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Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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Dec 12 2017, 06:51 PM
It was a quiet morning as Victor woke that day. Of course, the reason for this was because he was now sleeping in a tent on the outskirts of the city. Ghost was sleeping next to him and didn’t seem to be ready to wake. Victor wouldn't bother her about it but she was a snorer and it was kind of loud. He thought it was funny more than annoying.

Opening the tent, Victor peeked his head out. He looked at the extinguished campfire for a moment before crawling out. The fair was over so there wasn’t really a reason for him to rush into the city. Victor looked out toward the open field. He was just admiring the peaceful setting as he inhaled the morning air of the forest.

It wasn’t long before a strange object caught his eye. Victor peered out into the distance not sure if it was a pokemon hiding in the grass. The object actually looked more box shaped as he stared at it. He looked back at the tent, seeing ghost curled up inside safely. He was sure he could go see what the object was without worry about them. Even the egg he had would be okay for a few moments.

Victor quickly darted over to the box to pick it up. There didn’t seem to be anyone nearby who it belonged to. The trainer bent down to grab and observe it. It appeared to be tightly sealed and covered in teeth marks. Was there food inside? He shook the box but couldn’t really tell what it was. The trainer just decided to bring it back to his tent and open it there.
Dec 12 2017, 06:01 PM
(Egg post 3)

It was a late night as in Ashfield city. Victor had managed to purchase himself and tent and fire starter from the anniversary fair. He no longer needed to sleep in the alley ways of the city. The trainer had a camp set up on the outskirts of Ashfield. It was better for him to be away from others.

Standing by a fire he set up, he occasionally checked in on the egg he had purchased. Victor typically stayed up later than the time he set up camp. It felt peaceful to look up at the night sky with his pokemon. Though, tonight the budew and ledyba were in their pokeballs. Ghost, however stood by him. She didn’t like to sleep before he did. The trainer looked down at the white vulpix who had been staring at him. He smiled before kneeling down to pet her.

“You really should get some rest, girl,” he spoke softly to her. She caressed his hand as she yipped. She couldn’t stand the heat of the campfire, but she enjoyed the warmth that came with her trainers touch. “Well I guess if neither of us are sleeping, we could get some practice in,” said Victor enthusiastically. Ghost didn’t get to use her Moon Blast often and could use some practice focusing the move.

The two stood in their training positions preparing the move. Ghost faced away from the camp to avoid accidentally hitting anything. Victor always made sure she only fired into the open field. “Alright, Ghost! Moon Blast!” Victor called out.

The little fox held her mouth open as pink energy collected in front of her. An orb formed before she fired away. The orb blast forward lighting up the area they were in before it faded. The shot didn't get very far and it wasn’t as large as it could have been. “Not bad, but I guess that’s why we practice, right?” The trainer spoke to the little fox. She yipped in response to her trainer.

Ghost - "Am strong!"

Dec 6 2017, 05:53 PM
[Travelling to the Crying Plateau with Sonia]
[Egg post 1]

With the festival over and supplies packed up, Victor was ready to make his trip through the forest. He wanted to explore the Crying Plateau and knew that in order to get there he'd have to pass through the great forest. It was bright and early in the morning. The wanderer wanted to get plenty of daylight out on the road.

Standing at the exit of Ashfield City, Victor looked down at his fox who seemed excited to see what was out there. They duo had been through the forest before and didn't get far. It's where they found Wisp and where Spirit was from. Victor thought about keeping the pokemon in their pokeballs as he traversed through the woods, but he thought this could be a good chance to bond more with them.

Spirit hovered close by with his arms crossed. He didn't bother giving any attention to the trainer or the others but he was anxious to get back to the forest. He missed the smell and temperature. Also, he knew how much swarms liked to attack random trainers and he was looking for a good fight. It’s why he decided to stick with the human anyway.

The little seedling Victor called Wisp was gripped tightly in his arms. The trainer figured it was a good idea to allow him to get plenty of the morning sun. Wisp basked as he sat comfortably with his eyes closed. Victor wondered how he would handle returning to the woods. It seemed he was used to being hunted before they found him. Maybe, they’d run into that Lickitung again.

Even with the confidence Victor felt in his pokemon, he wottied about the egg he purchased at the festival. He had it packed in his bag so that bit would stay warm. Wandering into the forest meant predators would take interest in a good meal. Victor couldn't wait to find out what was going to hatch and Wisp couldn't wait to no longer be the youngest.

“Come on team, let’s get going,” he said optimistically. Before anymore time was wasted, Victor gave the city one more look with his pokemon before walking away. Ghost and Spirit followed behind him as the city became further away. Victor and his team found themselves at the entrance of the forest. He let out a deep sigh. He didn’t know why he hesitated to enter.
Nov 22 2017, 04:47 PM
[Looking for an opponent around Ghost's level. Lv.6]

Victor had finished purchasing supplies. He had spent about half his money and figured he could use more. He was aware the fair had multiple activities and ways to earn some cheap items or giveaways so he continued looking around. Besides Ghost, his other pokemon were in their balls resting still. He heard a crowd of people gathered up, cheering and booing. Victor wondered what it was about, so he decided to investigate.

Pushing through the crowd, the wanderer saw what the commotions was about. Trainers were having their pokemon joust. It wasn't dangerous of anything. They didn't seem to be trying to hurt each other as much as they were trying to knock each other over. It seemed like a friendly competition and thought it was a good way for his pokemon to train.Ghost hopped up onto his shoulder and stared at the pokemon jousting.

"What do you think, girl? Want to go for it?" he asked the little fox.

She yipped with excitement. She was always up for a game. All he had to do now was find an opponent. He looked around to see if anyone else seemed interesting in taking a shot, but he wasn't one to bother people.
Nov 18 2017, 04:45 PM
Victor had made it to the outskirts of town. He woke bright and early. The trainer had all the supplies need for travelling outside the city and he was just waiting for Sonia to catch up. The two weren't sure where they were going yet, but were going to discuss it soon. He figured he may as well let his pokemon out of their balls. The three pokemon materialized from the light that burst from the pokeballs.

Ghost the vulpix yawned loudly as she began stretching. She looked at her trainer who she was excited to see. She barked happily at him. He looked down and smiled. She wagged her tails in response.

Wisp the budew sprung from his ball in shock. He didn’t know what was happening, but the second he spotted his trainer he scurried over to his leg hugging him tightly. “Hold!” he squeaked. Victor bent over to pick him up and held the little seedling in his arms. Wisp relaxed as he felt the warm sunlight beaming on his face.

Spirit the ledyba hovered in the air looking disturbed. He preferred being able to rest a bit longer, but being out of his ball was a relief. The bug stared grumpily at his trainer. “What are we doing here?” He buzzed.

“Morning guys, had a good sleep I hope,” he said genuinely. “I figured since we’re going to be travelling today, we’ll need to start early. Make the most distance we can in a day.” Victor tried speaking with confidence. He wanted his pokemon to share his energy. “Why don’t you guys take some time to play before we head out. Who knows what we’ll be facing out there,”

Ghost offered for Spirit to come play with her,but the bug didn't seem interested. He turned his head to ignore her. Wisp however seemed to want to play. He wiggled in Victor’s arms yo let him down. Victor set him on the ground and the seedling chased after Ghost. The two ran in circles in the field. Victor approached Spirit who didn’t seem at all interested in conversation.

“I’m sure you’d prefer to train?” He asked the ledyba. Spirit looked to the human.

“What?” it buzzed.

Victor held out his hands palms open. “Come on. Hit me,” he said gesturing for the bug to punch his hands. Spirit smirked lightly. He punched softly at his trainers palm. “Oh come on, you can punch harder than that,” Victor teased. The bug punched harder and harder jabbing each palm. It was a fun way to pass the time.

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