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Summer is here! There are a whole bunch of Pokemon swarming, a whole bunch of quests that need doing. We also have two plot-related events: Professional Army and Alpha & Omega, and a slightly less plot-related but no less exciting event, a Tournament!


Summer will be here until September. All of Terrene is heating up; Desert Strip gets more hot and dry, West Forest gets more hot and humid. Thunderstorms rage, particularly in the south. Bug, Electric, and Fire types are more common.





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Aug 6 2017, 07:51 AM
If the Lion's Plains had been hot, the open spots of the mountainous areas were unbearable. The stone underfoot was scorching, and Naka really wished she had shoes, or for Scyther to be able to carry her- the bug's wings seemed to be in working order, so she didn't have to touch the ground. Shroomish had the worst of it, though- his natural weakness to heat had him hopping uncomfortably across the sunny areas, whimpering a little with each step. At one point, he'd looked imploringly up at Naka, wanting to be carried, and after a bit of whining, she gave in and picked him up. Stunky had scoffed and continued on her not-so-merry way. She'd been brooding since the night before, when she'd been thinking about her skunk friends who she'd probably never see again.

Naka, now that Scyther was on her team, had even more motivation to go excavate for Omega- if she remembered correctly, Scyther needed a metal coat to evolve. What exactly she would evolve into was a mystery, but Naka had high hopes.

Stunky walked in Scyther's shadow whenever possible, her instinctive aversion to strong sunlight kicking in. "//You make a pretty good sun umbrella,//" she commented.

Scyther fluttered to the side, leaving Stunky without her precious sun umbrella for a moment. Stunky squawked indignantly, and Scyther resumed her original position with a chuckle. "//Happy to be of service, boss.//"
Aug 4 2017, 04:31 PM
The sound of some sort of spray was the first thing that came to Stunky's bleary awareness as she awoke. The second was the dull ache in her chest. The third was that the pain was lessening rapidly. She turned her head towards the source of the noise and was surprised to see Naka of all people there, tenderly testing the stability of her chest. The human seemed completely focused on her task, and Stunky thought for a minute that she wouldn't even notice that she was up.

Stunky was proven wrong when Naka returned her gaze. A weak smile appeared on her face. "Good... I wasn't sure how well the potion was working. Welcome back." Naka gave Stunky a quick scratch on the head, which felt surprisingly nice. Slowly, Stunky got to her feet, somewhat surprised at the ease with which her legs moved, recalling the agony that had come to her when she tried to move earlier. Shroomish was sitting at the base of a tree nearby, and something seemed to be bothering him. Stunky decided to investigate.

"//Hey bud, what's eating you?//" She folded her legs under her body to sit down next to her mushroom acquaintance, making herself comfortable.

Shroomish didn't say anything at first, just shifted his body to turn away. After a few impatient thumps of Stunky's tail on the ground, he loosened up, though he did squirm a little as he spoke. "//Is that Roggenrola dead? I didn't really mean to kill him.//" He let out a sigh, his usual hard expression gone and replaced with something more vulnerable.

"//Didn't see the sucker get up,//" Stunky replied a bit disdainfully. "//And if he was hurt that bad already, my aftermath probably would've finished him.//" She was completely nonchalant about this, or at least seemed to be. The Roggenrola was a dumb little thing, and was he even living rather than surviving? Hmph. She'd call it pathetic, but she was tied to a human, too. A slight scowl appeared on her face.

Shroomish sighed bitterly before turning to properly face his companion. "//What's eating you?//" he said, turning Stunky's question back around at her.

Stunky let out a sigh of her own, though it sounded a whole lot more like a growl. "//I just... Stupid human!//" She flopped her face onto the soil, relishing the feel of the cool earth on it. First, this Naka person takes her away from her friends, her family. Then she lets her get beat up, and the worst part was that Stunky felt much more dependent on her human than she would have liked.

Because her nose was smushed to the ground, she didn't smell the food in the supply pack Naka had opened. Shroomish nudged her. "//Food,//" he said, getting up and walking to get his own share. Stunky mulled it over for a bit, then followed.'
Jul 20 2017, 02:45 PM
I'll be away-ish from today until Monday night, or maybe Tuesday morning. There is wi-fi at the hotel I'm saying in, but I won't have access to it as often as I do at home.
Jul 16 2017, 06:47 AM
"This is my house. I live here," Aimess explained to their new Stufful acquaintance, shutting the door behind her as she walked in, sniffing the air. Aimess couldn't smell it right now due to the blood clotting in their nose, but the odd mixture of bread and sawdust that hung in the air was a comforting scent to them. Hopefully it would help Stufful feel secure in time, too. They were content to let her wander around and explore for a while- as long as nothing moved to bother her, she was unlikely to attack it. Even then, nothing a little glue couldn't fix, right? Their entire body was sore for a variety of reasons, many- no, all of which were related, at least indirectly, to the pink and brown menace poking around the place, but they still smiled at her as they leaned against the doorframe, yawning. It really had been a long day so far, and, when they'd checked the position of the sun outside, it was just barely past noon. Wait, that meant it was time for lunch! While their parents would probably stay in their respective shops during mealtime, Dicey might come back home for theirs. Ooh, they'd be so excited to have a pokemon in the house!

That thought was what had Aimess smiling giddily as their younger sibling walked in, slouching after half a day's work. Dicey noticed Aimess first. "Aimess," they said, "Your nose is broken." They were staring at the dried blood caked on their upper lip, less concerned about the injury itself than the fact that their older sibling didn't seem to care.

Aimess just smiled wider, motioning to the Stufful batting lightly at the leg of a chair. "Small price to pay for this little lady. I don't think she'll mind if you look, but she doesn't like being petted. Even though she's sooooo soft." They directed a playful sort of glare at Stufful, who was completely oblivious to it. She had moved on from the chair, which she'd left a few tooth-shaped scratches in, to Dicey's leg. They were understandably nervous about such a physically strong and basically wild pokemon inspecting them- the only movement in their entire body was fidgeting with their fingers.

"Come on, you've been bothering me about bringing a pokemon home for who knows how long, and now that she's sniffing you, you're scared?" Aimess snickered a little. Dicey was not an athletic or outdoorsy type, and they liked to tease them about it. What they failed to realize was that Stufful posed a greater threat to a smaller person. If she was really trying, she could probably fracture something.
Jul 10 2017, 04:10 PM
Aimess' patience was beginning to wear thin. They had been waiting for what felt like hours for pokemon to come to the small pile of assorted foods they'd laid out in the center of a clearing. It didn't help that the bush they were hiding in was full of sticks and not a very comfortable spot. It probably hasn't been hours, they thought, It's just anticipation. They had been indecisive about the monumental decision of when they'd befriend their first pokemon, and, with some pushing from their younger sibling, they'd decided that the time was now. They had no idea they'd been so excited for this until they'd planted the pastry pile, listening to the cries of all kinds of pokemon.

They shifted a little, causing the leaves of their bush to rustle, and a bead of sweat slid down their temple. It was also difficult not to just grab the food for themselves- they'd made it themselves and, all modesty aside, it smelled great. Something's coming soon, they assured themselves. I'm going to meet a pokemon.
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