many choices of places to enter the rest of the maze, only one of which actually taking her to the end.

Sprouting off to the right was a path of lightly thrown dirt, each side of the path being lined with vibrant plants. They were all short, but there were many different blades of leaves and flowers decorating the area. There was a myriad of colors and luscious life creating a gorgeous scene. Unlike the previous, this one wouldn't require any sort of thinking or effort on her part. She could simply glide right through, admiring the view if she'd like, but otherwise not challenged in any way.

The third option to her right was made of a series of wall segments. Each row of walls were three segments wide, and the center piece was on a rotation piece, which would allow the wall to be turned in a full circle radius, albeit with a bit of strength put into it. If she chose this path and pushed the wall open, she'd find that there was only just enough space between the rows to allow the door to open. Meaning, if she wanted to open the next one, she would need to first push close the one she'd just entered in, to leave the space open.

Keep Going.

No matter which of the three paths Vertigo has chosen to traverse, the end result would be the same. At the end of the path, she'd find herself faced with another choice. If she'd exerted herself or simply needed a break, there would be nothing trying to rush her, so she'd be able to take a moment to breathe and relax before proceeding. The two paths awaiting her appraisal now ran side by side, with just a bit of distance in between them.

The more alerting of the two paths was on the right. It was shining with a brilliant white light, keeping everything clear and overly illuminated on the path. There were a series of hurdle, inclines and declines, and a few other set obstacles that she would have to navigate through. The main challenge would be that the light here was blinding, making it so she would only be able to get a glance here and there of the path, before her eyes would naturally flutter shut to protect her eyes from the light.

As if to directly contrast that, the other path was covered in a deep black shroud, blocking out any vision of what may lie ahead. Even if she entered the foggy path, she wouldn't be able to see anything further than a couple inches from her face. She would need to proceed carefully, and trust her other senses to get through to the other side without too much trouble. In reality, the path was an exact replica of the one coated in an unkind light, but she wouldn't be able to study it enough to actually memorize and make the connection.


Once she made her way across one of the two paths, or decided against proceeding, the brilliant ruby door would appear. It stood tall and deep with color, the red hue shining over the seemingly dull fire, which paled in comparison to the effect of the entrance. Lining the edges and detail work of the door was a gleaming gold, complimenting the tint of the gemstone making up most of it. Just the same as before, when the door was opened, she would find a veil of water lining the frame. Her reflection looked back at her, until such time as she pushed through to proceed to the next set of tasks.

More To Come.

 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 09:49 PM


Trust your instincts, the voice murmured soothingly, washing over her in the form of it trying to wrap around her body. Oddly enough, instead of absorbing in her, it was repelled from the young woman. However, Vertigo couldn't bring herself to even care about what she went to. Or feel the crippling grief that swept through her as she went through the door. Wait. Vertigo paused slightly, furrowing her brow as she thought about what was going on.

Why did she feel so sad? What the hell was going on? Now that she thought about it, she couldn't remember much from the past few years. That.. was worrying. Very worrying. However it seemed almost.. natural to forget such things? The young woman found herself scowling physically, twisting the metal ring around her finger absently. She was trying to wrestle her thoughts, delve into her mind deeply. In fact, she was so distracted that she didn't notice the water shifting into a bright, passionately flickering fire.

Choose a path, came the voice, filtering through her thoughts and causing Vertigo to jump visibly and move her gaze around her frantically. "Something's wrong here," she murmured quietly, eyes widening in a panic as tall pillars of fire vwooshed into existence, flickering enthusiastically and growing even more huge. "Fucking- what the hell!" she blurted, stumbling backwards and nearly falling on her butt. Not even a swell of relief pushed through her as the fire shot away from her body, revealing paths in its last position.

The first path that caught her eye was the one with steel plates, reaching too high into the blackness above her head to be scaled. Stifling a whimper of sheer disbelief, Vertigo could only stare at the metal path with increasing incredulity. A... steel maze? It was mind-boggling, and with each cursory glance over the other paths, Vertigo found herself not wanting to go through any of them. Off to the right seemed fairly straightforward: a dirt path going through a brightly colored, plant-like path. The path even further to the right was made of a puzzling selection of wall segments, as if they were to be moved in order to figure out the way to the end.

Which one to take? Which one? Her left temple throbbed with the stress of it all, sending brief pulses of pain rocketing through her brain. As much as she would like to take the simple one, the steel maze was calling to her. It reminded her of... something. Something? Why couldn't she remember why it was calling to her? Frowning mildly, the black-haired woman eyed the door-like path suspiciously, pulling at one of her long dark curls harshly. Which one to take? Which one?

She let out a gurgling shriek of frustration, eyeing the paths with increasing frustration and paranoia. "Fine! Fine! Fine!" Flailing her arms in front of her irritably, Vertigo shot off into the steely depths of the maze-like path. By the time she came out at the end, her head was reeling and her frustration had mounted to an even higher amount. Her headache had reached to such a blinding point that even glancing at the too bright path sent waves of throbbing points through her head.

That cemented her decision to slowly crawl through the dark path on all fours, slithering forward at some points and dragging her up the various inclines. Sometimes, Vertigo would end up rolling head over heels down steep declines, drawing either a shriek of pure aggravation or loud cursing from the young woman. Most of the time it was either, "You bloody thing! I bet you're fucking enjoying this, aren't you!" or "I HATE THIS THING!"

Continue, the voice rasped, a brilliant ruby door appearing in front of her. Ignoring the beauty of it, she grumbled under her breath as the voice continued to speak. More to come, it said softly as she ripped open the door and went through the other side.

 Posted: Feb 16 2018, 12:58 PM


Well Done.

Just as before, the water strung up in the frame of the door would silently break apart, splitting into a myriad of liquid orbs. They floated and pushed out, aimlessly moving as her body moved through and forced them out of her way. The first thing she would likely notice about this new part of the void was the temperature drop. Where the previous had been heated and warm, this was a bit chilling. Not so much to be overly uncomfortable or painful, but enough to be noticed hanging in the air around her.

As well, the world that surrounded her now was layered in a thin blanket of cool blue water, glowing lightly. With each movement, including her first steps past the doorway, the water would react, ripples being sent from her and out into the horizon. They were calm and calculated, much like the new energy that pricked at her skin, coursing in softly to provide energy to her alongside more of a sense of calm. Even if thay hadn't been aware of her shouting at previous challenges, the energy seemed to attempt at levelling that slightly, if possible.

Which Appeals Most To You?

As the smooth words pushed into her consciousness, no clear source around just as the voices before, the water started to ripple in one spot up ahead. It was as if there was a force pushing repeatedly into the water, a small cylinder, but whatever was causing the disruption was not visible. Then, the water started to climb upward in that same shape, reaching up a few feet. Eventually it stopped, about 3 feet off the ground, and started to fan out. It continued until hitting unseen edges, rolling out and creating a rectangular table. It hardened, and as it did, three items appeared on its surface.

The rightmost object was a long, brilliant sword. Smooth, polished silver decorated the blade and the edges of the hilt, dark wrap around the handle and deep blue gems decorating the rest of the hilt in certain places. Over to the left was a long, curved bow, oaken and with a skilled finish to make it strong and easier to handle. The thick string bound the two ends in a tighter arch, the wood bending but with no arrows in sight to accompany the weapon. In between the two was a deep brown leather cover, the inside containing thin pieces of parchment with loads of information written inside. Or, so she'd have to assume. The characters were of no language she knew, and it's meaning would be a research project in itself to decipher.

Solve These Puzzles..

Once she'd made a choice, the other two would sink into the table before it hardened once more, still visible but unaccessible. In their place appeared a piece of parchment, and a blue ink pen to the side. The pen was carved smoothly and thin, but was not able to be taken apart like its real world counterpart. The page was a warm cream color, and golden letters wrote themselves onto the parchment, describing the first challenge.

Write the answer to the riddle below.

To unravel me
You need a simple key,
No key that was made
By locksmith’s hand,
But a key that only I
Will understand.

What am I?

Once she'd written in an answer - or chosen against completing the riddle - the words would start fading from the page, including the answer she had scribbled in. Within moments the page was black once again, but immediately started to write in golden text once more, as a new challenge was issued on the page. This one was written in slightly smaller text, and formatted in such a way so as to give her more space on the page for problem solving.

Solve the puzzle to find my letters, and unscramble to get the answer you seek. Keep in mind the number 2, as this creates the right answer.

[b]Where A is 26, B is 25, and so on, find my letters to solve. Though letters may move, the length of each word is as set up below.[b]

16 -- 20 -- 23 -- 10 -- 6 -- 11 -- 24
6 -- 11
5 -- 5 -- 16 -- 13 -- 17 -- 10 -- 18 -- 4

Just as before, once she had either written an answer on the page that she was set on, or decided against making an answer for the puzzle, the words would fade from the page. Though this time, as they dissappeared from view, they would not be replaced with another puzzle for her to complete.

Cross Through.

With the puzzles completed or otherwise, the table would burst into mist, the objects it held oddly taking the same form and helping to cloud and moisten the air around her. It became thicker and thicker, starting to rise from the watery floor. Blocking her view, the fog started to part, revealing a path straight towards another tall grandiose door. This one was made of a deep sapphire stone, with silver details along the frame and handle. Once opened, she'd find a new site. Dark orange brick laid out an enclosed staircase, ascending up into the saffron light that had brought her to this place.

Prepare For Judgment.

 Posted: Feb 16 2018, 04:37 PM


Well done, the voice whispered through her mind. The splitting apart of the water was about the same as before as she entered, pushing out as Vertigo moved forward. Her irritation bled into her vision, causing it to briefly go fuzzy. However, as she continued to walk, the first thing she noticed about the new room was how much the temperature dropped. Instinctively, Vertigo drew her arms up to rub at her upper arms, her dark eyes peering around in aggravation.

However, the distinct aura of the place was calming, soothing, gently washing away her previous frustration, irritation, and embarrassment. The water rippled away from her feet quietly, the energy of the place prickling at her skin. It was unnerving to how calm the room was, a slightly perturbed look on Vertigo's face as another voice murmured across her mind like a smooth lake. Which appeals most to you?

Above her, the water rippled. The dark-haired young woman hesitated at the movement, uncertain to what was causing it. Something was pressing into the water, but she couldn't shake the bundle of anxiety in her stomach. Vertigo viciously shoved that anxiety down, watching the cylinder rise up out of the water distrustfully. As it panned out and transformed into the table, she lifted her eyes to squint up at the pure black of the place she was in.

"Who the hell are you guys? People? Gods?" she shook her head, rubbing the bridge of her nose irritably. "Certainly not the company I would spend time in," she mumbled irritably. Vertigo was wholly prepared to ignore the table in front of her, just wanting to get this over with and get out of this place. However, the glint of steel caught her eye and interest. With a cautiously curious look on her face, the twenty-three year old woman approached the table.

Laid out on top of it were three different items, two weapons and a leather cover. Vertigo ran her fingers lightly over the leather cover, gently inspecting the wood of the bow with a mildly disinterested gaze. The one she was most interested in was the sword. It was a beautiful steel, its edges nearly sharp enough that her hands hurt even as she thought of touching them. She ran her finger across delicate silver designs, her dark eyes fascinated as she rubbed one of the dark blue gems.

The young woman carefully picked up the sword by it's dark hilt, admiring its beautiful simplicity even with the blue stones decorating the hilt. "Hello, beautiful," she cooed softly, tightening her grip on the sword. Vertigo didn't notice the other objects disappearing, her finger tracing the silver against the cool steel. However, she did notice when the voice whispered softly in her mind, Solve these puzzles.

Reluctantly replacing the sword, the young woman eyed the riddle and code with even more interest than she had taken in the weapon. Is it insulting my intelligence? the female thought irritably as she read the riddle and the code next to it. It took a few moments for Vertigo to absorb the riddle, before pursing her lips slightly. A key... The code... A code! The female quickly scribbled down, code, before turning to the piece of paper in question.

"You better not be insulting my intelligence," she scowled around her suspiciously, before bending her head and getting herself completely entranced by the code. It wasn't long before the piece of paper was scribbled all over, notes and observations written down in a messy, scratchy script. As Vertigo turned the paper over, she began to scribble down her thoughts and the numbers above the alphabet. If I go this way two times.. then i get... these.. It took the young woman five confused minutes to scribble down the letters. Now I have to unscramble these...

Her tongue sticking out of her mouth, the look on her face was utterly focused and concentrated. After another ten minutes of unscrambling the letters into the words, she was left with the following phrase: 'Nothing is absolute.' A large grin found itself crawling across her face as she stood up from her cramped position over the table. However, she leaped back in surprise as the objects and table immediately became a form of heavy mist, the voice whispering, Cross through.

Watching the area around her warily, Vertigo squinted through the mist as it collapsed around her until she could see another path to a fourth door in front of her. Was this the way out? The deep sapphire stone door was reminiscent of the stones on the sword, silver swirling across the frame and handle. A burst of irritation crossed her face as she opened the door, not bothering to pause and gawk at it any longer than she had. "Bloody place is creepy," she muttered under her breath as she ascended the brick stairs into the golden light. Prepare for judgement, it whispered again, causing the female to pause for a brief moment while a cold chill shivered up her spine.

 Posted: Feb 16 2018, 05:55 PM


We are almost done.

As she ascended the stairs, the light pouring down from above, it would aid in assuaging her discomfort with the idea of judgment. It was an empowering force, that sought to push away her exhaustion and pain and beckoned her to continue up the stairs. It silently called, awaiting for her to arrive at the top. Stretching out in every direction was the warm saffron light, encompassing the world and her as it rushed through her veins, leaking energy to keep her going as long as needed.

A few final questions.

Straight ahead, a podium appeared, with a slot open in the middle of it. It was impossible to tell where it may lead, and there was no way to open up the podium. Laying upon it's surface were two tablets. On the first was written 'All for one'. The second, 'One for all' Inscribed above the slot were instructions to choose one, and enter it into the hole. As soon as a tablet was placed within, the podium would vanish, the objects and words the contained with it.

Make your choices.

The second podium to appear matched the previous, one slot again with two tablets to choose from. The first read "Aesthetic", the other "Practical". Once one was entered into the hole provided, it would dissipate just as the last had.

Another appeared up ahead, looking identical to the previous. The same slot, same height, same instructions. Yet again there were three tablets. The first was 'Defense', the second 'Strength', and the third 'Speed'. Once a tablet was entered, it would vanish just as the first had, taking away any trace of anything having been there.

The fourth podium appeared as those had before, holding two more tablets to choose from. These new choices read "Firm" and "Flexible".

A final podium appeared, and the process repeated yet again. The two tablets here were inscribed with 'Direct' and 'Abstract'. Once this podium was completed and disappeared, there would not be another in it's place. Her choices, her tasks, were finally finished. Though likely to the chagrin of the young woman, a new passage did not appear to lead her out of this strange place. The unknown presence simply lingered above, waiting, watching, but there was nothing appearing to give her more to do for a few long moments. What she chose to do with this short time, was completely up to her.

They define who you are.

 Posted: Feb 16 2018, 06:15 PM


We are almost done, whispered the voice, causing the female to roll her eyes. "Oh goodie, it's the thing I've always wanted," she rermarked sarcastically, half-wondering if she was talking to herself and the other half asking herself if she was insane. Even so, she felt far more energized than she felt she should be. A few final questions. Vertigo had to physically bite on her tongue to stop herself from retorting.

As she stared at the tablets with the words on them, she couldn't help but scoff and turn her head to the side. "Why should anyone get anything at all?" she muttered, palming the all for one tablet and scowling at the floor. With another petulant scoff at the soft words Make your choices, she shoved the tablet into the slot without any regard to what the podium would do once she shoved something in it.

The second podium had only two words this time, only this was more of pure instinct than anything. Sneering at the podium, Vertigo grabbed the 'practical' and shoved it through the slot. She paid more attention this time around as the podium dissipated, causing the girl's dark eyebrow to twitch in irritation and a muscle in her left cheek to jump.

The third had three words: defense, strength, and speed. Admittedly, all Vertigo had done all her life was submit to that blasted demon, but now she was struggling to remember why she had all those blank spots in her brain. Those lovely blank spots. With a scowl, she picked up the most appealing word: defense, and shoved it in the slot. Once more, the podium disappeared.

The fourth followed with a repeat of Vertigo's by-now signature scowl and rough handling of the tablet, this time pushing 'Firm' down into the slot with an irritated sweep of her gaze. The final was done in the same manner, practically slamming the 'Direct' one into the slot and looking immensely irritated. "Are you done now?" she couldn't help but inquire sarcastically.

They define who you are, the voice whispered. "Yeah, yeah." she grumbled in response.

 Posted: Feb 16 2018, 07:04 PM


Her question remained unanswered in the quiet void around her, not much happening for the few long moments as she waited for whatever was to come next. Soon enough, she'd see a spark of yellow light appear in the air. To her right, a drop of blue spread into the air, and to the left, a flash of red flared to life. The three colors spread like small auroras of light, contrasting the orange light covering the room as the bonus energy of the extra presences coalesced into the room.

Then, the floor seemed to give out. Despite how the ground had stretched out into the horizon, flat and perfect, she was falling. But as if to comfort and guide her, the warm energy was collected around her torso once more, holding her as she was pulled away. The orange light disappeared quickly as the void was blank around her once more, until a sense of vertigo would hit and her vision would swim. Her head and nerves rushed to keep up with the surreal movements, overloading her senses as she was ferried to a new location once more.

As suddenly as it had began, it was over. She'd find her feet on solid ground again, with a little extra making a soft crunching noise as her body pressed into it. She could feel, and likely would as the air was brisk with the chill of winter. The snow on the ground was just as cold, pressing around her shoes and nipping at her ankles. Everything around her was pretty quiet though, indicating there weren't any people or presences around to bother her for the moment while she collected herself.

Her vision would start to clear up, a blanket of white stretching out round her. But unlike the void before now, it was surreal. The snow was disturbed in places here and there from footprints of varying sizes, and the trees stood tall, bare from the leaves having fallen long ago. The occasional creature could be seen far off, a bird flying away and a critter escaping into a burrow of a tree, but otherwise she seemed somewhat alone here. There were certainly no humans here, but if she looked she'd see the inklings of buildings a bit off marking civilization.

And that wasn't all she would see. Dragging through the snow was a creature that was admittedly somewhat difficult to see in the white background. It's grey armor was very lightly colored, so it didn't contrast the snow too much and about half it's body seemed in the snow as it moved. The mask on its large head had 6 holes, two of which revealed light blue eyes, the most easily visible color on this creature. The shell of its back had a blunt spike along it, and the holes revealed that this little body beneath was black. It moved towards her, and as it did, she'd feel that it was familiar. Though as to why, she could only guess, as the rest of her memories slipped away.

Throughout the challenges, the beasts collect much information for Ho-oh. Once they presented their findings, she selected the final questions for Vertigo, based off the types that matched most to her. Through her answers and decisions, Ho-oh has chosen that a Steel/Rock type with high Defense is a logical match for Vertigo. After using this, and many other factors, she has chosen the pokemon and pushed Vertigo through the portal outside Forest Beach Village, where her new partner awaits. @Storm

Vertigo has obtained a Aron!

Choose a gender

Choose an egg move

Choose an ability

Choose a name
(the name can be put off until later if you so desire)

[ This topic has ended, but you may resume the adventure in Forest Beach Village. From now on, the Aron is yours and is under your creative control. The die roll for the chance to have a Pokedex resulted in a 99, so Vertigo does not start with a Pokedex. Send me a PM when you've made the necessary decisions regarding your new Pokemon. Good luck and have fun! ]

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