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The biggest event of the season- of the year, even- is the Anniversary Fair, and it is here again! We have a scary story contest. Our plot events are still going strong.


Autumn will be here until December. All of Terrene is cooling by degrees; those in Ashfield scarcely notice because it never truly gets cold there, though they will notice the decreased rains and humidity. Winds pick up, particularly in the southern areas. Ghost types are more common this season.







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Oct 15 2017, 05:44 PM
Fox found that at night... He wasn't too interested in actually sleeping. It was never simply a matter of laying down his head and closing his eyes. Instead he found himself unable to lose consciousness. Perhaps he disliked the vulnerability of unconsciousness. It was more difficult to pin down than that. The fact was... That Fox disliked sleeping and found himself simply laying in his bed. Or he'd look to Pawniard, who came every night without fail. He'd learned the creatures name by subtly prodding Leo, attempting to learn and expand his vocabulary. It was nice to have a name he supposed, even if the name was the name of the species and not of a specific individual. Regardless, the Pawniard came every night. They couldn't converse, so largely it was staring into each other's eyes, studying the other's body language. There wasn't much else to do. Though, Fox still wondered the reasoning behind Pawniard's motivation.

This night, the sky was clear, unlike the night he'd arrived in Ashfield City. The night was illuminated by the faintly glowing moon, dim enough for him to see it, as opposed to the infinitely blinding sun. He appreciated the lack of blinding light forcing him to close his eyes. He climbed out of the window of his room, the room that had become his during his thus far short time with the man Leo Virtue. He dropped onto the ground beneath the window and began walking. He'd been keeping the clothes given to him by Leo, though he'd taken his now dried headband and tied it around his head as how he'd come into this world. He liked his headband. He was more willing to let go of his other clothes, at least for little night ventures.

He wanted to go into the forest. Why? Well, the reason why he hadn't immediately gone to explore was the danger that it posed, according to Leo. Fox had initially no reason to go out and risk his life needlessly. However... The forest gave important information. Practical knowledge. Of what it was like. Fox didn't want to leave any gaps in his knowledge, and thus he needed to know the forest firsthand. The dangers and quirks of the forest. All of it. So, this is why he took a small risk, that was in no way calculated. As he left the city, crossing the threshold into the forest, he noticed he was joined by Pawniard. Hm. As he walked further, glancing down at Pawniard, who seemed to want to lead, walking in front of Fox, he began to think. Thanks to Leo, he was aware of the superstition and fear regarding dark-types, such as Pawniard. He supposed it explained by Pawniard only came at night. The dark/steel-type was extremely reluctant to be around humans, and wouldn't want to come during the day. Though, why it bothered to come at all was still a mystery. He still wanted to know. Unknown motives, unknown variables, they unsettled him.

Regardless, little would be solved by endless speculation. All that was happening right now, was Fox going deeper into the forest with every step.
Oct 14 2017, 04:22 PM
((Goal: Get used to writing Fox, get him a house/job and introduce Pawniard/Argen. Given Fox and Pawniard/Argen's personalities... I imagine there won't really be any bonding for a bit... The little guarded weirdos not wanting to make friends on sight and all that :U

It wasn't any single droplet that woke him up. He was already soaking wet as he began to rouse from his unconsciousness, feeling the rain pour down on him, streaming along his skin, soaking ever deeper into his clothes. When his eyes slowly opened, he fiercely closed them again, uninterested in allowing the droplets hit his bare eyeball. Reaching out with an arm to support himself, he could feel the grass beneath him, his fingers pushing into the ground between blades of grass. He pushed himself onto his side, and then he began to open his eyes for the second time. His eyes opened to an underwhelming gray, fuzzy image of his surroundings, blurred by the rain falling from a stale, cloudy sky. He cast a brief glance upwards, seeing gray expanding in all directions. He took a deep breath. He needed to know where he was. He turned his head, training his eyes best he could on his surroundings. He recognized nothing. Not this rainy field of grass, the thick trees that towered high beyond the clearing. He knew for a fact that he was in an unfamiliar place and that he'd been unconscious for a while. In short, he was somewhat helpless and completely blindsided. This couldn't remain the case. He would need to regain his bearings and be sure that his unconsciousness hadn't been the case of a threat. He rather disliked the idea of waking up to only find himself in real danger because he'd pissed somebody off. Why? Strangely, he couldn't recall.

He knew of why he might piss somebody off. He'd taken something they convinced belonged to them, and that made it impossible to steal. They didn't like how he behaved like someone looking to live instead of someone willing to martyr themselves. How he believed most people to be fools. Honestly, there were many reasons. His problem was that he couldn't recall exactly. Missing information: It irked him that he didn't know something, especially when it pertained to him importantly. He didn't care about a lot of things. The world's problems, other peoples' problems... His own? Yes, since they were his problems he cared a lot. He liked living, and not by a thread. Regardless, sitting here and musing over his apparent memory gap did nothing to benefit him. It wasted his time, and time was precious. Every second counted, if you used it right. He used his arms to support him as he rose to his feet. He took one last look around the clearing.

He was completely alone. Yet... There was something niggling in the back of his mind, causing the hairs on the back of his neck to rise, in spite of the rain. He narrowed his eyes as he scanned the clearing harder. Nothing. Nothing was there. He was excessively paranoid and he could only act on what was actually there. He began walking, finding a path away from the clearing through the rain.

He walked down the dirty path, muddier and with less grass, likely from far too many people trampling up and down this way. The mud stuck to his shoes and he could feel the extra mass clinging to his footwear. It didn't matter too much. If he took the time to scrape it off, more mud would replace the scraped off mud.

He shivered, trying to bite down the urge to chatter his teeth. He was... Cold. He was cold. It was almost surely because of the rain. He was unaware of when the rain started and how long he'd been unconscious, but it'd been long enough for him to become soaked down to the bone. It was... Not unreasonable to think that he'd manage to become rather cold in that time.

He needed to find shelter or the quiet downpour of the rain might be the last noise he'd hear as he wilted away quietly.
Oct 12 2017, 05:12 PM
@Saint Judas ((The social for Ri and Judas :UUUU))

[egg post 2]

Ri was taking a snack break from all the crowds, and the social interaction here and there. She'd gone off into the forest to nab some berries or something to eat, and was coming back to the clearing, an egg-carrying basket held in each hand by the handle. She debated over trying to check out some more highlights of the fair and braving the crowds, or lurking around the edges again and maybe saying hi if she sees Bird or something. She really wasn't sure. It was entirely possible there'd be something interesting like the mystery crate thing. Then again, she was running low on tokens. She probably couldn't afford anything.

So, shuffling around the background of the fair seemed to be the plan by default. She began to walk around the barest edge of the clearing, peering off into the crowd, curious to see if she'd see any familiar faces. Mostly she was seeing if Shadow or Bird were around. Sure, Cynthia, Shae, and Elka all counted as familiar faces as well... But she'd prefer to see Shadow or Bird again than the other three. Especially Shae, ugh.
Oct 12 2017, 04:34 PM
@Saint Judas ((Here's the social for Ri and Cheers :P))

[egg post 1]

Ri adjusted both baskets carrying eggs on her arm, feeling ever so slightly awkward. Perhaps she should've tried harder to resist and just... Have kept walking. However, now she was stuck actually holding the handle of one of the baskets, with the other basket dangling from her elbow, holding both baskets with one arm more or less. She was trying to be careful and not get caught in large crowds, skirting around the edges of the fair. She doubted she'd be able to resist dropping everything and punching someone out, if they bumped into her and the eggs fell to the ground and broke.

So, best to avoid any scenario where that might happen. She hadn't had the eggs for too long, but she wasn't too interested in allowing any harm to come to them already. Venom seemed a little curious, but Ri firmly made it clear they were not for eating. She didn't feel like she had to worry about Sai's possible motivations. She sighed, and slumped to the ground, sitting down on the ground, away from any crowds.

This was alright, actually.
Oct 5 2017, 06:56 PM
Kira stuffed some ham into her mouth, having rolled up a strip of ham to fit it in her mouth. She sat at her computer, though technically it was a family computer she used it the most, with headphones that were slowly falling apart on her head. She listened to music, blocking out everything else. She mindlessly searched through various comics and stories and videos she always loved to watch. Even if she'd gone over them a million times over before. She glanced towards the digital clock in the corner of her screen and winced. 11:48pm. She'd stayed up later than she'd meant, and somehow neither of her parents had come to tell her that it was time to go to sleep already. She grabbed her cellphone off the desk and shoved it into the pocket of her turquoise hoodie. She always wore this hoodie when at home, finding it comfortable and cool-looking. She enjoyed the additional pockets as well, that didn't press against her body.

She stepped carefully, best she could so as to not alert her parents to her status as most definitely not in bed and asleep, trying to hurry up the stairs quietly. She supposed it was a blessing that school nights weren't really a thing anymore, school having been cancelled for months, because of the whole no one knew if the massive storm of chaos would hit their area. Other areas had it worse. Kira could recall exactly one short period of chaotic winds that uprooted trees and pouring acid from the skies, but other than that... Things were largely normal aside from the occasional time loops that repeated a day here and there. Mostly, they didn't change much because everyone went through them. But, well... School wasn't a thing. They didn't like taking chances apparently, especially since she heard there were earthquakes and stuff elsewhere, according to the news. She was pretty sure that was the case. She didn't pay much attention to the news really, finding it way too depressing in an entirely real way that sucked.

She walked into her small bathroom that was right next to her room in the hallway, and eyed the mirror. Absentmindedly, she wished there was a chance to bleach the ends of her dark, straight hair. She always thought her hair looked kinda... Boring actually. Mostly. Anyways, she decided against brushing her teeth before bed because she hated the taste the toothpaste left in her mouth. She took off her jacket and held her phone in hand, leaving her jacket on top of some... Wooden thing she used to hold her jackets. It wasn't a coat stand or anything, it was a different shape. She had no idea what to call it. She yawned involuntarily, and slipped under her bed covers, leaving her phone in a small space below her mattress. She liked having her phone close, but easily hidden in case her parents suddenly stomped into her room.

She decided to just go to sleep, or try to without music. Letting out a relieved groan as she turned onto her back, her spine getting a much needed break from it's day job, and closed her eyes in the darkness. She really hoped she didn't have a weird dream like the horse sin dream from several nights ago.....
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