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March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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Feb 23 2018, 10:24 PM
Blue lightly kicked her legs in the air as she sat on the little beach, fishing rod in hands. She knew she had to do this for her job, and overall she didn't mind it. Actually, it felt nice to be in the cool breeze. Winter was seeming to end soon, and the girl prayed for warmer weather. It was hard to imagine she was missing the stupidly hot days in this town.

Behind her, Sasha and Mary sat together, Pyro crawling around on top of the mareep's wool. The three didn't bother the human and her thoughts, although Sasha kept glancing over often. The mareep was ready to bounce and pounce at any fish that the human reeled in.

Blue took a deep breath, slowly starting to immerse herself in her storming thoughts in her head. Before she could drown in the ocean of her thoughts, the water surrounding her began to bite. The girl snapped back to reality and tugged on the rod.

The mareep noticed this, and immediately sprung into action. With Pyro still clinging to her, Sasha burst over to the human's side. She was ready to fight and beat up fish.
Feb 22 2018, 10:23 PM
((Potential loyalty thing, though honestly this is just to attempt writing the effects of demons.

Sasha grunted as she paced around the house. The light was filtered through the windows, making the main room seem almost as bright as the daylight. The mareep grumbled to herself, giving glares to the other human's mutt every once in a while. Mary calmly watched the sheep stomp about with Fluffy snickering beside her.

Her tail flicked angrily, and sparks escaped into the air. "(Where the heck is Human!? She's usually up by now!)" Sasha asked the two, as if waiting for an answer. Fluffy snorted and muttered nonsense, making the mareep hiss back at the ant. Mary merely glanced over at an opening in the wall, leading to another room.

"(Well, maybe she's oversleeping..? Pyro was lying down with her too, last time I checked.)" The houndour murmured, sending the sparking sheep stomping towards the room. She passed Human's friend, who was poking at a fire with a stone rod. Idiot, what was he doing? Ugh, no time for that. Besides, why wasn't he getting Human up? Didn't he want her to fish today? Wasn't that the only reason that they were here? Well, she preferred it than the alley, but still!

"(Human!)" Sasha squealed as she rolled into the room. It had been remodeled briefly, with a small bed meant for the older human now in the corner rather than the middle. In the other corner, a rather tacky make-shift bed held the mareep's trainer. Pyro lied by the human's back, keeping an eye open to make sure he isn't crushed.

Oddly enough, the human was... Still. Too still. Sasha would have thought she was dead if it weren't for the occasional rise and fall of her sides. Was she okay..? The mareep blinked and walked forwards, stopping once she was standing next to Pyro. "(Kid, you okay? Human okay?)"

"(Yeah, Mama, I'm okay. Human isn't getting up, though. Is she dead?)" The stunky chirped, confusion and a strange lack of sadness in his voice. Uneasiness replaced the hunger in Sasha's stomach. "(Pyro, why don't you go in the other room? We'll need to leave soon anyways.)" Her murmurs sent the small baby jumping up and running out of the room. It was just her and Human now.

Agitation mixed awkwardly with her uneasiness. Despite this, her voice was bold and loud. "(Hey! Get up! You need to go work! We need fish!)"

She didn't move.

"(Come on! You need to eat and work!)" Sasha bleated. She shook her head and narrowed her eyes when Human still hadn't moved. Instead, some loud sounds came from the creature, as if she was whimpering. Concerned, but still annoyed, Sasha lightly headbutted the human in the back. "(Human, I swear to Arceus! Aaagh, screw it!)"

The mareep hissed and walked around the human. She now stood face to face with her trainer. The girl had her arms digging into her sleeves. She was curled up in a feeble ball, and was now shaking slightly. Tears coated the girl's dark freckled face. Sasha winced slightly as she processed the terrified and wide-eyed expression of the other.

"(... Get up, please. You can't just lie down here all day!)" The sheep bleated, making Human seem to flinch. The hands clutching the jacket sleeves tightened and were being tugged at. After a minute of this crying silence, the creature started to sit up in her make-shift bed.

Barely audible murmurs exited the creature's mouth.

Silence. Sasha blinked and tried to approach the human.

"I said leave me alone! Please!"

The girl's sudden sobbing scream caught the mareep off guard. Sasha watched as the creature broke out into another fit of loud sobs, hugging her knees and shaking. "(Holy shit.)" She murmured, glancing behind her. The mareep backed up, and made a break for the main room.

As she entered, she was greeted by the concerned and curious eyes of the pokemon. The bigger human stood by them, eyeing the other room.
Feb 14 2018, 08:58 PM
[post counted]

Blue didn't know why she was here. All she knew was that the mountains sent her. The entrance to the tunnel made her stomach churn, but she still remained calm. A pickaxe was held tightly in her hands, a tool given to her when she stumbled upon the camp.

Sasha stood proudly, ready to charge headfirst into the tunnels. In contrast, Mary stood close to the human's legs, eying the entrance with concern. The houndour shivered slightly, and it wasn't due to the cold breeze. The stunky in Blue's backpack was surprisingly quiet and still. The human had guessed that Pyro had fallen asleep.

Hopefully his nap won't be ruined by this. He chose a really bad time to sleep.

Blue blinked, and plopped herself on a nearby rock. Mary curled up by her feet, but the mareep remained standing with a now annoyed expression on her face. The sheep murmured something and jerked her head towards the tunnels.

"Sashi, calm down. The people running this said there should be a partner showing up." Blue replied. In all honesty, she had asked if someone were to go with her. She didn't feel safe being alone in these tunnels, and her team wasn't exactly the strongest... Although she'd never admit that to Sasha.

The mareep huffed, and paced about. Blue blinked and fiddled around with the pickaxe. She frequently poked her fingers on one of the ends to see how sharp it was. Thankfully, the girl didn't make herself bleed from it.

When someone was to arrive, she'd get up and waltz into the tunnels. Her pokemon would follow close, with Sasha trying to take a lead.

Feb 14 2018, 07:04 PM
Blue hesitantly watched the ice, hands clutching her jacket sleeves. She really wanted to do this, but at the same time... Not really. She felt... She didn't even know how to describe it. She felt bad when judged. Still, the girl forced herself to be above these negative feelings, although it wasn't working well. With all of her pokemon in their pokeballs, only Mary remained. The houndour seemed as nervous as her trainer.

As the next person was called, Blue felt slightly panicked. Oh Arceus. She paced around the snow, being sure not to step on the skates by her feet. Her hands withdrew from her jacket sleeves and were now fidgeting as they held each other. The human looked down at her companion. The dog lowered her ears and barked something the other couldn't understand.

Blue looked up at the ice, and sighed as she watched who was performing. They were so good... Better than she could ever be. She started to doubt her efforts. The human reluctantly grabbed her skates as the person currently performing started to wrap up their work. She could feel the nervousness emitted from Mary, and tried to reach out to pet her. A sudden wave of panic rushed through the girl and she winced, withdrawing her hand quickly.

Her name was called. Blue Skies. It took a second for her to process the name. The girl gulped, and took off her jacket to set down before walking over to the ice.

Skates on feet, houndour by side, Blue stood in silence. It was freezing without her jacket. She bowed awkwardly to the judges and watched as Mary nodded to them. The judges mentioned that she could go now, and the human felt a prick of panic. Still, she turned to her pokemon and nodded.

The two turned to face each other, and slowly started to back up. They paused for a second, and quickly started to walk forwards. They shifted apart from each other to avoid hitting the other as they passed. As they did, Mary turned to face the human. The dog paused and watched the human go. Suddenly, she started to howl. Appearing to act frightened, Blue quickly spun around.

As the two faced the other, they nodded. Blue raised her hand and raised three fingers. As she let down one, she started to back up and Mary started to walk forwards. When they stopped, the dog let out a series of high and low-pitched howls, as if singing. Not the prettiest of singing, but it was what they could do.

After the dog finished her small song, Blue started to tap to what was the beat of the sound. She spun in a circle, and paused to point her two fingers at the other. She let down another finger, and Mary started her little song again. The song this time was of more of a higher pitch, and was going at a faster beat.

The song finished, and Blue yet again responded with a tiny dance following the similar beat, making slight taps on the ice to make the beat more known. As she finished, the pokemon and human duo paused. Blue held up her hand again and let down the final finger. With a spin on the ice from the girl, Mary started her little song yet again. This time, the two joined together. Blue spun and skated around the dog while the other twirled and barked.

They finished on a final note and move, and faced each other to bow once more. One step was done. Two more. A linger of anxiety still pressed in Blue's head, but the girl forced herself to move forwards in the act.

Blue crouched down on her knees and nodded to her houndour. The dog barked quietly and bounded over, scrambling on her paws as she turned and leapt onto the human's shoulders. Blue helped her partner stay standing as she rose up slightly, holding down her paws. "You ready?" She murmured quietly. With a knowing respond from the mutt, the trainer smiled. "Hold on."

The girl suddenly started once again skating in a circle. As she began to pick up speed, heat started to become present above her head. Her eyes wandered to the sky for a brief moment, eying the ball of fire that was tossed up there. She looked down and made a little jump as another fireball was spit. The fire began to disperse into small flecks of heat that harmlessly fell on the duo. The cycle continued for another minute until Mary used Blue as a type of catapult and slammed onto the ice. They waited for a second for the sparks of Ember to disintegrate, and then nodded once again.

Final run. This will be over quickly and Blue can escape the judge's eyes. Thank Arceus. A bark rang through the air, and Mary suddenly charged at the human. Blue expected this, and ducked to dodge the houndour as she flew over her head. And from what Blue knew, Beat Up went on for a short bit.

The demon swooped in again, with Blue spinning around to dodge it. A smile on her face began to show as the dog barked and skidded on the ice before trying to hit again. The girl quickly dodged it, only slightly panicked at the risk of being hit like in practice. As Mary hit the ice again, she immediately turned and jumped to hit Blue in the stomach.

The two tumbled onto the ice, dog flopped on top of the human. Instead of being in pain from the hit, Blue started to laugh. A stupid grin swept across her face and she embraced her houndour for a couple seconds. "Alright, you did good." She murmured before hoisting herself to her feet.

Blue looked up at the judges with an awkward but satisfied expression. One arm around her stomach and another one waving. "Sorry for wasting your time, have a good day."

Although she wasn't confident in the performance, Blue was just happy she had gotten out of the house and got to practice with Mary.

((Enjoy Blue's uncreative mind of fun and dances :'D
Jan 18 2018, 09:47 PM
Blue felt like she was walking on rocks as she traversed through the land. Her boots brushed against some dry roots in the dirt, probably dead from the cold. The girl clutched a medium small bag of rocks, as she had to actual weapons. Chuck had pressured her into hunting for the shop, as he wanted a little bit of variety in the selection aside from fish.

... Hopefully she won't have to think about it much. She would have refused to hunt herself, but she just couldn't... Chuck seemed really busy and she felt like she was of no help at all if she didn't do as said. Sasha didn't seem too fazed about leaving the house, even timid Mary seemed to be excited to be back at the Desert Strip. The only one who seemed to pout was little Pyro, who was calmly sitting in the pack on Blue's back. The stunky let out the occasional whine, alone in the pack with Fluffy's pokeball.

Blue sighed as she glanced up at the sky, and soon took out a rock from the bag. She began to toss it in the air, catching it and repeating the process.

"I can't believe I'm here." Blue suddenly murmured, causing Sasha to glance up. "I mean, not here, as in hunting. But I'm glad I'm here because of Chuck. He's a really good person." The girl flashed a smile as she stopped tossing the rock and looked down at the mareep. The sheep bleated quietly in response, the sarcasm leaking through even with a differing language.

"Ah, right.. We can't really talk... I'm sorry, Sashi." Blue chuckled awkwardly, looking up and beginning to juggle the rock single-handedly again. Sasha bleated another statement and started walking ahead. The sheep had seemed to detect more company, more pokemon.

Blue gulped, and followed close behind.

((Just gonna pray for a small bitey sandile :U
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