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 Retroactive Leveling
 Posted: Mar 2 2018, 06:25 PM


Retroactive Leveling

From here on out, we will be following a new EXP table to determine when leveling occurs. Less EXP will be required in order to reach the next level, particularly when it comes to the lower levels.

During the course of this month, however, we will be allowing your Pokemon to retroactively level up; meaning, that we will change your Pokemon's level to whatever level they would have been if we had been using these lower EXP requirements from the very beginning.

In order to claim these levels, the trackers for your characters must be up to date, and you must add up the grand total EXP that each of your Pokemon have earned (or at least all the Pokemon you want to be able to level up). Post in this thread with that information (including a link to your tracker(s) if it is not in your signature). For example:

"Link to tracker.
Pokemon A has earned a total of 54 EXP.
Pokemon B has earned a total of 23 EXP.
Pokemon C has earned a total of 12 EXP.

Kaien or I will spot-check some of the threads in your tracker and double-check your math, then go and edit the index! Depending on how long you've been around and how much your Pokemon have battled or trained, you can expect to see your Pokemon gain anywhere from 1 to 5 levels.

This retroactive leveling will only be available during this month! This thread will close on the 1st or 2nd of April

 Posted: Mar 2 2018, 06:50 PM


Nox's Tracker
Azura has earned a total of 19 EXP
Angel earned a total of 3 EXP (Doesn't effect her level but thought I'd make note of it, lol)

So quick question about this retroactive leveling...how would it affect threads already in progress? Since Azura was still only level 5 as of starting my adventure with Shas (my second thread hadn't been closed and exp awarded when that thread was started). I'm guessing I'd just leave it as if she's level 5 but wanted to be sure. =)

[Jani: Updated! And to answer your question, since the Pokemon were spawned and leveled related to what Azura's level was previously, you'd calculate damage as if Azura was still the old level. If new Pokemon are spawned relating to Azura's new level, then you can calculate damage using her new level. Does that make sense? I'm not actually sure if I explained that very well. xD Just PM if you are confused. @Sev]

 Posted: Mar 2 2018, 07:25 PM


Ri's tracker is in my signature... So I believe that's set.

Venom has earned a total of 94 EXP.

Sai has earned a total of 118 EXP.

Arashi has earned a total of 17 EXP.

Yuki has earned a total of 9 EXP.

[Jani: The total for Venom was off by 1- it was 93, not 94. But with the +1 exp from the winter fest thread with Bella, it actually is 94 now, so you were probably just predicting the future. ;) Result: lvl 16 (0/9). Learns Screech and Venoshock. Congrats on your screaming snake.

[For Sai, who also gained +1 EXP since you posted this, the result: lvl 17 (0/9), learns Water Pulse. Congrats to the anxiety duck for being buffer than Venom.

[For Arashi, who ALSO gained +1 EXP since you posted this, the result: lvl 4 (2/8), learns Tail Whip. Go show your fancy new move to murder bro Venom, I'm sure he'll appreciate your butt in his face.

[For Yuki, her EXP +1 rare candy (only 1 candy was used on Yuki, right?) results in lvl 4 (1/8). This is... actually lower than what her index said before, as before the update it said lvl 4 (9/20). So either this was a typo, or you actually used up 2 rare candies on Yuki, or there is a thread floating somewhere in which Yuki gained a bunch of EXP, but it isn't in your tracker. :u I'm assuming it's a typo, but if there is an extra thread floating around somewhere where Yuki gets buff, lemme know and I'll fix.

[@kira Ri should be all set now!]

 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 12:58 AM


Ghost has earned a total of 74 EXP. [lv. 13(7/9)]
Spirit has earned a total of 47 EXP. [lv. 12(5/9)]
Wisp has earned a total of 9 EXP. [lv. 4(1/8)]
Spectre has earned a total of 16 EXP. [lv. 9(0/8)]
Bre'r has earned a total of 14 EXP. [lv. 8(6/8)]

Victor's Tracker

[Jani: I've done Victor's but not yet Ivan's! Summary is as you've detailed above, plus wisp learns growth and spirit learns Reflect, Safeguard, and Light Screen.]

Grimm has earned a total of 12 EXP. [lv. 6(4/8)]
Rattata has earned a total of 0 EXP. [lv. 5(0/8)]
Electrike has earned a total of 0 EXP. [lv. 2(0/8)]

Ivan's Tracker

[Jani: You're all set now, @Shasyu]

 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 02:48 AM


Tracker is in the signature - post 1 is Sonia's, post 2 is Jillian's.

Kaname: 53 exp total. Should be level 11 with 7 exp.
Bebe: 6 exp total. Still level 3 with 6 exp.
Ares: No exp.
Tiro: No exp.

Mint: 8 exp total. Should be level 6 with 0 exp.
Primrose: 7 exp total. Still level 3 with 7 exp.
Sandshrew: 5 exp total. Still level 5 with 5 exp.

[Jani: Kaname is actually at level 11 with 4 exp remaining. Everything has been updated now! @Rissi]

 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 06:15 AM


Cecilia's Tracker

Cecilia has a link to her updated tracker in my signature. I'm not completely sure that I'm doing this right.

Grape gained 35 exp (I think, in one thread he gained 1 level which I believe equates to 8 exp, but I don't know if that is with old exp rules or new exp rules. Either way 1 level in that thread.)

Sweet Pea gained 8 exp

[Jani: Grape's +1 level from the training thread will count as 10 exp, via the old system, which means he's gained 37 exp. Everything is updated now! Grape and Sweet Pea both gained a level. @Amissa]

 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 01:43 PM


Links in my signature

Cynthia's Amnisiad gained 72 experience

[Jani: Cynthia has been updated, @Rixie! And I'm editing the other character indexes so the EXP tracking bit is accurate for the updated system, though as you know they don't gain any extra levels from this.]

 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 08:40 PM


Blue's tracker is in the signature :U

Sasha: 21 EXP
Mary: 12 EXP
Pyro: 1 EXP, apparently
Fluffy: 2 EXP [Jani: note to self, check Fluffy's capture thread for any starting EXP]

[Jani: @BestBella Blue's tracker doesn't seem to be fully updated. For example, you have Sasha listed here as having 21 EXP, but in the tracker I'm only seeing 10 EXP? And no EXP at all in the tracker for Mary. I can't update this until the Tracker is fully up to date so that I can double check the math.]
[@Jani : Should be fixed! Heh, I need to update the tracker more frequently]

[@BestBella, it all looks good now, and everything has been updated! No levels gained, but everyone is now closer to their next level at least~]

 Posted: Mar 14 2018, 09:47 AM




Kay - 88 EXP
Lvl 5 - Lvl 10 = 40 EXP (48 left)
Lvl 10 - Lvl 15 = 45 EXP (3 left)

New Level - 15 (3/9)

Seb - 49 EXP (Started with 9 EXP)
Lvl 4 (9/8, so really would have started Lvl 5 1/8) - Lvl 10 = 31 (18 remaining)
Lvl 10 - Lvl 12 = 18 (0 remaining)

New Level - 12 (0/9)

Mar - 69 EXP + 4 levels (Started with 5 EXP)
Lvl 5 (5/8) - Lvl 6 = 3 EXP (66 remaining)
Lvl 6 - Lvl 10 = 4 lvls from Ice-Skating Event
Lvl 11 - Lvl 17 = 63 (3 remaining)

New Level - 17 (3/9)

Barry - 16 EXP (Started with 3 EXP)
Lvl 8 (3/8) - Lvl 10 = 15 EXP (1 remaining)

New Level - 10 (1/9)

Ang - 37 EXP
[Received +12 EXP from Terreneversary]
Lvl 2 - Lvl 6 = 32 EXP (5 Remaining)

New Level - 6 (5/8)

Eli - No EXP gained

Jaq - 2 EXP gained - No Level Change

Bri - 5 EXP gained - No Level Change

Furfrou - No EXP Gained (Started with +2 EXP)

Both Shellos - No EXP Gained

[Jani: Shae has been updated! Seb gains the note "Able to evolve to Vivillon" and Barry learns Leech Seed!]


Jolteon - 16 EXP
[Received +4 EXP in current Travel thread]
[+6 EXP from Terreneversary]
[Used 2 rare candies 8,D]
Lvl 5 - Lvl 6 = 8 EXP (8 remaining)
Lvl 6 - Lvl 8 = Rare Candies
Lvl 8 - Lvl 9 = 8 EXP (0 remaining)

New Level - 9 (0/8)
Learns Baby-Doll eyes!!


Paras - 24 EXP
Lvl 5 - Lvl 8 = 24 EXP (8 remaining)

New Level - 8 (0/8)

No change for Lunatone or Mienfoo

[Jani: Okay, your girls have been updated! @Kaien]


 Posted: Mar 17 2018, 09:35 PM


Okay, i hate love you guys for making me do math

Lillian-89 Exp
Meet Lv 5
Current Lv 14
New Lv 15 /+1 from past reward/ 16 with 4 remaining Exp

Meet Lv 5
Current Lv 7
New Lv 7 with 6 Exp remaining

Meet Lv 3
Current Lv 3
New Lv 4 with 1 Exp remaining

Meet Lv 8
Current Lv 10
New Lv 9 with 6 Exp remaining
Am i missing something here? I am not sure if i used an item or that she level up somehow the only possible the current level was possible if she started with 6 experience. Which makes her new level as Lv 10 with 4 Exp

Gavivi- 2
Meet Lv 2
Current Lv 2
New Lv 2 with 2 Exp remaining

Meet Lv 5
Current Lv 6
New Lv 6 with 4 Exp remaining

[Jani: Hey @AjSol, there's stuff missing from your tracker! There's no EXP for Mirias listed for example, and when I go through and add, I'm only getting fifty something EXP listed for Lillian instead of 89, etc... At the very least it seems like you've missed the tourney threads, this Terreniversary thread, and maybe a few others as well. Tag me again when Andrew's tracker is fully up-to-date and I'll get this done :D]

[Kaien: OKAY all good now :D:D

Lillian - Level 15 (4/9) - Learns Psybeam
Mirias - Level 7 (6/8)
Jezebel - Level 10 (4/9)
Adanna - Level 4 (1/8) - Learns Growl
Sovanna - Level 6 (4/8)
Gavivi - Level 2 (2/8)


Desk Lamp
 Posted: Mar 22 2018, 02:20 PM


Shroomish has earned a total of 66 exp and was obtained at level 5.
Stunky has earned a total of 52 exp and was obtained at level 5.
Scyther has earned a total of 14 exp and was obtained at level 6.

[Shroomish levels to 12 and learns mega drain. Stunky levels to 11. Scyther doesn't level.]

Goodstuffs has earned a total of 47 exp and was obtained at level 5.
Gourdelia hasn't gained any exp yet.

[Goodstuffs levels to 10 and learns baby-doll eyes.]

[Jani: Aimess is up to date. Naka will be updated as soon as I figure out where the extra 4 EXP for Scyther came from. :u the extra EXP (and some loyalty) came from Terreniversary! Both your characters are all up to date with the new system, now, @Desk Lamp!]

bio :: user posted image :: tracker
bio :: user posted image :: tracker
 Posted: Mar 30 2018, 10:22 PM



Trick [obtained at level 5, 0 exp] 46 EXP
Indie [obtained at level 6, 0 exp] 47 EXP + 1 level
Imp [obtained level 5, 0 exp] 73 EXP

Zahir's pokes haven't gotten any EXP yet so :U

[Kaien: Processed!

Trick - new level 10 (6/9)
Indie - new level 12 (6/9)
Imp - new level 13 (6/9)]

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