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Summer will be here until September. All of Terrene is heating up; Desert Strip gets more hot and dry, West Forest gets more hot and humid. Thunderstorms rage, particularly in the south. Bug, Electric, and Fire types are more common.





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Yesterday at 01:43 pm
(Gem loyalty gain, plus some battles for it.)

Dick glanced at Gem's pokeball for the umpteenth time today. He hadn't really released the red core Minior ever since it had killed those Pokemon. Three of them, in fact. He saw the bodies as he was patrolling the well that day and it made him shudder that they went in such a bloody way. Even if he was part of a gang that hated outsiders and knew how to fight back, he wasn't used to death in such a gruesome manner and, of course, he never killed anyone. Well, other than the occasional fish, but they didn't bleed as much.

Nonetheless, the alien Pokemon made him uncomfortable. He hadn't washed the blood and gore of Gem's surface and he most certainly didn't want to take it out while Sting was around. It seemed intent on trying to kill the little bug and he had kept the Minior in its pokeball after that one attempt at hurtling towards her. He didn't want that, something so shy, scared, and innocent just didn't deserve a fate like whatever Gem wrought.

He wondered if the bloodlust was always there. Sure he remembered that time it rammed into the doctor's face, but he assumed it was because it was getting its stitches out. But the Pokemon... His face screwed up as he once more remembered their bloody form.

He didn't want to let him out. The risk was too great, or was he getting sentimental about his other Pokemon? Not that Heavy counted, but his brother didn't seem to mind that the Phanpy was there and even wanted Dick to take care of it since he was caught in one of his pokeballs. He cursed whoever put the Phanpy there in the first place. But he was getting off track. The point was, he didn't want to let the Minior out due to bloodlust, for the scenes he created were not beautiful. No, it was terrifying.

His gaze shifted to Heavy's pokeball. Though to be honest, he wouldn't mind the rock type roughing up the Phanpy that had crashed down his door and let Peck escape. He still blamed him for that, for Peck was in terrible condition when she was found and was promptly taken into his room to be treated. He hadn't realized how attached he was to the bird until he had lost her for a few days. Guess he really was getting sentimental.

What was he going to do about Heavy and Gem though? He didn't know, they had to be let out sometime. But how was he going to go about it? As he stared at Heavy's pokeball, an idea began to form in his head. Maybe...he would let both of them out, just for a little while. He grabbed Heavy and Gem's pokeballs and promptly went outside. Punishment had to be dealt.
Aug 16 2017, 07:56 PM
(Bonding time with Hubris! For some loyalty gain and also, Jani wanted to see more of it.)

Hubris was being weird, in Shadow's opinion. The Piplup had been looking away at her and tried to be away from her, as far away as possible. But sometimes, she would catch him looking and then he would flail his flippers for a bit before going somewhere else, somewhere she wouldn't notice. Honestly, it was starting to irk her a little and she wanted to spend some time bonding with him.

"Hey Hubris!" she called to the Piplup, He didn't come, predictably enough. He hadn't been coming to her when she called his name ever since he got better. "Huuuubriiiis, come heeeeere," she called out as she was searching for him. She tried underneath the table. Nothing there. She looked all over in her room. He wasn't there either. She hummed in thought as she walked past her pile of things that were camping gear. She paused as she heard Kindle his and bat away the...wait, why was Hubris all dirty?

"Hubris what-" She immediately rushed to him and took a look. The Piplup squirmed in her arms, soot covering him from head to tail. "...Why were you in the fireplace?" she asked in confusion. He chirped out and tried to get away again. "Oh no you don't, Margot's gonna have my hide if I leave you like this. You need a bath, pronto." Despite his protests, she immediately went to get the bucket and walked to the closest well, filling it up then dumping it in a crate out in the back.

"Okay Hubris, glad you didn't leave my arms...but in you go." The Piplup stopped moving the minute he was in water. Clean, precious water. He chirped and tried to get himself settled, but then he found fingers running through his feathers and oh god why-

"Hey!" she shouted the minute the water type leaped out and ran off, "Come back here you dirty bird!" She chased him around the house before successfully capturing him, though she had landed on her face during the ordeal. "Back in the crate, come on." She put him back in and began to scrub him, hard. He squirmed and shifted underneath her touch, chirping in distress. "Come on, it's just a bath. It's like what I give to Kindle whenever he goes into the fireplace, so stop moving!" He didn't stop squirming, even as she poured water onto his head and scrubbed his face.

"There we go, all better," she sighed in satisfaction. The Piplup thought he was done and similarly relaxed, but Shadow had other plans. "Come on, you!" He chirped in alarm as he was picked up out of the water and watched the precious resource get dumped. "I got somewhere to take you. Lemme put you in your pokeball and-" Suddenly, he went limp in her arms. She looked at him in worry. "Hubris are you okay?" she asked, her brows furrowed. He chirped in relief as a response. "Alright, let's go." She promptly went back inside to put him in his ball before rushing out. She had something to show him.
Aug 16 2017, 12:27 PM
(Hopefully some loyalty gain for the Rockruff, plus a name)

Shadow hadn't expected to catch the Rockruff that just wanted to play. So it came as a surprise when the pokeball she was using as a makeshift ball sucked the puppy in and lay still after a couple of shakes. She was surprised, but then she began to grin. Yes! Another cute Pokemon on her team! Walking over to the ball and taking it in hand, she made a beeline for Margot's house, making sure to return Pomf into his own pokeball before going.

When she closed the door behind her, she put the Rockruff's pokeball onto the table and then proceeded to release all her other Pokemon. "Hey guys!" she said cheerfully as they looked at her expectantly, "I got us another Pokemon!" She watched for their reactions to see that...a few of them react positively. The rest was just "Eh." "Here, let me show you the cutie patootie to you guys," she said as she took the pokeball from the table and released the Rockruff.

He shook himself and barked as he stared face to face with all of Shadow's other Pokemon. They stared at him, he stared at them, there seemed to be tension in the air. Then there was happy yips and he began to happily bowl over the one Pokemon he recognized, Pomf. The Bidoof squeaked in surprise as he was tackled and promptly licked by the happy puppy. "Aww..." Shadow cooed as she watched the interaction.

Then she realized Kindle hadn't come over. "Hey, Kindle? Come on, meet your new friend," she said as she made her way to the fireplace. The Rockruff barked happily at the term "friend." while he continued to lick the Bidoof. There was a low hissing and growling as Kindle stayed in the fireplace, having found it a much safer place than the outside with the Rockruff. "Kindle what are you doing in the fireplace?" asked the girl as she knelt down to his level, "Come on, meet him!" The Litten hissed at that, his tail completely puffed up. "...Well you gotta get outta there sometime, you know. Margot's not gonna be happy about the soot all over the place." More hissing. "Okay fine, geez..." With a small "Hmph!", she made her way back to where her other Pokemon were.

Their reactions to the new Pokemon varied as he finished licking Pomf and proceeded to sniff out everyone. Angel whistled a melodic hello to him, polite and somewhat interested. Pyre was giggling and clapping her hands with glee as the Rockruff sniffed her, bumping his nose against her waxy body. Hubris...didn't seem to like the fact that the Rockruff was getting too close for comfort and pushed him aside. The confused puppy didn't remain confused for long as he went over to Cranberry. She greeted him as he sniffed her...and promptly started to chew on her. "Ack! Bad doggie! No!" Shadow yelled as she rushed to the Bounsweet's aid.She pried open his jaws and let the Bounsweet hop away with Splash, clearly scared now.

The puppy was confused, why wasn't the human letting him play? He decided then and there to take off a black glove she was wearing. "Ow! Hey!" she exclaimed as he grabbed her hand and began to tug. As she yanked her hand back, the glove came off and he started shaking his head as he got his new prize. "Hey, give that back!" The Rockruff dodged and began to run ahead. He was delighted when he saw the human chasing after him and continued to duck and weave about the room as she chased him in irritation. She was starting to think that it was a bad idea to catch him.
Aug 14 2017, 06:01 PM
(Peck-centric. Basically her handling herself in the desert. She'll end up getting loyalty gain in the end hopefully?)

Peck was laughing as she flew high into the sky. She was free! She was finally free! That stupid human had left the door open and she had taken the opportunity to escape. And now? She was finally, finally free! She would've sung with joy if she were the type to do that. Instead, she relished being in the sky and flew farther and farther away from the human settlement known as Oasis Village.

As she flew, she began to look for trees, some little place to claim as her own. She would defend it with every fiber of her being, if she could find it. For some reason, however, there were no trees. In fact, there were no plants at all, other then some dry shrubs without leaves and some cacti, which she quickly found out hurt. Definitely not nest material.

In the end, she couldn't find anything and simply lighted down on the dry ground. It was nighttime and she was out in the open. She would've felt naked if she knew the meaning of that word. There were no places to rest and sleep, no places to gather her wits and make it her home. What was she to do now? Fluffing herself up, she once more flew into the air to look for something that would be a good place to rest. She'll find it, she'll find it even if she had to fly hundreds of leagues if she had to!
Aug 14 2017, 03:14 PM
(Treating/Healing the Venipede and the Phanpy, plus giving them names.)

Dick had withdrew his Pokemon into their pokeballs and had relieved himself of his duty to watch over the well the minute the next guy in Tic's gang came over. While he had wanted to heal the Venipede as soon as possible, he knew he would get his butt kicked if he just left his post, even with a flimsy excuse as treating a hurt Pokemon, especially one that went for the well. ...Well, not really, but that Pokemon had to be there for a purpose, right?

He glanced down at the Great Ball in his hand with a frown. He only knew one person who would be able to take care of the injured bug type because he had no idea how to treat it, but that person had some sort of beef with him. At least, that's what he thought about Doctor Curtis Lome, especially with his mother insisting she be there when he needed to bring Gem back. But this time, he was going to do it alone and he was going to force the doctor to heal the Venipede with...something. Maybe Gem, since the Pokemon had killed several of the Pokemon after the well water.

He shuddered as he thought about the Minior. What the heck was the deal with that Pokemon? It was completely foreign, alien even, and it seemed to have a lot of bloodlust. He shook his head to get rid of the thoughts. They weren't needed now, what was needed was to get the Venipede to the doctor.

Weaving his way through buildings, Dick hurried to the doctor's while keeping a tight grip on the Great Ball. "Hey! Anyone here?" he hollered once he burst through the door, "I got an injured Pokemon that needs to be treated!"

"Just a minute!" a feminine voice called out from the back of the building. It took a couple of moments, but the assistant came out eventually. "How can we-" She paused when she noticed that it was Dick. "Gem's not hurt again is she?" He shook his head.

"No, different Pokemon. And Gem's not a she. He's...I think a he," he said matter of factly, "I'm not letting the bug out, she's oozing out liquid." He lifted the Great Ball into the air to show her that he had the Pokemon in his hands. She nodded.

"Alright, I'll let Doctor Lome know." With that, she scurried back into the back. Another couple of moments and the doctor poked his head out, clearly displeased.

"Come in, boy," he said before retreating to another room. Dick nodded and proceeded to head towards the back. The doctor was all stiff with his arms crossed as he eyed the pokeball in the boy's hands. "How can I help you today." Without a second thought, Dick pressed the button on the Venipede's pokeball, instantly releasing her. She was still bleeding strange liquid that looked...really gross. The doctor's gaze hardened. "How did-?"

"Gem. You know, the one that rammed into your face," the boy drawled.

"Watch your tongue, boy," the adult snapped before looking at the Venipede, "I know a remedy that will heal the bug's wounds faster. I've treated several before."

"Well then-"

"Not now," he snapped as he went over to a cabinet and opened it. He pulled out several rolls of bandages and some kind of jar that was no doubt filled with something as he turned back. "Alright, let me see him. Er, has he a name?"

"Just caught him, so no. ...Probably Sting if I'm gonna keep him," Dick answered as he stepped back. The shivering Venipede flinched as Doctor Lome moved closer and examined her.

"Tch, a crushed shell. That might never heal," he grumbled as he examined her some more, "...Oh. It's a girl."

"How can you-?"

"Quiet, boy!" Dick instantly shut up and glared at the doctor, crossing his arms.

"Feh." He remained silent as he watched the doctor work his magic on the Venipede. She was still shivering in pain, but it seemed like she had relaxed once he put whatever was in the jar on her split exoskeleton.

"There we go. Feeling better?" he asked once he finished wrapping bandages around her. She made no reply, but he didn't seem to mind. He turned to the boy. "Alright, here's what you have to do, boy." He then began rattling off instructions on what he should do with the Venipede. Dick nodded every now and then, taking it in. "Do you understand?" He nodded. "Good. Now pay up."

"Wha- I didn't get to pay the-!"

"Avadine paid for the treatment. You better pay up or you'll be working for me for a while, boy." Dick puffed out his chest.

"I work for Tic, I don't need-"

"Enough! Do you have the money or not?" He paused and grumbled under his breath as he slowly pulled out his pouch of tokens. "Good."

"Pokemon, I swear..." Dick muttered as he handed Doctor Lome the tokens. Once he paid up, he withdrew Sting the Venipede into her ball and prepared to leave.

"Give Avadine my regards and behave better!" Doctor Lome called out.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Feh." And then Dick left the building, clutching Sting's ball in his hand.
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