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Apr 10 2018, 09:45 PM
[Trying to get housing prices, materials, and some building done]

The craftspeople in Forest Beach Village were having a particularly busy season. New people were arriving, but the village was also losing housing to a swarm of bug pokemon that had basically taken over a section of the village. Cecilia didn't think she or her pokemon were powerful enough to reclaim that section of the town on their own, so she couldn't help with that just yet. However, she'd managed to accumulate what she thought was a lot of tokens, and she was also the owner of the most valuable material of all. That material was her own strong body, time, and a can-do attitude.

Thus she'd decided that she'd spent enough time encroaching on the hospitality of others, and she ought to at least take the first steps to home ownership. With her pokemon stowed away inside of their pokeballs, Cecilia approached the construction foreman. His crew was currently working on building the house of another resident, but when she saw that he appeared to have a free moment she came over to talk with him.

"Hello sir, my name is Cecilia Clark," she greeted him with a smile and a hand extended in offer to shake. The man looked up from the scroll of writing cloth where he'd been drawing the design for his project. He seemed surprised at first, but then he smiled. He set down his quill and wiped the ink from one hand onto his dirty construction uniform before using that hand to shake Cecilia's.

"I've heard of you. You're that girl with the Mr. Mime. My kids loved your little show. It was really cute the way you trained that monster to juggle like that." The man said. "How can I help you, ma'am?"

Cecilia didn't let her smile falter and she didn't correct the man by telling him her pokemon was no "monster". Instead she got straight down to business. "I was wondering if you might help me. I want to have my own house, but I'm not sure where to start. I have some tokens and some items that I might be able to trade, but I don't even know what materials I'll need or how much. Once I get the materials, I'll still need help building. I'm more than willing to do the work myself, but I've never built anything before and I'll need some guidance."

The foreman considered the woman a moment, crossing his burly arms and tapping one finger as he thought her request over. "Well, what kind of house are you wanting, and where do you want to have it?"

"I just want something small and basic. A place to eat, a place to sleep...doors and windows. I'd like something small, but comfortable. And I don't need it too close to the center of the village. I'd like space to go outside and garden or train my pokemon. I think I'd like it on the outskirts, near the forest." Cecilia said, using her hands as she spoke to point to the side of town she was referring to.

"You know it can be dangerous over there. Pokemon from the forest wander in, and some don't want to leave. Like those pesky bugs. At least you aren't fool enough to want it beside the ocean where it'd be sure to flood or get blown over by a storm."

"I feel pretty confident in my ability to defend my home once I have one, it's the materials and the building that I need help with," she explained.

"Well, what have you got to offer as far as payment?" The foreman asked.

Cecilia had prepared for this, after all the foreman and his workers needed to eat themselves. She knew this purchase would be expensive, but until she knew the full cost she didn't know what she should be aiming for. "I have 675 tokens right now. I'm also willing to work or even gather materials myself if I can just find out what I'll need and how much of everything."
Apr 10 2018, 07:59 PM
Cecilia had her gear prepared before dawn. Her arrows and her bow were neatly arranged so that she could easily reach them at a moment's notice. Her pokeballs were fitted along the belt at her hip, an she wore the most comfortable travel clothes that she had. Like most of her clothes, they were second-hand and not the best fitting. Everything felt just a little too tight, but the blue uniform that she'd worn when she arrived in Terrene stood out too much for today's work. She wanted to blend in, and earthy greens, browns, and beiges were best for that today. She wore some tough leather hunting boots that had been gifted to her by one of her new friends in the village, the same friend who was taking her out today. These were handmade for her, and they fit well. The didn't even pinch.

Since she would be going for subtlety, Cecilia didn't bring out all of her pokemon the way that she often did. Instead the only pokemon she had outside its pokeball was Sweet Pea, her little rowlet. Sweet Pea was growing, but the little owl was still small enough to perch on her shoulder. She was also the most demure of Cecilia's pokemon, though she sometimes seemed to lack confidence in herself. "All right, Sweet Pea. I hope you're ready for a little adventure today," Cecilia whispered softly to the dozing owl pokemon perched on her shoulder as she left Philippa's house.

Cecilia still didn't have a house of her own, but she'd been saving up tokens so that she could buy the supplies she would need and maybe hire some help. Today's journey would be part of that effort too. Cecilia's friend, Thea Milone, waited for her at the edge of the forest. Cecilia had first met Thea when she went to the hunter's lodge to learn how to prepare her first kill as food. Thea was one of the few female hunters in the village, but she kept up with the men easily. She was just as proud, just as skilled, and she told tales twice as tall. Cecilia sought her out a few times after that encounter just to talk, and the two women really got along. When Cecilia asked Thea to give her tips on hunting, the woman happily agreed.

Thea was a few years younger than Cecilia and a few inches shorter. She had long black hair and she was wearing light cotton hunting clothes when Cecilia arrived to meet her. The only ornament the woman seemed to wear was a white flower in her hair. As Cecilia came closer, she could see that this was no ordinary flower. It had a passenger. "Hey Thea, is that a pokemon that you're wearing?" Cecilia asked.

"Sure is! This is my Baby girl! Since we're tracking I thought I'd take her along. She isn't too experienced but she knows how to stay out of the way. If it comes to a fight, she can bring the punishment though. Don't let her looks deceive you." Thea boasted as she reached a finger up to stroke the little flabebe's ear. She had her own bow and gear strapped across her chest and she looked Cecilia over before nodding in approval. "You look ready. Rowlet's a good choice for a hunting trip. They're stealthy, natural predators, and native to this forest. I'm sure she'd do better if it were night, but all sorts of other dangerous beasties come out at night time too. Besides, today I'm focused on training her trainer. We're going to do a little bit of hunting and foraging today. Follow me, try to keep quiet and try not to hurt yourself. Let's see what we can find."

Thea lead the way, and Cecilia followed close behind. She tried to keep her senses open to everything, every new sight, smell, and sound. She wanted to impress Thea by finding a pokemon first or maybe sighting some valuable plant or berry. On her shoulder, Sweet Pea fluffed her feathers and hooted drowsily. The sun was beginning to come up, and she'd rather be sleeping. However, she wanted to impress Cecilia in much the way Cecilia wanted to impress Thea. She knew she was the smallest and the weakest on the team, but she wanted to show that she could be strong and helpful too.
Mar 29 2018, 04:15 AM
Hey guys,

So I hear a lot about people doing nuzlocke runs in the site, so I thought it would be fun to make a thread just to discuss this topic. I want to nuzlocke all the pokemon games eventually, but right now I'm doing a nuzlocke of Leafgreen. I'm playing with the standard rules:

1. Can only catch the first pokemon you meet on each new area, if you fail, too bad.
2. Any pokemon that faints is dead and must either be released or boxed forever.

But I threw in a few others:

3. Name every pokemon a different name.
4. Battle style is Set
5. No legendary capture allowed. Legendaries are for the murdering.

My run also allows duplicates, even if that means I catch nothing but zubat and rattata. I also chose my starter based on my trainer ID card and got super lucky (Bulbasaur I love you!).

My Team so far:

From left to right, Antonio, Orion, Topaz, Scotch, Aqua, and Zeus. We just beat Giovanni in Celadon and we're getting ready to do Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. Three casualties so far, one voltorb and two pidgey (Popcorn, you were supposed to resist razor leaf! Why?).

So, that's enough about my run, I'd like to know about yours. What games are you playing, what rules are you using, how far have you gotten? Share whatever you want about your game, your wins and your losses. I think it's a fun topic and I want to hear about it.
Mar 20 2018, 01:16 AM
[[Training alone]]

[[Hoping to gain some loyalty and exp for all of Cecilia's pokemon. Also hoping to gain some combat exp for Cecilia with her bow.]]

"I'd be happy to assist you, ma'am" the peace officer offered Cecilia as she began inspecting the field. This was exactly what she needed. Here she could practice with her bow without the danger of losing it or breaking it. Her pokemon would certainly benefit from the practice as well. "You know, if you lived here, using the facilities would be free."

"Thank you so much, you've been a great help," Cecilia turned around and thanked him enthusiastically, giving him a big friendly smile. She kept walking towards him, carefully backing him up until he was off the training field. She took out the hundred tokens that she owed for use of the facilities and taking his hand, she pressed a small pouch with the money into his palm. "I know how to train my own pokemon, thank you, but I'm very grateful for the use of the field. I'll try not to take too long and I'll make sure to clean up afterwards. Thank you, goodbye!"

Cecilia wanted him to leave. He was in the way, and he was an unnecessary distraction. Plus, having one of Beta's people assist in training cost extra. She could see how it might be beneficial, but she'd also seen how poor some of the people in his city seemed to be. Cecilia wasn't made of money either, and she was still saving up to afford materials and help to build a house of her own. Even so, she'd have to admit that she wasn't disappointed with what she'd paid for, and it seemed like Beta at least put the money to good use building homes and strong walls to protect his citizens.

This place had targets and practice dummies, everything she needed in order to hone her accuracy. Judging by her last big fight, she badly needed to work on her accuracy. Once she had the peace officer safely paid and out of the way, she set up a few dummies She made sure they were at different distances and angles. Then Cecilia took out her bow and took aim.

Cecillia spent the first part of her time training alone. The truth was, she was a little embarrassed about how she struggled, and she worried that her pokemon might respect her less if they saw how poorly she performed with her own weapon. After firing a few arrows, she began to wonder if paying the extra for professional help wouldn't have been a good idea. She tried to remember how she'd seen the hunters in Forest Beach Village fire their bows. She tried to remember their stance and their finger positions.

Cecilia took a deep breath and drew, using her back muscles and not so much her arms. She drew back until her string hand was right under her chin and the string itself was so near her face that she could kiss it. She looked down the shaft of her arrow and tried to align it with one of the targets. She exhaled and relaxed, allowing her drawing fingers to slip backwards as she maintained her posture. Her arrow flew free and loose...and HIT! A bulls-eye!

Cecilia let out a little whoot of victory for herself and continued practicing a bit more. She found that as long as she stayed calm and mindful, she could normally at least hit the target. Every shot wasn't perfect, but at least her arrows weren't zooming crazily off into the distance like they had in the past. Satisfied that she wouldn't make a complete fool of herself, Cecilia collected her arrows and brought out her pokeballs.

She released each of her pokemon, and as the flashes of light faded, a gligar and a mr. mime could be seen standing on the field. There was Grape and there was Sugar, but Sweet Pea hadn't been captured in a pokeball yet. Cecilia went over to her pack where she'd left it open and reached inside. She pulled out a sleepy little rowlet. "Sweet Pea, wake up girl. It's time for training."

Cecilia gave the snoring rowlet a gentle pat on her back, and the pokemon woke up in a flutter of panicked feathers. Sweet Pea instinctively took to the air and saw her trainer looking up at her with the other pokemon waiting nearby. "We're training Sweet Pea," Cecilia said again. "Come on girl, come and listen with the others." Cecilia pointed to where Grape and Sugar were waiting, and the rowlet got the point. She fluttered down and landed beside Grape, giving the gligar an affectionate nibble with her beak on one of his big claws.
Mar 19 2018, 07:45 PM
I have two characters to potentially plot with, but my one that needs the most help is going to be Soren Kolton. He hasn't met you yet, but trust me, he wants to be your friend. This little guy is a branded farm worker in Crater City, and he loves to be loved. He enjoys learning, exploring, and getting into other people's business. He's currently doing his starter, but I'll update this post with his pokemon team.

Soren is interested in participating with others on:
  • Adventures
  • Quests
  • Development/Training
  • Socials

Soren is available for friendship, but likely not for courtship. He's just too young to be interested just yet. He's a very loyal and very cuddly friend, however.
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