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time of the year- meaning, the time of Delibird gifts and of winter festivals! And as always, our plot events are still going strong.


winter will be here until
March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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Jul 20 2017, 12:45 PM
I'll still be here but I'll be slower to post. Ive bern struggling with my laptop since last year ans now it stopped working, so i am without a laptop. I have my cellphone and I can borrow dads laptop once in a while but it won't last long.

I have no idea how long this'll last.
Jul 12 2017, 07:54 PM
In truth, Skids had gone into the forest to gather berries. While he could get the needed food from the vendors in town, he figured that heading into the forest would give him some time to have fun with his new companions. Still, he went off the path before he paused and released his two newest companions. The red water pokemon appeared first, she gave a few blinks before she looked up at the human. Where was the rock plant looking pokemon? The one he dubbed Bonnie? Though her eyes went a bit wide as she saw the big sludge pokemon and the smell hit her.

The grimer looked around, a bit dumbfounded on what was going on. Last thing he knew, he had been back in that garden trying to get some food when this guy had showed up. A tilt of his slimy head left him as he stared up at them.

(Where's the food? I'm starving!) the grimmer questioned as he folded his goopy arms.

Putting their pokeballs away, he unleashed Bonnie after pulling out her pokeball. The rock pokemon looked at the two new members, she gave them a smell but soon a wary expression was given to the mass of living sludge. She wasn't so sure about this one, though the poison type ignored her as he looked around for something to munch on. Course she directed her gaze back to Skids as the human gave the trio a smile.

"Alrighty gang, whose ready to go hunting for some berries?" Skids asked.

The word berries was one that the shellos understood, she gave a nod of her heard. From the way he was acting, they were going to be doing something important but he was wanting to put a flare of fun into it. The word berries also translated well to the sludgy slim pokemon. Whom turned to look at Skids and stared at em.

(Where? Where's the food?!) the grimer questioned as he looked around, droplets of slim being flung from their surprisingly fast movements.

(Watch it!) Bonnie retorted as she jumped out of the way.

Sure the sludge didn't hurt a it wasn't attack but from the way they smelled, she was worried it would do a good deal of damage if she was coated in it. The enthusiasm was certainly surprising; as Skids took the Grimer's reactions as enthusiasm. But it was a welcomed sight to see.

"First, we need to come up with names for you two." Skids said as he bent down.

Hm...how to go about this? Bonnie was easy, the bonnie wee lass was certainly a fun interaction upon first meeting. Recalling that incident made him smile. First, he picked up the shellos and took note of her red appearance. That was honestly the first thing to notice about her. She stood out against the green of the grass and the brown of the dirt.

"How about, Ruby?" Skids questioned. "YOu're a very lovely shade of red that stands out against everything? Rubies have a lovely splendor, they glisten in the light and stand out with their shine of red."

Ruby? The word was strange and she didn't fully understand it despite her time around humans. The way he said it, it sounded like a good thing though. Kind of lovely sound even. The shellos considered this 'name' for a moment. Back with her family, she was just refereed to as sister. Sister this and sister that. So a full on name, something to be called that meant love and care towards the individual. That was rather nice to get. She gave a nod of her head happily to show her agreement with the name.

(What's a vurbe? Can I eat it?) The grimmer questioned as he looked at the human.

"I'm glad you like it. So we've got Bonnie and Ruby." Skids said as he set Ruby down near the rock pokemon and turned his gaze to the grimmer. "What do we call you though?"

The smell was a hard thing to ignore but giving them a name that reflected that wasn't...wise. That would be mean and a tad cruel.

Jul 10 2017, 04:37 PM

The dinner had been nice and grateful, Henry had promised to help this family out. In truth, Henry was worried. He knew nothing of fishing and in all honesty, there was something about this man. Something from the past, something he had a dislike for. A sigh left Henry as he sat there, the duckling still in his arms but now asleep peacefully with a full belly. The soft feathers felt nice under his finger, though it did little now to help ease his mind. There was something about that man, something about the way they looked and acted. Shaking his head, he did his best to ignore it as he tried his best to let sleep take him.

When the morning had come, Henry awoke slowly with the sunlight hit his eyes. A groan left him as he awoke and sat up, putting his glasses on, and pulling himself out of bed. The duckling was sleeping on his chest but they had slowly rolled off as the human awoke from their slumber. Somehow, the blue creature had remained asleep. There was a knock at the door as Henry put on the vest over his clothing, a bit surprised at the knock but it soon opened to reveal Winifred's father from last night.

"Good morning Sir." Henry greeted.

"Yes, good morning." The deep voiced man replied. "I guess I shouldn't be too surprised at this little arrangement, my daughter always has a knack for bringing things home she shouldn't."

"It wasn't planed Sir."

"Oh I don't doubt that. Anyway, you claimed that you were willing to lend us a hand due to our generosity, correct? Well it's time you help doing that, fishing begins early in the morning and honestly we should've been out there already. But after that little incident last night and you not knowing anything, I figured I should let you get a little more sleep. So grab your pokemon and let's get going."

With that, the bigger and older man left while Henry gave a sigh. Yep. Something deep inside of him didn't like this man but for what reason, he wasn't very sure of. Still, he opted to take off the vest an leave it in the guest house, wearing just his white long sleeved shirt and pants. Soon his shoes were on and he ended up waking up the duckling as there was a thump sound as he got the last one on.

(Huh?) the duckling muttered before she got down from the bed.

Flapping her little wings fruitlessly as she still landed on the wood floor with a thump and didn't even land on her feet. Getting herself up to her feet slowly, she ran over to him as the human stood up. Honking at him and flapping her wings to get his attention. Of course, her attempts worked as Henry looked down at her before he carefully picked her up once more.

"Good morning." Henry greeted as he scratched her head with a single finger, being carefully not to hurt her.

(What are you doing?) she questioned, the greeting had gone over her head.

"Ready for a adventure? I'm sure you'll be okay on the water."

They were a duck looking pokemon, water should be their best friend in a way. A easier means to traverse upon than the land but be equally as comfortable in the skies. It made sense to take this one along in that regard, also they would need watching. Setting the duckling on the bed, she tilted her head in confusion as she watched him take out some pokeballs from his pocket. Toge, Webber, and Hera. Webber wouldn't do well with the water and besides, why drag them to a spot that might just make them feel more uncomfortable? Henry set their pokeball down on the table, letting it sit there a few moments before he sighed.

Toge nor Hera needed to be by the water, Toge could cause all kinds of trouble. Hera might not be comfortable. Frustration hit him as he felt even more uncertainty in him, even more confusion. How was he suppose to do any of this?! Setting the other two pokeballs on the table, he took a seat on the floor. Putting a hand to his forehead before giving a hefty sigh.

"I don't know what to do.." Henry muttered. "I can't choose anything right!"

The duckling tilted her head, worry on her face before she hopped off the bed again and took a few steps toward him. What was wrong with him? When she met him, he was so kind and caring. Right now, he looked so..conflicted? Was that the word? Upset? Sad? No, no tears so it wasn't sadness. Going over to him, she set a wing on his leg with a honk to go with it. Henry glanced down at the young pokemon and gave a kind smile.

"Sorry I...I'm just...not sure." Henry answered.

"Hey Mister! You coming?!" the voice of Winifred rang out from outside.

"Yeah! C...COming."

Giving a sigh, he stood up and took both Hera and Toge's pokeballs with him. He put them in his pockets and paused, he almost forgot the young duckling. Turning around and taking the young duck in his hands, he left the guest house.
Jun 25 2017, 03:26 PM
This wasn't wise..it was a bad choice, though Henry stood there with a shudder as he stared at the forest before making his feet press forward. Toge was free at the moment, happily running ahead while Webber...Webber was holding onto the human's arm, making a small web on the man's sleeve to try and make it look a little more pretty. Though their creation was put on hold as he noticed where they were, the forest...what?

(Hey! Why are we here? What are we doing here?) Webber questioned as he looked to the human, though they seemed too busy looking around like a Sentrat on high alert. (Human, you don't look good. Why are we out here?)

(Following the leader, the leader. Following the leader, where ever we may roam!) Toge sang out as he bounced on the path ahead of Henry.

Oh yeah, that's right. The small child wanted to play a game and it turned into follow the leader. The human had once been smiling as they played the game on the beach but as they started away from it, the human looked nervous. Webber hadn't really been playing the game. Sure it was tempting but he choose not to as he was still debating about what to do. Perhaps he should've just ran off while the human had been sleeping? Hm..tempting, the man seemed to think that letting the pokemon be out of their pokeballs at night inside that little house was a interesting thing. Did all humans do that?

"T...Toge...can we play a different game? Perhaps Webber would like to lead?" Henry suggested nervously.

(Don't drag me into this man.) Webber commented with a wave of a front leg.

(Do you want to Webber?) Toge asked as he looked over his shoulder.



Although a bit disappointed with that, Toge looked ahead of the path and took off running with a giggle. Webber glanced at Henry, seeing them pale and shake a bit as Toge left the path. Course the human now ran after em.

"TOGE! Not that way!" Henry called.

(How can that little guy move that fast?) Webber questioned.

Though they soon came to a small clearing, thankfully not the one that had the tree where they were at last time. Henry bent down and picked up Toge, a few heavy pants left him.

"Don't....please don't do that again, please!" Henry requested, his voice filled with worry.

(What? It's just a game.) Toge replied.

Still shivering, Webber didn't understand why the human was. It wasn't cold here, the human lacked their coat but he was sure that wasn't the problem. The way they were acting, wait...were they afraid? What reason would this tall human have to be afraid? Temptation was too much, raising their head they shot a small string of webbing at Henry's face.

"AAHHA!!" Henry shrieked as he jumped; almost leaping out of his own skin.

Though he fell backwards and landed on his back, a eyebrow twitching as he stayed put. Webber blinked a few times before bursting out laughing, the spider rolled off of Henry's arm and were on their back laughing. Toge escaped Henry's grasp and started to poke the human's face.

(Bushy Brows, you okay?) Toge asked before he noticed the webbing. (Webber, did you do this?)

(Huh? Oh...no no, honest I didn't.) Webber said as he tried to stop laughing as he sat up.

(Hm...okay then. Can you help me get it off?)


Webber didn't want to but he figured it was the only way to keep the child in the dark. Hey they were both kids honestly but Webber had a more grown up mentality...most of the time. With the web removed and Webber sitting on the human's shoulder, Henry sat up and gave a sigh.

"This...wasn't a good idea..." Henry muttered.

He should've brought his sketchbook, that would at least calm him own a bit.

Jun 23 2017, 07:42 PM

Night was starting to fall, the sky had changed colors and the pretty sunset faded away. A few hums left Skids as he walked into the forest, Bonnie followed behind him. Why didn't this human go to bed yet? A yawn left her as she followed along and she looked up at him. Skids found it hard to wind down enough to sleep. How could he sleep? This place still felt knew and he didn't like the thought of staying in one spot. During the day would've been better but it was nice and cool.

A calm cool breeze blew past him, his smile remained as he paused. His greyish blue looking eyes looked up and almost sparkled. Picking up Bonnie, he went into the clearing and pointed at the night sky.

"Look!" Skids urged in a calm manner. "All those stars, I don't remember seeing so many."

(Oh?) Bonnie pondered as she looked up.

It had been a long time, the night sky in Lumiose was bland looking due to all the lights in the city. The starts were blocked out from his window. Nights under the stars, he started to miss them despite having Henry in his life. Unaware of those things, Skids felt...happy. Extremely so. Yet it brought another feeling that caused his smile to faulted.

"I'm..forgetting something..." Skids muttered in confusion.

(What? You forgot something?) Bonnie questioned.
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