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 Branding questions
 Posted: Jan 30 2018, 10:59 AM


1. Are children branded?
2. What about children of branded people?

3. Who does the branding?
Peace officers, deacons, sometimes bishops.

What if people got mad about being branded and took it out on the nobles children? =X?!
4. Would they ever do that (rise up and disobey in such a manner)?
5. If they managed to brand an upper class citizen, or one of their children, what would be the consequences?
6. Are the branded allowed to leave Crater freely?
I’ve heard they are given housing and food, so I can understand why they might not want to even if it’s allowed.

 Posted: Jan 30 2018, 12:45 PM


Oooh! I want to add a couple questions to this!

If an Immigrant gets sent through to Crater do we have to allow them to be branded?
I've read all immigrants who end up there get branded but what if, ICly, my character isn't the type to just let that happen? Could he/she fight back or simply run?

What about visitors to Crater? Are they just sort of given a free pass and are left alone?

If these are answered somewhere and I just managed to overlook the info I apologize, lol.

 Posted: Jan 30 2018, 01:32 PM


Replying on phone, so bear with me if... Yeah.

Some of these are answered in the FAQ I think? But I'm not sure which ones so I'll just answer all of them here.

Chuldren that come through are branded, if they look to be above a certain age. I believe the age is somewhere 10-13? Basically if they look old enough to have a legitimate job, they are branded when they come through. If not, their fate depends on who takes them in, probably. If they join a branded family (which would be the most likely scenario I assume) then they will be branded when they come of age. If they are taken in by a family higher in the hierarchy, then it will depend on the family's wishes.

Children of Branded are branded when they come of age, old enough to have a job and work and start to become productive members of society.

Who does branding? As stated above, usually deacons, often peace officers, occasionally bishops.

As far as rebellion, I suppose it... Could happen? I think it would be unlikely, though. First of all, since they are paid mostly in housing, food, water, clothes, and other necessities, they don't have money to barter with to get things like weapons, or Pokemon. They could still make/catch such things themselves, of course, but the obtaining of them would be more difficult. Once they have a Pokemon, they are allowed and encouraged to train that Pokemon, however, so that could help level the playing field at least a little. But those within the hierarchy, especially the higher up you go, have more access to just about everything. And Beta makes it a part of the duties of the higher ranking people to train, both physically themselves and their Pokemon. But perhaps if the Bishop or whoever was caught alone and off guard...?

Consequences would include prison, banishment, or potentially death depending on the severity of the assault.

The branded are allowed to leave, yes. It's the prep for the travel that would be difficult as again, not typically paid in many tokens. And they are provided "free" housing, food, etc etc so yeah, I imagine most of them don't really want to leave, especially since Beta and his people are always talking about the horror stories of what happens outside the city.

In most cases you are allowed some influence over where your character ends up, so if you do not want your character to get branded, I recommend choosing a different city. Ashfield and Forest Beach are the safest.

If they are pulled through there and you don't want them branded, you have a couple options. You could lay low for a while, hide, fall off the radar so they don't know out we're just pulled through. Problem with this is, why would your character know to hide? You could also try to fight, but as stated above, you're an amnesiac with no weapons and a level 5 starter who probably doesn't like you much, against trained officers with multiple experienced pokemon. Running and hiding would be the best option, and buying supply packs quickly so that you can travel to Ashfield or Forest.

Visitors to Crater are left alone. It's only new immigrants that are pulled into Crater that are Branded, as it's the general idea that Arceus (or other legendary) is giving them more workers to help build and protect their city.

Hopefully that answers everything? Let me know if you have more questions or need further explanation.

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