Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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Jul 10 2017, 01:07 AM
It took him several days to get to the other end of the giant forest, but by then, he was used to walking a lot as well as constantly listening for Pokemon and people. What seemed like a week was only four or so days, but in the end, it had allowed Daren to get a new Pokemon as well as a friend. Smiling as Artemis hopped along with him and Richard, Daren wondered what he would be able to find in this forest. He hoped it was something dark or maybe sinister looking at least.

This forest had a warmer feeling to it and it seemed the Pokemon around here were more...vocal than the ones from the west. Either way, Daren was intending on finding at least one more new partner before he went to the village he had heard about. So here he was walking around, trying to find at least one decent Pokemon. It would also be a good experience for Artemis and Richard so that they could do better and get stronger. Moving through the forest and then stopping he looked at Richard and Artemis. Smiling he nodded and allowed them to explore further into the forest, he was going to allow them to lead him along the path for now.

As he followed his pokemon, Daren pondered who he'd meet first, a Pokemon or a fellow human. Whichever it was, he wasn't going to ignore them like he did the last person.
Jul 2 2017, 10:34 AM
It had been close to half a year since the last time Daren had stepped out of the city. So here he was with his beautiful Litleo, Richard. Looking down at Richard, Daren smiled and then petted the young pokemon before taking the first step in his new journey. He had been told by one of the townsfolk of how to get to the next forest and then to the Dragon peninsula. For some reason the latter sound amazing to be at; especially since it was considered very dangerous. Making sure his pack was beside him and the compass secured to his belt, he was ready. Continuing on the path he had been pointed down, Daren began humming to himself.

The day was super young, young enough that the sun was just now coming out and the stars behind him. As Richard traveled along beside his trainer, Daren spoke to him pokemon. "It's going to be a long journey Richard, but I hope this journey helps us discover more about each other. Like do you like berries? If so what kind of berry is your favorite?" Daren chuckled and then continued walking in the forest with Richard. It didn't take long for him to spot the actual path he was supposed to take. But for some odd reason, he felt like he should go off course. So looking toward the right where he had noticed a stream of water, Daren decided to head that direction instead.
Nov 10 2016, 09:17 PM
It had been a rather confusing week so far. First, he had emerged out of a portal and then shown to different areas. But what the most confusing thing was that he had already decided he'd be leaving town after the festival ended. So with that decision having been made, Daren knew what he needed. He needed some travel packs, a few new pokeballs, and of course a way to level his Litleo. Rubbing his chin as Richard; his Litleo, ran around him and then to people back and forth, Daren chuckled. This little guy was too mischevious, but it was very amusing.

So here he was at the Faire looking around the stalls, his Litleo still running around until it decided to play a joke and lit his shoe on fire. Exclaiming out he cursed before chasing after the Pokemon to reprimand it. While he chased it people looked on in amusement much to Daren's dismay. It didn't take long for the Pokemon to light other things on fire causing more mischief. Apologizing to all the people he passed by and said he'd fix their stuff, Daren continued chasing after the hyperactive Litleo until finally it stopped and attempted to hide behind a person.

While having finally caught the creature by assistance, Daren smiled at it. "Such a mischevious little brat aren't you?" He chuckled before petting the creature. The fires were already out and not much damage was caused due to it having been running away from the cause. This, in turn, saved Daren a bit of face by not having to pay too much. Instead of paying the people wanted his assistance. He was quite bigger than most of the men around so they asked for manual labor. The labor was easy and quickly performed, but what was the most fun thing was that he was given a free lunch by one of the stalls as well as some food for his Litleo. Chuckling as they found a tree to sit under, Daren began to eat with his Pokemon. "Well, Richard, it's been a fun day but maybe next time try not to light things on fire?" The Pokemon then purred before speaking "Littttt."

Daren chuckled once more before patting its head and then looking up at the sky. "Such a beautiful day." With the words spoken, Daren stood up after finishing his lunch and then walked with Richard to continue browsing the stalls. While he was browsing he saw a raffle for several items. Paying for 2 tickets he chuckled to himself before walking away still having the numbers in his head. They would call out the winner at the end of the festival; which to Daren seemed fair. He saw a few Pokemon eggs for sell as well and was almost tempted to buy them, but he found he couldn't exactly do that just yet. He needed more money first.

Taking a deep breath he was just turning his head when he felt himself bump into someone on accident.
Nov 5 2016, 12:05 AM
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Team Rocket Blasts Off [starter]<br>
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Nov 4 2016, 11:58 PM

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<div style="padding:20px; font-size:12px; font-family:times; text-align:justify; line-height:100%; color:#bbb;">[/dohtml]Daren was well for the lack of a better word, annoyed. He had been searching for the legendary Pokemon for over four years with no avail. So he had decided to come back to Kanto after being away for so long. Having flown there on his Dragonite, he arrived swiftly and stepped down off of the overly large Pokemon Once his feet were on the ground he was instantly met by reporters, newspaper interviewers, and one of the Elite Four. Looking at his fellow “colleague” Daren smiled and gave the man a warm hug before speaking to him about the adventures he had had. Which really wasn’t much, the world was practically a desert now thanks to the legendaries not doing their jobs. It didn’t take him long to set up the interviews of where he had been, where he battled, and how he was dealing with being the champion while doing all of this stuff. As he arrived at the interview area he looked at his friend before smiling and saying. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell them anything super important, the people need hope right?”

Daren smiled and then nodded to the paparazzi. Waving lightly he called on the first member that had raised their hand. As the day went on and Daren gave out the interviews it was determined that Daren was still searching for the Legendary Pokemon but he wouldn’t give up. There was also news given to the people of Kanto that he would be having his third official battle as Pokemon Champion against a trainer from Saffron that night. This excited the paparazzi immensely because the one thing they loved the most was watching Pokemon battles. After having done the interview Daren walked away from the paparazzi and toward his room to prepare for the battle. He had several different Pokemon he could use for this battle, but the one that stuck out the most was his Dragonite and Gallade. Smiling as he looked at them he spoke. “Are you ready for this boys?” The grunted in response before Following after Daren. A few minutes and they were at the battle location. On one side of him was a lava fall, on the other side was water, steam came up from the middle giving the room a mysterious and powerful appearance. This in turn with Daren’s suit and sunglasses seemed to match extremely well together.

And then the audience began to file into the auditorium. Waving at them with a smile, he called out that this was his 3rd official battle as champion and that he was dedicating it to the city of Celadon. When Daren battled he always gave the prize money to a city if he won. Or so people thought when in reality he sent it to Team Rocket HQ. As the trainer arrived, Daren walked up to him alongside the judge and introduced himself. The trainer's name was Valentine. Chuckling Daren patted the young man’s head before walking to his designated spoke. Holding onto his Pokeball he waited for the countdown to hit zero. While it was counting down he felt an odd presence lurking nearby. What was this presence? Looking around the area, he couldn’t find the person until almost everything went dark.

Closing his eyes and then opening he found himself away on a hospital bed with his two “sisters” on either side. They looked scared and concerned. Trying to say something I felt my mouth open but not a word came out. Then the youngest one smiled softly before speaking to me, “I’m so, so, so sorry Daren...The doctors told us you experienced a severe case of exhaustion from your journeys. You should have rested before the battle.” She then placed her hand on his smiling. “Don’t try to talk okay? Just rest… your boss has everything covered and you can reschedule the match for when you are better.”

Daren wasnt able to fight his sisters so...he obeyed them. After an hour they left saying for him to get some rest. Sighing slightly and inaudibly he closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep.[dohtml]</div>
<div class="heaven"> tag jani || lots of words </div>
</div><div class="credit"><a href="http://code.jfbs.net/?showuser=2">pierrot @ code</a></div>

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