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Aug 9 2017, 08:51 PM
"Alright, girlie, just see if you can find me some bait. You know - meat, berries. Anything the fishies might like, m'kay? Don't worry, you'll be fine!" Old Man Henry clapped Cas on the shoulder, sending her tumbling forward a few feet into the forest. She looked back uncertainly, clutching the little basket to her chest and furrowing her brow. Henry's Totodile attempted a little wave before running off to catch up with the big guy. She had no idea what fishies liked. Heck, she didn't even know what she liked. But Henry had already started making his way to the beach, taking long strides that her small little steps could never keep up with. Darn her short legs! What was she supposed to do now? Grab anything that looks remotely edible? Maybe someone else could help her?

Placing the basket at her feet, Cas reached into the ragged little bag Henry had let her borrow to keep her stuff in. It was old and smelly, but at least she didn't have to carry everything in her arms anymore. That had been inconvenient, to say the least. She pulled out the little ball the Baltoy was kept in. Running her hands across the surface, she considered whether she should let them out. On one hand, they might know what's edible or not, given how they were a Pokemon themselves. Plus, it seemed cruel to leave them in a ball all day. On the other, they were bossy and getting them back in the ball without getting whacked in the head was nigh impossible. But on the other-other hand, it'd be nice to have someone to walk with her in unknown territory, even if they were a little mean sometimes.

Well, looks like the pros outweighed the cons this go-round. Bracing herself for a day of being pulled around and stuffed with berries, Cas released the Baltoy. Immediately she was whacked in retribution for putting them in the ball earlier. As expected. The Baltoy inspected her little basket before moving away, humming in a high-pitched tone. At least it didn't sound mad. Wincing and rubbing her head, she said, "We have to get bait for the old man. Think you could help? Food? Berries?" She wasn't sure how much they understood, if any, but she had hoped they had picked something up.

They hadn't understood a word. //Human, what are you doing outside of the den? It's dangerous. Is it because you're hungry? Let's find food quickly so we can leave, or you'll die.// Much as they would prefer it stay safely in the den, knowing its track record for being dumb, they knew it had to eat. Unfortunately. Just another day keeping it alive, they supposed. Baltoy moved from its side floating among the trees and knocking down berries for their human while also keeping a lookout. They knew the human wouldn't, the reckless child, it'd just let a predator come up and eat the both of them without even noticing. It probably would have run into the forest willy-nilly even if they tried to stop it. Likely to have seen a nest and disturbed it without thinking, dying a painful death by venomous Pokemon. Or something like that. Tsk, tsk, dumb human. And she thinks she can survive with them in a ball? Insane. At least she thought to have them out for a trip through the forest. Baltoy did not want to be stuck in a ball alongside a dead body.

Shrugging, Cas followed them into the trees, collecting whatever they knocked down. Guess they had understood. At least she had something of a guard or guide. She couldn't see a thing, really. The sun hadn't yet risen, and the sky was only just beginning to lighten. Apparently "fishermen" had to start their work early so they would catch enough to eat by the end of the day. Her hands were getting wet from grabbing slippery fruit off the ground, where they had picked up dew from the grass. She wondered how much fishies ate. How would she know if she had enough? Guess she'd just take as much as she could carry. She considered keeping some for herself for a moment before dismissing the thought. She was sure the old man needed a lot of bait, or else he would've grabbed one or two himself and not needed her help.

The Baltoy hummed above her, working diligently. So far, so good. That's it for berries, but where was she gonna find meat? Carcasses? She didn't have any tools to kill anything with, and the man had told her himself that Pokemon could be dangerous if provoked, like the Totodile. She looked up at the Baltoy. They could probably chop her hand off with that fast spin if they wanted to. So how was she gonna get meat for him? "Baltoy," she called out, "Can you hunt?"

//Quit your wailing, human, or you'll attract every predator in the forest.// Obviously. Didn't it know the first thing about keeping a low profile? Geez, if it was hungry, it should just eat what they knocked down. That was kinda the whole point. Guess they'd have to be extra watchful today. If only it was small so they could push it into a bush in case something came along. Oh well. Baltoy cut another branch, letting the fat berry at the end fall to the ground, before coming to hover at Cas's shoulders. There weren't any more that they could see in this area. The two of them would have to move elsewhere. Cas shouldered her basket and set off deeper into the darkened forest with the Baltoy keeping a careful eye out for trouble.
Aug 7 2017, 11:29 AM
{To introduce Baltoy to Cas and get Cas to civilization}

It was the persistent droning that woke her up. Well, paired with the blinding light falling directly on her eyeballs, but later on, she decided to put the blame on them. She groaned, pushing herself up off the grass and bringing her palms to her face to rub away the grit there. Luckily, the noise stopped at that moment. Her stomach turned as she moved about, nausea that seemed to be fading quickly, but not quick enough. As she rubbed her face, something bumped the tip of her nose. Opening her eyes in confusion, she caught sight of a small little charm dangling from her wrist. It was brown and in the shape of a little heart with...something carved into it. It was familiar somehow, but she couldn't quite seem to remember what it was, or how she got it, or what those little symbols meant...

Oh dear.

She couldn't remember anything. She jolted, grabbing her head in a panic. What was she doing here? Where were her memories? Who was she? Where was she? She patted at her clothes. Surely she should remember having put them on at some time, right? Nope, nothing. She wasn't even entirely sure what she looked like! She glanced frantically around at her surroundings, hoping for some memory of having walked here or deciding to rest in this spot or anything. Nothing. She was sure she was older, but not sure how old. She had to live somewhere, but she had no idea where. She had to have some type of family or some friends, but she couldn't remember a single face. What was even her name?

Cas Valadez. Oh, at least she knew that much. It's a starting point, she supposed, even though there wasn't really anywhere to go beyond that. Great. Sighing in defeat, Cas moved to push herself off the ground but stopped when she felt something hard under her hand. Having pushed into it with some force, it left a little indent in her palm. Ouch. She picked up the hard thing for closer inspection. It was a...thing. With buttons. She pushed each of them in turn, but nothing happened. Perhaps it was broken? Shrugging, Cas put it down next to her. There were other things, too. Balls, of some sort. Berries. Little round things. She picked up one of the balls. It was an unfamiliar weight in her hand, and she brought it closer to her face for inspection. Not a moment later, the noise from earlier began anew, except it was a lot closer.

Cas looked up in alarm, coming face to face with a...well she didn't really know what it was, but it was really strange. It was, perhaps, as long as her forearm and thrice as wide, and it had two appendages that jutted out from its body. It also had a little spike on its head and at the end of its body. Its head seemed weirdly disproportionate to the rest of it, and it had two large eyes that seemed to be either completely closed or practically there. Not only that, it floated.

The thing was floating close enough that she could reach out and grab it if she wanted to, swaying side to side in such a rhythmic way that Cas soon found herself swaying with it. Curious and excited, she reached out to touch it. The creature avoided her, deftly moving out of her reach and emitting a low tone. It sounded like a hum, but softer somehow. Was it alive? There wasn't anything attached to it, though it was unlikely Cas would even recognize anything if there was. She wasn't even entirely sure what she was looking for just then. Slightly frustrated now, Cas made to grab it again. Again, it floated out of her reach, this time spinning to smack her hand with one of its appendages.

Taking the hint, Cas sat back and watched it from afar. It seemed to inspect her as well, floating about in circles around her, perhaps trying to see her from every angle. Occasionally it let out one of its hums, much higher pitched now that she wasn't grabbing at it. Cas was curious as well, but the creature seemed to have no intentions of letting her get too close. Perhaps if she lured it...

Cas grabbed one of the berries that rested near her and offered it up to the thing. It floated a bit closer, seemingly intrigued by her offer, but ultimately rejected it. Uninterested, then. At least it didn't move back out. Cas kept her hands in her lap, stifling the urge to touch the creature. It approached cautiously, humming at her. Maybe it was trying to say something? Talk about a language barrier. Cas wondered what level of intelligence it had. Heck, she wondered if it was even alive. It didn't seem to have a mouth or eyes or anything else she would associate with being alive. Of course, not that it mattered much since there was a big gaping hole in her mind that wasn't going to help her out in identifying anything about it. Maybe things like this were perfectly normal and she just didn't know. Trees were alive and they didn't have mouths or eyes, so why couldn't the same apply to this thing? Granted, trees didn't usually move or hum or float, but perhaps those were points in favor of it having a conscience?

This stare-down went on for a few more minutes before Cas ultimately gave up. As amazed and excited as she was by this creature, she couldn't grab a hold of it to see what makes it tick. She was not learning anything new about it, and it looked as if the sun might go down in an hour or so. Unsure if there was a human settlement nearby or not, Cas decided that she just make a bed where she was at and hope that someone would come looking for her. Best not to get even more lost than she already was. Now ignoring her the floating anomaly, Cas set to gathering things for a makeshift bed. She pulled up grasses from the ground and gathered fallen leaves. She even found a few feathers here and there to soften things up a bit. At her little resting place, she started to dig out a little area for her to sleep on with her hands, not caring much about the dirt that now encrusted her fingernails. Now she wouldn't be sleeping on hard-packed dirt. She dumped her bedding materials on top and lay down carefully. Throughout this whole process, the creature was floating nearby, observing. It did not aid in finding or collecting the materials and seemed to have no inclination towards doing so. Unhelpful weirdo.

The sun was setting by then, and the trees cast long shadows over the two of them. Sighing, Cas shifted to make herself slightly more comfortable and closed her eyes in an attempt to rest. Busying herself with something went miles to calm her down. She wasn't completely helpless; she'd figure something out. She would deal with everything else tomorrow.
Jul 20 2017, 04:52 PM
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<div class="gtitlebox">summer 2017</div><br>

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion Are [Starter]<br>
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▼▼ All the memories, common sense<br>
Inspection of the Strange [development]<br>
▲▲ +100 tokens, +3% loyalty (Baltoy) <br>
▼▼ baltoy's respect<br>
Thread Title [starter]<br>
▲▲ gains: Who knows? <br>
▼▼ losses: Who knows? <br>
Thread Title [starter]<br>
▲▲ gains: Who knows? <br>
▼▼ losses: Who knows? <br>
Thread Title [starter]<br>
▲▲ gains: Who knows? <br>
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Jul 19 2017, 10:16 PM
It was hot. No, not hot...sweltering. Actually, that wasn't quite right either. Is there a word for "feels-like-your-skin-is-melting-off-your-bones"? Is there a word for anything? Is there anything? What if everything was actually nothing and that something over there wasn't really anything but actually a tree? Oh, it's just a tree. What if trees had thoughts and they were thinking about the nothingness of everything too? What if the tree was actually smarter than that and didn't bother torturing itself with silly thoughts?

Cas wished she was that tree.

She was driving herself mad, but this was the only way she could keep herself entertained out in the middle of nowhere. She tried singing, but she quickly realized she would give herself a headache at her level of skill. Plus, it was quite hard to make any noise when she was so parched. Best to stay away from activities that dry her mouth out faster. It was easier to just think. What else was there to do out here? Die? Wait no, that's not an activity. It was certainly an option though. There were so many opportunities to partake in it. She could take a dip in that acid lake over there, or perhaps through herself onto those sharp rocks over there, or maybe just take a nap and wait for the next tornado over yonder ways...

Bleh, thinking of death won't help her survive. And she needed to survive, for her father and for Alex. But it had been weeks! So many weeks all alone out here, with nary a clue as to where they were. Giving up was certainly not an option. They wouldn't die on her. Not without sending a warning first. Maybe a cute little letter strapped to a Pidgey, detailing how they would die soon. It'd be tied with blue sparkly ribbon with stars. Wait, that seemed funny. The color was wrong. Not blue, but green? Green! Ah yes, Alex's favorite color was green. Is green. He's still alive. Please let him be alive. Please let them be alive. Cas looked up at the sky, anxiously watching for a Pidgey as she walked on. Nothing. She sighed in relief before chuckling at her ridiculousness. Of course there wouldn't be a Pidgey! They're probably all dead. Poor Pidgeys, the dopey little things. She had a Pidgey once. It flew away. If only she could flew away. Fly away.

Cas adjusted the straps on her bag. She had long since become accustomed to the weight, but it had become a habit. Peering out at the horizon, she tried to bring her thoughts back away from Crazy Land. She reached over to her left wrist and stroked the heart charm on her bracelet. It reminded her of home. Home is where the heart is, after all. The kids probably had to start rationing supplies. Were they smart enough to ration? Yes. Kids are smart. She missed her siblings. They were her life for so long, and now she wasn't there to take care of them for the first time. Hopefully, they were getting along well without her. Hopefully her mother wasn't suffering too much, either. Such a sweet woman shouldn't suffer. Cas regretted leaving them on their own as much as she regretted not leaving sooner. Now she doesn't know if they're okay or not. If she had made the decision to leave much sooner, though, maybe she would've found Alex and her father and they could've returned to take care of the family.

A rock skittering away from Cas' shoe startled her into the present. Her heart skittered along with it, jumping into to action and pounding away into her chest. It was so quiet out here. Thoughts seemed to echo. An actual noise? Practically an explosion. She sighed, shaking her head to clear it. The adrenaline filled her limbs, blessing her with a moment's energy. She used it to make her way to that tree she had seen earlier, collapsing beneath it with a huff. Twisting, Cas grabbed one of the many water bottles in her pack and guzzled it, uncaring about the waste in this second. Treat yo' self. That's what they used to say, right? She had never really wanted to "treat herself" in school. It was always workworkwork so that she would be sure to succeed. Oh, how she regretted that now. Silly, wasn't it? Not like anyone told her the world would end in her little town. Funny how it seemed to hit them late, though. People she's passed by told her it's been this way for much, much longer than the few years it had been going on in her town. Maybe they were one of the lucky ones with weird time that actually worked to their benefit?

What was it she had wanted to be? An archaeologist? Dig up bones and stuff? Haha, she could find bones all day if she wanted to! Ah look, there's a human skull right here. Yay. Guess she didn't really need a degree for this after all!

Geez. How morbid that was. Cas cringed at her own thoughts. Was this what she had become? Her aunt? Always seeing the dark side of things? How sad. She used to be so happy. Cheerfulness seemed so far off, though. Cas put her head between her legs and sobbed without any tears. She was so thirsty and so hungry and so sad...she missed her family and she missed her best friend. Nothing was going as planned. She hasn't found them. She probably wouldn't find them. The bark of the tree scratched at her back, and she took it to mean it was offering its condolences. What a nice tree. Perhaps she would stay and rest a while under the shade. Perhaps chat with it a while. Then she'd get up and resume her search.
Jul 18 2017, 12:19 PM
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<div class="simpapplication">

<div class="simpappname">CAS VALADEZ</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">22 - FEMALE - DEMISEXUAL</div>

<div class="simpappdesc">Appearance</div>
<p>Cas is a tiny thing, only about five feet tall with shoes, and weighs about 125 pounds with no muscle to speak of. Her figure is soft with developed curves and a slightly pudgy belly, hidden in her favorite sweater that's a size too big. Her hands are thin with short fingers. Her nails are generally kept dirty and uncared for. She has a tan complexion that falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.
<p>She has a roundish face with plump cheeks, a small nose, and small ears. Her eyes are a dark brown and deep-set with thick black eyebrows that would connect in the middle if she didn't take tweezers to them. Her lips are plump and a dark mauve, and are nearly always pursed in thought.
<p>Cas' dark brown hair can only be described as a mess. It's naturally curly, and there's a lot of it. It flairs around her shoulders, thick and wild, and has tons of knots and tangles Cas has never bothered to remove.
Dirt and sticks and other such debris can be found in alarming quantities if one looks too closely.
<p>She only has one outfit that she washes every so often: a too-large sweater, an old pair of ripped jeans, and a dirty pair of white sneakers. On her wrist, she has a simple charm bracelet made of cord with a heart piece made of antler that reads "CAS"; unlike the rest of her attire, this bracelet has been well cared-for.

<div class="simpappdesc">Personality</div>
<p>Cas is a gullible creature, unwilling to believe others may have ill-will towards her unless it's quite obvious. She's trusting to anyone who shows her even the slightest kindness, mostly because she's an honest person herself. Because of this, she's been hurt and betrayed. Her philosophy, unfortunately, is to keep herself vulnerable so as not to accidentally shut out those who may actually want to help her. She forms attachments quickly, though has learned how to let them go just as fast. She would rather people be genuine than polite and tries to embody this in herself. What you see is what you get with her. She's never one to tell a lie, even if it would be more beneficial or kinder. If asked for an opinion, what she says is exactly what she believes and nothing less.
<p>Cas is very quiet, though she is certainly not shy. She's not one to initiate a conversation, but she enjoys keeping one going. Cas is friendly and open by nature and has no problems talking with any number of people about any number of things. However, she prefers to be the listening party and contribute whenever there seems to be a lull in the conversation.
<p> Though stepping up and taking initiative has always been a problem for her, she prefers to retain control of a situation to make sure everything plays out how she wants. If it doesn't, it gives Cas great anxiety and she tends to stress herself to the point of shutting down completely. She is overly cautious when it comes to decisions, and prefers to consider every angle before making one. In fact, she is prone to overthink and is usually very indecisive as a result. In a new situation, Cas has trouble finding her bearings and is very slow to adapt.
<p>Cas is high-strung - easily excitable and easily startled. Even the smallest of unexpected sounds or touches can cause her to jump. She's not fearful, but surprises are certainly not welcomed by her. There has been more than one occasion when a bump in the night has caused her to roll off her bed in a moment's fright. On the other hand, many things inspire fascination in Cas. This can range anywhere from a simple pokeball to small children to double rainbows. Shiny new objects will fill her with uncontainable curiosity, and she will happily analyze it for hours on end. Adorable children and Pokemon will be subject to her fawning and doting over them for as long as time allows.
<p> Personal hygiene has never been a concern with Cas. She's not one to bother washing and brushing when she'll just get messy again later. She's unconcerned with her looks and only bothers washing when the grime becomes truly unbearable. Tidiness just isn't natural for her, and a messy room is much more comfortable and homely than a clean one.

<div class="simpappdesc">History</div>
<p>Cas was the first child in a brood of seven and never had much time to herself. As the eldest, she was tasked with keeping the younglings in line and relieve her tired parents of the stress. She worked hard through high school, determined to be the first in her family to go to college and get a degree. She took up a job in her final few years of high school to lift some of the economic burdens of her struggling family. She graduated with honors, though she was unable to take the vigorous classes that would've allowed her to be in the top ten. She had been accepted into a nearby public university, much to her parents' delight. She stayed home with them, however, to continue helping with the family's needs. <p>Before everything went wrong in her area, she was a normal busy student at a decent public college. She had a dream to be an archaeologist and travel the world in search of old Pokemon fossils. It was the type of hands-on work she craved. She was determined to succeed and spent most of her time studying hard instead of going to social events. She had just started making her first friend, a classmate called Alex, when it all changed.
<p> It started with acid rain in the city. Not acid rain in that it was polluted, but in that it burned through skin and buildings and bone with ease, killing many and leaving more with scars that would last forever. Then there were the earthquakes that brought down house upon house in the area. Then time itself seemed to break, sticking Cas's mother in a loop that would have her fall sick for weeks, only to become ill again two days after it cleared.
<p>Her mother was eternally sick with a mild case of the flu that normally would've cleared up in a few weeks, but had persisted for years after the birth of her last child. Her father was always out risking his life to bring back medicine for his wife and supplies for his family. They had no Pokemon to speak of - the family could barely support themselves. Cas was the unofficial babysitter of the group - she couldn't cook and her cleaning was passable at best - and took care of the four younger children, making sure they never wandered outside of the house for reasons other than relieving themselves. She tried her best to keep order in the house, delegating tasks to the little ones to keep them busy and perhaps keep their minds off of the constant destruction happening just outside their door. They were lucky to live outside of the city, where fresh water that hadn't been turned to acid was hard to come by, and used a nearby well to supply themselves.
<p> Recent events had seen a flood of refugees from nearby towns looking for a "safer" place to live, though that was a relative term, and this is when Cas encountered the only friend she had made in college before the chaos. Alex had lost his entire family and had only an old and dying Stantler that had been doing its best in keeping him safe. With her father out of the house and her mother too sick to say anything against it, Cas took it upon herself to invite him in.
<p>They soon developed a friendship that was nigh unbreakable. When Alex's Stantler finally died, he shaped a piece of one of his antlers into a heart and carved Cas's name onto it. Cas found some cord lying about in one of her siblings' old craft boxes and fashioned a bracelet out of it. It quickly became her most prized possession. She kept it on her wrist at all times and if she were to remove it, a pale strip of clean skin would mark where it had lain.
<p> A year or so after his arrival, he left with Cas's father on a supply run. These trips usually took several weeks, so when a month passed by without their return, Cas was unconcerned. They had plenty supplies gathered to last them several months if they were careful with rationing, and she was this wasn't anything out of the usual. When two months had gone by, however, she began to worry. She tried to hold the fort down, but her anxiety was starting wear on the other children. They soon became agitated, constantly asking Cas where their father and Alex were. This went on for several weeks, slowly wearing her down. Finally, she broke. She had to go search for them. She remembered the general direction they were going. Packing a simple outfit and some food and water rations, she set off after the two after leaving the next eldest in charge, trusting him to take care of the family in her absence.
<p>Cas doesn't remember any of this, of course, but she always seems to have an odd desire to go north for some unknown reason.
<div class="simpappdesc"> WIFFIE - CENTRAL - SHE/HER</div>

<div class="tcred"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1892" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div>
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