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 The Woe of Artists, Various oneshots
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 01:08 AM


(Before the ripping of the world got as severe as it was in his app)

Henry gave a sigh as he finished up for the door, the concept art for the show was done, resulting in feeling rather pleased with his work. Though he had to wonder how the board would take it all. While he had the freedom to make what he wanted for it, and choose the designs for the characters as well as backstory and everything else needed. Stacking the papers up, he placed them into the folder and put them into the Inbox bin. Now all he could do was wait and see if the boss would approve. With this done he could head home for the day though he felt tempted to just wander out to one of the routes and sketch again.

Today, was different though. Heading home, he ended coming to a empty house at first. A bushy brow was raised at this. Now what could be going on? Though he recalled before going a step further, his birthday. Those hardly spelt special anymore but he gave a smile, remembering how his uncle always tried to make these feel important or special. Setting his bag down and hanging up his hat and coat, he made sure that he had nothing too important on his person before going towards the kitchen.

"SURPRISE!!!" A voice shouted with various pokemon chimming in, though Henry felt himself tackled to the ground as the lights turned on. "Taco, no!! You weren't suppose to use tackle!"

His uncle was the one speaking and Taco...well, they were the ever impatient Growlithe they had gotten in a trade; which his Uncle lacked the gym badge to properly control them. Taco's tail was wagging though, rather happy as he seemed to think he did a good job. Only to start planting a series of harmless normal licks to Henry's face.

"Ah, okay okay. Taco no more...ack..." Henry started but he had to pause a few times to prevent slobber from getting his mouth. "Enough okay, You win you win!"

A happy back left Taco as he got up and took a seat besides Henry as the man sat up a bit as well. Removing his glasses as his uncle handed him a paper towel to remove the slobber. Henry got it off his face and away from his mouth first, then he tended to his glasses. The artist wasn't angry, he was honestly expecting something like this to happen. Last year, his Uncle's bidoof was the one to pounce. The result of that was Henry going blind for a few minutes with a furry mass wrapped around his head and a broken coffee table along with his glasses.

"Sorry about that, Taco's still a little...disobedient." his Uncle apologized as he helped Henry up.

"It's alright, I figured something would happen. Just not what." Henry replied with a smile. "So, what's the madness this time?"

"Madness? Come on! I'm not that bad of a baker, the cake isn't going to come to life and eat us." his uncle had a big grin on his face, though Henry noticed the chansey Linda, reaching for the cake. "No Linda! Sweets do you no good my dear."

Seems his Uncle caught his chansey in the act this time. Linda was a good pokemon, kind and caring. But she had a awful sweet tooth and well, she was a hard to handle pokemon when on a sugar high. Linda looked at her trainer sadly, a small sound leaving her that conveyed her sadness. His Uncle smiled and patted her on the head.

"You may have a small piece, but I'll be the one to cut it for you." his Uncle said kindly, making the pink pokemon dance with a happy tone of voice.

The sound of the doorbell caught Henry's attention and without a word he headed to go get it. Oh how he regretted it. For a moment, he smiled as the form of his mother came into view, but behind her...oh no. Henry's expression turned from smiling and friendly, to displeased and kind of looking like a 'kill me now' expression with his eyes closed.

"Happy birthday dearie." His mother greeted with a big smile.

"Yeah...why is he here?" Henry asked as he pointed at his father.

"Oh well, Charmer flew us up here and you know that charizard. Only listening to your father."

The older gent didn't really look up at Henry, their cold gaze was directed off the side as they held the pokeball of their charizard in hand. Truthfully, Henry didn't want the old man in. He never attended any other time, why this time? Henry was just about to speak, when he felt his uncle's hand on his shoulder. Resulting in the animator to look at em, a sort of pleading look was on his Uncle's face, a silent plea of to give it a try Henry would guess. A sigh left Henry, as he gestured for his parents to come up as he moved out of the way. His mother came in with bouncy steps, his father...stalked in behind her with heavy steps.

"So...you don't have your own place?" His father questioned, looking at the house that belonged to his wife's brother.

"I'm working on it." Henry replied, trying to sound pleasant as he took a piece off his slice of cake. "I'm paying rent, so...if that helps."

"It's not a bad thing dearie, right?" his mother said, trying to defend Henry's unknown reasons for staying with her brother still.

Another awkward silence fell; the first had been there ever since his father walked into the house and the cake was cut. Even Linda and Taco were keeping their distances, they knew this older man wasn't one to be pestered. Normally, Taco would be jumping all over guests wanting attention. Currently the growlithe was under the living room table, watching from afar and looking a little scared. Linda seemed to be trying to coax him out,though the pink pokemon's glances in the kitchen were often brief. It was only when she got her small slice of cake, did she seem to relax. but she still was out in the living room. The only pokemon unphased by this man, was Salem. The large salamance that rested in his own room by the kitchen. The half dragon type pokemon, would give a almost challenging glance down to Henry's father, clealry unafraid of the man nor the pokemon around his belt.

For that, Henry's father liked her brother in law for. He raised a good dragon pokemon it seemed. Though their gaze was soon directed at Henry, the pleased look he had given Salem was gone, replaced by a hard and cold stare. As if trying to look into his son's very being to see what was...wrong with him. Henry's brows twitched in irritation.

"What is it old man?" Henry questioned as he gave his annoyed look back.

"I have...something for you." his father started, reaching for the bag he had brought with him.

Setting it on the table, he pushed it towards the animator. Despite their displeasure toward each other, there was a slight gentleness to the push of the bag. Henry's mother tried to smile, wanting the 'bad air' to disappear. So she picked up her box that she brought, wrapped up in blue an red wrapping with no bow.

"That's right, we haven't done presents yet." She said.

"Open the bag first boy." Henry's father's ordered, Henry's uncle just shook his head with a sigh.

As much as he wanted to just throw the bag at his father to reject it's contents. He didn't. Reaching for it, he took note that there was...a rather obvious shape. Opening the bag, Henry stared down at it with a look of surprise. An egg...a pokemon egg with a couple of pokeballs at the bottom of the bag. Henry's uncle blinked in surprise while Henry's mother, tried not to look disappointed.

"It's Charmer's last egg." the old man started as he crossed his chest. "And it's by time, you took it."

"Why?" HEnry asked, trying to make his voice sound curious but it came out more of annoyed and tired.

He knew why, he knew why! His old man just couldn't accept it, could he? How different the two were? Why couldn't he just accept him for him?

"It's about time you get rid of those stupid drawings, and learn to handle the real deal." His father countered. "You're just a late bloomer, it'll came naturally to you now. It simple has to.."

"NO it won't!!" Henry snapped as he stood up. "I don't want to be a trainer, I don't want to be you! So take YOUR egg and get out!!"

"Henry!!" his uncle snapped. "This is my house, there will be no fighting and no throwing anyone out unless I say so. And you, why the hell did you do this? I told you to come only if you were going to try and reconcile with your son."

"You asked him here?!" Henry questioned in shock.

"The boy needs to stop acting a child and become a man, that starts with taking in at least one pokemon. He should be grateful I allowed a daycare to even have CHarmer long enough to let her have a egg with some other charizard." Henry's father boasted.

"Then you keep it if it was such a hassle for ya!"

"No. IT's time Henry..."

"Don't speak."

"Time you stop being a child, being a brat and start..."

"I'm not being a brat or a chil..."

"Start being a grown man and listen to me!"

"NO!! I don't have to listen to you, you are NOTHING to me. YOu're just a pompous old man, who's blowing out all his youthful frustrations out on me. I ain't your tool!! You failed your dream, you gave up!! I went for my dream and I'm succeeding!! I ain't failing you old TART!!"

"Henry!" his mother an uncle said at once in shock.

The glare his father gave had gotten worse, pure anger was on their face as a rough hand grabbed the young man by the collar of his shirt and yanked him towards em a bit. Taco yelped an while they got out from under the table to bark at Henry's father, their barks were weak due to being scared. Salem sat there, eyeing the two with only a glint of interest in their eyes.

"YOu clearly know nothing having grown up here. I thought letting you run off, would teach you your lessons. But it seems it hasn't, you're coming back with us and I'm gonna show you what success you should be having. Not having yourself trapped in a building all day, but out there free." Henry' father hissed, though Henry broke free of his grasp.

"Screw you and your freedom! The trainer lifestyle is unappealing to me, the pokemon part is fine but everything else isn't!! Since this is your house Uncle, I'm kicking myself out." Henry replied as he stormed off.

"wait...Henry, honey...?" his mother whimpered with tears as she went to chase after her son but it was too late.

The grown man was out the doors which he slammed shut behind him. Leaving his mother standing there with tears for a few moments before she burst out crying. Her brother started to chew out the fool of a father that was for his only nephew but the old trainer didn't care. He stood there just as still as Salem, just as uncaring as Salem. Hell...if Henry's father could turn into a pokemon, it would probably be a Salamence.

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 Posted: Jun 18 2017, 01:21 AM


(Takes place before previous oneshot, world isn't as severe)
user posted image

Skids had said...to try, let them know of your success. What success? He had been told that it was a uncertainty at the moment but...there was a chance he could be made a lead animator for this show. Come up with the concept art and characters. Right now...it was uncertain. However, he choose to humor his Uncle. To at least try and make them happy; just trying would make Skids happy; even if they wanted to see things change for good. Henry would like that as well but..this was his father.

Despite sitting there in the resturant for a hour, Henry fidgeted with his drink.Not sure if he should take a sip yet or not, his food sat there on the table already cold. It was rude to start your meal without the other party present and he wasn't really here for the meal. A tall stranger came through the door, their features hidden as away as they almost seemed to storm their way in with silence. They carried themself tall and proud, not caring about the odd looks he got. Henry glanced up as he heard the chair across him screech from being moved. Ther face was what he noticed, eternally angry looking from their years of scowls. Their stubborn and intimidating gaze landed on the younger man, making him nervous. He went to speak but the older man raised a rough hand to silence them.

"Don't waste your breathe, Charmer got me here an there is something we need to do." The man said, his voice showing there wasn't much room for debate.

"Father...I have something to tell you.." Henry started.

"Now boy."

Henry cringed and went to speak but the harsh gaze was enough to silence him. A sigh left Henry as he merely nodded, having looked away. The older man gave a nod back and rose from his chair, only to pick up the glass that was set on their side of the table. He looked down and raised a brow in surprise.

"Brandy?" the man questioned; was that a hint of surprise in their voice?

"I do have something important to tell you....so I thought we could.." Henry started, trying not to be annoyed or angered.

"It will wait."

The glass was set down with a thud before the large man walked back out the door. Henry shook his head as he rose up, he took out the needed money and paid the bill. They wouldn't be back in here...they never would, such a shame. Henry heard good things about this place, he wanted to share the news here. It was a new place for both of em, a neutral plane that could take on a positive side. Oh well. OH! He paused for a momenta and pulled out a big tip for the waiter, a way to apologize for wasting the food and drink. With that, Henry put his coat on and chased after the larger form.

Outside Charmer stood there, she looked displeased to be in the city. Good reason, she could damage a lot of things. The old man climbed on swiftly and didn't look to Henry.

"Get on." he instructed in a gruff tone.

Getting on was a small struggle, but he managed it and held on tight. The two flew off into the sky on the back of the orange lizard, until they came to a large open plain that was connected to a cliff. Where they were in Kalos? Henry didn't know, truthfully he cared not at the current time. The old man reached into their pocket and pulled out a pokeball, it was of the original design. Red and white with a stripe of black that connected to the round white button. Enlarging the ball, they tossed it over to Henry; whom almost failed to catch the item.

"Open it, and don't argue." They ordered, their voice harsher.

Bushy brows lowered a bit but he choose to humor them. A pokemon emerged from the confines of the ball, the pokemon to emerge was a litleo. The lion cub shook out their fur before a curious sound left em an they looked around. A glance up to Henry had them tilting their head and Henry looked down in equal confusion to their curiosity. Oh no...

"Dad, please not this again." Henry requested as he looked up at em, watching them take out a ultra ball.

"Silence!!" he barked back. "You will show me what you can do, so be a man and silence your tongue unless it's to give commands to your pokemon."

"But this isn't mine!!"

"For now, it is."

The old man's eye narrowed in anger and displeasure before they threw the ultra ball in the air and unleashed the pokemon. The form of the pokemon unleashed slowly formed, revealing a Luxray appeared. The black pokemon let out it's own roar, shaking it's mane before taking a stance. They showed their might, no ounce of fear coming from the electric pokemon. The litleo hid behind Henry's feet, the intimidation ability doing wonders on the small pokemon.

"Lux, swagger and then wild charge!" the man ordered.

The Luxray let out a roar, puffing their chest up and the poor frightened litleo was confused. Their head tilted from side to side as if they were watching birds swim around their head. Henry couldn't have them fight like this...

"No!" Henry responded, returning the litleo to their pokeball as the Luxray came charging at them.

Henry jumped out of the way in time, watching the electricity dance off the pokemon as they skidded to a halt. A irratated flick of their tail was given as it tossed a few sparks away. The old man glared at Henry as he stormed over, stomping down onto the boy's hand that held the pokeball.

"You WILL do this! FIGHT!!" The old man barked out. "Prove to me you're a man now, SHOW ME!!"

"YOU'RE INSANE!! How does fighting with pokemon prove anything?!" Henry questioned, his father removed their shoe only to grab him and pick him up.

"It has everything to do with it! You waste your time, sitting there doodling scribbles all day and night. You do NOTHING all day! You waste your life, you'll fade into nothing!!"

"I am..."

He was unable to finish his words as he was forced off the ground and shoved backwards. Staggering a few steps, Henry balanced himself but what came next left him speechless.

"LUX!! Wild Charge!!" the man ordered.

"WHAT?!" Henry shrieked, his eyes wide as he watched the pokemon obey his father without a hesitation.

A scream left Henry as he was rammed into, the electric shock was the worst part of it. He was flung across the plain as he rolled in the grass. He felt like the air was sucked out of him, a few gasps left him as he laid there. The litleo's pokeball had fallen from his grasp when the wild charge it and it sat there in the grass. His father picked it up in a disapproving scowl.

"Stupid boy!! You're nothing but a child!! Grow up!" he snapped at him before throwing a holodevice towards Henry before leaving.

The electricity from the attack had shorted out the one Henry wore on hi wrist. Picking it up slowly, he dialed the one number he knew.

"Uncle?...I need your help..." Henry requested with a gasp when he saw his Uncle's shocked face come up.

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