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 Speed Dating Event
 Posted: Mar 1 2017, 01:23 AM


Speed Dating

Alright you lovely folks! I have created a topic for each paired couple. In my introduction post, there are conversational prompts with questions for the characters to ask each other. To prevent these topics from going on indefinitely, the "time is up" after all the questions have been asked and answered. You can assume that an NPC host comes along and ushers your characters away at that point. The setting is the same field that is used for the Anniversary Fair each year; a number of wooden tables, each with two chairs, have been set up. There are conversation cards on each table to lead the conversation along!

Late entries may be accepted if you can find a willing partner who doesn't already have 4 dates (four is the max per character). PM me or catch me in the cbox if you do so and I'll make you a topic!

This event is held in Ashfield, but just like with the Coordination on Ice event, travelling for the event will be free. The event will end either when all the dates have been completed, or on the last day of spring, May 31st. Timeline-wise, this will occur at the very beginning of spring.

The pairings and the links to the date topic are below! I tried to make sure the randomized date pairings reflected the individual's sexual orientations, but alas, it was not always possible. But whatever the pairing is... have fun!

The Dates:

[❤] Adam - Judas
[❤] Adam - Mavis
[❤] Andrew - Lillian
[❤] Andrew - Lilithe
[❤] Andrew - Samantha
[❤] Azrael - Dick
[❤] Azrael - Leona
[❤] Dick - Diego
[❤] Dick - Judas
[❤] Dick - Lilithe
[❤] Diego - Shae
[❤] Fleet - Judas
[❤] Fleet - Leona
[❤] Judas - Mavis
[❤] Leona - Stern
[❤] Lillian - Shadow
[❤] Lilithe - Shae
[❤] Lilithe - Stern
[❤] Samantha - Shae
[❤] Shadow - Shae
[❤] Shadow - Stern

 Posted: May 31 2017, 09:58 AM


Event Closed

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