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 Player Appreciation Month!
 Posted: Aug 1 2017, 01:37 AM


Intro + Posting Rewards

◒ Intro


We are approaching our one-year anniversary, and we (the staff) had been wanting to do something like this for a while, so we figured it was high time we got a nice little month-long player appreciation event going. The month of August will be our annual player appreciation month (with a little bit of staff appreciation thrown in there)- we hope you enjoy what we have planned for you guys!

◒ Player IC Posts

For each in-character post that you make during the month of August, you will earn 1/2 of a participation point (PP). So, for every two in-character posts that you make, you will be able to add 1 PP to your PP tracking post! The PP will officially be handed out at the end of the month- in the meantime, please post in this thread to keep track of how many IC posts you make throughout the month. At the end of the month, the admins will go through to double-check the posts and award the PP.

(Admins & Mods do not earn PP, so, sorry my friends, we do not qualify for this. Temps, however, can still earn PP.)

◒ Staff Mod Posts

For every mod post that staff make during the month of August, we will get one "ticket" for a raffle that will be done at the end of the month. Thread closing posts do count; official OOC posts (like this one) do not count; admin posts in character indexes do not count. At the end of the month, four "tickets" will be RNG'd. Winners will get a TM of choice; however if one person wins multiple times, all consecutive prizes will be changed to Love Balls so that one person doesn't get a bunch of TMs if the RNG decides they love them. We should also keep track of our posts in this thread.

(Temps can participate in this.)

 Posted: Aug 1 2017, 01:43 AM


Terrene Yearbook

A couple cheesier events with small randomized rewards, this is a great way to both reminisce on the adventures of some of our older, active characters as well as laugh about, discuss, compare, and so forth the quirks of our characters. Look for the threads in the Member Chat forum to join the discussion and to nominate your character for one or more of the titles! There are a lot of them, so I think that every character could potentially win at least one!

The player has to nominate their own character- this ensures that only active players and characters are winning the rewards, and we're not just throwing prizes at characters who may or may not ever return to appreciate and use the prize. Your characters have to have been approved in order to be eligible, but they don't have to be finished with their starter yet.

We might add some questions later on if these are all answered really quickly, so that we can keep the discussions going and prizes flowing! If you have some suggestions for possible questions, you can PM them to me and I might use some of them if we end up needing more.

◒ Who's Best?

These are questions styled like, "Who has the most ___?" This is aimed to reward our long-standing players and characters that have participated in many things. There can be multiple winners if there are ties for certain titles. The prizes will be given out at the end of the month. HERE is the link to the thread where you can read the titles up for grabs, nominate your characters, and discuss!

◒ Most Likely To...

These are titles that anyone can win, really, from the newest to the oldest, because they are mostly based around personalities! These will likely take a lot of discussion and voting from many different people, because these are not black/white yes/no questions like the "Who's Best?" questions are. I am willing to accept two-way ties, but no more than that, so for many of these there might be hearty debate! Keep things friendly or you and all of your characters will be banned from winning anything. Prizes will be given out at the end of the month. HERE is the link to the thread where you can nominate your characters and discuss/debate the winners!

 Posted: Aug 1 2017, 01:50 AM


Quest Contribution

◒ Plan Future Quests!

Want to be entered into a raffle to win a TM of choice, evolution item of choice, or held item of choice (except, no EXP held items)? Of course you do, because we all love goodies.

As you've likely surmised already, to be entered in to the raffle, you have to craft a quest suggestion for us! We would like to have more quests available for your characters to participate in, but we're running dry on ideas for them, so... help us, help you.

There are just a few little guidelines and suggestions that need to be mentioned. First off, you can submit up to five quests. A mere couple of sentences will not suffice as a viable suggestion- each quest suggestion must actually be well thought out, having AT LEAST one plump, full, delicious paragraph describing the quest. More than that is preferable, however. Three or even four paragraphs is ideal. You can suggest restrictions or rewards for the quest, if you like, but that is not required. Also, we (the staff) reserve the right to edit and tweak your quest suggestions.

Post all quest suggestions in THIS THREAD, please!

At the end of the month, four "tickets" will be RNG'd to determine the winners. You will only be able to win once!

 Posted: Aug 4 2017, 02:56 PM


Saint Judas
 Posted: Aug 6 2017, 02:13 PM

Idle Staff

Post 1 A tale of Thumbelina (and Dottie)
Post 2 Irrelevant
Post 3 Spoonful of Sugar
Post 4 | 5 Poofing into existence
Post 6 Onwards!
Posts 7 | 8 It takes Balls to come to me
Post 9 Fraidy Cat
Post 10 Inspection of the Strange
Post 11 | 12 I have to hurry
Post 13 Too early for this

*not necessarily in timeline order by posts

 Posted: Aug 6 2017, 05:53 PM


Counting my posts made during the month of August:

Paul's dev "The Waking": 1 Post

Paul's travel thread "On the Grasshopper and Cricket": 2 Posts

Cynthia's travel thread "Travel Light": 1 Post

Total: 4 IC Posts

 Posted: Aug 6 2017, 09:11 PM



Ridley's Striking panic: Posts #4

[Kaien: Counted 5 for Striking Panic!]


Samantha's Rocky Start: Posts #1

 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 07:08 AM


sneaky sneak 1 post (finished)
heat exhaustion 1 post (finished)
everything lost 1 post (finished)
eggcellent bonding 1 post (finished)
stitches 1 post (finished)
everything lost 1 post (finished)
heat haze daze 1 post (finished)
weaklings 1 post (finished)
humidity 1 post (finished)
a greater calling 5 posts (finished)
something greater 4 posts (finished)
bark bark 1 post (finished)
fishy 5 posts (finished)
pride for presence 1 post (finished)
murderous meteor 1 post (finished)
just the beginning 1 post (finished)
nina... 5 posts (finished)
splash training 1 post (finished)
bubbles not for play 1 post (finished)
whistle while you work 1 post (finished)
to show you care 1 post (finished)


end times 4 posts (ongoing)
grasshopper & cricket 2 posts (ongoing)
step along the way 2 posts (ongoing)
slime of our lives 1 post (ongoing)
gimme the goods 1 post (ongoing)
finally 1 post (ongoing)


running total: 46

 Posted: Aug 15 2017, 02:53 PM


Proving Competence - Six August Posts

Best-Laid Plans - Two August Posts

Wow This Actually Sucks a Lot - Four August Posts

Reality and Fantasy - Thirteen August Posts

A Step Along the Way - Three August Posts

How to Show You Care - Nine August Posts

Return from the War - Three August Posts

It's Like Falling Asleep - Five August Posts

To New Beginnings - Five August Posts

No Time Like the Present - One August Post

In-Character Current Total: 51

Didn't Learn Your Lesson - Nine Posts

Staff Current Total: 9

 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 07:38 AM


  • Striking Panic - 6 posts [ONGOING]
  • A Web of Memories - 1 post [ONGOING]
  • It's Too Darn Hot - 2 posts [FINISHED]
  • Proving Competence - 7 posts [FINISHED]
  • I Need to go Help - 2 posts [FINISHED]
  • Desert Drama - 2 posts [FINISHED]
  • A Little Research - 1 post [ONGOING]
  • Shimmering Mirage - 2 posts [FINISHED]
  • Vein Popping Out - 1 post [ONGOING]
  • Heat Heat Daze - 1 Post [FINISHED]
  • Rite of Passage - 1 post [ONGOING]
  • The Medic - 1 post [FINISHED]
  • Freedom Comes With a Price - 1 post [FINISHED]
  • Steel One's Heart - 1 post [ONGOING]
  • End of a Miracle - 4 posts [FINISHED]
  • Onwards! - 2 posts [ONGOING]
  • Reality and Fantasy - 1 post [FINISHED]
  • Bubble are not for play - 1 post [ONGOING]
  • No Good Deed - 1 post [ONGOING]
  • Didn't Learn Your Lesson - 1 post [FINISHED]
  • Oh Balls - 3 posts [FINISHED]
  • I Have To Hurry - 3 posts [ONGOING]
  • It's Like Falling Asleep - 5 posts [FINISHED]
  • Trapped - 2 posts [ONGOING]
Running Total: 52


 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 11:51 AM


Desk Lamp
 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 04:47 PM


bio :: user posted image :: tracker
bio :: user posted image :: tracker
 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 08:11 PM


Rewards - Posts

Wowza! You all posted a total 228 posts in August! Great job. And as promised, here are the PP rewards for everyone. You can edit this into your current post or add a new post to this thread.

Chaos - 70 PP
Kira - 25 PP
Desk Lamp - 8 PP
AjSol - 5 PP
Drakka - 3 PP
Rixie - 2 PP

◒ Mod Raffle

Staff, we also get to pat ourselves on the backs. We had a total of 125 Mod posts in the month of August! That's an average of 4 mod posts every day. As promised, I will draw 4 winners for the raffle, and each winner gets a TM of their choice, for the character of their choice. If you win more than once, the second or further prize will be a love ball.

And the RNG says...

Ticket 71!
Kaien! wait what You get 1 TM of your choice.

Ticket 54!
Kira! You get 1 TM of your choice.

Ticket 79!
Jani! You get 1 TM of your choice.

Ticket 105!
Kaien! You get a love ball.

Congratulations to everyone!! Please post in the MOD REQUEST with the TM of your choice to claim your prize!

 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 08:12 PM


Rewards - Terrene Yearbook

Fresh off the press, Terrene's first yearbook! Funny photos, serious photos, and a lot of memories to look back on during Terrene's first year as a site. It was great to see everyone voting and discussing who won what titles, and who would most likely do some of the best and most hilarious things in the new world. Let's take a look at the victors!

◒ Who's Best?

    1. Who has the single highest-leveled Pokemon (excluding canons, sorry Lucine~)?
    Shae! You win a Fluffy Tail!

    2. Who has the most Pokemon in their team?
    Shae & Shadow! You both win an Ether!

    3. Who has visited the most areas in Terrene?
    Andrew! You win a Rage Candy Bar!

    4. Who has completed the most topics?
    Shadow! You win a Yellow Flute!

    5. Who has the most enemies?
    Beta! You win Crater City!

    6. Who has the most friends?
    Shae! You win an Old Gateau!

    7. Who has met the most player characters?
    Samantha! You win a Poke Toy!

    8. Who has completed the most socials?
    Omega! You win some metal!

    9. Who has completed the most devs?
    Shadow! You win a Love Ball!

    10. Who has completed the most quests?
    Shae! You win a Full Incense!

    11. Who has the Pokemon with the highest loyalty?
    Shadow! You win a PokeDoll!

    12. Who is the most literally and actually insane?
    Paul! You win a Poke Toy!

    13. Who has the least amount of money?
    Cynthia! You win a Black Flute!

    14. Who has had the most intense brush with death (in Terrene, not the Sufferverse)?
    Dick! You win a Cleanse Tag!

    15. Who has failed the most capture attempts (befriending attempts count)?
    Shadow! You win a Lava Cookie!

    16. Who has completed the longest thread (number of posts)?
    Samantha! You win a Big Malasada!

    17. Who has completed the longest thread (word count)?
    Shae! You win an Everstone!

    18. Who has killed the most Pokemon?
    Samantha & Fleet! You both win a Pure Incense!

    19. Who has saved the most Pokemon from impending death?
    Samantha! You win an Ether!

◒ Most Likely To...

    a. Who is most likely to get killed, either because they make too many enemies or through sheer stupidity?
    Ri! You win Heal Powder to help with the condition!

    b. Who is most likely to take over Terrene, whether good-intentioned or ill-intentioned?
    Arshia! You win an Ether to burn it all to the ground!

    c. Who is most likely to visit every single area on Terrene?
    Samantha! You win a Full Incense for your full efforts exploring every rock!

    d. Who is most likely to be a homebody and never leave their starting city?
    Ridley! You win an Everstone since you'll never change!

    e. Who is most likely to set up a bakery and sell the most delicious baked goods Terrene has ever known, winning everyone's love and admiration for all eternity?
    Judas! You win a Lava Cookie you baker you!

    f. Who is most likely to hit on every single character they come across?
    Paul! You win Honey for playing sweet with everyone!

    g. Who is most likely to become Terrene's Ebeneezer Scrooge?
    Hyaska! You win an Old Gateau for your old and sour personality!

    h. Who is most likely to catch a hundred Pokemon and (re)invent the circus, bearded lady included?
    Shae! You win a PokeDoll to go with all those exotic creatures!

    i. Who is most likely to die the lamest death (and what would it be)?
    Cynth! You win Stable Mulch to help bury your body!

    j. Who is most likely to have to fake their death (and why)?
    Shadow! You win a Black Flute to play at your own funeral!

    k. Who is most likely to get married, have children, and live the stereotypical happily ever after?
    Cynth! You win a Poke Toy for your future kids to play with!

    l. Who is most likely to catch the first Dragon?
    Arshia! You win a Pure Incense because the dragon would accept no less!

    m. Who is most likely to get slapped right across their face, and totally deserve it?
    Fleet! You win a Red Flute to match the color of your cheek after that smack!

    n. Who is most likely to accidentally kill their friend by telling a joke so hilarious that their friend couldn't stop laughing and suffocated?
    Dentelle! You win a bunch of eggs because your special comedy give birth to new life!

    o. Alternatively, who is most likely to accidentally kill their friend by telling a pun so terrible (read: amazing) that their brain imploded?
    Ri! You win a Rage Candy Bar because your puns cause all the rage!

    p. Who is the most likely to be Terrene's Beyonce?
    Shae! You win Energy Powder to aid all that you got going on!

    q. Who is the most likely to be the Luigi to someone else's Mario (ie, the underrated sidekick and never the hero)?
    Cynth & Ridley! You both win a Fluffy Tail for being an accessory to someone else!

    r. Who is the most likely to star in a dev thread that will be so emotional it will make everyone cry?
    Ridley! You win a Big Malasada as comfort food!

    s. Who are the most likely to get together and stay together? (Either romantically or BFFs, obviously there are two winners for this question.)
    Arshia & Zahir! You both win a Love Ball as a token of your undying friendship!

Congratulations to all the winners!!

 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 08:13 PM


Rewards - Quest Contribution

Everybody loves having quests to complete, and your efforts in helping up drum up more is the best. We appreciate all the suggested quests you all submitted - in fact, a lot of them are already in use. As promised, we will be drawing 4 raffle tickets, with each player only winning once.

HOLD THE PHONES! It seems that the numbers came back - Since only 4 players submitted quest suggestions, that means you ALL GET PRIZES! Kira, Desk Lamp, Rixie, and Chaos, you all get a TM of choice, evolution item of choice, OR held item of choice (except, no EXP held items). Please post in the MOD REQUEST to claim your reward!

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