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 Winter Festival, aka white elephant event
 Posted: Dec 1 2017, 07:20 PM


white elephant!


Everyone always feels the need to come together and celebrate at this time of year, when the temperatures run chilly and the snow begins to fall, though nobody is really sure why the early-mid winter brings out the holly jolly, charitable spirits in so many folk, particularly immigrants. Still, what better way is there to cheer up during the shorter, colder, drearier days than to come together, share warm food and drink and good company, and exchange some kind words and small gifts?

Beta feels the festive pull more than many in Terrene, due to the fact that he still has some memories of the old world. One memory in particular has inspired him to set up an event not dissimilar to Ashfield's Anniversary Fair (and no, this is totally not about him defending his ego and his opinion that Crater is totally better than Ashfield at everything, definitely not). His event is focused less on vendors and more on good food, good company, and gift giving.

This festival is only one day long, and it takes place north of the city, between the city walls and the bay. There are lots of food and drink stands, with many giving away free samples to enjoy if you don't want to splurge on a full meal. Smoked Tepig, grilled Mareep, glazed Torchic, roasted Tamato berries, baked Iapapa with herbs, Pecha pies... they're pulling out all the stops for a truly gourmet event.

At the end of the day, they're doing a fun little gift giving event, a tradition pulled from Beta's jumbled memories: a white elephant gift exchange!

IC-ly, this is taking place mid-winter.

OOC Info & How to Play

Just as in the Anniversary Fair, travel to Crater City is free for this event. Also like the Anniversary thread, your event threads can be posted in the forum. Unlike the Anniversary Fair, it's socials only, no devs! This event is focused on socialization. Also like the Anniversary Fair, the token gain is slightly reduced: 50 token base, +15 for each additional character in the thread.

To take part in the white elephant portion of the event, simply post in the mod request stating which item your character is bringing to the exchange. It must be an item currently in their inventory, or an item they can afford to buy at base value (if purchasing a gift for the event, I will complete the transaction immediately when I see your post). Only items at or exceeding $100 value will be accepted; so don't come with a berry, unless you want to submit 10 berries as your item (yes, multiple items can be submitted as one gift).

The white elephant thread is where the exchange will actually be happening- it will basically be one huge social thread, though socialization will be a bit limited since they will all be sitting/standing around in a circle passing gifts back and forth to each other. The passing will be done in rounds- at the end of each round, the NPC leading the exchange will give directions- "pass your gift three people to the left," or something similar. The admins will be keeping track, OOC, of which character has which gift- they will all be identically wrapped so that no one knows which gift is in which person's hands. Additionally, at the end of each round, one random character will get to open the gift they are holding. From then on, everyone will know where that particular gift is. Your character can leave the exchange early, if they like, taking with them whatever gift they are currently holding. Late-comers are also always welcome to join the exchange.

There will be six rounds: round one ends on Dec 15th, round two ends on Dec 29th, round three ends on Jan 12th, round four ends on Jan 26th, round five ends on Feb 9th, round six ends on Feb 23rd. You do not have to post each round if you don't wish to, since the interactions are so simple, but I do recommend posting to keep it a bit more cheery and fun.

To determine how many shifts the gifts will take and which direction they will shift in, it's partially determined by RNG and partially determined by you guys! Below is a list of holiday-themed words; we encourage you to use them in your posts, both in the gift exchange thread and in your other social threads. At the end of each round, RNG will be used to pick a word, and the number of times that word was used since the end of the previous round will be the number of times the presents get passed. Direction will be determined by how many times the word was used as well: if it was used an odd number of times, the gifts are passed left. If it was used an even number of times, the gifts are passed right.

In addition to the main game, there will be prizes based on who participates the most- meaning, for which character interacts with the most other characters. An interaction has to be more than just "hey, hello" in order to count. There are no specific word count limits or anything that has to be met to qualify as an official interaction, but use your best judgment. If an interaction goes back and forth for three or four total posts, you're probably good, especially if your posts are longer. If there is a tie, the tie will be broken by word count. For example, say that Bob and Sue are tied for first place, both having interacted with 14 other characters. Say Bob's total word count is 6k while Sue's 4.5k; Bob would win first place while Sue would take second.

There is also a participation prize for whoever uses the most holiday words from our list!

As a side-note: If multiple characters have more than one gift that they'd like to put in a gift exchange, you can set up a smaller white elephant exchange, and either run it yourself or have an admin run that one, as well. If there are other small games that you would like to set up for our characters to participate in, feel free to set up a game yourself or suggest it to an admin. As long as the game it based around socialization and/or holiday fun, everything is welcome!

List of Holiday words

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Note: words that include one of these words but add a suffix (for example, Cheer -> Cheerful, Cheery; Joy -> Joyful, Joyous), do count!

1. Angel, Star, White
2. Belief, Believe, Faith
3. Bell, Jingle, Carol
4. Cheer, Merry, Jolly, Joy
5. Comfort, Peace, Tidings
6. Miracle, Miraculous
7. Naughty, Nice

List of Characters & Submitted Gifts

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
1. Anonymous NPC ❄ x1 Ice Honey
2. Anonymous NPC ❄ x1 Skill Patch
3. Shadow ❄ x1-use TM Struggle Bug
4. Ri ❄ x1 Heal Powder
5. Cecelia ❄ x1 Lure Ball
6. Cynth ❄ x2 Moon Ball
7. Cynthia ❄ x1 Focus Sash
8. Ten ❄ x1 Potion x1 Wepear
9. Anonymous NPC ❄ x2 Sweet Heart

Participation Prizes

First Place ❄ their choice between the extra items
Second Place ❄ the second extra item
Most Holiday Spirit ❄ x1 item of choice valued $125 or less

 Posted: Mar 19 2018, 09:18 PM


Participation winners!

For the participation prizes given to the characters who interacted with the most other characters, first place goes to... Ri! Second place goes to... Cynth! This means, Kira gets to choose one of the three extra prizes from the white elephant gift exchange for Ri to have, and Jani will get to choose one of the two prizes that Kira does not choose.

The choices are: x1 Focus Sash, x1 Heal Powder, x1 Lure Ball.

@kira @Jani
[Kira has claimed x1 Lure Ball for Ri!]

For the participation prize given to the player who uses the most festive words, the winner is... Rissi! (By a lot.) Rissi's prize is an item of choice valued at 125 tokens or less.


PM me or post in the mod req to claim your prize!

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