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Terrene continues to heat
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 Ghost Pokemon
 Posted: Aug 25 2016, 03:14 PM



Ghost-type Pokemon are often formed from spirits of Pokemon or humans that have died and for one reason or another, haven't moved on to the afterlife. Often, the state in which or the manner in which the person or Pokemon dies will determine what species of ghost they become. They lose their memories of their previous life fairly quickly after they die and become ghosts.

It should be noted that, once they have become ghosts, ghost Pokemon can't die again, not exactly. However, this doesn't mean ghosts get a free pass in battles. Depending on the ghost, battles and other hardships can weaken them and cause them to lose energy and strength- which directly affects their ability to manifest themselves in the physical world and affect the physical world. Also, if a ghost is possessing a specific body or item, that body or item can become damaged or destroyed to the point of unusability, also banishing the ghost to incoporeality. However, if a ghost loses its grip on its physical composure, it will take it at least a season (three RL months) to recover enough strength to regain its physical presence again. Additionally, the ghost will lose a level upon its "death."

It is also important to note the whole premise of ghosts- they are restless spirits with unfinished work or some other tie to the physical world that keeps them from moving on. This means that, if a ghost ever manages to feel like their purpose has been fulfilled or they are otherwise appeased or "put to rest," the ghost can vanish and move on to whatever afterlife there may or may not be.

In addition to all their lore, ghosts have some pretty interesting abilities.

All ghost types can become intangible; it is simply a part of their being. They may pass through solid objects at will, including living creatures. This is not an infinite, always-on power, however. It takes effort and energy. There is also a risk. If a ghost re-materializes while in a solid object, they may become stuck or they may die.

Illusions may be created by any ghost type who knows the move Confuse Ray or Night Shade. As a rule of thumb, Confuse Ray creates weak and short lived illusions, while Night Shade can create stronger and longer lasting illusions. The strongest illusions can come complete with all five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste.

Possession is difficult and can only be done by full ghosts, not half ghosts, with the exception of the Gastly line. Most weak possessions only last a few minutes, and the host can fight back and may occasionally regain control of themselves. Possession is easier if the possessee is sick, tired, stressed, or otherwise physically or mentally weakened. Only fully-evolved, experienced ghosts can possess a healthy host for any amount of time.

In all of the above abilities, full ghosts perform better than half ghosts. And, of course, older and more experienced ghosts perform better than young ghosts do.

◒ key points

  • Ghosts can be created through breeding OR through the death of a human or Pokemon who is not ready to move on to the afterlife.
  • All ghost types can become intangible.
  • Ghost types who know Confuse Ray or Night Shade can create illusions.
  • Pure Ghost types (and the Gastly line) can possess others.
  • In the above abilities, pure ghosts perform better than half ghosts.
 Posted: Mar 13 2017, 08:30 AM


Special Ghosts

There are some ghosts which require a bit of extra explanation; these will be detailed below.

◒ Decidueye

At 75% loyalty or higher (rather than at level 34), a Dartrix may willingly sacrifice its life in order to create a final bond between it and its trainer/family, in a sort of ritual suicide that evolves it into a Decidueye. The ritual the Dartrix uses to give up its life and evolve into Decidueye is personal and should reflect the personality of the Dartrix and/or the relationship that the Dartrix has with their trainer/family.

◒ Froslass

When a dawn stone is used on a Snorunt, it triggers a reaction within it that slowly kills the Pokemon by warming it up slowly from the inside out. These stones only work on females due to their unique hormones, which make them vulnerable to it; males who come into contact with a dawn stone have no reaction to it.

◒ Golett

These were created by people in ancient times in the old world who were desperate for immortality, and thus found a way to trap their soul in a construct. They are all incredibly old, and by now many of them have lost the majority of their memories to the decay of time.

◒ Marowak (Alolan)

Cubones that evolve into the Alolan versions of Marowak are just a little thinner and a little more fragile than their cousins, and tend not to be strong enough to survive evolution due to a genetic blood disorder similar to anemia. As they get stronger their body becomes less capable of supporting them; as they begin to evolve, they slowly die until they become ghostly versions of their regular Marowak kin.

◒ Oricorio (Sensu)

Through its meditation and dancing that it uses to change its type, Oricorio can invite a ghost to possess it. This is a partnership with the ghost, not a takeover by the ghost. Unless something goes wrong, the Oricorio can remain in control, however it is recommended that young and/or weak Oricorio do not invite possession as they may not be able to keep control of their body should the ghost decide to go for a hostile takeover.

◒ Shedinja

Shedinja come into existence when a shell left behind by a bug who has evolved is possessed by the spirit of another bug who has died. Details for how this can occur can be found in our Evolution topic.

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