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Aug 14 2017, 01:36 PM
((I'm... Pretty sure my goal here is loyalty?? Mostly for Sai I think.))

Ri groaned as she pressed the back of her head against the wall behind her. She pressed her palms against the ground and pushed herself up, to straighten up her posture against the wall. She couldn't help the soft hiss of pain that escaped her lips at the motion. She hated this. It wasn't like there was searing pain rushing through her at every move, however the pulsing painful throb that came with motion still sucked and definitely wasn't easily ignored. Which meant that she couldn't pretend the pain wasn't there, which meant that she was actually stuck with limping for the duration of however long her healing period would turn out to be. She had no damn clue on how long that would be. Would it be a few days? A week? A month? She hated that it was already taking so much time. She realized that she really only had herself to blame, but she felt she reserved the right to hate this with every fiber of her being. She wasn't sure where the thought came from, but she couldn't help but think: People think feeling crap is bad? At least it's only your own fault you're not getting off your ass to do something. At least you still have a choice. Like this? You have no choice. Ri had no choice but to hang around and be generally useless. Probably starve a little, because she wasn't going to get herself killed over some berries and she wasn't hunting any rattata like this. She was already terrible enough at hunting, and with a limp? Yeah, no. It would be impossible, and the only thing she'd succeed in would be getting eaten or something.

She looked over toward the sky. She hadn't even bothered trying to get to sleep last night. The darkness of the sky was slowly being pushed back, fading, and giving way to a soft orange light. It'd turn blue later, but that was later. She squinted her eyes at it before groaning again. She was kind of tired, but she felt like crap last night and she wasn't interesting in nightmares. She still tried to sleep sometimes, but it mostly depended on how she felt. Sometimes she'd brave the nightmares for some restful sleep. Sometimes she simply... Wouldn't sleep because it would make no difference and she wasn't interested in seeing the oh so wonderfully terrible crap her mind concocted to torture her at night when she was dumb enough to close her eyes. The only reason why she still slept sometimes was because... Well.... Sleep was necessary. Being tired and out of energy wasn't smart. She tried to sleep more often than she pulled an all-nighter. She could never stay asleep for long, leading to have several bouts of going to sleep and waking back up in the night. In short, sleeping sucked and she hated that too.

She didn't have much else to do than sit there and watch the darkness be chased away by the oncoming day. Venom and Sai were still asleep, the former coiled up nearby, and the latter laying on her side a short distance from Ri's side. There was no one else to talk to, and her usual solution of wandering around to satisfy her restlessness was out due to her limp. So basically... She was stuck stewing in her boredom and probably going mad with the idleness forced upon her. She hated being idle too.

So there she sat. And stared. And waited. For hours. There was nothing else to do but think. She thought about her lost memories for a bit. She decided it was futile after about 10 seconds, given how it was kind of useless and she didn't care that much. That's what she told herself. She thought about Terrene as a whole and her pending plans to travel. That'd be put on hold, given her injury. The thought brought back the dull irritation at getting herself injured. She decided to move on from that infuriating topic. She thought about Venom and Sai. They seemed to be getting along better... Probably? The snake she'd known hadn't really changed much since she met him, aside from... Nevermind. She was probably imagining it. It couldn't be. As for Sai... She seemed to have grown more shy, timid. Or maybe that hadn't been quite so visible before. She honestly couldn't tell which one it could be. At the very least, Sai was definitely less into fighting than Venom was. Which was good, considering that Sai was kind of still a literal baby and probably kind of fragile. Ri kind of hoped that stayed with Sai. Despite her total failure at leading by example, she was kind of aware that she was kind of... Really stupid and tended to get into terribly life-threatening situations and it really was all her fault. Though to be fair... Venom didn't seem to be too bright in that department either. There was more than one incident where he'd erm... Kind of needed to be carried away in his pokeball.

She then got bored of thinking about that. She thought about the people she met. She thought Sunny was a weirdo.... She hadn't seen him since the day after a big snake tried to eat Venom and they got assaulted by a gang of... Reptile things. She was fairly sure that Lilian of his was a menace to society. Or at least to poison-types. She was... Alright with Sunny, she supposed, as long as his psychic-type kept her filthy telekinetic reach off of her friend who happened to be a big snake. Cynthia didn't like her. Not much else to think about there, aside from the weird expectant look in the woman's eyes at all times. It was annoying. She didn't mind the idea of never meeting her again. Elka seemed kind of weak but... Something else she couldn't put her finger on. She didn't care about Elka beyond a small curiosity. Now, Shae. She was kind of pushy. How was it her business how Ri wanted to behave? If she wanted act like a real asshole, she would. It's not like the woman would be able to stop her. She didn't need to listen to people like her, trying to order her around. About the only person she was sure she might like, genuinely, was Bird. She was... Genuinely kind of nice. She didn't immediately dislike Ri, but she wasn't... Weird or anything or pushy. That was nice. She didn't mind Bird if she wanted to have a conversation with a human to fulfill her social interaction quota for the week.

She was hoping that her lines of thought would last... Alas, it was not to be. So, she ended up being stuck staring at the boring ass sky for a few hours until something interesting happened.

Ugh, this was boring.

Ri hated this.
Jul 30 2017, 08:26 PM
((This is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon inspired kinda. Basically, instead of getting a starter and stuff... In the void there's like an added side-effect or for some reason the legendaries decided no more humans lol, and all humans pulled through get turned into pokemon. I imagine the starter is more like a partner pokemon, hired by the legendaries to help you not get killed because you're an amnesiac pokemon in a world that's kind of very deadly and here to eat you. Are there cities? Ehhh... I'm guessing probably. But like probably like... Littler? And they look more like villages? Or maybe they don't exist and it's total anarchy, like more than usual in Terrene lawl. If you wanna write something in this weird AU that popped into my head, feel free ahaha... Oh yeah. Also assuming all former humans have some sort of inkling that they used to be human, or at least not a pokemon. Er, pokemon that aren't your starter probably just hang around cos reasons lol.))

She had a weird taste in her mouth. That was the first thing she realized as she regained consciousness. She hadn't opened her mouth yet... But was it just her, or did her teeth feel kind of weird? She slowly opened her eyes, and realized that... She was seeing the world sideways. She tried to reach out her arms to push herself up to an upright sitting position, but for some reason her arms wouldn't work. Okay, so her arms were different from how she remembered. She could work with this... Somehow. She ended up flailing around a little bit, before she somehow found her footing and tried to stand up on her legs. This failed, and she dropped down onto all fours. Which... Oddly, felt fine. She finally looked down at her legs... Which were decidedly not what she expected. She sucked in a sharp breath, before wildly looking around. It was then that she conveniently realized a lot of things. She could see her black nose, she was suddenly quadrupedal, and her head felt kind of heavy. On top of that, she could swear her field of vision was different than usual. Like it wasn't going forward, but more like more around her.

"(Hey.)" The sudden voice speaking up startled her, and she jumped to turn to see who it was. She stumbled a bit, landing a bit, but refound her footing.

"(W-Who the Hell are you?!)" She snapped, feeling a bit distressed, feeling that her tone was perfectly justified. Then she stared, because she swore that big snake before her talked! In a way she could understand! She couldn't pin down why it was so startling, but it was!

"(Seviper.)" The snake replied in more perfectly understandable words. She narrowed her eyes, refusing to show any sign of fear, defiantly staring into the eyes of the serpent. He curled around her, she was forced to learn more about her legs and their new manner of functioning as she turned around to continue meeting his eyes. "(I was led here to meet you, and I am apparently supposed to help you... Somehow.)" He sounded disgusted by the idea that he had to stay with her.

Personally, she thought Seviper was a weird name. "(I'm not calling you that.)" She insisted. She stared at him, as he hissed in response. "(... I'm calling you Venom. Er, Ven. Ven sounds nicer.)" She decided, standing up firmly to show her resolve. "(And, help me? Help me how?)" She was in the dark in this whole situation and she was determined to find out as much as she could... Though, she had a feeling she was missing something big.

"(.... Fine. I assume, help a pathetic prey pokemon such as yourself survive, given you're likely coddled by the senior members of your herd. I'm curious as to how you managed to separate yourself.)" He said, saying a lot of things that didn't made sense to her ears.

"(My name is Gabriel.)" She blurted defensively. She wasn't even sure it was her name, but it was the only one she could think up that was definitely already taken... So it had to her name, right? Why would she cling so tightly to a name that wasn't her's? "(And, what do you mean, pokemon? I'm a human. So, no. No herd.)" Though, his words brought up a point... How did she get here? Attempting to rack her brain for an answer proved fruitless, as she couldn't... Well, couldn't recall anything. That was distressing, and she felt panic rise in her chest. She suppressed the urge to start flailing around and shrieking. She needed to keep it from Ven, who she wasn't sure how trustworthy he'd be.

"(.... You're a Blitzle. Never seen a human, but I have seen Blitzle. You're an electric zebra, you idiot.)" Ven said slowly, as if speaking to a child.

Gabriel was angered by the idea. She couldn't remember her exact age, but she sure as Hell wasn't a child! "(What do you mean a Blitzle?!)" She snapped, then she hesitated. She lifted up a leg and spotted... Black and white stripes with a hoof at the end of her leg. "(... Alright, maybe you're right... But I used to be human...)" She muttered.

Venom hissed. "(That's the crappiest lie I've ever heard.)"

"(Well it's true, and I don't care if you believe me or not. It might surprise you, but you're not the center of the universe.)" She couldn't believe the nerve of this guy! "(Well, if I'm a pokemon now, I'm going to go figure out my new body!)" She declared shortly, and after some stumbling, learned to run into a new direction.

If she was a pokemon with no memories now... Well, she was going to make the most of this crap situation.
Jul 11 2017, 05:59 PM
I'm gonna be gone for two weeks starting this Saturday... So.... July 15-July 29.

In the Cayman Islands which are gonna be GREAT and hopefully WARM and NOT cloudy.

Also delicious. MMmmmm

But yeahhhh ummmmm my parents will want me to be super present and plus errr.... Cayman isn't really a place that is covered by my American phone soooo

PROBABLY going to be gone and generally unavailable for this time.
Jun 25 2017, 04:36 PM
Ri considered it a saving grace that thus far, since Sai had turned their duo into a trio, nothing particularly life-threatening had attempted to attack them while in the forest. Of course, she had no illusions that it would remain this way forever. The fact was that the forest was filled with a great many dangers, that Ri was almost positive she hadn't seem the true extent of. Despite her relatively paranoid nature, she never shied away from the forest. Even in the company of a child, she didn't let her anxiety keep her from venturing in the forest. Aside from her brief episode of anxiety relatively early in her time in Terrene... She'd been able to put aside her fear for the sake of hunting and foraging for food. She wasn't the type to become dependent on others, and if she didn't go into the forest she'd likely have to purchase food for both herself and the pokemon she considered her friends. The idea left an unpleasant feeling in her gut. She doubted Sai would mind much, but Venom would surely chafe at the idea of his ability to hunt being stifled. Besides, she actually enjoyed spending time in the rainforest despite the numerous dangers.

Which, was why she led Venom and Sai on a walk during the forest at that very moment. Venom seemed to be staring intently at Sai, who seemed to be concentrating on something extremely hard as they walked. She had no idea what was going on with it... But she could've sworn she saw the other day Venom with a faint scratches she wasn't sure where they came from. She'd almost missed them, actually. He seemed fine and in perfect health now... But she had to wonder. They were incredibly small claw marks, and she had to wonder if they were consistent with Sai's small claws. She didn't want to think about it too much, so she turned a blind eye and focused on the forest floor in front of her.

There wasn't really a path to follow, but hey. So far, things seemed to be as non-threatening as they were most days.
Jun 24 2017, 07:47 PM
((Main priority is EXP for either of them. I expect Sai to get more out of it cos she's younger and stuff.))

Sai woke up around the time she usually did everyday. The human was leaving, but seemed to stop and wait. The water-type sat up and looked at the human, but moved her gaze to the wall. The human gave a shrug and moved onward until she was out of sight. The duckling wanted to do something else than walk with the human this morning. She looked to the snoozing snake pokemon near her. She thought about what she was going to do. She pushed her apprehension down, best she could. Her uncertainty still hovered near the surface, but it wasn't boiling at the surface and worn on her sleeve as it usually was. She had... Mixed feelings at this point about the Seviper.

Venom was an angry, violent, and possessive individual. He often degraded her. He never quite threatened her, since the human seemed to have a sixth sense for when his words seemed to take a metaphorical sharper edge. That didn't stop the bite of his words from hurting on the best of days, when he insisted she was useless and could only cling to the human's leg. At best, she was an exotic pet that perhaps could soothe the human's nerves. Despite the fear his presence always instilled in her, in a quiet chill that lingered underneath her skin, she could feel her own fire melting the ice of her uncertainty. She wanted to reply sharply, despite any true claws or fangs like Venom had. That was where things got messy to a point she couldn't quite explain.

Yes, he was all those things and he was generally an unpleasant presence. Though, he strangely seemed to make the human more relaxed and more likely be soothing at times. Even though at the same time, he seemed to also spur her bouts of violence. He seemed to be simultaneously a bad and calming influence on the human, which didn't make much sense to Sai. She wondered if it was a part of the human being both predator and prey... She'd come to the conclusion since nothing else quite made sense. She was operating within the rules laid out for her by Venom. Despite the acid dripping from his every word to her, it was somewhat informational and she learned how he saw the world. Given she had no other worldview, she adopted it as her own. There were predators and there were prey. Predators were strong, confident, and violent. Prey were gentle, weak, and submissive generally. Apparently sentimentality was a mark of the prey, and predators marked what was their's and defended it fiercely. Though, Sai could've sworn she'd heard mutterings of how predators weren't safe even from their own kind.

Being a predator sounded terrifying to her.

But so did being prey. Simply because there were predators around to make her go still. She was incredibly unnerved by the idea of an unknown predator attacking and making her go still. She didn't want to count on Venom's protection or the human's. The only solution to the problem she could see was to become less like prey and more like a predator. Learn how to wield the strength that Venom claimed was a trait that belonged to predators. He believed she was stuck in her weak, prey status. Given the human's strange duality of both prey and predator, Sai had to believe she could grow strong enough to at least keep herself from going still. The human didn't look like the predators that Venom described. The snake himself, admitted that she didn't look like a predator, but more like a rather big prey creature. He still insisted the red-haired female was a predator, especially since she'd taken up hunting rattata by his side. He claimed that overpowering a weaker prey pokemon and getting your weapon, be it natural or a human thing, covered in blood was a sign of a true predator. Apparently, that was how he confirmed the human was a predator. When asked, he claimed he always knew before... Especially since she had such a lack of fear and comfort in the forest, the confidence of a predator. He claimed as well that she even attacked other predators. Even as he said all these things, Sai couldn't help but think that he was forcibly focusing on specific behaviors of the human to convince himself. She remembered the human's flowery circlets, her soothing words when she was unnerved, and the human taking her to pick berries as well. She'd seen the human consuming the berries that Venom himself scorned, claiming they were a prey food and not befitting a true predator. She was pretty sure Venom was forcing himself to forget the prey-like mannerisms the human showed...

Though, Sai herself had not forgotten the blood and passive expressions that spoke of a lack of compassion.

Sai wasn't entirely sure, but she didn't think the human's kindness that she extended to Sai and Venom stretched much further than the three of them.

She didn't want to be like those rattata that dangled from Venom's fangs, or now that the human carried in hands stained with red. Venom said it was called blood. It smelled gross and clung to her feathers in clumps. It was disgusting. Just like the meat it coated.

Which led to her decision to rouse the Seviper from his sleep. After several moments of nudging the snake succeeded in Venom raising his head and hissing somewhat irritated. "(What do you want?)"

"(I want to learn how to be like a predator.)" Sai said with more confidence than she felt.
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