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Jul 20 2018, 12:44 AM
It's back into somewhat familiar territory for Andy as Jade, Vicky and Jenny venture back into the forest outside Ashfield again, this trip being more for berries and the purposes of exploration than the pokemon encounters. The three pokemon being beside Andy for now, Jade on Andys left while Vicky is on the right, Jenny being on her usual perch on her sisters head after being let out of their balls

"I hope Shelmet is doing well."

"Does anyone besides the bugs know of our burrow?"

"Hmm I don't think so sis. I certainly hope demons don't know of the area." Vicky gulping as she said this.

I'm sure he is fine, he did say he could care for himself didn't he?" Jade would say smiling, the two bugs a bit worried about the armored bug they left the first time here.

Andy did have that on his head as well concerned a bit about the bug after splitting the trio of bugs up a day earlier, like splitting up a family of sorts. He could only really hope that the bug in fact could care for himself, he would feel awful if that bug met the fate that Jenny and Vicky almost did.

Least one thing was going well for them, it was still early in the day and they were alive in this wild world, that in itself was something to be happy about. Andy gazing around the forest looking for bushes that may contain berries.
Jul 17 2018, 01:47 AM
The trainer gave a heavy sigh as his 2nd day on Terraine began, so much had happened in the first and he was still processing it all from meeting Jade to venturing a unfamiliar forest to doing battle with a surly skunk--and barely getting out of it alive with help from a Venonat -- to befriending said gnat and her little adorable Jotik. "Wow, that first day was just...weird and scary really" he says now to the Joltik as the others were still asleep in their pokeballs.

The spider just nodding at him as he crawls around Andy's shoulder slowly obversing the city of Ashfield with a bit of trepidation, So this is a human swarm, they are so huge this just sounding like tiny little chittering to Andy, of which he almost couldnt hear due to how tiny the mon was.

I should take it easy today, maybe there are some odd jobs i can do around the city?" he wonders before heading to look for job postings, there were quite a few of these ranging from traveling unknown areas to pest control. "That should be easy enough " he smiles "and maybe we can get some training in and perhaps another friend? Maybe I'm asking too much but who knows" the notice saying that some pokemon were getting into the local food reserves and trying to clean them out this being in a sort of market for berries, "That sounds annoying to be sure."

With that Andy heads over to what looked lke a small farm leading to a fairly big barn and a fairly old lady that Andy figured was the owner of the place. "Hello, young man would you mind helping me with a pest issue? They are all scattered inside the barn, just please get them out before they start eating my berries." the lady sounding distraught about losing her inventory.

"Sure miss, we would be glad to help you out" he responds immedately getting a smile from her.

"Thank you young man." she replied letting Andy get inside the place but now before Jenny and Vicky were let out of the balls, both yawning as they were with the gnat being slightly annoyed. "Sorry guys but i need help with a pest problem."

"Can't a girl get some beauty sleep?" Vicky chirps blinking sand out of her eyes.

"Should be fairly simple" Andy thought "after all it was just little annoyances. Right?" .
Jul 15 2018, 02:51 PM
Just now noticed that compoundeyes had an effect outside of battle, an increase of 50% to the chance that any pokemon you encounter will be holding an item, provided that the pokemon with compoundeyes is leading the party. Is that effect used here, and if so , in what way?

Next question being about the move foresight. Does it have a outside of battle effect? (like a sort of scouting ahead for danger thing) and if so how much energy is used? (currently assuming 13% here

While elixers were mentioned to restore HP and Energy, the respective berries (oran sitrus, Leppa) dont seem to be, would these work the same as the games? (I did ask Shas about that as im assuming that oran and sitrus heal 10 or 25% of a pokemons max hp percentage. and that leppa would restore 10% of the pokemons max energy percentage.

ie a level 9 pokemon would regain 7% energy back from eating a leppa berry (for pokemon whose energy reserves are not increased via training threads, if they are, use that increased number instead.)
Jul 6 2018, 06:12 PM
Looking for Venonat swarm please

The forest was quite dense as Andy and his newly met Pansage, Jade, started heading through it, tall trees lining everywhere which both provided shade and made getting his bearings a tad harder. In spite of that, he felt more at home here, nature being a sort of 'home away from home' back in the world before, with little in the way of noise aside from the occasional pokemon,.

"Wonder what we will find out here?" he spoke to Jade for a bit eager for her to least understand him at some point, but that would be a long while away. However while he continues walking around, it becomes more and more apparent that everything started looking the same to him and he was no tracker or explorer that could reorient himself.

Jade meanwhile would just be relaxing for now, being from this area, getting out of it shouldn't be too much of an issue for her in spite of everything looking similar. "Nice to be home again"Andy however by now was a lost boy not sure where to start looking for pokemon, though keeping his eyes out in case something tried surprising them, hearing her yipping Andy nods, "Guess your just excited to find new possible friends huh?" Jade sticking her tongue out at him playfully, clearly they had language issues that needed to be address later.
Jul 5 2018, 03:09 AM
(Intro for Andy and Jade, probably for a loyalty boost, but mainly for adorableness)

For a few fleeting moments, Andy stood silent looking all around him at the many, many totems surrounding him in this new place...wherever he was. Where the pecha berry am I now? How did I even get here? he wondered. now getting a closer look at the totems, the carving seemed intricate despite being wooden in material, clearly the sculptors of these totems took immense pride in their work As for what those objects were depicting and their significance, he only figured they were displaying various pokemon, but which ones and why were a mystery

Looking up at the sky, Andy saw a few huge trees looming over the area giving the apperance more akin to a jungle canopy, as if the place just sorted sprouted up amongst the dense forest behind him. Taking a look at the buildings revealed the same thing, wooden structures that looked harmonious with the expansive forest, they at least were newcomer friendly in the sense that they had symbols that denoted their primary uses; they weren't the same as in....Where had he been before appearing here? His memory couldn't be this bad at such a young age could it?

Here he was in some alien village, with people that he had no idea who they are or if they were friendly or not. "Must be what a fish out of water feels like." he was essentially drowning in shyness induced xenophobia. the sudden onset of all this unfamailarity driving his mind bonkers. The lack of any reason he winded up here not helping.
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