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Apr 1 2018, 11:02 AM
Hey there! :'D

A whole bunch of things happened at once, including but not limited to:

-health issues!
-family drama!
-craziness at work!
-i heckin' moved to a new apartment!

I'll be slowly making my way back here once I start clearing out my rl backlog of things I need to get done :']

I miss you alllll and hope to be here again soon <3
Jan 31 2018, 09:51 AM
They were on their way to the closest village. Aisu was talking, discussing the way the chaos had struck this area- it was so interesting, really, how drastically different this town could be from theirs, yet being so close to each other-! Haruko was beside her, quiet as always, but his eyes were bright and attentive.

Time loops always felt strange, like they were occupying the space between “awake” and “asleep,” a haziness that left you questioning if it had really happened. Aisu had kept walking, asking hypothetically if the legendaries had specific or favored places- and realized with a start, turning back to see Haru far behind her. ”Haruko!” She called, Haru glancing up before jogging back to her side. Aisu gave him a critical look, as if making she he was fine before huffing and continuing forwards.

”So, the time loops are expanding to out here, as well,” Aisu murmured, making careful note of that. ”Which would mean either the legendaries moving… or have just expanded their focus, and area of effect.” Aisu frowned at her papers, stopping in place to puzzle over this. Haru paused with her, eyes scanning the landscape. ”The legends I have found say that particularly strong or strong-hearted trainers can speak to, and even influence legendary pokemon. So… whoever is going to stop all this will need to gain the power at least for any of the legendaries to give notice.” Which was going to be much easier said than done.... If any of it was even true.

Aisu pause, thoughtful, and wrote something else down. ”But with the world in such a state, it's certainly not going to be easy to do. The earth is shattering apart, and the time loops are expanding to out here, as well,” Aisu murmured, making careful note of that. ”Which would mean either the legendaries moving… or have just expanded their focus, and area of effect.” Aisu frowned at her papers, stopping in place to puzzle over this. Haru paused with her, bright blue eyes locked on her, a rather unhappy look on his face.

Aisu frowned at him, confused, then glanced back at her paper- ”Oh- Ugh!” She fought the urge to just crumple the paper, the mirrored lines of the same information, the repeated findings, the wasted time doing the same thing, twice-but instead took a breath, smoothing it out with her hand. ”It- this is fine,” She said, rather crossly as it all very much wasn’t. A flash of anger shot through her, and she stormed forwards, hearing Haru running to keep up behind her. They would go to this village, and find out what anyone knew- and they would start fixing all of this.

And it was black- the sky completely disregarding the time of day, the position of the sun, leaving only darkest night, without the gleam of stars or the barest sliver of moon. ”What-” Aisu felt Haru’s hand find hers. She shook off her fear, rummaging in her bag, and pulling out her PokeNav, fumbling with it until a weak beam of light cast out. ”There- See- It’s not a problem.” Aisu said, voice sounding moderately sure, with effort. They started forward again, slower than before, ensuring that the other stayed beside them.

The roar sounded distant, but still shook the earth, ground rumbling and shifting underneath them. ”This- this isn’t supposed to be happening here!” Aisu cried out, grabbing at her notes- there had never been any earthquakes in this area, only the withering of plants, shifting of space- and now time. There was no reason for this-

Another roar- but this one was right in front of them- Haru shoved her back, got in front of her. Aisu glanced up, trying to find whatever he was so frightened of- and found two bright red eyes. She had her PokeNav in her hand, still, she could just swing it upwards, see what they were up against. Her arm refused to move. ”Haru-” The ground shook.

The earth gave way.

Haru’s grip was tight on her arm, dragging her away- from the creature, from the void closing in on them both. Her PokeNav fell from her hand, bouncing once- twice- and shattering before falling into the blackness. Her papers spilled from her grip, fluttering away- ”No!” Aisu jerked back, a foolish attempt to save her notes- everything she had learned about the awful situation they were all in. She pulled free of Haru’s grip, and reached for her papers.

And fell.

Aisu grabbed at the newly-formed ledge, breath coming in ragged spurts- there was no way to tell how long this would hold! She had to pull herself up! She looked up to find Haru, catching sight of him just as more of the ground crumbled, and he fell. ”Haruko!” She screamed, but the sound was muffled by earth shattering, and her grip gave way.
Jan 31 2018, 07:21 AM
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Jan 29 2018, 10:43 PM
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<img src="https://i.imgur.com/5nZpHFH.png">

<div class="simpappname">AISURU PHORA</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">TWENTY - FEMALE - DEMISEXUAL</div>

<div class="simpappdesc">Appearance</div>
Aisu is beautiful. Her face is square shaped, skin pale and unblemished. Her eyes are dark and hooded, underneath thick and equally dark brows. Her nose is straight and slender, not too large or hooked. Her lips are full and soft. Truly, she looks the part of a child of royalty, pride of her people. Aisu’s hair is dark and long, falling past her waist and staying straight for the most part- though it falls to waves in rainy or terribly humid weather.
She dressed well, before- As well as anyone could, given the circumstances. She prefers clothing with mobility, while still looking nice, things that would be suited for adventuring or scavenging. She wore makeup, but not a lot, mostly dark eyeliner and subtle lipstick. Anything else took too long. Her parents always wanted her to dress better, fancier- Harkening back to a time before the legendaries had revolted. Aisu never wanted that- never wanted to be a symbol, an icon.
Aisu walks as if someone is always watching. Her back is straight, every movement calculated and prim. In town, her face is held neutral, expressions muted. It’s not proper to be so angry, after all. Her voice is kept calm, too…. If usually scathing. Outside, in the wilderness? Her movements are still precise, but she lets her fury show readily- and wonder, too, when in the right mood.
face claim: Adelaide Kane, Reign
<div class="simpappdesc">Personality</div>
Strong-willed - clever - commanding - dismissive - acts like everything is perfect even when everything is wrong - quick to anger - prim
Aisuru is quite learned, as one would expect from someone of her position. All of the house staff taught her, reading and writing, diplomacy, science and arithmetic. She’s well spoken, polite among the worst of company, and is persuasive and knowledgeable when it comes to speaking to (and manipulating) others. She’s a viper with the voice of a lamb, and can smile so sweetly when wheedling men from all they own and lay claim to.
However, once she’s out of a council room, or meeting hall, or dining area- She stops trying to hide her sharp edges. Aisu is more than willing to let her anger or disgust be known if it will get her what she wants. If she’s displeased with you? You’ll know about it, in no uncertain terms. She’s not going to debase herself to using crude or foul language, no- She’s quite too good for that. But she has plenty of well-aimed words to let you know that you are not wanted.
But there’s more to Aisu than that- even if those two sides are really all anyone’s going to see. She likes archery- more than just sportsmanship, or a way to defend herself. She likes the finesse it requires, the focus and concentration and stillness. She enjoys reading, the way even dry passages lead to other worlds, times in the past where everything was different. Aisu even loves nature, taking care to watch the trees and plants and animals- She would draw them, to save them, were that not something for others “beneath” her station. All they’ll get now is something of a wistful look, before she moves on.
But it goes beyond that- even at her most free, far from her father, her ingrained duty- Aisu is very restrained. Not in anger, or disgust; certainly those come easily for her. It's simply everything else. It’s being unable to get out more than a stiff, stuffy “thank you,” when kindness is done to her with no expectations in return. It’s the easy way her dearest friend could talk to and befriend anyone, while she couldn’t- had no place to- handle anything that wasn’t strictly business.
So much is ingrained- the prideful way she walks, the crisp, polished tone of her voice, the way her pen moves against paper in flowing script. The sense of duty, the feeling she is meant for something great, something-
<i>(The sense of wonder when she sees a plant or pokemon, the urge to talk about them and what they are capable of, the feeling of rough paper and charcoal under her fingers, how to draw the shapes right, how to smudge the markings into shadows, the feeling that when she sits, an instant later someone should be sitting beside her.)</i>
So much is ingrained- the urge to distance herself, the way she always shifts back to more formal communication. More detached. The guilt, and being unable to do something- or maybe it's for doing something, instead?
<i>(The sound of silence as cold as stone under her palms, the weight of heavy dresses and expectations, the fear that a misspoken word or misstep means a lifetime of ridicule. The fear of letting everyone down. The easy way to smile and hide everything behind it, how to act like all is well so often and so smoothly that she can’t tell she’s even acting anymore. The feel of earth crumbling under her, a scream, a rising shadow-)</i>
There are two paths before her- one following what little she knows, the pride and propriety, figuring out what she was meant to do, and doing it. One shoving away all she has lost, and instead following her heart, finding something to make of her life away from the cloud of guilt and obligation that follows her. There are two paths before her, and both are scattered with raging storms, the trails unmarked and wild.
<div class="simpappdesc">History</div>
Aisuru, from birth, was very fortunate. Her family and childhood town were largely untouched. You heard rumors, yes, of other places, the dangers there- Rain turning to fire as soon as it lit upon your skin, earthquakes rending families- homes- lives apart. But Aisu, no, she was lucky enough to avoid all of that. Her family was that of money. She could remember clearly her father's soft persian, the portraits of her mother.
It was only as Aisu grew older that she realized they were not truly untouched. It was time and space, warping around and through her family's manor. Hallways would continue on near-endlessly, rooms fading into those from ages past. Things her father told her, seemingly on repeat. How they had to behave in front of the others, to dispel any worries or fears they could. How Aisu had to control herself, not let the calamity or sleeplessness get to her. They would be the ones to survive this, to endure this, to get rid of it. Men had stood up to legendaries before, after all.
Aisu did not want to be a beacon of her house, a symbol of how mankind could rise against legendaries. What she wanted was to go out, to investigate the destruction herself, to see how and why and when it all changed- Why were some places the manor and going to the nearby fallen cities. She wanted to see what was happening, experience it through something other than her father's stories. Aisu travelled to these towns, met this people in more despair than she, people the very earth itself was turning against. And they were not proud, were not strong and reserved against all they fought. They were upset, they were angry, they emoted and dug into the dirt and fought back in any way they could.
Her father never liked that- saw his path as the best way to try and heal things, and so pushed back when Aisu rebelled.
The one person who never said anything was Haru. They had both grown up in the same town, knew of each other. Haru never pulled her back when she snuck away, never criticized her when she spent time drawing, instead of focusing on pokemon. He understood, somehow.
They had been out, together, when it happened. The loops started first, Aisu and Haru walking side by side, and suddenly Haru was pulled several yards back. There was nothing they could do about that, besides just push forwards. Night fell, crashing upon them suddenly- more concerning, but still fine- and then a vicious roar. Haru grabbed her hand, tight, and suddenly the ground under her feet crumbled away.
And Haru was gone, and she was alone.

<div class="simpappdesc"> SPIDER - EST (UTC -5) - SHE/HER/HERS</div>

<div class="tcred"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1892" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div>
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