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 Open Fields of Snow, [Social - Open]
 Posted: Dec 14 2017, 09:44 PM


Blue loved festivals. Although she had only been to one, she adored them and jumped to her feet at the mention of another. For now, the fest seemed rather empty. Well, it was rather early in the day and the event had only just begun. For now, the girl was just a walking zoo. Mary the houndour and Sasha the mareep were walking by her side, the two chatting casually. The mutt winced as the sheep suddenly howled in laughter. This caused the stunky in her arms to start squirming along with the durant in her backpack. Blue sighed and continued walking.

After Pyro had stopped squirming about and Mary with whimpering, Blue began to take in the scenery. She never saw any snow in Oasis, and felt quite at home with the white flakes. Each step she took made a mark in the dirt, accompanying her pokemon's trail. Pyro stuck out his tongue to catch the snowflakes, but his naturally hot breath melted them before he could snap at them. The skunky began to cry quietly and Blue sighed in guilt.

The girl suddenly broke off from the houndour and mareep duo to run towards a large pile of snow. Forcing herself not to jump in, Blue paused and crouched down. She smiled and set down the pokemon in her arms. Pyro pawed at the snow and suddenly squealed in happiness. The stunky jumped about in the snow, the white flakes sticking to his fur. Blue laughed and fell into the snow as well. She sat down with legs crossed and zipped up her jacket to stay warm, since the cold was now bothering her. She also put up her hood.

The nearby mareep seemed to sigh and mutter something to Mary, in which the dog gave a confused look. The fire mutt then turned and sat down in the snow as well. Blue watched blankly as Sasha sighed and began walking over to them. Once the pokemon noticed another entity that wasn't her team, Sasha began to growl in greeting to any newcomers.

((Baby post: 5. Happy birthday baby, you're now level 2.

 Posted: Dec 15 2017, 01:12 PM


Alfonse wasn't exactly sure what to think of festivals. It sure looked like that Rune was enjoying herself, what with the little skiddo bouncing enthusiastically from place to place and sticking her nose into places where it didn't belong. Every time she decided something looked good enough to eat, Alfonse had to gently pull her back from it. It didn't help that Rune was naturally cheerful and rather friendly.

A small smile twitched at the golden-haired man's face as the skiddo stuck her face in a patch of snow, leafy tail wagging enthusiastically. Leaning down, he gently pulled up her head and rubbed the fur between her black eyes with a quietly content smile. "I don't want you to get sick, luv," he murmured, earning a look of incomprehension from the little female. Suddenly, her face screwed up, causing him to lean in with concern flashing across his face.

Was she going to be sick?

Rune couldn't help but feel a little amused as the human companion leaned in to watch her in concern. With a distinctly amused sound, she let loose a rather explosive series of sneezes from sticking her head in the snow.

"Ahh! Gross, Rune!" he sputtered, stumbling away from the skiddo and standing up quickly. Wiping his face free of the goat snot, he couldn't help but let loose a quiet laugh. Once more, he wiped his sleeve across his face. However this time, he was observing the surroundings around him with avid curiosity. Crater was a lot different from Ashfield.

Where there would be mainly mud, clay, and wood houses, it seemed as if this new city was carved out of the mountainside itself. Stone buildings were everywhere, but there seemed to be a certain lackluster of wood and mud. Great Death, where were the colors?

His attention was drawn back to Rune when she bolted off, this time off towards what looked like an incredibly fluffy sheep and a dark-colored dog. Nearby, a young girl with chin-length dark hair sat in the snow, looking perfectly content in a dark blue coat with a skunk and a durant playing in the snow next to her.

"((Hi!~))" Rune bleated enthusiastically, tripping over thin air and landing face down in the snow. Alarmed, Alfonse bent down to help her up, but she merely got up and shook off the fall with all the air of someone who was used to it.

 Posted: Dec 20 2017, 05:46 PM


Sasha not so subtly glared in hostility and confusion as the goat slapped into the snow and seemed perfectly content with it. The mareep glanced over at her human, who was merely smiling at the tiny goat as it was prancing about. Sasha then turned to Mary in confusion as pointed her head to the skiddo with a jerk of her head. Mary didn't seem confused, only slightly uncomfortable.

Sasha sighed as the skiddo started to talk, the voice sounding like a loud bell. "(Uh... Hi.)" Her hostility was now faded, and the sheep just now felt awkward. The mareep finally decided to ignore the awkward human who tried to help the skiddo and made her way towards her own human in the snow.

Blue simply watched in delight as the two approached, chuckling slightly at the antics.She softly blew the fur on her hood away and she stared blankly at the stranger. Pyro leapt around in glee, crashing into the duo of Mary and Sasha. Blue snorted as the sheep smile and pat the stunky. It was weird, seeing the sheep so calm with Pyro despite his rowdy behavior.

The human focused her attention on the strangers now. The man was taller than her, not like that was a big accomplishment, and had long blonde hair. The color intrigued her. It reminded her of the Sun. "Hello, sir." Blue greeted, her smile showing no sign of fading.

Pyro started kicking around some snow, some of the lumps smacking themselves at Blue. However, the girl seemed unfazed by the stunky and even chuckled a little at it. She picked up the stunky to stop him from kicking any on the newcomers and she held him in her arms. "So how are today, good sir? I like your goat."


 Posted: Mar 19 2018, 08:53 PM


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I'm sad this didn't get off the ground, I would have loved reading the interactions between all these!

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