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Apr 9 2018, 05:18 AM
Ri figured this business venture was... Much more reasonable than her last attempt to procure something. This time, she was planning for travel. She wasn't ready to leave the mountains quite yet, but when she was? She was going straight down to Oasis, and for that she figured... She should probably purchase some more supplies. So, while leaving her pokemon behind in her tent, she went off to find someone who looked like they were selling. As soon as she spotted one, she walked up to them and waved with a civil smile. "Hello, I'm looking to buy some supply packs?"
Apr 8 2018, 06:59 PM
He wasn't sure exactly what to do next. He wondered if he was alone. Well, not alone alone. He understood that there were pokemon around, though he wondered if there were more humans? "Could there be...?" He mused out loud. He was walking along, looking around the forest, trying to see signs of... Well... Anything, honestly! It was lovely being in nature and all, but he wasn't sure what he would do if this forest went on forever and ever! "What would I do about food?" He asked out loud. "Well, I suppose I could... Attempt to live off the land, but I think I'd have some problems living off of berries..." He shook his head. Hunting was definitely out of the question, and... Er... He wasn't sure why, but while he knew there could be some edible plants... When he tried to reach for what they'd be or what they'd look like... It seemed to be like trying to capture smoke in his hands. The wisps of memory evaded his grasp, and flew away. It was a little frustrating in all honesty!

He groaned, putting his face in his hands, and pulled his hands down. "Some civilization would be nice!" He yelled perhaps a little too loudly. Not that he particularly cared, since he was in the middle of a forest, and he... He.... No wait, ahaha.... That kind of sadism and cruelty shown by that... Psychic was probably a one in a million chance, right? The forest was probably way safer than that encounter suggested, right? "It'll be fine, everything's fine. I've got a trustworthy face, so I can say I trust m'self when I say it'll all be fine, right?" He wondered why his words sounded so fake and forced. Well... No. They sounded fine, they felt fake and forced. Why was it so easy to say things he didn't feel deep down to his heart?

Suddenly, it occurred to him and he looked behind him to the small, blue mouse who was following him around. He frowned at the rodent who seemed to be dragging his tail behind him, clearly still deeply disturbed from the earlier encounter. He facepalmed. "Stupid, stupid... Of course he's still upset. Who isn't upset from that sort of thing?" Then he finally lifted his face again. "Why are you following me?" He asked. While the mouse seemed to look up, there didn't seem to be much recognition.... Seems like the mouse didn't understand a lick of English. Well, that was a little problematic, but... Well... Mostly because he didn't understand why the mouse wasn't leaving. He didn't seem particularly interested in his company, so it didn't quite make enough sense.

He returned his eyes to the path ahead... Though, it wasn't much of a path and more like a general direction he'd chosen to go in. As he walked, he thought about why the mouse was still around. "Is there something I have that he wants? Perhaps he doesn't want to be alone? Maybe he just happens to be going in this direction?" He wondered out loud.

After walking, walking, and more walking, he began to squint his eyes as he thought he saw something ahead. As he drew closer, he broke into a wide grin. He suddenly broke into a run, heading forward. He didn't see, but behind him the blue mouse flinched badly. Then the mouse hastily used his spherical tall to bounce along, faster than his walking speed to catch up with the human.

When he reached his destination, he stopped to catch his breath with a wild grin on his face. He leaned against a building. That was the important bit. A building! Civilization! So there were more people around! He was feeling ecstatic, and joy and excitement filled him up, and he almost forgot about the little blue pokemon following him around. Looking behind him, he saw the mouse struggling to bounce along fast enough to catch up.

"You really want to stick around, don't you?" He asked. Or maybe he had an obligation... Or maybe he was stressing out and worrying over nothing. When the blue pokemon finally caught up, he crouched down and offered out his arms.

"Hey, I could carry you? All that bouncing seems exhausting. Could work out nicely for both of us, yeah?" He asked, quirking his eyebrows to punctuate his final statement. The mouse seemed to hesitate for a moment, before backing off as a sign of refusal. He sighed, and rose back to his full height, scratching behind his neck before ruffling his hair.

It was worth a try. Shame it didn't quite pan out. He figured it'd be nice to be friends with the mouse pokemon, since he was following him around... But it did seem like the want to be with him was... Tentative at best, or it really was an obligation, judging by the total lack of trust.
Apr 1 2018, 07:46 AM
Flash scratched behind his neck. Here he was out in the forest, all on a favor for Minnow. Damn, if she wasn't both family and his best friend, he'd be thinking twice of going out here like this. Maybe ask one of his siblings to go out and do her errands instead. He was the one out of his siblings without a pokemon, even if he thought he could handle himself. Especially since Ice made Flash take his knife before he left... Flash didn't exactly have a knife of his own, so whenever he had to go into the forest for whatever reason, at least someone made sure to shove a knife into his hand.

Sometimes it was a sibling. Sometimes it was a cousin. Sometimes it was a parent.

Minnow had asked him to collect some berries she and Icy were running low on, and she couldn't go herself because she had to help run the store today. Thus, she shoved a basket into Flash's hands and made him go out and get the berries instead. He sighed. He wasn't as good as finding these sorts of things as Minnow was, considering how she was sort of trained for it by Icy. So, Flash wasn't having much luck. He'd found some... Exactly four berries after searching out here for.... Well... Hours at least.

Sighing, Flash decided to sit down. He lay down the fruit basket, and leaned back against a tree. Maybe part of his lack of luck was that the seasonal cycle had only recently turned to Spring... Maybe the forest needed a little more time. Regardless, this was a time for a break. Hopefully without getting mauled and having to explain even more scars to his family.....

And having Minnow practically bite his head off.
Mar 24 2018, 09:16 PM
[dohtml]<link href="http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<style type="text/css">
.simpapplication { width: 500px; padding: 15px; background-color: #1a1a1a; border: 1px solid #0e0e0e; font-family: arial; color: #ccc; line-height: 100%; font-size: 11px; text-align: justify; }
.simpappname { font-family: oswald; text-transform: uppercase; color: #ccc; letter-spacing: 2px; font-size: 30px; line-height: 100%; padding: 2px 0px; text-align: center; }
.simpappinfo { font-family: times; font-style: italic; color: #ccc; font-size: 12px; text-transform: lowercase; letter-spacing: 1px; text-align: center; line-height: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px; }
.simpappsw { font-family: arial; color: #ccc; line-height: 100%; font-size: 11px; }
.simpappdesc { font-family: oswald; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 3px; font-size: 10px; text-align: center; box-shadow: 1px 1px 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.44) inset; color: #A5A5A5; background-color: #292929; padding: 5px; margin: 5px 0px; line-height: 100%; }
.tcred { text-transform: uppercase; text-align: right; width: 460px; }
.tcred a {font-family: calibri; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; }
<div class="simpapplication">

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/XkX6d7m.jpg?1">

<div class="simpappname">FLASH RAIN</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">22 - MALE - BISEXUAL</div>

<div class="simpappdesc">Appearance</div>
Flash is a man slightly taller than the average, being six feet tall with no additional inches. He has a head full of straight blond hair, with his bangs swept to the side, often tucking some extra hair behind his ears. His hair reaches half-way down to his shoulders, and his haircut seems a bit choppy due to being cut with a knife. His skin is pale, only tanning in the Summer, before seemingly going straight back to his pale skin the minute Fall hits. His eyes are a light brown. Sadly, Flash has not gone through his life unmarred. From various accidents and conflicts, he has scars around his mouth, stretching down to his neck. As well, he has horizontal scars seemingly crisscrossing over the vertical ones started at his mouth. He has slashed scars on his back and on the sides of his stomach. The last of his scars are on the inside of his right forearm. <p>
However, most of these scars aside from the ones around his mouth and on his neck are not visible due to his clothes. He wears a long-sleeved brown shirt, with a dark gray long-sleeved jacket over the shirt. The jacket is always open down the middle, mostly due to a complete lack ability to close it. His pants are a similar color to his jacket, though slightly darker. He tends to carry a bag as well, slung over his shoulder and brown in color. Mostly used to hold his day to day belongings, as he lacks pockets on his normal clothes. His footwear is nothing particularly special, being a pair of simple shoes that seem a little worn due to heavy use over an extensive period of time.

<div class="simpappdesc">Personality</div>
Flash doesn't shy away from social interaction, while he may not be necessarily searching to make friends with every cat he meets. He believes in being civil with allies, even when you may find yourself disagreeing. He does his best to be cordial in return, as people should be unified and not divided by anything. As a result, however, he does not enjoy sarcasm or backtalk all that much, viewing it to be rather disrespectful.<p>

While Flash's beliefs about being civil are nice and all... He doesn't always do well in sticking to them. He feels strongly about his beliefs, and will defend them without hesitation. He is not one to typically to sugarcoat or hold back in terms of his words, often stating his mind. While he is not entirely without restraint, he could easily find himself in trouble for being a bit too aggressive in defending his values.

Flash finds things to protect, and then he clings to them and will become aggressive in defense of them. He is not the type to willingly compromise whom he may be protecting for any reason, not fond of the idea of sacrificing anyone for the greater good. Threatening what he loves is a surefire to incite his temper and move him towards violence.

Flash's stubbornness and reluctance to compromise is woven into the other parts of his personality. He dislikes compromising his values, the safety of what he cares about, and he can get irritated when he believes someone is blocking his way. He has some troubles recognizing that perhaps he should be looking more after himself, often claiming that serious injuries are not as bad as they seem. He stubbornly downplays his own hurt, while he forcefully shifts the focus off himself.<p>

Flash is not fond of sitting around with idle paws. He recognizes the value of a well thought out plan, however simply sitting by and waiting for something to develop is not something he can stand. If something can be done, he believes that action should be taken as soon as possible. If no one else seems willing to do anything, he will not hesitate to take charge. Even if he stands alone, he'll likely go on anyways.

<div class="simpappdesc">History</div>
Flash was born in Forest Beach Village, the firstborn of Hail Rain and Bright Rain. Two years later, the twins Ice and Frost were born. A year after that, Adder was born. Then another year after that, his final sibling was born, named Lightning. By the time Flash was four, he had four younger siblings he was the oldest of. From the beginning, he was very invested in helping caring for and teaching his younger siblings, often begging his parents to let him help with just about anything he could feasibly help with. <p>

Though Flash was incredibly close to his immediate family, his family often spent time with his extended family as well. His aunt and uncle Gull Dove and Ivy Dove often brought over their daughters Minnow and Ash. Flash found Ash to be pleasant, though he did not particularly like Minnow. Minnow had a penchant for disrespect, despite often reprimands from both her parents and Flash's parents. It often grated Flash's nerves, and the two cousins tended to butt heads. Ironically, Flash and Minnow were the closest, instead of Flash and his siblings, or Minnow and her sister. <p>

Flash's parents were the more responsible sort, and thus didn't allow Flash or any of his siblings outside Forest Beach Village. To doubly make sure that they didn't get into any trouble, a pair of family friends were often asked to watch them. Both of Flash's parents worked as hunters, and tended to be out of the village to bring in meat. Thus, Briar and Icy Pool watched over Flash, Minnow, and their collective siblings. Despite Minnow's sharp tongue, she typically shared in Flash's responsibility. Well, they both had a slight achilles heel in having a hard time applying protective tendencies inwardly. Combined, they always talked Ice down from trying to sneak out. Ice was the only mischievous and potential rule-breaker of the group. While Frost and Lightning could be rather curious, they were willing to wait until they were older for satiating their curiosity. Both because they had an inkling of the dangers, and because they didn't want the combined ire of Flash and their parents. <p>

When Flash was fifteen, Briar began taking him under his wing, showing him the ways of fishing as Flash had expressed interest in the idea of fishing from the sea. Though, the rest of his siblings seemed they'd be going for hunting like their parents as they became closer to Flash's age. As Minnow was only slightly younger than Flash by a few months, she was similarly beginning to be put to work. She worked at her parent's shop for a few weeks, before going to be taught by Icy instead. Icy had skill in the ways of healing, for both humans and pokemon, as both tended to get injured either way. Flash had urged her to go and work with Icy instead, since he knew of her interest in healing from spending much time with her and paying attention to her interests. Despite how often they seemed to bicker, they really did know each other best.<p>

When Flash was seventeen, he received some of his first scars. Ice was impatient while his own teacher, a woman by the name of River Mist, was seemingly too slow in teaching him the ways of hunting. Convinced that it would be easy, Flash's cocky younger brother was planning of going into the forest at night to prove his own competence and innate talent. Distinctly worried, Flash managed to recruit Minnow, and the two went after Ice on their own. Though, Flash had been sure to steal a knife from his house before heading in, seeing as they both lacked their own pokemon. Minnow had accepted an extra spear that Flash had thought to give her. They went into the forest to find just about what they expected. Ice had pissed off a pair of bird pokemon, while ineffectively trying to hunt them. Ice was trying to use a bow and arrow, however was mostly managing to injure himself from his own lack of knowledge on how to handle a bow. Still, these birds were aggressive. Flash and Minnow intervened, but they found themselves suffering difficulties as well. Neither of them were trained in hunting, though they did have a slight edge. Their parents had at least taught them some weaponry use, just in case. Minnow ended up receiving deep slashing marks on her mouth, while Flash's forearm and back were subjected to the bird pokemon's sharp talons. They did manage to drive the birds away, and were able to escape with Ice back to the village.<p>

Ice was treated to a scolding that merited more screaming in Minnow's opinion, but Flash thought that Ice learned his lesson. His haunted face at seeing the fact that he'd gotten Minnow and Flash wounded, blood dripping seemed to traumatize him enough to let the lesson sink in. Indeed, Ice seemed to lose some of his cocky and adventurous spirit. Not all of it, but enough that it didn't look like he'd go off and create a repeat performance. Both Flash's and Minnow's wounds from the incident ended up scarring. Flash stopped wearing short-sleeve clothing, seeing as Ice tended to wince whenever he saw the evidence of that night. Minnow, not interested in wrapping a scarf around her face all the time, didn't do something similar. Though, Flash not-so-subtly tried to obscure Minnow's face from Ice's view often. The ridiculous action eventually seemed to negate Ice's guilt regarding Minnow's scars eventually... Not that Flash noticed, as he continued doing it despite Ice's reassurances he could stop. <p>
Flash received his belly scars the next year when he was eighteen. There was a man visiting from far away, who seemed to take a shine to Minnow... Much to both her's and Flash's dismay. The man seemed to keep showing up at Minnow's workplace with Icy again and again, until she tried to take him down a few notches. She got punched and received a black eye for her troubles. Except that Flash had been there that day, and he punched the man in retaliation and broke his nose. It was then that the man's pokemon came out. A weasel-like creature came out, and according to the man's commands attacked Flash. Fortunately, its claws didn't dig directly into his belly, but Flash would later reflect that he probably almost got killed by this creep's pokemon. By this time, Icy Pool had returned from errands and angrily kicked the man out with force employed by his own pokemon partner, a Croconaw. Flash was treated and came out okay despite it all, though it added another scar to his growing collection. Many of his family and friends called him jeopardy friendly for accumulating more scars than some folks older than him.<p>

Flash would typically be proud to say that the scars he received next were not really his fault. A timid sort of girl came into town next, with a demon and bird in tow. Flash's family and close associates didn't quite hate demons to the extent of many of Terrene's population, but did not tolerate their presence aside for business. Catching one was highly discouraged due to the negative psychological effects, and they considered the family's happiness higher priority. Lightning had seemed to get the bright idea in his head to prove you could be happy around demons. Sadly, this one was a rather skittish and feral poochyena. While the actual owner stood around, welling up with anxiety, Lightning ended up attacked by the Poochyena and Starly owned by the girl, having startled and offended them too much. Flash intervened, and received a double-dosage of talons and claws that very nearly killed him. He passed out at the time, and woke up in Minnow's workplace, his cousin red in the face and with angry tears dripping onto him. Apparently, Ice had arrived onto the scene and more or less confiscated the girl's pokeballs to recall her pokemon forcefully. Then, Flash's family and friends had more or less chased her out of Forest Beach Village angrily. Minnow threatened to maim Flash herself if he so dared to almost get himself killed again. Fortunately, this seemed to be the last of Flash's scars, despite these being the roughest experience. <p>
By the time Flash was twenty two, Minnow had managed to convince Icy to procure a pokemon for her. Minnow had somehow managed to get a Deerling with an eerily similar temperament and personality. Similarly, Frost had been given a Pidove egg, which she managed to hatch with a slightly feisty attitude that seemed to be easily soothed by Frost's own calming aura. After days of arguing and trying to convince his parents, Ice was granted a pokemon as well, in the form of an adorable Eevee... Who seemed rather lazy and unmotivated except for when it seemed to come to food. Adder had an easier time of convincing her parents to catch her a pokemon, receiving an young Ekans they'd found. Similar calm and intelligent minds seemed make them simply click. With mere puppy dog eyes, Flash watched as Lightning convinced his parents to catch him a Blitzle who was filled with energy and a desire to work as he did. The various similarities and differences helped Flash's siblings in taming the feral pokemon, though some had easier times than others. Flash helped some of them, but still remained without a pokemon of his own, despite Minnow's occasional ribbing about it.
<div class="simpappdesc"> KIRA - EST - SHE/HER</div>

<div class="tcred"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1892" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div>
Mar 9 2018, 04:53 PM
((Please spawn a Pidgey for Ri!))

Ri, despite how the last walk out into the mountains had gone for Arashi, was venturing out away again. She needed more time to just walk around, stretch her legs, and have her only company for a while be the pokemon she called friends. Of course.... Her walks tended to be plagued by hostile wild pokemon. Which is fair, she supposed. Since she was wandering out from human settlements, and there were sure to be pokemon who weren't fans of humans. Honestly, she sympathized. Ri wasn't a fan of (most) humans either.

Though... Considering how Venom, while he was strong, seemed to er.... Drag the situation into a fight. Thus, she convinced him to stay back at the tent and watch after Arashi. Ri had decided to simply go out with Sai and Yuki, the quieter and seemingly less... Troublesome members of the group. The redhead supposed she could count as a problem but... She really needed to stretch her legs, alright? Besides, Yuki couldn't leave her basket and Sai... She didn't think Sai was very antagonistic on her own, even if she did follow Venom's lead most of the time.

She was holding up Yuki's basket to her chest, walking along with Sai waddling by her side. "I hope Venom's feelings aren't hurt too badly. He can get kind of sulk-y when things aren't going this way..." She was saying as she walked, rambling about whatever conversational topic seemed to be within reach. For now, it centered around the Seviper left behind. She wasn't sure how much Sai caught, since it seemed like Venom and Sai could... Get the gist of what she wanted most of the time, but didn't actually understand all of the fine details. Which made sense, considering they didn't know English, really.
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