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Dec 7 2017, 03:16 PM
After Ri's last venture into the tunnels... It was better than two of the early, slightly disastrous forays into the unknown where Venom was completely knocked out.... But still a little... It had ended with both Venom and Sai fairly beat up. So, she was kind of hoping that her future tunnel ventures would be more... Relaxed maybe? At least, if Venom instigated violence as he usually did, he'd be able to handle it better. Venom had clearly needed Sai's help in that mess, and well.... She wondered how he was handling it. She might not be able to directly talk to the Seviper, but she got the gist of his personality: pretty damn prideful. It probably centered around his strength and ability to kill his enemies. Lovely concept, honestly.

Anyways, here the redhead was, going back into the tunnels with her borrowed pickaxe. Her pokemon that could move on their own followed behind her, and Yuki was in her basket, held by Ri's free hand. She really hoped nothing that ate babies was lurking deeper within this tunnel... But really, you never knew. She wouldn't presume that wasn't something equally as murderous as the snake in her company... Since, it was a tiny bit hit and miss on what wild pokemon would prove to be somewhat diplomatic and which were... Kinda aggressive. You really couldn't tell or predict, so Ri figured that it was best to expect the worst and not dare hope. Well, that and watch for signs of violent behavior.

With the quiet chatter spoken in the language of pokemon behind her, Ri walked forward, watching ahead to see if any pokemon would materialize.
Nov 20 2017, 03:07 PM
Ri was ready to dive back into the tunnels again, to see if she could find more of that metal. Not to help, even if it was a side-effect. She was bored, and it was something interesting to do. Anyways, here she was, borrowed pickaxe swinging by her side, walking into the tunnels with various pokemon by her side. Venom, Sai, and Arashi were all moving on their own. Yuki.... Was being as heavy as ever in her basket held by Ri's other arm.

The pickaxe and Seel were both rather heavy, and Ri was pretty sure most of her workout was carrying Yuki around. Arashi wasn't this heavy and she was a little older. Ri really wanted to know why the Seel was so much heavier, ugh.

Anyways, she really hoped nothing that ate babies would jump out at her. Last time she was here.... Nothing too bad happened, really. Sai had been considerably weaker than Venom at the time, but now she was more capable. Hopefully Sai and Venom could assist in avoiding the death or severe injury of Yuki and Arashi.

Er, Sai was more likely to help. Venom seemed to be going through a mood, similar to the time when Sai joined up but.... Worse. Yeesh. Was Venom possessive and jealous? Ri wasn't entirely sure, and she didn't really want to assume.... So, she mostly just tried to treat them all as she usually did. A lot nicer than almost anyone else, really.
Nov 20 2017, 02:55 PM
Honestly, Ri felt like she'd been traveling for much longer than she actually had been. Still, it looked like Ri's current destination was almost within reach. Though, she was planning to head back to Ashfield after her.... Time in the mountains was done and over with. She wasn't really interested in going to Oasis. She heard they were a bit... Prickly there to her sort of people. Crater City was really weird and gave her the creeps. At least in Ashfield she could be left alone to sleep in the alleyways.

Anyways, here she was on the edge of the mountains.... Still kind of staring at her map, hoping it would her not travel into a dead end, off a cliff, into a cave system from which she would never return.... Anyways, she was kind of.... Holding the map with one hand since she had to carry Yuki's basket in the other. Yuki was pretty heavy, actually.

Arashi could walk.... For now.... Until she got tired and they'd all have to take a break probably, since Ri can't carry both of them. Arashi and Yuki were both decently heavy on their own. Together? The redhead's arms would probably snap off in full honesty. Meanwhile, Sai was also a baby, and Venom didn't have arms so they couldn't be helpful.

Anyways, here she was.... Walking on.... Trying to get to this Omega guy's camp.
Nov 16 2017, 06:12 AM
((Let us pray Ri does not get overcharged too much :UUUU))

Ri was pretty sure she'd need more supplies to get to where she wanted in the mountains. She didn't want to run out and die of starvation up there. That'd be rather.... Unpleasant. She wasn't sure exactly, but she was pretty sure dying of starvation was kinda slow and painful. Anyways, that's why she needed more supply packs.

She didn't know exactly where to go, being unfamiliar with Crater City, and not having done much to become more familiar.... But she did eventually find a travel supplies merchant person. She resisted the urge to annoy them with excessive casual behavior, shoving her hands into her pockets. "So, uh.... How much would three supply packs be?" She asked.
Nov 9 2017, 09:03 PM
Ri had been spending some time wandering around the fair with the little lamb- Er... Blue. She'd pretty much had her fill of squandering tokens, after blowing it on.... Ah... Liberating the yellow and blue eggs she now carried around in baskets from that vendor stall.... Well, there'd been that mystery crate thing she'd spent 150 tokens on. For now she was.... Well.... Spending time with the person who well... Perhaps she felt most comfortable with. Even if she was hesitant to say she was comfortable with another human.

Anyways, in the process of wandering around, Ri and her fair companion had passed by the jousting area, where.... Well.... Basically what happened was that as she passed it, grimacing at the show of strength. She... Figured it was possible that some of the pokemon were down with the competition, though she couldn't help but think of the possibility of people forcing pokemon to joust anyway even if they didn't want to. Er, Venom seemed to be in the first boat, staring intently across the rope barrier at the somewhat violent competition. Then started to stare at her. Very, very intently. It was pretty damn obvious what he was doing, and well.... He'd never really tried to beg like this. She didn't stand a chance.

She swore. Then she turned to Blue and scratched behind her neck. ".... Er, so.... Venom looks like he wants to do that joust thing. I'd feel better if he... Went against on of your's. If that's alright with you..." She almost winced at how awkward and weird she phrased her words. She could only hope Blue didn't notice and just agreed already, so Venom could work out his pent-up frustration.

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