Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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<img src="https://image.ibb.co/m7VSh8/Sorey_Look.jpg">

<div class="simpappname">Jaisen 'Jace' Aurelius</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">27 - Male - Heterosexual</div>

<div class="simpappdesc">Appearance</div>
Jace stands at just a smidge under six feet, about 5'9", and is quite athletic and works hard to stay fit. He will spend his mornings taking a quick run around camp with his pokemon and, by necessity, he is somewhat proficient at rock climbing as well and often goes into the mountains to train his pokemon. He is somewhat average in appearance and is what most people would call 'fair' rather than 'handsome'. He has medium length brown hair which tends to look a little messy and stick up here and there at all times. He also wears a pair of pidgey feathers in his hair and, when asked why, he generally responds with 'becuase it looks cool'. He prefers to keep it cut in such a way that it's not in the way while he's working, though he also tends to forget he needs to cut it until it becomes a nuisance. His eyes are a bright green color and sparkle with curiosity and a desire to learn.
He has a few scars here and there, the sort any average young man with an adventurous spirit might get growing up. Most notably is a long scar on his left leg; though he does not recall the incident at all and tells varying stories about how he got it whenever anyone asks. The truth is that he slipped on the wet rocks while trying to climb the tallest waterfall in his hometown when he was ten and cut his leg, as well as earning a few broken bones in the process. He healed, of course, though he suffers from phantom pains when the weather is bad and has a slight limp that grows more pronounced if the weather is getting bad or if he neglects to stretch out his muscles with exercise before spending all day working.
Playby: Sorey; Original Image found here

<div class="simpappdesc">Personality</div>

Jace is analytical and relatively calm and is not one to get angry or annoyed very easily and preferring to forgive and forget rather than holding a grudge. It is worth noting, however, that he has a tendency to get easily flustered by people teasing him; sometimes taking the teasing a bit too seriously. He also hates it if people come up with their own nicknames for him. He is fine with being called Jace because he chooses to be called that, but if someone tried to call him Jay he'd be upset. He is also quite analytical, preferring to take time to think about his options and the consequences of what he might do before acting. Of course, he is quick to aid his friends when necessary and after years of living in Terrene he is quicker to react in situations involving wild pokemon. Hard working and determined, he practices and trains with his pokemon often in order to ensure that they are all at their best. He would hate to get into a situation where they were unable to defend themselves or escape because he was lazy about working with his team. He is very dedicated to his job working for Omega and will complete any task asked of him to the best of his ability. He may not like some of his jobs, but unless it was something that went against his own moral code (such as deliberately harming people or pokemon), he won't question his orders or complain (at least not out loud).
Jace is also insatiably curious and loves to learn about everything from history to the various legends and myths of Terrene. But his favorite thing is trying to figure out how things work. It was this desire that led him to Omega in the first place. The lost technologies of the 'Old World' fascinate him and he once broke apart an old pokedex just to see what was inside it after Miske accidentally fried it by overloading it with electricity. He has a deep interest in learning about the different places in Terrene and is quite eager to travel and explore whenever the opportunity presents itself. He is particularly interested in seeing some of the places mentioned in the different stories, legends and myths he's heard over the years. There is, of course, no better way to understand the origin of a story or myth than visiting the place where it took place. Perhaps, some day, he might discover something new and people will pass on stories about him. It is, perhaps, an unlikely dream but that would never stop him from doing what he loved.
Though he is well aware that it is very, very unlikely to happen, he does maintain a strong hope that one day he, and others like him, might regain his lost memories. Though he has never actually been promised anything, Omega's work seems to hold the most potential for relearning the things he has forgotten. Though he would never admit it out loud, he is deeply jealous of anyone who remembers pieces of their past life. The only thing he could recall upon being thrust into Terrene was his name, though he wasn't even entirely certain it was actually his name and not someone else's. Still, it had been the name he'd remembered and, even if he discovered that he was once called something else, it was the name he would continue to use.

<div class="simpappdesc">History</div>
Growing up surrounded by the canals and waterfalls of Couriway Town, it was only natural that Jace became enamored with water and the creatures that thrived in it's depths. As a child, Jace never held any fear of the depths and had to be 'rescued' from falling into the canals or ponds on more than one occasion before learning to swim. And once he did, there was no stopping him. Jace would spend every moment of free time he had in or near the water; swimming, fishing and exploring alone or with his group of friends. When he was younger, Jace had never given much thought to what he wanted to do once he was old enough to get his first pokemon. He just knew that whatever it was, it would involve the water and that his first partner should be a water type. Beyond that, he assumed he had time to figure it out as he traveled and learned about what it was he could do.
Unfortunately, Jace's dream of going off on a journey with his friends when they reached the appropriate age was not meant to be. Days before they were supposed to meet the local professor and receive their first pokemon, the boys decided they should try climbing the tallest waterfall in town. Jace, by virtue of drawing the tall straw, was to be the first. He made it a decent way up before the slippery rocks and rushing water got the best of him. He was washed down the falls, earning several broken bones and a severe gash on his left leg. So when the other boys received their pokemon, Jace was stuck in the hospital and unable to join them. He was also denied a partner pokemon by his fretful mother who assumed a pokemon would only cause her son to try leaving home before he was fully healed. So Jace was left apparently trapped in Couriway Town for the forseeable future. His friends were all too busy training their pokemon to worry about Jace and Jace still had a long way to go before he'd recovered enough to consider becoming a trainer.
Years passed and Jace had fully recovered from his injuries. He still didn't have a pokemon and was 'too reckless' for his mother's liking to be allowed to consider getting his first partner. Undeterred, Jace still spent his days doing the things he loved most. And one day he terrified his mother (and the rest of town) by deciding to face the waterfall again. At age fourteen, Jace was bigger and stronger than he had been and climbed the waterfall with ease, making it to the top and finding a vast plateau overlooking Vallée Étroite Way. He'd visited the route on several occasions with his parents or friends but had never explored the route alone due to not having a pokemon to protect him should he be attacked. Normally he'd have climbed back down to safety but an unguarded entrance to the old abandoned mine caught his eye and he couldn't resist doing a bit of exploring.
Knowing he was putting himself in grave danger, Jace tentatively entered the forbidden cave. It was quiet and he couldn't see very deep into the cave. But still he ventured forward, curious what he might find within and why the mine had been shut down. He'd heard rumors, of course, that some strange beast had been discovered there. But no one could tell him what the beast was or even what it looked like. Now Jace had a chance to find out for himself. He found a few things of interest, including a strange, rainbow hued rock that he decided to pocket, but was never able to discover what the 'strange beast' was. As he explored deeper into the cave, an Ariados saw him as potentially easy prey and attacked.
Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your point of view, Jace was saved by a sudden and unexpected earthquake that caused a part of the cave to collapse, crushing the Ariados before it could do any harm to the teen. However, the collapse also trapped Jace deep within the mine with no hope of being rescued because no one knew for sure where he had gone after he'd climbed the waterfall. Trapped and unable to escape on his own, Jace calmly accepted that he was going to die, alone in the darkness with only the gooey remains of an Ariados for company.
He didn't know how long he was trapped for nor what was happening in the outside world. The air was becoming hot and it was getting harder to breathe, which meant he'd been stuck long enough to use up what fresh, clean air had been trapped with him. His eyes grew heavy and sleep tugged at him, beckoning him to give in to unconsciousness. he knew that would ultimately lead to his death so he fought it for awhile, clinging to a sliver of hope that someone would find him. Just when he was about to give up and allow his eyes to close for what was likely to be the final time, a light appeared above him and Jace was saved, though not in the way he'd expected. Arceus had come for him, perhaps drawn to his fading life force or simply on a whim, and had pulled him from his rocky prison and into the void.
When Jace woke next, he was face down in a clearing surrounded by a forest and strange statues with no recollection of where he was or how he'd gotten there. The only thing he could recall was a name 'Jaisen Aurelius' and the only object he had aside from the bag was an odd, rainbow hued stone that was in his pocket. He had no idea if the name belonged to him or not but it felt right so he kept it. It seemed as good a thing as any to call himself, at any rate. There was a small pack next to him that he guessed must be his since there didn't seem to be anyone else around who would have left it. As he picked himself up out of the first, he realized he was not alone in the clearing. A strange creature was watching him from the top of one of the strange carved structures. Once he was on his feet, it hopped down and made it's way closer to him. He met the creature's gaze and felt an instant connection to the beast. When it started moving away, he followed, grabbing the bag that had been lying next to him. The creature led him to a town that he had no name for. After several days of sleeping wherever he could and begging for food, a kind older couple took pity on the teen and allowed him to come stay with them.
Jace absorbed every scrap of information he could about where he was and what might have happened to him. He also learned about the creature that had met him when he'd first awakened and hadn't left his side. It was called a Croagunk and Jace eventually settled on calling it Veleno. Together they learned how to survive in the wilds of Terrene. They learned how to navigate the forest without getting lost and how to work together to fend off wild pokemon. Jace learned to use a bow to help defend himself and the Croagunk and how to hunt if he ever needed to find food in case he got lost or ran out of supplies as he explored. About three months after he'd found himself in Ashfield City, Jace also met a new companion. It was a tiny, mouse-like pokemon that attacked by discharging electricity. Veleno and the mouse did not get along when they encountered it and the pair fought, much to Jace's dismay. Veleno, by virtue of being stronger and larger than the mouse, defeated it and Jace decided to capture it. Veleno was not impressed and the mouse was not particularly friendly to either of them at first. The group slowly warmed up to each other, however, and learned to work together despite their differences.
Three years passed and Jace found that he was growing bored in Ashfield. He wanted to see new sights, explore new areas and learn more about the world he lived in. So he gathered up what Tokens he had, bought travel supplies, and set out to see the world. For four years he explored the world of Terrene, spending time in all of the different cities from Crater to the recently founded Forest Beach. He even traveled to Oasis once but did not linger for long as the residents there didn't seem to care for him much and he feared for his safety. Leaving seemed the best choice in the end and, though Jace still desires to explore more of the desert and make at least one trip to Fairy Island, he has not yet returned to Oasis. During his travels he met many different people, saw new sights and learned new things. One old fellow he met gifted him with a beat up device from the Old World that resembled a pokedex. He'd seen a handful of the devices before but this one seemed more advanced than the ones he was familiar with. Nothing he did to it would make the device respond, though he tried everything he could think of.
It was actually Miske who stumbled on the solution. The Dedenne was curiously observing the device while Jace fiddled with it when electricity from her whiskers caused the device's screen to flash and a strange voice came from within. It didn't last long but Jace realized that electricity must have been the answer. So he asked Miske to carefully try again. They managed to get the device to work to a limited degree, the screen showed only a fuzzy image of Miske and static was the only sound he could hear, though he managed to catch the word 'Dedenne'. Unfortunately, Miske gave the device a bit too much power and with a sputter and a spark, the entire thing went completely dead once again and would not restart. Since the device was rendered utterly useless anyway, Jace took the opportunity to open it up. He lacked any sort of proper tools but with a bit of help from Veleno, they cracked the device open and Jace was able to see what was inside it.
He was visiting his home in Ashfield when he arrived. At first, Jace didn't think much of the stranger that had appeared in their midst, even when a Mismagius chose to become his partner. New people arrived in Terrene every day. But this one was different, he brought with him memories of the world he had come from and knowledge of the technologies that had been lost. Jace was eager to learn more about the Old World and willing to share the knowledge he had gained during his travels around Terrene. Seeing an opportunity to learn things no one else knew, Jace chose to tag along with the man that everyone called 'Omega'. And the more time he spent trying to learn everything the man knew, the more he felt that Omega's endeavors would possibly lead to people being able to regain lost memories. So Jace dedicated himself to helping Omega achieve his goals, doing whatever he could to assist. He delved into rocky tunnels seeking metal or ventured into the desert for some task or another. He lent Omega the use of Miske when he needed electricity and when they needed more power, he sought out another electric type in the desert. Jace's knowledge and desire to learn eventually cemented his position as one of Omega's researchers, though Jace has found that he does as much research as he does exploring and fetching of various items and supplies. Not that he complains because he's doing what he enjoys and feels as though regaining his memory is finally within his grasp.

<div class="simpappdesc"> Sev - EST - She/Her</div>

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Jun 22 2018, 09:31 PM
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<div class="GeminiImage" style="background:url('http://english-draw.salabun.com/img/1428_0.jpg') #000000;"><div class="GeminiOver">


</div></div><div class="GeminiUnder"></div><div class="GeminiThread">

Nox had just recently returned from Crater City where he'd taken part in a tournament held by the city's officials. He had only made it into the second round and had been doing fairly well until his Drifloon had been rendered unable to battle. After asking around, he learned that the opponent he'd been facing, a Paras, had a special ability that caused spores to release from it's body any time something made physical contact with it. From the sounds of things, Drifloon had been effected by the spores and been put to sleep. If not for that stroke of misfortune, Nox was certain the ghost would have defeated the Paras. But it wasn't the loss in the tournament that bothered him. It had been the words of the woman named Gem that haunted him as he made the trip back to Ashfield. Though he'd acted as though he didn't care what the woman had to say, her words were entirely true. He didn't have control over the ghost during that battle. And while he would never see the ghost's attempt to distract the woman as an 'attack' in the sense that it had been attempting to harm the woman, he still probably shouldn't have let her get away with it either.
<br /><br />
So, although he did not like the way the woman had spoken to him any more now than he had when she'd said it, he was going to attempt to start addressing his lack of control over Angel and the Drifloon. He still had no idea how to go about it, but he would figure out something that worked for him with time. He was going to start with Angel because he knew what he could use as an incentive for her to do as he told her. He'd stopped by the home of a local hunter and purchased a pouch of meat scraps from him. Whenever Angel did something that he asked her to, he would reward her with some of the meat. It was, perhaps, not necessarily the best method of training but it seemed like the best place to start, especially with such a young pokemon. And the next time he ran into Gem he would prove to her that he wasn't the idiot she apparently thought he was and that he was fully capable of training his pokemon and getting them to listen to him.
<br /><br />
So, he'd ventured out of the city and into the forest where he could release Angel from her pokeball and not have to worry about the residents of the city hounding him about the 'demon' he kept. Once he was a comfortable distance from the city, he released the Poochyena from her ball. She turned and growled at him and he frowned at her. "Enough of that Angel. No." He told her, she growled at him again. "Angel, no." The canine quit growling and gave him a bemused look. Nox pulled a small cut of meat from the pouch he'd purchased and tossed it to her. Unwilling to pass up the treat, Angel darted forward and gobbled it up. They were off to an okay start, it seemed. As Nox considered what to do next, Angel's ears perked up and she turned toward the opposite side of the clearing in which they stood.
<br /><br />
The Poochyena didn't know what the human wanted from her this time. Every time he let her out he never did much, just followed her around as she wandered and recalled her into that stupid orb any time she tried to run away. This time he seemed to have something different in mind. Normally he ignored her growls but this time he spoke to her. She wasn't sure of the meaning of his words but when she had stopped growling he gave her a scrap of meat. She wasn't sure of the reason but she wasn't about to pass up the fresh meat he was offering. As she licked her lips and sniffed around for anything she might have missed, a rustle in the undergrowth nearby caught her attention. With her ears perked and nose working to identify whatever was over there, she turned toward the noise and took a few steps toward it. Who is over there? I'm warning you. This is my territory and I'll fight to defend it! She growled, taking a defensive stance as the noise grew louder.

</div><div class="GeminiExpand"><div class="Geminitemp01">

Team Info:<br />
<img src="https://image.ibb.co/hpoyAG/261_Poochyena.png"><br>
What is it this time human?<br>
Health: 100%<br>
Energy: 40%
Word Count: 613

</div></div><div class="GeminiImagesYo">

<img src="https://image.ibb.co/eV0XCc/Azura.jpg" title="Azura - Lv 10" class="Geminitemp01img" />

<img src="https://image.ibb.co/kYR5Xc/Angel.jpg" title="Angel - Lv 4" class="Geminitemp01img" />

<img src="https://image.ibb.co/fKcCCc/Drifloon.jpg" title="Drifloon - Lv 8" class="Geminitemp01img" />

<img src="https://image.ibb.co/hOruQx/Pokeball.png" title="Pokemon - Level" class="Geminitemp01img" />

<img src="https://image.ibb.co/hOruQx/Pokeball.png" title="Pokemon - Level" class="Geminitemp01img" />

<img src="https://image.ibb.co/hOruQx/Pokeball.png" title="Pokemon - Level" class="Geminitemp01img" />

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Jun 19 2018, 09:59 PM
Content Warning: Mild Gore, mentions of scientific experimentation on humans/pokemon

[[Brief Summary: Nox's original character idea is an Absol pokemorph who was captured and enslaved by scientists working for The Pokemon Research Organization (more commonly referred to as The Organization) when he was about nine years old. They had specially engineered pokeballs that could contain a pokemorph as regular pokeballs didn't work on them. He was experimented on, tortured and abused in an effort to find out if pokemorphs could be made by combining their DNA into a serum that was then injected into humans and 'true' pokemon. They also forced him to fight (and kill) in an effort to determine if they were capable of Mega Evolution (they are but because it was forced it was excruciatingly painful and, if the pokemorph wasn't strong enough, could be fatal). Eventually (after about 15 years) a Houndoom and a Glaceon pokemorph were caught and the pair plotted an escape, which leads up to the start of this little snippet of history.]]

Life in the underground laboratory operated by The Organization was strictly regulated. Every moment of every day was planned, scheduled and organized. After being roused for the morning, it was out of your cell and into the lab for tests and then off to the Arena for training. If you survived the arena you were returned to your cell and fed or carted off to medical to have your injuries tended. Occasionally, if you were particularly well behaved, you were taken out into the wilds of the mountain range in which The Organization hid their secret lab to hunt down more of your kind or to bring in wild pokemon for use as test subjects, food or who knew what. If you were not, you stayed in your cell for a time and then they would repeat the process of testing, battles and then back to your cell.

He knew something was wrong when they didn't come fetch him for his morning stint in the Arena. He paced his cell, claws clicking against the cold stone as he moved. The routine was never broken unless something was wrong. And this time, something was very wrong. The lights flickered and the alarms began blaring and red emergency lock down lights flashed. White fur bristled at the dizzying flicker and flash of the lights and the deafening scream of alarms. Someone was trying to escape. He'd seen it many times before. The escapees were caught and the ringleaders were put down unless they were particularly valuable. He had been kept alive after his attempts to escape. He was 'special' they said. He had 'too much potential to waste' they'd claimed. They'd kept him alive because he was capable of achieving Mega Evolution; though he had not yet done so back then. But they had broken him and, eventually, they had forced that excruciating surge of power that changed his body and left him feeling sick and weak afterward.

When the door to his cell slid open, he froze, listening to the clang of doors sliding open all around him. Someone had found the master mechanism that released all the doors at once. Freedom was a few pawsteps away but he dared not take it. As much as he longed to be free of this cell and the tests and experiments....he couldn't do it. His body recalled the lash of a whip and the shocks of electricity he suffered when he disobeyed or tried to escape before. They said they would keep him alive, but they had no qualms about torturing him into submission. As long as he could recover, they would do anything to keep him. Especially now that he could be forced into mega evolution.

The metallic scent of blood reached him as the sounds of running paws and booted feat headed toward his cell. Others were fleeing and the guards were rallying to keep their precious captives from escaping into the mountains. Red eyes met red eyes as a Houndoom stopped before his cell, his little Glaceon mate at his side. They were the newest arrivals, brought in only a few weeks ago. At least he thought it was weeks. He could never be sure of how much time had passed down in the cells. 'Are you coming or not Absol?' The Houndoom growled at him, blood dripping from his fangs as he stood there. The Glaceon gave him a pleading look before the Houndoom nipped her shoulder and they started to run again. The heavy thud of booted feet was drawing nearer. He had only seconds to decide.

"The Absol is loose! Get Wrangler Josef down here now and alert Director Lanix!" The shouts nearly froze him in place. Wrangler Josef was his 'trainer'. He was the one that held the key stone that resonated with the Absolite affixed to the collar around his neck. He easily caught up with Inferno and Shiva, the Houndoom and Glaceon spared him only a brief glance as he easily matched their pace. "Watch for the Wranglers who have your corrupted pokeballs. They'll use those if they can. If they can't it'll be darts." The pair gave slight nods and they kept running. And they did encounter the Wranglers who held Inferno and Shiva's corrupted pokeballs. Inferno dispatched them easily, leaving a trail of bloody pawprints along with crushed and charred scraps that were once the devices that held them prisoner.

When they encountered Josef, it was his turn to do the fighting. With help from Inferno and Shiva, they destroyed the corrupted pokeball that had been his prison since he was a child and Josef lay dead under his claws. Bloody fingers shook as they undid the clasp that held the key stone pendant and tucked it into a pocket. Their freedom was within reach but the recapture unit had mobilized and all entrances were heavily guarded. He would never forget the screams and the smell of cooking meat as Inferno sacrificed himself to ensure an escape for him and the little Glaceon. But not before he had begged for a promise that the Absol would see to it that Shiva was never returned to this place, to protect her at the cost of his own life.

Bright daylight dazzled them as they fled into the mountains. The ran until they were at the point of collapsing from exhaustion. When they had rested, they ran again and eventually they left the mountains and The Organization's secret lab far behind. Shiva wept for her lost mate and he tried to console her but it had been so long since he had interacted with another of his kind in any capacity aside from that which the Organization had forced upon him he wasn't sure how much he helped. But she assured him that just being there and holding her in his arms as she cried was enough. 'By the way...what should I call you? You never told us your name.' The question was so innocent, so pure, but he didn't know what to tell her. He hated the name the Organization had given him, and everything else about them, with every fiber of his being. But he no longer recalled the name he had been given as an infant by his parents, before he had discovered what he was. But he needed a name, something for the young woman he had sworn an oath to protect, to call him. He told her the first thing that came to mind. "You can call me Nox."
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Now that Vex had his first pokemon, he wanted to ensure he was prepared in case he encountered more. While he would much rather try and befriend a pokemon and convince it to join him willingly, he knew all too well that there would be situation where he might not have a choice. There would be instanced when catching a pokemon would be the difference between life and death, whether for him or the pokemon he was with. He'd received a single pokeball as part of a congratulations gift his parents had put together for him along with a medicine that would heal paralysis, a pack to carry travel rations and a delicious little treat for his pokemon. They had also presented him with a second pokeball specifically for Donut. His father had carefully etched an image of an Emolga onto the top of the ball.

With only a single pokeball as backup, Vex had saved up his tokens from doing odd jobs around the village and what little he had made hunting with his father in order to buy a couple extras. As he entered the small general store that sold everything from pokeballs to travel supplies, Vex was debating how many pokeballs he should ask for. Depending on the price, he might have enough for three but that would be his entire savings. If the price had gone way up, even two would be a lot of tokens. But he was pretty sure he needed to buy more than just one pokeball. "Morning Emery. How much would it be for two pokeballs?" He questioned the general store's owner with a bright smile.
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