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Mar 29 2018, 03:20 PM
(Gonna mix in some Skill development if allowed)

The wind gave a low moan as it blew, a bit too strong to be a breeze. The grass felt nice against his skin though the man was currently staring up at the sky. Watching clouds pass by. While he knew that he shouldn't be wasting time laying here, he wanted to relax. Shiranui was resting beside him, the demon pup sleeping soundly and huddled up against his right side. A sigh left the man as he stared at the clouds moving, a small smile on his face as he closed his eyes. It felt nice out here...out in the woods....away from that city. He just didn't feel comfortable there, even when people were scared of Shiranui. They all knew the company he had been keeping....so what was the point?

Little did he know that he started to fall asleep and eventually, the sound of barking and his eyes finally opened. The first thing he spotted was a red nose and the smell of dog breathe hitting his nose. As he sat up, he groaned and rubbed his eyes.

"What is it Shiranui?" Skids questioned before yawning.

"Wake up!" Shiranui barked.

Skids gave a yawn before looking around. Though he noticed that the day was no longer as bright as it had been. Oh dear...he fell asleep. And while it was still afternoon, it was getting closer to the later hours of afternoon. The sky was still a blue color but even he could note the changes in it.

"Oh dear...we need to get back to town." Skids said. "Sorry bout that pal."

"Let's go, let's go!" Shiranui barked before running down the hill with Skids following.

The two started to walk though as they did, Skids started to realize something. He didn't know just where they were or how to get back. He paused, eyes widening a bit as he paled.

"We're in trouble...." Skids muttered.
Mar 28 2018, 03:18 PM

(Trying to increase loylaty for both Shiranui and newly caught Sandygast. Also attempted some work on Charisma skill)

The storm had subsided and Skids had headed out of the town. As much as he would've liked to have stayed around, he knew that his new companion might not be well received. For some reason, he had a feeling that no one in town would give any positive reactions to the strange pokemon he found. With how they all reacted to Shiranui, he just had the feeling that the odd sand castle looking pokemon would be just as poorly received. Coming to a pause in the woods, he glanced back at the town, a bit nervous but he gave a sigh. Hoping that he was far enough away from town to where people wouldn't come across his two companions and himself.

He wanted to make sure that the new member wasn't terrified with his choice. Was it the rest choice? He did catch them when they weren't looking. Looking down at the red and white pokeball, he raised a brow at it in worry. Or would they lash out? As he held the pokeball, he noticed that his bandaged hand had finally stopped bleed. So removing the piece of cloth, he looked at the hole marks. Taking note of the slightly burned skin around the holes. So strange...he didn't know what Shiranui did besides bite him. But no part of him thought that was strange. Some part of him told him it was something that was normal, a ability or power that was natural to Shiranui. Hm..strange indeed.

Taking a deep breathe, he opened the pokeball and the red light came out. Taking shape on the ground before him and revealing the sand like pokemon. At first, the sandygast looked around. Why did it see green things? Trees....wait...what happened to the building? The pokemon made a startled sound and started to spin in circles,stubby arms raised up in the air as they moved around.

"Hey, hey. It's okay, calm down." Skids urged gently as he knelt down. "DOn't worry, nothing bad is gonna happen.."

A familiar voice made the sandygast pause and they looked up at him with white eyes that blinked in surprise. Wait, this guy was with em still? What happened? She recalled the storm and hiding underneath his legs. But why was everything black after that? It was then she took note of the round object in his wounded hand and it hit her. She had been caught!! Captured by the human?! Stubby arms were folded as she turned round and had her back facing him.

"You're not happy with this huh?" Skids asked as he took a seat behind her, he noticed her shovel bob up an down as she nodded. "I'm sorry. I thought this would be a better spot for ya last night. I figured it was quieter for ya than listening to that loud storm."

Sandygast tilted her body somewhat as she looked at Skids, turning round fully. She wasn't quite sure on all of his words but part of her had a feeling from his tone of voice that he was apologetic. They were trying to explain something. Though she wasn't one hundred percent sure. She still looked away from him still, not sure on what she wanted to do in regards to the human. She could just get him to stick their hand in her mouth and she could drain em to where she could get away from him. Wait...would that even work? No. Probably woudn't work. She didn't want to hurt the guy, he showed her so much kindness last night. Though....that was for last night...but he also retrieved her shovel for her, even when she wasn't sure if he was actually doing that.

Skids stared down at the pokemon, taking note of how uncertain and lost to thought it seemed. Putting the pokeball away, he pulled out another one and released Shiranui. The pup landed and gave a pleased bark though it took notice of the sandygast and gave a groan. Looking to Skids with eyes slightly narrowed.

"Really?!!" Shiranui questioned, clearly not pleased.

"Come on bud, she's with us now. Besides, I know something we can do." Skids commented as he patted the demon pup. "Let's play a game."

The sandygast looked up at the human, her attention pulled from her thoughts. Shiranui noticed the sandygast's sudden movements but he kept himself still and returned his gaze to Skids.

"Game? What game? Is it horde all the items possible? OH! Or startle the human by the berries?" Sandygast questioned as she moved a little closer to Skids' shoes.

Her curiosity in a firm grasp as she stared up at him. Shiranui was a bit...confused by her questions. Horde as many items as possible? Scare humans on purpose? What games did she play?! Little did the pup know, that the sandygast had been living under that shed for a while with that purrloin and fungoose. She was sometimes brought out with the purrloin when he went searching for items and while she helped him out, the feline never did like it when she tried to touch any of them afterwards. The same went for when they went looking for food and often, her food ended up being part of the fungoose's share; whom hardly ever left their spot under the shed.

Skids' smile grew as he looked down at the two pokemon. It seems they were onboard and he couldn't help but feel great with that in mind. His smile turned into a grin as he put Shiranui's ball away and folded his arms.

"Hide and seek!" Skids announced.

Shiranui started to bounce up and down, letting out excited barks of glee. He knew this game!! HE knew this game!! He played it all the time with his siblings. The sandygast however, tilted her body to the side. Back to being confused once more.
Mar 25 2018, 03:03 PM
“MOTHER!!? MOTHER?!!!” Balto yelled, his boots crunching the plant life beneath him.

His one working eye was scanning the green foliage around him. Heart pounding within his thin chest underneath the creamy fur of the Arcanine pelt. Where had she gone? She couldn't have gone all that far right? But...what if she left during the night? She could be much farther than he could imagine. After all, she had her own pokemon. There was a chance that she used one of them to get far away from him. But why? She had acted strange when his father disappeared and Molten's death seemed to be the final straw.

Was he a terrible son? Was he not good enough? All the lad wanted was to find his mother, while he was of the age of a adult himself. He didn't fancy being alone. Even more so with how this happened. Tears threatened to leave his eyes and while his left eye was fine to have tears watering them, he couldn't afford the right eye to be water. Thus, he came to a halt and rubbed his eyes. Panting a bit as he tried to catch some breathe at the same time.

“MOTHER!!” Balto hollered as he stood there.

How could he find her? That was so hard to do. Perhaps he should've taken more notes when it came to tracking? With fear gripping his heart, all he could do was stand there. Looking around at the forest around him. With no signs of the only family he had left. He struggled to just stay standing there, feeling his heart skipping a few more beats in it's fearful state.

The thick forest was long and wide but now on his own for the first time, it felt small and close. The trees that laid on the ground and the wildlife that was climbing all over the place...it felt like there was no room. Shaking slightly from fear, he grabbed hold of the strap to his backpack and he moved forward. The area might've been green and filled with plants, but there were still hills and large rocks that could trip him up. For now, there was no path for him. No way for him to know that there was a village nearby. And yet, he would eventually reach a village but for now. He was still deep in the forest.

(ooc: I would like more animal like pokemon if it's possible ^^ other than that, go wild.)
Mar 25 2018, 02:37 PM
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Mar 20 2018, 08:53 PM

"Slow down!" Skids urged with a laugh in his voice as his bluish grey eyes kept their gaze locked on the smaller form ahead of him.

"PLAY!" Shiranui barked back at the human who was following em.

Shiranui was still a puppy, so it was natural that they wanted to play. Just to have fun and be a silly little fellow. While Skids took note of this, he couldn't keep this pace up forever. Though he was glad to at least be amusing to the small canine. Although, people were moving out of the way as they spotted this strange man who was in the company of a demon. And with that demon in the lead running through the streets well, it was like the red sea parting. People trying to avoid the small form were jumping out of the way or just trying not to have the odd man bump into them.

"Whoops! Sorry!" Skids urged as he felt his shoulder gently hit a man he was running past.

"Watch it!!" The man shouted in a displeased grumble as they tried to hold onto their crate of goods.

Continuing on with his chase, the smile on his face remained as he took in a few heavier breathes. Almost...he almost caught up to the small fellow. Shiranui was oblivious to the man's actions and nearly causing a stranger to topple over. Instead, they took note of a hole under a building and dove under it!! Skids just barely managed to skid to a halt and he put a hand against the building. Wait...this was a shed. Taking a few breathes, he took a few moments to regain himself before bending down.

"Okay Mister, you win." Skids replied with a slight chuckle. "Now come on out please. I don't think people will like you being under there."

Shiranui's head poked out of the hole, though the rest of em didn't follow. They gave a bark and Skids stood up with a smile. Though there was a rumbling sound above and he glanced up. IT seemed like a spring shower was beginning and the villagers were already quick to pack up their stuff. Hm, okay then. Skids put a hand to the side of his head before glancing back down.

"What to do friend? We don't have a place in which we can avoid the rain in..." Skids asked, a little worried.

The question though was lost upon the demon pup. Their ears twitching with the warning signs of a storm and they laid their head down. A little fearful of coming out of the small opening.
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