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 Forgotten, [Various Oneshots]
 Posted: Oct 20 2017, 06:43 PM


The words kept playing like a broken record. Words of impending doom and death. Run. Go hide. There's no hope. Pitch black clouds covered the sky, disaster being brought with it. Rocks crashed down. Everything was being destroyed. Frostbitten songs flew in the wind. The wind was howling loudly and people were screaming to be freed. Still, the words still ran loud and clear.

"Welcome to the end. Welcome to the end. Welcome to-"

Lilith jumped as the vision of her bedroom appeared, the fear of her dream making her hesitate to assume this was reality. The girl curled up on her bed and wrapped her arms around her legs, crying from fear and the happiness that she was alive. A while of this passed and Lilith quickly shifted out of bed, making a break for it down the hallway. She bust open the door to her parents and crawled into her parents bed, hugging her mother. "M-mommy, are you awake?"
".. Y-yeah, sweetie? What is it?"
"I had a scary dream. I don't want to be alone."
"... I could send Rosy to lie down with you, or you can stay with me."
"I want to stay with you."
"Okay. Sweet dreams, little Lily."


Lilith arose from the bed to find that her mother and Cream, the family Delcatty, was missing. The small girl immediately started to panick and sprung from the sheets and blankets. She fell harshly on the floor and burst to the kitchen. Warm scents of pancakes filled her senses. At the stove, Lilith's mother was flipping pancakes in a pan.

"Good morning, mom. You made pancakes? Thank you!" Lilith's eyes grew wide with delight as she leapt to a seat at the nearby table. "Well, it is your special day, sweetie." The smile on Alexandra Baker's face was unforgettable. Lilith smiled and waited patiently for the tasty flapjacks. "... Do they have chocolate chips?" She smiled sheepishly. Her mother snickered and flopped breakfast onto a plate. "Do pidgeys fly?" The young girl smiled greatly and quickly took the plate.

The girl practically inhaled the pancakes on her plate. Lilith laughed and went to the living room. "Rosy? You here? It's breakfast time!" She called into the room before sitting at the kitchen table once again. The cream and purple cat came into the room yawning and took her place sitting by Alexandra.

A honk came from outside, nearly sending the coffee Lilith's mother was holding to the ground. "Your father must be back from his trip." The woman smiled, watching in pride as her daughter rapidly sped to the door and opened it. As soon as the handsome dark-skinned man stepped out of the car, he was attacked by a child with hugs. "Daddy! You're home! Me and Mommy missed you a lot!" Lilith cried in delight.

Donnie Baker chuckled and ruffled the young girl's black hair. "Happy birthday sweetie. I got you a present on my trip." He reached in his bag and pulled out a pokeball, pink and pale yellow coating shining brightly. "Caught this in the mountains. Thought it'd give you many gifts." Lilith took the pokeball and nodded to her father. She ran into a bigger section of the front yard and tossed the pokeball.

Inside contained a big red penguin, white fluff covering its face and stomach. Blue's eyes widened and she immediately attached herself to the pokemon in a big hug. "Yeeeeeee, thanks dad! So much!" She almost cried as she released herself and smiled in greeting to the somewhat confused penguin. "Hello! I'm Lilith! What's your name?" The bird remained silent, but smiled along with the child. "Um, right, you can't speak. How about I call ya Nickolas?" Once the delibird nodded, Lilith jumped in the air and rolled around in the grass. Her parents laughed and started catching up with each other, leaving their daughter to conversate with the penguin. "Aaah, so what do you like? Are you from the mountains? I love the mountains!"

It felt great in these moments to be happy with her family and new partner.

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