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Feb 11 2018, 08:16 PM
Ri decided to go out and leave Omega's Camp... Temporarily. She'd gone into the tunnels a few times and the last time had turned decidedly sour. So, she needed a break. At the same time, she didn't want to spend her time in Omega's Camp. It'd gotten boring and she needed to stretch her legs properly instead of sitting on her ass. The opportunity to get a good walk around with hopefully no other humans around. Sure, whenever the redhead decided to go out and hang around, occasionally aggressive pokemon would find her.... Or Venom would piss them off. That's usually how it went down, since the Seviper didn't really seem keen on diplomacy... Or anything vaguely resembling it. She wondered if she could somehow convince him to calm down a bit.... That'd be nice.

Maybe if he appreciated flower crowns more.

Sadly, there were less flowers in the mountains than in the rainforest surrounding Ashfield City. Oh well. She wasn't going to stay in the mountains forever. She'd consider going to visit Blue but er.... She kind of wanted to go back to Ashfield, and Oasis sounded like the prickly sort, especially to immigrants. Ri still kind of screamed immigrant, and she wasn't the type to hide something like that.

Anyway, here Ri was out on her walk, holding Yuki's basket in hand, as the Seel lay there with her eyes closed. She was probably pretending to sleep, since the redhead had noticed that as of late... The water-type napped less. She still slept a healthy amount, though she pretended to be asleep a lot of the waking hours, judging by how quickly she responded when disturbed... Usually by Arashi. She thought their relationship was shaping up well... Though, er.... She couldn't hear what they were actually saying, but she gathered that Yuki could be a bit... Abrasive maybe, judging by how Arashi could get huffy or rather upset after the two spent some time barking at each other. That was her best guess, anyway.

Venom was, as usual, slithering by her side. He seemed to be in a good mood... Probably. He seemed generally unbothered by Ri's latest chattering... Though, he never did seem bothered. Which was nice, since she was talking about Blue at the moment and recalling the shitty mess that was her last tunnel adventure.... Despite the fact that everyone present had been there.

Sai trailed further behind... Kind of keeping her distance. Ri was a little worried, since sometimes Sai seemed quite and the redhead could barely keep from calling her despondent at times. It was... Concerning, but Ri didn't know what to do or how to help. The behavior made her anxious.

Arashi was... Her normal self and bouncing along ahead of them... Though, not too far. Close enough that Ri wouldn't have much of a problem rushing forward and picking up the zebra if need be. Arashi wasn't light as a feather, but she wasn't too obscenely heavy like Venom was, so Ri would be able to pick her up.

Anyway, that was them. A girl and her company of pokemon, walking in the mountains... With said girl chatting away the silence.

She really hoped nothing too deadly happened upon them.
Feb 5 2018, 06:35 PM
We have a few similar topics floating around in here... So why not?

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, then I'm talking about the moral alignments that I'm pretty sure are from Dungeons and Dragons.

Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good,
Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral,
Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil

If we can fill out a chart, that'd be cool too.

Ri is chaotic neutral and...

Uh... Matt is probably chaotic good. Probably.
Feb 1 2018, 07:55 PM
Some time had passed since Ri had gone around asking after a pokedex, with no success. So, she figured she might as well try again. She still didn't expect much, especially since well... It was all the way out in the mountains. Still... Might as well give it another go? Nothing bad would come of it, most likely. So, came another period where Ri left her pokemon in her tent since... Well... She figured it was best to leave them be while she was doing something that wouldn't take an excessive amount of time, and would likely be fairly boring.

So, standing in front of her tent, she took a deep breath and schooled her features into something approaching friendly so as to not immediately piss off anyone she may approach. She was well aware of her ah... Um, tendency to not make herself liked. Especially since it tended to be on purpose. Though, Ri found herself as of late well... Not trying to antagonize people as much. She guessed it was because she was meeting people like Blue.

Anyways, here she was, walking up to someone new. She didn't know their face, never having seen it before. "Hi, I'm looking for pokedexes. Got any idea where I could ask after one?"
Jan 25 2018, 06:22 PM
Ri really liked the free samples. Really, really liked it. Though, she stayed away from Mareep meat to avoid any awkward questions should Blue suddenly materialize at the most inopportune time. She'd rather not accelerate the death of their friendship since.... Uh.... Ri was pretty sure at some point Blue would either realize she didn't want to be..... Friends, or Ri would've scared her off or something. She wondered when she started slapping the label friends on the two of them. It was.... Weird. She hadn't expected this. She really.... Really... Hadn't expected this. She wasn't sure she wanted to admit it to anyone but herself.

She chewed on the toothpick of a skewer that used to have Tepig meat on it earlier, as she bent over in her seated position, staring down into the snow. Was this brooding? She wasn't sure, but she was pretty sure being stuck in deep, vaguely negative thoughts while staring into the snow counted as brooding. Wonderful. She sighed deeply, gently closing her eyes as she did so. She wished times like these counted as rest.... Maybe she wouldn't be so exhausted. Her nights were rarely restful, and as a result... She never really felt well-rested. Though... She didn't remember ever feeling well-rested. Maybe a ghost of a memory of a memory that wasn't even there. Funny how that worked.

Jan 15 2018, 06:53 PM
((Hopefully ahahah RIP Me))

Ri knew what a pokedex was. That little... Machine, piece of technology... She'd seen it in Sunny's hands, and she knew what it could do. It seemed to have information available in it... Information on pokemon, which she figured could be pretty damn useful... Especially since she er... Knew minimal amounts about Arashi and Yuki's species other than their typings and species names. Though... Considering how valuable the redhead figured it was... She doubted that it'd be easy to get her hands on some. Why was she doing this now, when she was literally in the fucking mountains? She guessed now was as any good a time as any to start looking.

It wasn't obvious in Omega's camp who might be selling and what they might have.... So, Ri figured she'd just have to ask around. Which she wasn't too enthusiastic about, but there wasn't really any other way. She'd convinced her pokemon to remain in the tent, and well... Mostly for Sai and Venom to keep an eye on Yuki and Arashi.

So, she did her best to smile a bit... Except even though she couldn't see her expression, she figured it might look weird. So, she relaxed her expression into someone passive, but vaguely positive... She probably looked somewhat friendly at least... Hopefully. Shoving her hands into her pockets, she picked someone in Omega's camp and walked up to them. They didn't seem too busy, so Ri figured it wouldn't immediately piss him off to be in a conversation suddenly.

"Hey so... You know if anyone around here's got pokedexes they're willing to sell?" She asked, getting straight to the point.
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