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March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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Sep 13 2017, 07:35 PM
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"Thief? Thief!? What's up?"

Something was very wrong, terrible even. Once again, he turned on his heel and resumed his pacing, hands on his hips and frowning. "Thiiieeef...I didn't hit you that hard, watch'cha doin'?" He still wasn't getting up!

Since they got back, the little lizard had been splayed across the ground and breathing shallowly. Buddy had started pacing around and occasionally nudged the near comatose lizard, somewhere along the way, Fleet had joined her. He had treated it like a joke for a few minutes, thinking it as a sort of joke and that Thief would get up when he got hungry, he was proved wrong when he tried to feed the little creature. Thief couldn't even keep the food in his mouth!

Fleet was now...not worried...irritated? Maybe. But most of all he was blank, he couldn't even imagine Thief dying, and he sure as neck wasn't letting that happen to him! Buddy stared up at him as he scooped up the little lizard, who let out the tiniest whimper ever. The scales on his side's were strangely discolored, and as he took a deep breath, he hacked and coughed.

For once, Fleet was not slow. If anything, he was a little too fast. The three eggs on the bed he was "borrying" for a little, and he hastily barked out, "Take care of the babies Buddy!"

And Fleet was out the door.

He held Thief with both hands, and marched through the town like he knew where he was going, and rearranged his face to a smile as he walked. This paid off as he finally encountered a teenager smelling of herbs and sometimes blood, the best thing Oasis town had to a doctor. Clearly not expecting the approach of Fleet, he looked up and started to scramble backwards as the much taller man loomed over him and finally thrust Thief into the "doctors" hands and pinned him to the back of a house with both hands clasped to the boy's shoulders. "Thief's hurt. Fix him. Now. I won't hurt you...maybe."

The strong smelling boy glanced down at the lizard and gulped, "W-what did you do to him?" Fleet didn't reply, and through his easy smile it was obvious the deal he was giving, he was saving Thief or Fleet was going to beat him to an inch of his life...
Sep 9 2017, 06:55 PM
He...had a warrior Pokemon now. With sad eyes. Still, Ridley had a warrior now! The others wouldn't have to be mean or fight alot now!

But she would

...and there was the problem, he couldn't get that sad look of the Scyther out of his head. It was a parent's lost stare, but Ridley didn't know that. He wasn't empathetic like Free, but he could feel her pain and it made his vision darken and his chest ache.

Free was returned, he thought she needed a rest after fighting so many Pokemon, he'd feel sorry if she had to accompany him back and got into another fight because he was a trainer. Little did he know, his emotions rolled over him unobstructed, as did his stress, and he blinked fitfully as tendrils started to enter his (for a while, normal) vision.

He could see people around him, and judging from how they were looking at him that he was starting to adopt a long stare that generally got him questions, "Not now, N-no again!" He whimpered under his breath, teeth starting to chatter. He had to go home! He wanted to release everybody, they always made him feel better! Much as he hated to think in such a way, he really, really hoped everybody was still at work, he needed to be alone for a little bit!
Sep 6 2017, 01:42 PM
(Training with another Bishop!)

Ridley had high hopes on his newest Pokemon, Scy, a Pokemon with frightening claws and nearly as big as a human. She was also a terrifying fighter, which he had witnessed first hand when she and Free had torn apart a bird-like Pokemon. Usually, he would be terribly frightened by her...you still are...but she was terribly sad, he could feel it, and hoped she'd be up for doing something today.

He also had to bring Free and Sunny, even if they weren't warriors like Scy, people would look at him funny if he put everything on one Pokemon. Now who'd like that? Naturally, Free was out but instead of being wrapped around his neck, she rode the breeze and shifted around his head at the whims of the sky. She seemed to know they were going to do something rather entertaining, but not necessarily dangerous. Sunny...was in her Pokeball...he didn't trust her enough yet. Don't trust anybody...

A red blur was racing around the track, and Ridley flinched back slightly as it bounded up to him, a wave of heat rolling over him. "Come again?" That voice was familiar, and Ridley peeked upward, a red, giant dog Pokemon and a Bishop! The same Bishop! "Oh! H-hi!" A smile crossed his face, "I-I got a new-new Pokemon...a-also the others!" The Bishop grinned at Free, who fluttered around the Arcanine's snout, "The demon and? What else?"

Ridley couldn't help but smile widely as he released Sunny, who sat down and glared at the track as if it were offensive. "I-I got a...a good one, w-watch!" The next Pokemon released, in a flash of light far too small for what she was, was the Scyther. Even Ridley stepped back a bit at the bug type, who was nearly taller than him, and peeked at the Bishop. He was smiling! Great!


The training was supposed to be easy enough, either increase speed or agility in the track and obstacle course, but it as easier said than done to convince his Pokemon. Sunny plain didn't listen and entertained herself by gnawing on some grass, and Free and Scy didn't seem to understand enough to gather his intent. Finally, the Bishop sent his Pokemon forward to demonstrate.

In terms of agility, Ridley could barely follow with the naked eye. It weaved through the poles fast enough that they trembled long after it was gone. All of the walls save for one were leapt over with one bound, the last simply required it to scramble for a hold. It didn't move on immediately, firing off a blast of flame into the sky and letting out a swelling howl. Finally, the tunnels seemed to give slight trouble, but it still didn't change the fact it was through in seconds.

Free clapped the stubs of her hands together, Sunny puffed out a breath and nudged Ridley for some food, and Scy narrowed her eyes as a bit more energy flickered in her eyes. "So-so that's it! C-can you gu-guys at-at least try?"

Surprisingly, Scy was first, but not for the agility, no, she went for the speed course. For a while, she walked rather slowly, claws out in front of her like some prehistoric beast. Then her pace speeded, and she was already far faster than Ridley would expect. Quite suddenly, the dirt underneath her exploded as she launched off a Vacuum Wave, and now she was flying at a breakneck pace. Her face was set in grim determination, only stopping to whirl around and change direction at an increasingly quick speed. Her scythes occasionally gleamed with a white light as she slashed at some imaginary opponent. Her wings were clearly not to carry her so long, but Ridley wouldn't know it just watching her fly!

Sunny disappeared sometime as Ridley watched Scy tear through the air, waddling toward the walls with a curious look. She cast a quick glance around, as if embarrassed, and threw herself at the smallest wall. Her leap alone carried her a good quarter up, and she grunted as her thick claws managed to find a hold and push up. Another claw up, another push! Her head peeked over the edge, labored breath puffing from her jaws, she made it! Just like the red canine, she didn't drop immediately, letting out an almost adorable squeak of effort and raising her tail. Perhaps Ridley wouldn't want her to practice this move here and now, but she let lose a noxious Poison Gas, sweeping her tail and looking very proud of herself. A coughing chuckle broke her thoughts, and she looked up to meet the watery eyes of the Bishop's Arcanine. It chuckled once more, the wall was about the height of its shoulder, and Sunny puffed in indignation and cast a Leer into its huge eyes before trying to Scratch it. Both attempts failed, and the Arcanine danced away as Sunny moved onto the next.

Now Free...didn't quite know what to do. Climbing was unnecessary for her, and a speed course for running didn't do much for her, so that left the poles. Even with the huge spaces in between, her trailing tail still managed to tap into the poles. She whirled around again, weaving like a mythological creature and blowing through again. Shaking her tail in time with her movements, and moving her head side to side seemed to gain more speed, and she cut through the air at a reasonable speed. Leaves started to swirl around as she flew, and she launched them upwards with each movement, looking rather beautiful in the Magical Leaf.


Ridley sat on the outskirts of the training area, watching his Pokemon train what they thought they needed, and tilted his head towards the Bishop. "S-sir? What's all this for?" The Bishop didn't answer a while and, for a moment, Ridley thought he hit some kind of nerve..."The future." He finally answered, and Ridley tilted his head more.

He couldn't imagine what future would make all this necessary...
Sep 5 2017, 03:15 PM
Fleet couldn't fantom why the girl's parents had wanted him to get their little girl back, he had gone into the Desert a couple of times and he came out perfectly fine, but he had to look at that reward...

So here he was, wandering toward the watering hole the little girl had apparently sprinted down to. Buddy was already out and brayed in agitation as the smell of Pokemon started to become more and more apparent. Fleet also grabbed at Thief's Pokeball, if worst came to worst, he could be Buddy's shield.

Preparations complete, Fleet took in a huge breath and screamed, "Heeey! You out there!? Your ma and pa want you back!" Let the chaos begin.
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