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 Escape, AU Backstory bit for Nox
 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 09:59 PM


Content Warning: Mild Gore, mentions of scientific experimentation on humans/pokemon

[[Brief Summary: Nox's original character idea is an Absol pokemorph who was captured and enslaved by scientists working for The Pokemon Research Organization (more commonly referred to as The Organization) when he was about nine years old. They had specially engineered pokeballs that could contain a pokemorph as regular pokeballs didn't work on them. He was experimented on, tortured and abused in an effort to find out if pokemorphs could be made by combining their DNA into a serum that was then injected into humans and 'true' pokemon. They also forced him to fight (and kill) in an effort to determine if they were capable of Mega Evolution (they are but because it was forced it was excruciatingly painful and, if the pokemorph wasn't strong enough, could be fatal). Eventually (after about 15 years) a Houndoom and a Glaceon pokemorph were caught and the pair plotted an escape, which leads up to the start of this little snippet of history.]]

Life in the underground laboratory operated by The Organization was strictly regulated. Every moment of every day was planned, scheduled and organized. After being roused for the morning, it was out of your cell and into the lab for tests and then off to the Arena for training. If you survived the arena you were returned to your cell and fed or carted off to medical to have your injuries tended. Occasionally, if you were particularly well behaved, you were taken out into the wilds of the mountain range in which The Organization hid their secret lab to hunt down more of your kind or to bring in wild pokemon for use as test subjects, food or who knew what. If you were not, you stayed in your cell for a time and then they would repeat the process of testing, battles and then back to your cell.

He knew something was wrong when they didn't come fetch him for his morning stint in the Arena. He paced his cell, claws clicking against the cold stone as he moved. The routine was never broken unless something was wrong. And this time, something was very wrong. The lights flickered and the alarms began blaring and red emergency lock down lights flashed. White fur bristled at the dizzying flicker and flash of the lights and the deafening scream of alarms. Someone was trying to escape. He'd seen it many times before. The escapees were caught and the ringleaders were put down unless they were particularly valuable. He had been kept alive after his attempts to escape. He was 'special' they said. He had 'too much potential to waste' they'd claimed. They'd kept him alive because he was capable of achieving Mega Evolution; though he had not yet done so back then. But they had broken him and, eventually, they had forced that excruciating surge of power that changed his body and left him feeling sick and weak afterward.

When the door to his cell slid open, he froze, listening to the clang of doors sliding open all around him. Someone had found the master mechanism that released all the doors at once. Freedom was a few pawsteps away but he dared not take it. As much as he longed to be free of this cell and the tests and experiments....he couldn't do it. His body recalled the lash of a whip and the shocks of electricity he suffered when he disobeyed or tried to escape before. They said they would keep him alive, but they had no qualms about torturing him into submission. As long as he could recover, they would do anything to keep him. Especially now that he could be forced into mega evolution.

The metallic scent of blood reached him as the sounds of running paws and booted feat headed toward his cell. Others were fleeing and the guards were rallying to keep their precious captives from escaping into the mountains. Red eyes met red eyes as a Houndoom stopped before his cell, his little Glaceon mate at his side. They were the newest arrivals, brought in only a few weeks ago. At least he thought it was weeks. He could never be sure of how much time had passed down in the cells. 'Are you coming or not Absol?' The Houndoom growled at him, blood dripping from his fangs as he stood there. The Glaceon gave him a pleading look before the Houndoom nipped her shoulder and they started to run again. The heavy thud of booted feet was drawing nearer. He had only seconds to decide.

"The Absol is loose! Get Wrangler Josef down here now and alert Director Lanix!" The shouts nearly froze him in place. Wrangler Josef was his 'trainer'. He was the one that held the key stone that resonated with the Absolite affixed to the collar around his neck. He easily caught up with Inferno and Shiva, the Houndoom and Glaceon spared him only a brief glance as he easily matched their pace. "Watch for the Wranglers who have your corrupted pokeballs. They'll use those if they can. If they can't it'll be darts." The pair gave slight nods and they kept running. And they did encounter the Wranglers who held Inferno and Shiva's corrupted pokeballs. Inferno dispatched them easily, leaving a trail of bloody pawprints along with crushed and charred scraps that were once the devices that held them prisoner.

When they encountered Josef, it was his turn to do the fighting. With help from Inferno and Shiva, they destroyed the corrupted pokeball that had been his prison since he was a child and Josef lay dead under his claws. Bloody fingers shook as they undid the clasp that held the key stone pendant and tucked it into a pocket. Their freedom was within reach but the recapture unit had mobilized and all entrances were heavily guarded. He would never forget the screams and the smell of cooking meat as Inferno sacrificed himself to ensure an escape for him and the little Glaceon. But not before he had begged for a promise that the Absol would see to it that Shiva was never returned to this place, to protect her at the cost of his own life.

Bright daylight dazzled them as they fled into the mountains. The ran until they were at the point of collapsing from exhaustion. When they had rested, they ran again and eventually they left the mountains and The Organization's secret lab far behind. Shiva wept for her lost mate and he tried to console her but it had been so long since he had interacted with another of his kind in any capacity aside from that which the Organization had forced upon him he wasn't sure how much he helped. But she assured him that just being there and holding her in his arms as she cried was enough. 'By the way...what should I call you? You never told us your name.' The question was so innocent, so pure, but he didn't know what to tell her. He hated the name the Organization had given him, and everything else about them, with every fiber of his being. But he no longer recalled the name he had been given as an infant by his parents, before he had discovered what he was. But he needed a name, something for the young woman he had sworn an oath to protect, to call him. He told her the first thing that came to mind. "You can call me Nox."

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