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Feb 28 2018, 10:51 PM
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<div class="natnotes"> 552 words - Kehehe This is gonna be funny @Jani </div>
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Of all the oddities that seemed to take place during the new season, the one they called 'Winter', the fluffy white stuff on the ground was certainly the strangest. It was stupidly cold, which she hated, and was literally water apparently as well. Which meant that everything was wet, even as it froze and created ice on her boots and clothes. The idea of it alone aggravated her, not to mention this season meant all the trees and flora was basically dead. At least, in the areas affected by the weather more than others. The rainforest was much warmer by nature, and resisted the effects.

<p>Guess that place had at least one positive trait.

<p>But, despite her negative feelings on the weird fluffy snow that decorated this part of the world, she and Jolteon were finding some fun out of the stuff. Even now, she sat peacefully staring away from where the pokemon was, but keeping her watch on her through peripheral vision. The jolteon was covered in snow, to the point that she looked like a snow sculpture. They'd done this a couple other times today, and it yielded pretty hilarious results. All they needed to do now was wait for an unsuspecting victim to come by.

<p>Soon enough, a child was walking up to admire the sculpture that looked similar to the pokemon. She ogled the pokemon for a second, before the jolteon leaped from the snow, a couple inches towards her. She screamed and ran away, leaving the fox snickering and Leona actually laughing. To those who had known her, this would certainly be quite the rare sight to see. But she couldn't help it - she was actually having fun pranking people with the snow. She had never, in the span that her memory lasted, laughed like this before. Or at all, really. Of course, she was a little distracted to think on that much, heading over to the jolteon to reset.

<p>"You got her good. Let's get you prepped for another, shall we?" Leo smiled as the fox's breathy laughter continued, as she moved back into the spot her prints had dug deep into. The woman started to take the disturbed snow lying on the ground around her and piling it on the electric-type's fur once more. She continued in silence with a consistent grin on her face, wondering who their next victim would be. It took quite some time to get the snow sculpture facade perfect, but she wanted it to be perfect and completely believable. Once she was done, she stood and admired her work once more, walking a little away and taking a seat to watch again once more, giddy about whoever would fall for their trap next.

<p>As she did so, she'd stumble as something buried in the snow caught her foot. She managed to keep her balance, giving a mumbled string of profanity as she collected herself, and turned to look. With the snow moved, she noticed there was something red sitting there, that had been completely covered by the snow before. She squatted by it and picked it up, dusting off the extra snow to look at it. It was wrapped in red cloth, and she set to unraveling the present to see what was inside. The wrapping was... oddly sticky.

Jolteon - female<br>
100% Health<br>
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Feb 25 2018, 11:13 PM

<div class="ap-pokemon">

<Br>Paras - Male
<br>Effect Spore
<br>Level 6
<br>Bug Bite ◒ Scratch ◒ Stun Spore ◒ Poison Powder
<Br>Lunatone - Genderless
<br>Level 5
<br>Way too many moves :u


<div class="arshia-post">

<img src="https://i.pinimg.com/originals/12/36/c5/1236c56e2527827d52db6ef604774329.gif" style="width: 250px;height: 200px;position: relative;">

<div class="ap-title">
A Rare Find

Walking down the crudely worn street, the many footprints from humans and pokemon walking up and down on a regular basis, the woman was lost in thought as she moved. Arshia had, of course, heard all the talk about strange gifts that had been left in hidden spots, that the citizens were finding around town. And some apparent sightings of a red and white bird flying and running around, who was supposedly leaving the gifts. It seemed odd that a pokemon would be getting its hands on human items and gifts, only to be leaving them around in wrapped packages for others to stumble upon and be treated by.

<p>She needed to study further into this, and collect more information if possible. Ideally, she would find one of these gifts on her own. Then, maybe she could get a clue as to who actually left it, and how to track them down to determine the true purpose of these odd offerings to the people of this village. These humans were not in any way, shape, or form kind to those pokemon living outside the village in the desert, nor were those pokemon friendly to even so much as the presence of a human nearby. So the idea that one was trying to be generous to them seemed unrealistic. But then, none of these villagers would be so generous either.

<p>So that left a large mystery. In her ever growing pursuit of knowledge, Arshia was somewhat excited about the research into this strange phenomenon occuring. The collection of information and trying to track down research samples was very intriguing to her, and kept her pushing forward as she pressed on in her search. Though, on the outside, she still seemed the same steel expression that many around the village had to come to know as 'Gem', the native villager born and raised in Forest Beach. Of course, she'd never actually been there herself, but talks with traders extracting information had given her enough information to put together her story. And almost none in Oasis had ever been further than Ashfield, so it was a good cover to avoid them finding out she was an immigrant.

<p>She started her search pretty early in the day, though had stopped many times in an effort to talk to others who may or may not have discovered their owns gifts. Before today, she'd already started investigating claims of the pokemon that had been seen scurrying around the village here and there, but no one had been able to truly discern what pokemon it was or be able to catch it in the act, which meant she had no solid proof of what it was really. Of course, the inquisitive woman was happy to put in the effort in order to find such proof herself. After all, others could only be trusted so much. If she wanted the job done right, she would need to do it herself.

<p>Spotting around a corner, she noticed something nestled near a pile of firewood, in a dirty color that almost matched the sands it was half covered in. It seemed her work was paying off. It looked well padded, whatever the object was, and medium sized. She quickly moved up to it, and dusted some of the sand off of it. She felt the thickness of the wrapping around whatever was inside, determining that it was simply a blanket. Though, because it had been out in the sand, it was quite dirty, but the fabric used was undeniable. She carefully set to unwrapping the object, to see what this specific gift was that had been left.

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Feb 25 2018, 09:59 PM
<div class="shae-post">

<div class="sp-title">
Berry Picking

<img src="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/P__Iyz7_erU/maxresdefault.jpg" style="border-radius:40%;float:left;width: 150px;height: 150px;position: relative;">

[Development purpose: Loyalty with Barry, Foraging skill, and Delibird gift! This thread takes place in early Winter.]

<p>"Alright Barry, let's find some great berries!" The dark-skinned woman spoke cheerfully as she looked down at the Cherubi, who was happy to be on another berry finding trip. It was starting to get colder outside as they started into the winter season, so she wanted to get as much berry-picking in as she could - before it would get too cold to make any excursions too far into the forest. While it didn't get too cold in the forest compared to areas, this was all she knew. So it was still very cold to her, for now.

<p>Standing next to the grass type was the other, the thin twiggy pokemon with a large yellow bell-shaped head, who was joining them for the first time. "We've gotta show Bri how it's done, don't we?" Her smile widened, the cherubi exclaiming in glee, wiggling his round body as he did so. The bellsprout seemed to be ready as well, already starting to walk towards the bushes. "Now both of you stay close! We aren't going too far in, but even just the edge of the forest can be trouble if we aren't careful. We don't want to draw any unwanted attention to ourselves if we can help it."

<p>She got the feeling lately that Barry had been feeling pretty left out of things. She tried to include him whenever she could, but she just got the feeling that he felt like he should be doing more. He always seemed to be rushing to try and do things to help out, but unfortunately his lack of limbs and limited moveset meant he couldn't actually help out too much. While he could certainly babysit when needed, there were many tasks the others could help with. And with Seb starting to evolve, it just added to the distress he was feeling.

<p>So, this day was especially important. Berry picking was always their activity - especially because it had been how the two of them originally met! She wanted to spend some quality time with him, but also wanted to see if maybe the two pokemon could bond more as well. If Barry had someone else to lean on a bit more when Shae was busy tended to the others or doing something entirely different then hopefully it would lift his spirits a bit more. The last thing she wanted was for him to feel bad or useless. She loved all of her pokemon equally, and wanted to ensure they always lived happy lives.

<p>She walked along the forest's edge, the two pokemon at her side. There was a bush up ahead with a few big berries to investigate. Increasing her pace a bit in anticipation, the grass-types pushed to keep up, having to catch up when she stopped at the bush up ahead. Shae placed a hand on the berry, gently squeezing to check whether it was ripe or not. The first two didn't quite have the feel she was looking for, but the third was good. She plucked it from the bush and sat on her feet, placing it on the ground for the two of them to look at. "Well, what do you two think?"

<p>As they moved up to investigate the berry, the woman's attention was pulled to something. Amongst the green leaves of the full berry bush, a few other colors dotting it with the berries, there was something out of place. She lowered her body a bit more in order to get a better look at it, and found what looked like wood. But it's edges were too well-placed and carved for it to be natural. Deciding to investigate, she carefully put her arms in under the bush, needing to readjust her body slightly to get the proper angle. She placed her hands on either side of the box and carefully pulled it out, ready to look and see what was inside.

<div class="sp-pokemon">

Egg Post 12

Cherubi - Male<br>
Level 9<br>
Current Health 100%<br>
Having fun!

Bellsprout - Female<br>
Level 2<br>
Current Health 100%<br>
Having fun!

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text-align: right;
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Feb 25 2018, 11:33 AM

I had mentioned who knows when that I was going to post a situation that I and the other player can't seem to find a good solution for. Now I have my next D&D session in an hour an realized I never posted for help sdfsfajkh

SO here's the rundown:

Version: 3.5

Characters in the party:
Lvl 4 Human Fighter, named Hunter - Played by me
Lvl 4 Elf Rogue, named Antinua(Ana for short) -Also played by me
Lvl 4 Human Rogue, named Scorchin (Don't ask) - played by other person

The Situation:

The party is travelling through a forest, down a very windy path that crosses a river multiple times. The first pass had no bridge, so we ended up climbing a tree, tying rope to it, and swinging across successfully. The second pass had a bridge that didn't look great, so we tied rope around our waists to help and tried to cross one at a time. After a lot of falling and barely successful rolls, we managed to get across.

Now we are stuck at the third pass.

There is no bridge to cross, either where we are at or anywhere else. To one side is where we came from, but there are uncrossable mountians between the paths so we had to follow the path. Down the other way is a waterfall, so we have to cross here. The river is apparently rushing so fast that we can't just swim across, aside from the spot we are at where we could potentially wade our way across carrfully, thanks to the depth, but would still have to roll every few seconds to see if we get pulled in. Additionally, there are merfolk that get very angry and hostile if we get in the water. We almost lost Scorchin to the river & Merfolk already, but luckily Hunter was able to pull him back to shore and dodge a trident from the merfolk. The DM has also stated there are no tree branches around that we could use to tie rope to and cross, but clearly does not want us to turn around and go back.

And ideas on how to cross? Atthis point, the only thing I can thing is killing the merfolk and trying to wade across, but with all the rolls we'd face trying to cross the river and potentially getting pulled down into the waterfall and dying, I'd like to think there's another option.

So! I turn to you all. Please let me know anything you think of to get across (As a note, we cannot speak to the merfolk either.)
Feb 21 2018, 11:12 PM
Hello Terrene ~

So, one of the many things we've been working on behind the scenes is addressing the PP/move usage that we've let be free up until now. Though we've been discussing some options and narrowed it down to two systems, we can't come to an even decision as to what type of system to create for tracking how many times a pokemon can use powerful or special moves.

That's where you come in! We are hoping to get this launched with Spring, if possible, so please cast your vote quickly. We don't have a set deadline, but may end up making the decision within 3-5 days.

**Voting is Anonymous, just as an FYI. No one will see who voted what, just the total amount of votes for each choice.

The two options (To be described in detail below) are Percentage based tracking (similar to health) and setting guidelines based on the power or what kind of move it is (similar to stats and other battle essentials). We've got to get something in place and decided, since this will be affecting everyone, to give the people a chance to choose which one they'd prefer. After all, we want you to be comfortable with whichever system we put into place.

Percentage based tracking
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

So this would be a percentage that would sit near HP, to be lowered throughout battle based on the moves used. In this system, we would assign a base energy for all status moves (special moves with healing or other OP effects would have a higher rate, to prevent spamming and promote realism), and assign a ratio for percent to power. So, X power corresponds to X percent, so the higher base power of the move, the higher amount of energy that is spent on the pokemon's part.

But Kaien, what about my lvl 45358908 using a move? Would they lose as much energy as a lvl 2??

Great question my imaginary example friendo! The short answer is yes. The better explained answer is that the system would accommodate max percentage to the pokemon's individual level. So, a level 5 pokemon might have a max energy usage of 80%, while a level 20 pokemon might have a max energy usage of 150%. This allows the level 20 to use much more powerful or a higher quantity of moves, which keeping the same percentage takeaways for energy the same. Which is realistic in that the move takes the same amount of exertion for any pokemon, but more trained pokemon will have more stamina with which to use to continue attacking.

We have not finalized any details, but for the sake of providing an example, let's say 5 power = 1% energy.

Let's say Mary Sue is using a lvl 5 Bulbasaur in a battle against Barry Lou using a lvl 10 Squirtle.

Mary Sue would track at the beginning that her Bulba has 100% Health, and 50% energy, due to her pokemon being level 5 (again, not set in stone, just throwing a number as an example).

Barry Lou also lists 100% health for Squirt, however he gets 80% energy to work with, since Squirt is a higher level.

Mary Sue starts, and Bulba uses Growl. The base Status/Stat move energy is 5%, so at the end of the post she changes the tracking to 100% Health, 45% Energy.

Barry Lou pushes back, having Squirt use Tackle! The base power is 40, so the total energy spent is 8% (40/5). Barry tracks as 100% Health, 72% energy, -1 Att.

Mary Sue has Bulba use his egg move, Magical Leaf! It's super effective! Despite doing more power due to effectiveness, the energy spent is the same. So, for a 60 base power move, Bulba is spending 12% energy. Mary Sue tracks 82% health, 33% energy.

Barry Lou mistakenly has Squirt use Water Gun, not knowing type differences after losing his memories. The move is weakened by the -1 Att and not being very effective, but Squirt exerts just as much effort to perform the move. It's also 40 power, so Barry has to dock another 8%. Barry Lou tracks 65% health, 64% energy.

And so on and so forth.

Pros: Clear, defined tracking that will be unanimous across all players and pokemon. A reference table to assist with determining the amount of energy that will be spent, and adjusting the scale more naturally as pokemon gain levels.

Cons: Another thing to track with the pokemon battle stats. Could be confusing with both a Health percentage and Energy percentage. Doesn't allow as much creative freedom based on the pokemon personality, size, training, etc..

Guidelines based on power/special abilities
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

This system is designed to create a reference to be used, rather than hard-lined tracking. In this case, we would be leaving low level moves alone for the most part, with the continuing expectation that players are realistically managing how many attacks their pokemon can perform before being too worn out to battle. The main focus with this system in in high power and special moves.

Ultimately, these guidelines would be restrictive based on the level of pokemon. The lower level the pokemon, the less likely they will be able to perform a high power move and not become exhausted from it. In this system, there would be clear guidelines on the special exceptions that require a little more hard thought to keep in the realism of how difficult these moves are for the pokemon to perform. It should be assumed that a pokemon who is 'exhausted' can no longer fight until they've had sufficient time to rest. Same as HP, this would be per day and would be assumed to recover overnight and between threads.

Pokemon lower than level 10 will become exhausted after using 1 move with base power over 90. Yes, I said it, 1 move. Under level 10 the pokemon are still adolescents, and therefore not fully grown and capable of performing such strong attacks without greatly exerting themselves. Moves with power under 90 are fair game, but you are asked to keep in mind how tired your pokemon will be after performing those moves as well.

Pokemon levels 10-20 will become exhausted after using 3 moves with base power over 90. So, much more wiggle room once they pass level 10, though keep in mind they are not considered fully grown/matured until level 15. Pokemon in 10-14 range are more likely to be very drained after 2 uses, while those 15 and above are more likely to be able to handle using it 3 times before being exhausted.

Pokemon lower than level 15 cannot use 3 moves in a turn. Ever. Done. Period. End of story. Kthxbye

Pokemon lower than level 30 cannot use 2-3 moves consistently or they will be exhausted. The general guideline to keep is that a pokemon should, at most, use 2-3 moves in one round every OTHER round. The lower the level, the more this is stretching their ability to use multiple moves in quick succession. It should be assumed that status/stat moves would be less difficult to use with an attack, as opposed to multiple attacks at the same time.

Pokemon that repeatedly use the same attack will become exhausted more quickly. There is leniency in this based on the individual's moveset (obviously if the pokemon only has 3 moves, or even, just has 1 move, this would not apply much), however the general practice should be that pokemon are moving and using different attacks and strategy to fight - not just using the same 80 power attack 5 times until the target is dead to make it easier.

Healing abilities can be used, at most, 3-4 times per day. If they are used within quick succession, their effectiveness will be cut. It should be assumed that this recovers with proper rest. Healing attacks (I.E.Drain Punch, etc.) will be even more draining on the pokemon, so keep that in mind when using attacks as it's energy spent on the physical attack as well as channeling the energies to healing themselves.

This is, of course, still a WIP, but these are the kinds of things you would expect if this system is chosen. More may be added, these may be edited/changed, but these should give you a good idea of the direction we would take this.

Pros: Not another percentage/number to track. Allows a bit more creative freedom with using moves, with some restrictions. Helps to better define expectations in battling with younger/older pokemon.

Cons: Keeping track of what moves you used in a battle, and what kinds that are. Tracking the power of the known moves, and factoring that into constructing realism in the battle scenario.

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