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 Mounts! yay, I love mounts
 Posted: May 26 2018, 03:58 PM


Ok, so I think the idea of having mounts was genius. It makes sense, and... it's just cool!

However, there's some stuff that I think doesn't make sense.

Okay, let's start with land mounts.
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

I think Nidoking and Nidoqueen should be land mounts. They definitely seem big enough to ride, and powerful enough to hold a person. I guess they might need a saddle, since they're poisonous, but that's the only real issue I see there.

Onix and it's evos definitely big enough to be a land mount. However, they're also definitely big enough to pose some problems. Let me know what you think of this.

I think Rhyperior and maybe Rhydon should be land mounts. Size isn't an issue, and though they will need a saddle, I think it's realistic, especially if Tyrantrum is allowed to be a mount.

If we allow Kangaskhan to be a mount, we can ride in its pouch. Enough said.

(Mega) Heracross certainly fits the size requirements, but there would be a problem with where a rider would sit. A saddle might help with this, though.

Though it's kind of cutting it close, I think Mightyena may be big enough to consider for a mount.

I see very little reason why Metagross shouldn't be a mount. Mega Metagross, maybe not.

Torterra... is slow, but besides that, I think it could be a mount. Besides, Avalugg and Camerupt are mounts, so why not?

Luxray: see Mightyena

Bastiodon: see Torterra

Emboar should be a mount!
...but seriously, if we can ride Camerupt, why not?

Stoutland: see Pokemon (ultra) Sun and Moon

Haxorus seems like it would make sense to ride, but if it seems too aggressive or something, I get it. (same with Garchomp, Druddigon, Barbaracle and Kommo-o)

Beartic: pretty much Ursaring, so...

Golurk: is freaking enormous.

Furfrou: see Luxray

Now, surfing mounts! :)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

This is significantly shorter, lol

Kingdra would look really cool and also makes sense. I can understand if it needs a saddle, but I think it would work fine without one as well.

Seaking is ENORMOUS. Seriously. Look it up.

I think Quagsire is big enough and makes sense.

...ok, hear me out on this one, okay? I know Armaldo doesn't look like it would be that good of a swimmer, but it's based off of aquatic bugs, and it's ability is Swift Swim...

Beartic: has Swift Swim, is big enough.

and now, fliers!

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

I want to sit in a Pelipper's mouth. (Or on it's back, if you're boring like that.)

Archeops is definitely big enough, so why not?

Gliscor: see Archeops

Talonflame: see Archeops

Mandibuzz: see Archeops

And the best for last:
Golurk can learn fly, and in the anime, we see that it can, too, with people riding it. You may reply, "that makes no sense! Also, that would look idiotic!"

 Posted: May 30 2018, 05:52 PM


Yo I wish I had saved the discussion where my old staff and I discussed the Pokemon that were good for Mounts. we had pages of discussion before we finally arrived at our decisions.

But given that I don't have that anymore, I'll see what I can say here based on memory alone. xD

Land Mounts:

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Nidoking/Nidoqueen: They walk too upright, and don't looks as though their body could realistically move like a quadruped- and I'm not into the princess carry thing like they did with Machamp in Alola games, because a) it's weird to me and b) that's just not practical. Plus I think the whole "covered in poisonous spines" thing is a big deal. Your leg slips? You're poisoned and maybe dead. And there's nowhere to hold onto or to rest your arms that also wouldn't be poisonous. They're also lighter than you'd think- the average adult person is at least as heavy as them, if not heavier. So maybe we should be carrying them around ;)

Onix/Steelix: Definitely too big to be practical.

Rhyperior: Too upright. By comparison, Tyrantrum has a much more forward-leaning posture.

Tyrantrum: ...But now that I'm thinking about it, Tyrantrum might not be practical despite its more forward-leaning stance. I'll discuss with Kaien & Rixie and see what they think.

Kangaskhan: That's weird, yo. But also, adult Kangaskhan weight about the same as adult humans. Meaning their babies, who their pouches are designed to hold, weight much less than adult humans. Meaning their pouch probably isn't designed to hold that much weight and the pouch would tear and... yeah.

Mega Heracross: Yeah, I don't... see anywhere to put a saddle. Too upright. Plus they weigh slightly less than the average human. Not hefty enough!

Mightyena: Too short, too light.

Metagross: I'm... not sure how wide you think a Metagross's head is. And how would you hold on? I guess someone could stand on its head and hope for the best.

Torterra: It's shell is very rounded, so in order to be a practical long-distance mount, it would need a special saddle. Beyond that, I'm not sure why we might have discounted it, so I will add it to the list for the staff to discuss it again.

Luxray: Too light.

Bastiodon: Have you seen that thing's back? It would tear up any saddle you tried to put on it. Not practical.

Emboar: Too upright.

Stoutland: Don't trust Pokemon to employ logic in these things. It's right on the fence for height requirements, but is still too light.

Haxorus: I'll group this with Tyrantrum and discuss with staff.

Beartic: This is already on the list.

Golurk: Too upright. And I'm still not into princess carries, though with a mechanical Pokemon like this I imagine the arm fatigue problem might not actually be a problem. Maybe I'll consider this again when someone actually gets a Golurk. But still. Ugh. Princess carries.

Furfrou: waaaayyyy too light. Anyone over 70 or 80 lbs would crush it.

Surfing Mounts:

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Kingdra: I don't see how a Kingdra could swim along the surface of the water, and especially not high enough out of the water to keep their human out of the water.

Seaking: It is huge by goldfish standards. xD But at its weight, I don't think it's strong enough to hold a human up. Plus, it's very rounded, and I don't think it'd be practical to make a saddle that could work around that.

Armaldo: I don't think that Armaldo could swim in such a way to keep their human above water. Also, it seems like it would be difficult to design a saddle for.

Quagsire: I think we nixed this because of it's lore. "Its outer layer of skin is slimy and slippery." and "Quagsire is carefree and sluggish by nature. An unintelligent Pokémon, it tends to bump its head inadvertently while swimming and seems not to care."

Beartic: A bear can swim, but is not built for swimming long-distances, especially not with a rider that it has to keep mostly above the water.

Flying Mounts:

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Pelipper: Too light, I think.

Archeops: I think it's too light. And look at how frail it looks...

Gliscor: Gliscor glides more than flies.

Talonflame: Too smol/light.

Mandibuzz: I think it's right on the line of being too small and light, so we opted for no.

Golurk: See my answer for Golurk as a land mount.

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