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 A Beginning in The End, [starter]
 Posted: Jun 28 2018, 01:10 AM


summer, afternoon
user posted image

Lawless couldn't even begin to describe the eruption of violence amongst humankind as well as pokemon kind. The continuously increasing worldwide meltdown had driven a vast majority of humans to vile for whatever supplies, technology, power and territory they could, for however long as they could hold onto it. Nothing lasted long in these chaotic times. Nothing was assured. It was a living nightmare and everyone was desperate to hold onto any glimmer of hope they could. Friends and family could turn on one another within a blink of an eye. Even the very earth had turned on its inhabitants.

One could never stay in one place for long, yet traveling was almost impossible. Once mighty cities had been leveled, leaving only ruins behind. Such ruins were still some of the only forms of shelter available to those remaining. Amongst them only a few brave scavengers would venture forth in hopes of finding and retrieving anything of value. Elizabeth could be considered one such scavenger. Having managed to retain some weaponry and the loyalty of her fiery canine Argos, she had an advantage over some others. Her stubborn will also kept her level headed and from resorting to more desperate behavior.

Today was yet another day, or was it? The days seemed endless, and Elizabeth was beginning to suspect that this day had never ended. Hadn't she done this before? Walked this path before? Check that sport before? Found this before? Was it a trick of the mind? Déjà vu right? The loss of the passage of time, the repetitive and yet sudden, sporadic changes made things seem very much the same yet different. She could almost sense the impending attack, but still couldn't find herself prepared for it. Even Argos was always caught off guard. Always? But wasn't this the first time? Maybe the second? Or was it the hundredth?

There it was again, from above, a shot fired, the sound echoing through the remains of the downtown station. A flash of searing pain ripped through Liz's shoulder as she felt the bullet penetrate her tissue and bury itself against her shoulder blade. The brunette gave a yelp of pain before diving down behind a wall of rubble taking cover. Argos let out a deafening roar followed by a challenging growl before leading over the wall and charging toward a figure before them. There were at least two by Elizabeth's count. She pulled her gun from it's holster strapped to her leg and shakily returned fire toward the one who'd sniped her from above. Though uncontrolled, she managed to clip the sniper forcing him to retreat.

Argos had a flaming grip on the one before them preventing him from doing much. Liz struggled to remain conscious despite the blood loss. She leaned against the wall of rubble and peered over watching Argos's struggle with the second attacker. She steadied her weapon against the rock aiming for the attacker.

"Argos back!" She called to the growlithe who released his hold on the enemy falling back to give Liz her shot. She fired twice, managing to make both shots land. The other fell back and collapsed to the ground unmoving. The girl let out a sigh of relief then a groan. She rolled back and relaxed against the rock but something nagged at the back of her mind. There was something else, something wrong, something missing. Argos sniffed the dead raider then turned and trotted back to Liz's side. Before the canine could reach her however another figure rose up rapidly before them brandishing a shotgun. Liz hurriedly raised her handgun but before she could fire the earth itself rose up flinging her, the raider and Argos across the room.

Her handgun went flying out of reach. Argos slammed into a still standing pillar, the force of the collision caused the remaining pillar to become unstable and collapse on top of the fiery canine. Liz's head smacked hard into the stone floor and she gazed dizzily upward. The raider sustained only minor injury and was quickly on his feet once more. Liz could only see the shotgun muzzle in front of her. She gritted her teeth and glared at the raider, just knowing she should've seen this coming.

"F***... not again."

 Posted: Jun 28 2018, 10:30 AM


You Are Safe.

The gun fired, the loud burst booming as the ringing in her ears from such a close noise started. But this was... certainly different from that which she may have expected. Where she'd usualy see the burst of bullets from the shotgun, there were instead slow, orange orbs of light. They scattered and multiplied, quickly spreading even as they aimlessly floated calmly in the air. Soon enough, the orange was all she could see, and the raider along with her entire surroundings were out of sight, leaving her to see the thick collection of saffron light as her head swarmed from the injuries already suffered. But as the words pressed into her mind, she could see she was free from the dangers that threatened her.

The woman would feel power radiating from the beads of light, and she'd feel her chest embraced by the energy. It grabbed hold of her body and pulled, and suddenly she was moving. How fast or slow was impossible to tell, the odd sensation overtaking her body something completely unknown. The world and colors around her vanished, leaving only a blank expanse around her. The ever-stretching void felt as if there was no air, no movement, and yet she felt as though she was moving. Despite time seeming imbalanced and odd, before she could think too much on it the feeling was over. In the same position she'd been in before, she was on solid ground again.

A new energy started to prick at her skin and trickle through her veins as the nothingness surrounded her, leaving a strange question as to what she was laying on. The energy was warm, intense, passionate. It filled her and encouraged similar emotions to heighten, and numbed away the pain she felt. It could not heal that which had happened, but she would feel herself able to move and function more clearly without pain and with minimal restrictions. There was a flash of red in front of her eyes, a small flame kindling. In an instant, it pushed out from the ground, the fire spreading rapidly all around her. It continued further and further into the horizon until all was flickering, the air filling with a similarly deep red color to snuff out the blankness.

Choose A Path.

As the words pressed themselves into her mind, she'd find that there was no physical source of the noise. It was clearly an unknown entity, but where it was coming from would remain unknown. However, with the instruction conveyed, the flames started to flicker more intensely, getting to work at something that was best described as surreal. Rising up high, a wall of flame was created a bit of a distance from where she was. It reached up about 15 feet, and held tight before starting to move. It pushed away from her, and as it did so a number of things started to appear. Despite everything else here looking as though it was fiction, these new scenes developing held a natural form, from touch to scent to sight altogether.

Pushing left from her position was the most different of the three paths. To the far left, a vast pool of water stretched on and on, the gentle current brushing up against the path with clear blue water. The path itself was made of warm, light tan sand, smooth and soft as it pushed forward. Here and there palm trees lined the path, though there was not fruit nor creatures on this peaceful path. At the end of the sand jutted up a line of rock, a cliffy edge that rose up to continue and hung over the water. She would need to find a way to climb up, and would find she could either use the difficult rock wall or she could find a way up a nearby palm tree, which was close enough that one could reach the top of the wall from the top of the tree.

Straight ahead was much darker and dense, the green foilage lining from the edge of the sands as they turned into moist, dark soil. There were plants of all varieties - grass, bushes, thick oaken trees, flowers - filling the world here. It was impossible to see where the path would lead, and getting through the overgrowth would be no small feat. She would find herself needing to push and manipulate her way around, over, and under the greenery that blocked her way. In some spots, the flora was so tightly woven that it would be impossible to cross, leaving her to search for another way to get through. It would take some time and thought, but was perhaps the easiest physically to cross.

The final path stretching off to her right was covered in hills that grew larger and larger. They were covered in a thin, bright layer of grass, but the inclines and declines would continue to get tougher to traverse. While rather straight-forward, it would require a bit of stamina and held a bit of mystery behind it. The crevices in between the hills were hidden by the rising ground, hiding what was to come if she took the effort to continue though this path. Otherwise, she would find there were no other complications as she passed through the hills, until she reached the abrupt end of the path.

Complete The Task.

No matter which of the three paths she had chosen, she would find herself faced with the same thing. The natural path would end in a sharp ending, the flickering red flames lining the void once more. Just a few feet from the edge between the two was a deep red table, solid and sturdy unlike the image of the ground beneath it. It was rectangular, holding three items flat and a layer of tightly pulled cloth supported perpendicular to it. The framework holding the cloth tight matched the color of the table, but the three objects were colored more naturall. Golden letters were inscribed into the table speaking for her to choose one of the items to break the cloth with.

The item to the right was the thinnest and most subtle of them. It was metal, the silver shining as the light from the fire around her flickered and glinted off the surface. The end of it was a small, carved blade that could be used to deftly pierce the cloth without doing major damage to it. To the left, the object was much the opposite. A smooth woodem handle lead up to a much thicker top. The hammerhead was rubber-ish in texture, and a dark raven color. It could certainly smack through the cloth, given enough force, and would create a large hole. In the center, she would find a small plastic object, Should she still hold memory of the object from her previous life, she would identify it as a lighter. The small work of the top of it would strike a flame, and the cloth would catch fire easily if she lifted the flame to it. The frame would remain untouched from the fire.

Cross Through.

Once the task was finished, she would find a door appearing about 10 feet ahead of her position. It was sudden and daunting, the grandiose door doing nothing to hide its appearance to her. The door itself was made of a brilliant ruby gemstone, with smooth edges creating an interesting texture to the surface. Inlaid golden hues decorated and created detail-work, the handle being adorned in it was well. When the door was opened, Liz would find that it moved much easier than expected, the weight not matching to the gemstone it was made of. She would find herself faced with a veil of water, reflecting her and that which she passed through to get here. But, once tested, she would find that she could pass through easily enough, to continue to whatever mysteries lied beyond it.

And Continue.

Welcome to the void between universes. Ho-oh and her beasts will challenge Liz in a variety of ways, to discover how she faces and overcomes the obstacles they lay. The three legendary beasts will take turns creating puzzles or riddles to solve. Each will have a variety of answers to choose from, but don't fret - there are no right or wrong answers. If Liz is unsure or unwilling to complete a challenge, she need only sit down and they will progress to the next step. They will use her methods and choices to help determine what type of pokemon compliments Liz, and her process will be considered when selecting her partner. However, Ho-oh's decision is influenced by what she believes works best in tandem with Liz, so where the answers lead may yet surprise you!


 Posted: Jun 28 2018, 03:00 PM


user posted image

She felt deafened by the noise causing everything around her to seem muted and dull. She knew what was supposed to happen after that sound, she was certain it had happened before and yet there was something else, something new. "Am I dead?" Maybe this time it was over, maybe now she had taken her final turn through the ruins. But this light, the colors and a voice?

"You Are Safe."

She could feel the words rather than truly hear them. They seemed to be coming from all around her, filling her thoughts yet something within her didn't trust what was said. Safe? How could she be safe? Nothing was safe, she couldn't begin to remember when she was last safe. Her brain seemed fixated on this conundrum as she began to question why she doubted the words. Why was she safe? Wait why wasn't she safe before? Or was there a before? She reached a hand up to her head trying to clear her mind but things seemed so out of focus.

She noted the blood that still covered much of her arm from the gunshot wound yet the pain was numbed and she found she could move it well enough. As she stared at her shoulder she could only vaguely recall how it had gotten in that condition. A tinge of sorrow bubbled up to her mind but why she couldn't recall. She only felt like something had been left behind.

Liz glanced down at the 'ground' or whatever it was beneath her. A surge of energy it seemed over took her and she slowly got to her feet scanning the area warily, feeling an instinctive impulse to be cautious and on alert. Just as the previous words had begun to fade from her thoughts, more began to make their impression on her mind.

"Choose A Path."

"Choose a path? What's that supposed to mean?" She repeated aloud as this place, or world, whatever it was began to transform before her very eyes. Everything seemed to spring up from nothing, forming and bursting with sudden intense color and beauty. Liz blinked in some awe as she watched each path begin its formation leading to very different kinds of terrain and obstacles. She placed her good hand on her bad shoulder and simply watched a moment letting everything sink in. Liz frowned, again entertaining the idea that she was dead. What was this? A test? She felt an urge to simply act, following the 'order' as one could call it without question. Yet a stronger urge felt she should be cautious and question everything. Still something about the voice, despite her doubt, made her wish to trust it. She didn't believe it meant her harm at least.

"Okay so choose a path and then what? Where the hell am I anyway?" She stated to the darkness above her though she didn't expect to get any answers. Liz sucked her teeth and eyed her options. Well it seemed like her only course of action here was to move forward, or sit here forever. Here wasn't so bad, it had to have been better than whatever she'd just come from. That was something she at least sensed was true. Wherever she was and whatever she was doing now was definitely better than back there.

"Well okay, hmm..." She pursed her lips and took a few steps forward examining each path. She still felt as though something was missing, as though there should be something or someone else with her. Each path had its own appeal and obvious challenge.

So, left path, water, sand, palm trees, rock wall, nice enough if you liked the beach she figured. Despite the lack of pain in her arm, climbing didn't seem like a very feasible act in her condition, though she figured she could do it, and felt like she'd done similar before.

Then the central path, earthy, jungle forest which was oddly familiar as though she'd had to push through jungle before, but was sure she'd had help then. It had an inviting aroma really. She suspected she like the woods, or earthiness, something.

But the right path, the grassy hills, brought a sharp pang of nostalgia and a strong familiar sense. This one reminded her of home, she knew that much. Why exactly or what home was she couldn't be sure, but she was positive the grassy, rolling hills were significant. She could almost imagine someone waiting at the end of that path with open arms.

Liz squared her jaw and made her choice, stepping with a long, confident stride toward the right path. The wavy grass smelled wonderful and despite the increasing incline of each hill she pressed on her pace only slowing slightly. Each step brought her closer to something she knew, but part of her also knew it wasn't was she was hoping for. Still of all the paths this one felt the most right.

The walk seemed to stretch on for miles but she was determined. As the inclines increased she found she nearly had to scramble upward on her hands and knees. When at long last it seemed like she would be on this path forever, she stood at the top of the tallest hill looking down at the path's end. Here she could see what else lay ahead though it was nothing like she had hoped or expected. Liz glanced down the hill's steep incline then carefully lowered herself to the ground and pushed off from the top of the hill allowing herself to slide down to the bottom and the end of the path.

"Complete The Task."

She got up and dusted herself off, once more finding the voice pressing into her mind. Liz now felt the mental voice sensation was familiar, as though this wasn't the first time something had spoken to her through her thoughts. In fact it was beginning to become comforting yet it brought with its own pang of sorrow as though this was an experience she deeply missed. Psychic. The word felt foreign yet correct. Something psychic, why that word was important she couldn't be sure. Everything was a jumble, a mixture of vague images and feelings. A tiny part of her almost seemed relieved that it could not make much more sense of things and that for now it only had this one task to focus on. And that made her wonder if things had really been so bad before.

Her focus turned back to the gleaming red table and the strange objects lying atop it. She frowned and moved closer examining the objects with care. What was the purpose of this she wondered. Break the cloth, that sounded like a strange thing to do. She picked up each item slowly and turned it over. A knife, a mallet and a lighter. These words jumped into her head as she gazed at each object. At least she could recall their name and purpose. She flicked the lighter but shook her head and extinguished it. The flame felt familiar but seemed too uncontrolled for such a simple task. She passed over the mallet, feeling as though, while it could do the job, it almost seemed an absurd way to do it. All that remained was the knife. She picked it up once more letting it rest in her grip. The knife felt keen and well balanced. How she could tell it was well balanced she wasn't sure, but she felt quite confident wielding such an implement. Liz glanced at the cloth then lifted it with the edge of the knife and watched as the blade cut effortlessly through in one single, fluid motion.

She set the blade upon the table once more gazing at her handy work then turned to look toward the grandiose door that now sprang up before her. Liz cocked her head to one side as the voice again entered her thoughts, this time the feeling was readily welcomed.

"Cross Through."

"Obviously..." She murmured still wondering where all this would lead in the end. She approached the door slowly. Thus far things had been relatively what they appeared and nothing too surprising had occured. The paths were straight forward, the task was simplistic and now all she had to do was open a door to who knows where. Still she couldn't help being a tad apprehensive. Liz sensed she was accustomed to feeling more incontrol of things, well at least at one point. She ran a hand over the door's smooth surface. It really was quite beautiful. Everything here had been so far. It was like a dream world yet it felt all too real to be a dream. She carefully placed her hand upon the latch and pulled the door open toward her. She almost stumbled backward having expected to have to tug a bit harder, yet the door swung open easily.

"And Continue."

Liz glanced around her a brief moment then gazed at the wall of water. She could see herself clearly, her hair tousled, much of her covered in dirt and sweat, blood drying on her arm and shoulder. Her blue cargo pants torn, an empty holster strapped to her thigh, her dog tags flipped over her shoulder, behind her neck and her black tee sticking to her skin. She ran her good hand through her hair, feeling a small welt on the back of her head. Liz was a sight, and she was even more certain that wherever she'd been before that this was better, that she wouldn't even be alive if she wasn't here now.

Then again like she'd been wondering this whole time, what if she was just dead? She twisted the beaded chain back around and glanced down at the stamped tags. 'Captain Elizabeth Stone.' She could read the impression and ran her finger over the tags slowly. This felt right and familiar but she couldn't recall their significance. She glanced up at the wall of water and tucked the tags down her shirt. Right now she could only focus on this, continuing forward. Whatever lay behind, she would have to deal with later. Cautiously she slipped her hand into the wall of water. It didn't feel cold or even wet and her hand passed through with ease. She nodded to herself and stepped forward passing through the veil into more of the unknown.

 Posted: Jun 30 2018, 10:14 AM


Follow Your Heart.

As the woman passed through the veil of water, she'd find that it didn't cling to her as water characteristically did. Instead, as her form pressed through, the water seemed to break apart. It tore into beads of water, clear as the beads floated aimlessly away from her.If she reached to touch one, or just noted it as her body pushed against them, she'd find that it was almost like it repelled of her skin and clothes lightly rather than absorbing. They would continue to hover away from the doorway, until eventually they would just dissipate into the air. If she looked behind her, she would find that once she passed through, the doorway disappeared, leaving no trace of the world she'd just come from.

And perhaps more notably there was a shift in the temperature. Where previously she'd been warmed by the flames covering the world, here there seemed to be more of an icy chill. The floor was covered in a cool blue, a thin layer of water coating the ground and stretching out endlessly. With each movement of her feet, small ripples would be sent out, traveling until they blended into the even water once more. Though the air was certainly more brisk, there was a new energy to greet her here. As before, it trickled into her skin. This time it filled her with a sense of calm, and somehow with that the chill in the air felt comfortable.

Much To Do.

As the words were spoken by a new voice, the water seemed to start moving ahead of her. In three spots, there were ripples moving as the liquid started to move. It was pulling upwards, as if there were tubes sucking the water slowly up. They pushed up and continued in a cylindrical shape, until the reached a few feet up in height. Then, it started to flatten out, spreading in a circle. It created a sort of table, and from the base it started to freeze, smooth ice solidifying the shape. It was only a matter of moments before each of the three tables was complete, and a few items appeared on each of them.

On the table directly in front of her appeared an unrolled scroll of parchment. It was a burnt tan color, with deep blue letters inscribed on the page in odd characters. Resting next to it was a sleek pen, the handle adorned in a smoothly carved sapphire color, with a silver tip. The writing on the page was neat with characters she'd never seen before, however if she studied them she'd find herself understanding the writing nonetheless. The top portion of the page read instructions for her to find the letters and unscramble to reveal the phrase.

Where A is 1 and Z is 26, find my letters and unscramble to find my meaning.
14 - 4 - 6 - 9
21 - 15 - 25 - 18
5 - 14 - 18 - 9 - 14
5 - 5 - 1 - 3 - 16

The table resting forward and to the right of where she entered would have something wooden and flat sitting on it. As she approached, she'd be able to see that there was a square indent across almost the entire surface of the wooden board. And Inside of the indent were a series of tiles, each with their own piece of a grander imaged, aside from one space that was empty. As it was, they were all mixed up and it was impossible to tell what the end product would be. The tiles were attached to the board, but could be slid around using the empty space to move them and rearrange. It would take time, but overall it wouldn't be entirely difficult to reorder the board and find the image. If she did, she would find that the image was of a scene of a water fall, the cliffs and flora decorating the sides of the river which the water crashed into.

The third table to the left of the others had a screen of sorts standing at an angle from kickstands in its back. The screen itself was portraying an image that was split into 9 squares, with the middle square lit up. If she pressed the middle square, then a series would light up slowly, in order. It would create a pattern of 4 squares, and then stop. If she pressed the four squares in the order presented, then it would show a new pattern with 5 squares. This would continue, with the speed picking up slightly, until the final series of 20 squares. If she failed any along the way, she would be forced to start over at the first pattern. If she completed the series of 20, the entire screen would light up and stay lit, showing she had completed the challenge.

Choose Which You Value Most.

In the same method as before, a new table would appear past the three, as soon as one of the challenges was completed. It would appear directly behind the first she completed, about 10 feet away. However, the other two tables were still there, should she decide she wanted to complete those as well. On the newly appeared table, there would be 3 stands in the front, small and crafted in a silver color. On each was a translucent orb of a different color, each with black writing on it with a single word. One was orange with the word 'Wisdom'. One was purple with the word 'Cunning'. One was green with the word 'Intelligence'. Resting behind them on the same surface was a small golden goblet of sorts, the opening sized perfectly enough to hold one of the orbs. She could switch them out however she liked, until she was satisfied with her answer.

Pass Through.

Once her choice was made, a heavy mist would start to rise from the water, filling and clouding the air. In a matter of moments, all was hidden aside from the path forward. The end of the path was marked with a new door. Similar to the last, it was made of a heavy gemstone, though this time it was sapphire. The edges and details were made of a complimentary silver color, and she'd find that it also didn't seem to weigh much, despite it's make. When the door was opened, it would show her once again, the veil of water reflecting her appearance and the mist around her. Once she was ready, she would be able to pass through this second veil, and on to whatever this place had in store for her next.

Not Much Further Now.

 Posted: Jul 1 2018, 01:11 AM


user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
"Follow Your Heart."

Liz stepped free of the veil, not entirely surprised that she'd passed through and remained dry. Nothing here behaved as one would think it should. Really just because the watery veil looked like water didn't even mean it really was water. The voice seemed different now, but she wasn't sure. A shiver ran through her as the world around her took on a colder feel. She glanced down at the layer of water she walked through, her steps barely disturbing the surface. The tables soon grew upward from the floor and laid themselves out before her.

"Much To Do."

A parchment, a wooden puzzle and glowing tablet? She hesitated scanning the layout before her. Liz stepped up to the table holding the parchment looking it over carefully. The words seemed strange and foreign at first but the longer she gazed at it the easier it became to understand. Liz pursed her lips and gently grasped the jeweled pen from the table's surface.

"A is 1 and Z is 26..." She murmured to herself. Well that seemed simple enough. She leaned down and held the tip of the pen over the parchemtn as she thought. 'So if each group of numbers is a word and each number stands for a letter that would make the first one...' She began scribbling on the parchment and counting with the fingers on one hand, mouthing along as she did. 'So, first group of letters... NDFI... hmm... ah Find.'

Liz continued on in this fashion, until she at last completed the message and wrote it down along the bottom of the parchment. FIND YOUR INNER PEACE. She nodded and laid the pen back down beside the parchment. A decent little puzzle, though she was kind of surprised her head was clear enough to have figured it out. She looked up from the parchment table to the next. Here was the puzzle box, also fairly self explanatory. The blocks were all attached and you could only move one at a time whilst trying to complete the image the puzzle depicted. This would prove trickier than the parchment riddle.

For this one, Liz picked up the puzzle then sat down with her back to the table. While she wasn't really tired, even though her physical appearance pretty much screamed she needed rest, sitting on the floor made it easier for her to focus on the wooden puzzle as she figured it would take a bit of time for her to figure out the right pattern. She began carefully sliding each tile across the front. She could make out what the image was supposed to be but guiding each piece to where it had to be was a bit tedious. Back and forth, and back again, no wrong way, hmm gotta start over.

Liz wasn't sure how long she sat there fixated on the puzzle but after much fiddling she soon slid the last piece into place. A relieved grin spread across her lips and she stretched then got to her feet. It was a lovely scene and she wondered if it depicted another part of this world or was simply intended to just be appealing to the eyes. She set the completed picture back onto its table then looked to the next. Here was a device that seemed oddly familiar. Simon. The word popped into her head but she didn't know why, just that she was sure she'd played with something similar before, likely as a child.

She reached forward and tapped the middle square and watched the next four light up. She quickly pressed the four pattern next. Then there was five, six, seven, darn missed one. Liz scoffed and started again. She focused entirely on the tablet, biting her lip as she got up to nine the second time. She narrowed her eyes as the third attempt ended at twelve. Fourth try, messed up at six, should know that one by now. There's five, at least that got to fourteen. Six time's the charm annnd nope, only fifteen. Liz grunted in a bit of annoyance but kept at it. She had the first ten pretty much memorized now, fortunately each repeat pattern was the same. Times seven through ten, and just shy of twenty. Liz wondered just how many patterns this thing had, but she wasn't about to let this little machine win. Try eleven, crap wrong button that time, and Liz couldn't help a little frustrated smack of the tablet. Finally at twelve tries, she hit twenty and the tablet lite up as through in victory.

"Finally... I thought I was better at those." Was she? She couldn't really be sure, she had played with such games before hadn't she? Liz rubbed her head, everything was foggy here. Her focus was quickly directed to the new table that had formed earlier just a few feet from the others. Liz raised a brow and moved toward it wondering what else lay in store in this strange place.

"Choose Which You Value Most."

It felt like it had been quite some time since the voice had spoken and it was kind of nice hearing it again. As she was seemingly alone in this void, she was glad of some sense of another's presence. Liz had a feeling she wasn't usually so alone, at least not for such long stretches of time. Or had it been a long stretch of time? Was time even passing here? She really had no idea, it was almost as if she'd always been here.

The orbs gleamed in the nothingness around her. She felt drawn toward them and glanced over each one, all perfect rounded, no flaws of any kind. The words seemed etched across the surface of each orb, 'Widsom', 'Cunning', 'Intelligence'. The words all had a distinct impression about them. With 'Wisdom' came an image of someone advanced in years, who'd grown and learned through life and gained the wisdom that came with experience. 'Cunning' brought an image of one who was hidden, stealthy, and clever who didn't always choose a path that was right. 'Intelligence' bore the image of a scientist, someone who was learned and on a continuing quest for knowledge.

Liz picked up each orb, rolled it around in her hands and looked it over. The orbs didn't do anything really, simply rested in her hands. The orange of the 'Widsom' orb made her think of fire and warmth, something which she was beginning to miss at the moment. A sense of loss came with the color of orange though she still couldn't quite place why but also knew it was the same sense she'd felt earlier. The purple of the 'Cunning' orb was quite lovely and she believed she quite liked the color purple. Yet the word didn't feel right and the color didn't elicit more than a vague sense of appreciation. Finally the green 'Intelligence' orb also brought to mind a much more distance sense of loss but also felt soothing, as though the green of the field's from the path she'd walked before.

This choice felt more important than her previous choices, yet she wasn't sure which too choose. Her first impulse had been to select the purple 'Cunning' orb based solely on the fact that it was purple. But something kept her from reaching for that orb again. She glanced over the green 'Intelligence' orb, it too didn't seem to speak to her. After chewing her lip a moment and casting one final glance over the orbs, Liz picked up the orange 'Wisdom' orb and placed it in the golden goblet. Liz stepped back still not entirely sure if she'd made the correct choice but she had made up her mind. She looked downward and noticed the layer of water she'd been treading on now began to rise up into a heavy mist.

"Pass Through."

The mist led to yet another door, a lovely sapphire door. Liz approached, glancing back hesitantly but steeled herself, not allowing herself to question the choices. She pressed a hand on the sapphire door, pausing to admire its beauty, longer than she had at the previous door. Sapphire being a favored color and gemstone, or so she sensed. She felt she knew what came next as she, more carefully this time, opened the door to once again reveal the veil of water.

"Not Much Further Now."

Liz didn't hesitate or stop to admire herself this time. She stepped forward confidently through the veil now curious as to what else this voice had in store for her.

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Believe In Yourself.

Pressing through the veil once more, the world quickly became apparent, once again shifting suddenly from one to the next. As she stepped through, the doorway would disappear, though the beads of water would persist a few moments longer. They broke apart and hovered away from where she entered again, drifting out into the air until they eventually evaporated. With the water gone, the ground was replaced with an odd hardness much different than anything she'd pushed through yet. Despite this, she'd find the temperature rather unnoticeable this time, providing neither cooling or warming as her skin reacted to the shift in temperature. It simply was, and did not tend towards either extreme.

In comparison to the others, the world was much brighter now than before. It was covered in a pale yellow color, the hue dimmed so as not to be too offensive to the naked eye. Occasionally she would see and hear sparks here and there, the snaps of electricity lighting up and pulling her attention. Similarly to the electricity that course through the room, a new sense of power would push onto her, providing a bit different feeling. This was invigorating and exciting, attempting to touch at and encourage her sense of curiosity and eagerness to continue, if she had it in the first place.

Complete All, Some, Or None.

Yet again, a new voice crossed into her mind, matching the new feeling of energy to this piece of the void. In flashes of light, a few tables appeared around her, this time going full circle rather than straight-forward. There were four set-ups, each with their own unique challenges that she could complete. They were set up equidistant around her, int he four main directions. Each was shaped a bit different than the others, and were spaced about 10 feet from her center position. Unlike before, nothing would happen if she completed a challenge the door to move on simply appearing with all of the rest some distance ahead, directly in front of her. She was free to move straight to the exit, or stick around to complete the tasks laid out for her.

The table straight ahead of her held a series of instruments, three individual shapes being presented on the table. The table itself had sharp corners in a long rectagular shape, to allow for room for each of the three. The left-most instrument was a drum, two matching sticks on either side of it to use for playing on the tightened fabric. There was a sheet of music beneath it, with a front and back side. The front had a rather steady beat, an easy piece to play on the drum. It was fluid and calm in movements. The back of the page was something much more complex, keeping a fast pace and a long series of beats over a short period of time alotted to play it. She could simply make her choice without playing, or could choose one of the two to try her hand at.

The next was an elegant wooden piece, a stringed violin laying out. Beside it was the long bow with tight strings to brush along the chords in order to produce music. Just as before, there was a page of sheet music beneath it, and easy peaceful melody on one side and a complex elegant piece on the other side. The final instrument was a long, metal flute. It created a sweet, poppy noise in comparison with the others, the winded instrument requiring both her breath and fingers to play. The piece of music held a sweet, easy melody on one side, and a fast-paced pop piece on the other side with a variety of octaves to provide difficulty to play. As she read the music, whether she previously knew to play the instruments or not, she'd find herself able to tell what movements or fingers would produce which notes.

Going around to the right side, the east table presented a much simpler choice. It was shaped in a circle. There were two vials on stands, each with a different colored liquid, and a different word labeling the contents. In the center was a small bowl with a blank white cloth. The golden table had deep raven letter inscribed, telling her to dye the cloth of the chosen trait. One option contained a yellow liquid, bright and inviting. The word on the vial read 'Adventurous'. The other contained a more calm blue color, deep and calming. The word on the vial read 'Peaceful'. Once she poured a color on the cloth, it would absorb the color leaving no liquid in the bowl. If she tried to pour the second on it, she'd find the cloth rejecting the liquid and keeping only the first color that touched it.

The southern table behind where she started facing held a few sharper choices. A few feet behind the table was a target as well, smooth carved wood in a thin, square standing straight up. The table was a star shape, and at the three top points would hold her choices. There was a small, sharp dagger-like object. It was thin and somewhat difficult to handle, but would have the most luck sticking into the target. The one opposite that was big and bulky, the thick handle and blade providing an easier means of gripping and throwing, but the tough blade and handle would prove to make it a bit harder to get the right end in the target, if thrown. The final choice at the top of the star was a double-bladed dagger, the hilt in the middle between two blades. Each of the blades was a bit duller to prevent injury to the thrower, but would provide a better means of making sure the dagger hit and stuck in the target.

The final table to the west held a smooth steel piece, sticking out of the table. It pushed up and into a circle, a hollow circle with a support straight through the center. The middle of the support held a large, wooden piece with three faces. Currently, it was turned so that a corner faced out, leaving no options showing clearly. It would turn easily though, providing her a means to shift and present whichever she wanted to show. There was a golden word inscribed on each of the faces, in the same strange characters littering this place and its puzzles. The faces read 'Power', 'Protection'. and 'Love'. She could choose to put one of the words face up, or could simply leave it on the corner without a choice made between them.

Continue Through Once Ready.

Whether she chose to complete any or none of them, the grand golden door stood in the distance. Completing or leaving challenges incomplete would have no effect on the door, and it would not move nor fade no matter how long it took her to get to it. The brilliant gold stone made the majority of the door, warmer golden tones coating the frame and inlaid into the details of the entrance. Once it was opened, she would find a sight different than what she'd faced before. There was no veil, and she could see the dark orange brick clearly. It stacked into a staircase, which ascended up towards a light. The warm saffron light, matching that which had brought her here, cascaded from the top, beckoning her to ascend.

Prepare for Judgment.

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"Believe In Yourself."

This new 'room', for lack of a better word, felt different than before. The very air was charged with energy and the obvious increase in lighting didn't go unnoticed. Liz felt different now, more eager to face whatever lay ahead. She stepped a bit more quickly as she moved further into the void.

"Complete All, Some, Or None."

Liz had noted that this voice too was slightly different. Each had a strange difference in the way the voice brushed against her mind. She now wondered more about who the voices belonged to. A vague notion began to creep into her thoughts, something from a time long ago. Legendary? Myth? Threat? Something felt different as though her mind was now desperately struggling to recall another lifetime when such things made sense. This seemed familiar and yet so alien. She paused a moment to try and gather herself, focusing on these tasks helped her keep her focused.

She blinked as the tables flashed into existence and the various items appeared with them. Liz hesitated as she also noted the distant door appearing as well unlike the previous 'rooms'. The voice had said she could complete none if she so chose. An urge to move on, to simply continue through and skip everything else ran through her as though she now had a some reason to leave this void and see what else lay ahead. Another part of her however didn't allow her to simply pass up the challenges that were set out before her. One might call that the completionist in her. Liz couldn't see any reason not to toy with the various items before moving on. It wasn't like she could recall any specific reason to be out of her in a hurry.

Thus she turned to the first table containing the musical instruments. Something told her she'd never been much good at playing music. She vaguely recalled enjoying listening to it but never having much luck with actually creating her own. Liz studied the drum, violin and flute, now recalling the names of each item as she touched it. She picked up the violin first and ran her hand along the strings. Curious she glanced at the sheet music and picked up the bow running it gently across the strings. A sharp sound rang out causing her to wince and she paused glancing down at the sheet music. She flipped it over examining both sides for a moment before turning it back to the front and trying the violin again. Now playing with confidence the peaceful melody filled the air. She smiled a little to herself surprised at how easily the music flowed. As she finished the piece she nodded in satisfaction and set the violin back in place. Liz decided she may as well try and drum and flute as well, choosing to play the steady, calm piece on the drum and the sweet, easier piece on the flute. The making of music didn't come naturally to her so she felt it best to stick with the simpler melodies.

She moved to the cloth and bowls next, noting that these too had descriptive words like the orbs from before. The 'Adventurous' yellow liquid and the 'Peaceful' blue liquid were both appealing. Earlier she'd suspected liking the color purple but now she simply knew that blue was her favorite. Yet despite this she almost immediately reached for the 'Adventurous' yellow. It was likely the word itself. While she enjoyed a peaceful moment or now and again, she felt strongly drawn to adventure. She couldn't really remember why, but something inside made her feel that she'd rather be on an adventure than sitting around in peace. Liz shrugged and poured the liquid onto the cloth watching it rapidly dye the white linen.

Her next stop was the table of bladed weapons. Liz could sense a familiarity with these much as she did with the previous blade she'd used on the cloth before. Gingerly she picked up each item feeling its weight and balance. The first she nearly cut herself with as she careful ran her finger along the sharp edge. It was a fine knife but likely one meant for a quick and clean kill, better for up close and from the shadows. She set it down before trying the second knife finding the this one to be much to heavily balanced for throwing, this one was obviously intended for face to face combat. She looked to the double bladed weapon and nodded finding this one to be much better balanced. Liz glanced at the target and stepped back a few feet. With surprisingly skilled fingers she twirled the knife once before lining up her shot and deftly throwing the knife at the target. The knife flew in a straight line and sunk well into the target. Liz smiled a little surprised at how good that felt. This was definitely a task more suited to her skills.

Her gaze switched to the final table and multifaced piece. She moved toward it and examined each one, turning the piece slowly. More words, 'Power', 'Protection', 'Love'? Each face seemed to reflect the word in its expression as Liz glanced over the piece, running a finger along the various dips and curves in the wood. After a moment's consideration she turned to the face baring the word 'Protection' and stopped. WIth a small nod to herself she stepped back and looked over the tables one last time. She felt confident in her choices having completed the challenges and now also felt ready to continue.

"Continue Through Once Ready."

Another beautiful door, she almost wish she could take a bit of each of these doors with her, gold, ruby, sapphire, she'd be set for life, though she couldn't really recall why that was important. Liz shook her head and passed through the door pausing for a moment as she noted the lack of a watery veil. She hesitated for a moment, slightly caught off guard by the change in dynamic, though she didn't know why, it wasn't like anything in this place thus far had really been consistent. Her gray gaze followed the orange paved stairway that lead upward, almost as if it was ascending out of this dark dream world. 'Follow the yellow brick road...' The thought briefly flicked through her mind and she absently hummed a few notes from a long forgotten tune as she began to ascend the stairs wondering if now she would wake up from wherever she was.

"Prepare for Judgment."

Liz hesitated only briefly at the voice's final word before continuing. 'Okay, now that was ominous.'

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As she continued up the stairs, the saffron light would pour down, warming her body slightly. It was a comforting feeling, though the pure power that accompanied it could be a bit intimidating. Still, it called to her, subtly beckoning her to push forward and reach the top of the stairs. There wasn't anything too remarkable at the top however. Much like the other places in this void, the world was flat and stretched out, decorated in hues of warm orange.

Just a little further.

Straight ahead, a podium appeared, with a slot open in the middle of it. It was impossible to tell where it may lead, and there was no way to open up the podium. Laying upon it's surface were two tablets. On the first was written 'One for all'. The second, 'All for one' Inscribed above the slot were instructions to choose one, and enter it into the hole. As soon as a tablet was placed within, the podium would vanish, the objects and words the contained with it.

Make your choices.

Another appeared up ahead, looking identical to the first. The same slot, same height, same instructions. This time there were three tablets. The first was 'Defense', the second 'Strength', and the third 'Speed'. Once a tablet was entered, it would vanish just as the first had, taking away any trace of anything having been there.

The third podium would appear in a similar manner. However, the number of choices would fall back down to two this time around. The options presented were 'Efficient' and 'Prolonging'.

A final podium appeared, and the process repeated yet again. The two tablets here were inscribed with 'Direct' and 'Abstract'. Once this podium was completed and disappeared, there would not be another in it's place. With that complete, she would find no other tasks to complete for the moment. She'd have a chance to simply relax and think through all that had occured, while the unseen power above did much the same. It seemed to drag on, the silence and lack of things to do, but she woul be free to do as she wished for now.

They define who you are.

If you would like to have Liz start in a specific place [One of the four settlements - Ashfield, Crater, Oasis, or Forest Beach] PM me to let me know. Otherwise, I will randomize where she starts! @Jance

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Yet another new voice touched her thoughts. Liz followed the stairs until it leveled out and the world around her glowed orange. This place felt a little more inviting than the others though she was unsure why. Maybe the glow of the orange reminded her of coming home to a house warmed and lite by a cheery fire. The girl kept heading forward scanning the area for whatever awaited her here.

"Just a little further."

The voice came again as the podium appeared. Liz sensed that whatever this world was, her time here was drawing to a close. She still was unsure what its purpose was and why she was here. She was pretty sure she wasn't dead, but then what was the point of all this. There had to be a purpose to these tests. She paused at the podium giving it the same examination she'd done for each moment in this dream world.

"One for all and all for one..." She murmured. Musketeers. Yet another distant sense of familiarity. Though this thought was also accompanied by a brief pang of sorrow. Somehow this too tied to a forgotten pain that still ached in her heart even though she could not remember why. She looked between the tablets. Them being separated didn't make sense to her at first, they were part of a whole, from the strange recognition she got as she'd read the phrase. One person for all people, all people for one person, though it could have a few interpretations she felt the phrase was could basically be boiled down to, 'I've got your back, you've got mine.' Liz reached for the tablet marked 'One for all' and slid it into place. She wasn't sure why but that seemed like the proper response.

"Make your choices... They define who you are."

Having been lost in thought, Liz was nearly startled when the voice spoke again. She let out a sigh and chuckled a little as she turned to face the new podiums. More words, more choices, she was beginning to think this thing, whatever it was, was trying to get to know her, maybe? Though even Liz didn't feel as though she knew herself very well at the moment. It almost seemed like life had begun here, yet she just knew there was more that she was missing. Random images flashed through her mind, the muzzle of a gun, a sandy, washed out ruin, fallen friends who's faces were unclear, a time of joy and adventure, a little farm nestled amongst rolling green hills, a baby's fuzzy smile, a lumbering grass type of some kind. Liz shook her head trying to get her thoughts clear. She just couldn't seem to fixate on anything more than what was in front of her right now.

'Defense', 'Strength', 'Speed', and that was all. Simple words with obvious meaning but unknown purpose. Liz mulled the words over in her mind, getting different images with each one. She again felt the need to run her finger over the words finding some of them reminded her of other things that had a form of application in battle. That only confused her, as she couldn't figure why that was relevant to the words. Each word had it's own merits, 'Defense' was always good to have for protecting oneself from attack, 'Strength' for being able to retaliate against attack and 'Speed' to avoid and attack in one. She wasn't sure why she thought of these as terms for combat, they had other definitions yet this was way they held the most meaning for her. She found this choice more difficult as she felt that a balance between these was the best course of action when it came to a battle. Still she had to make a choice. Liz tapped one of the tablets a minute before picking it up and sliding it into the slot. 'Speed', that word brought to mind a fiery equine that also brought a strong nostalgic sense of simple joy. She glanced at the other two words, each providing images of their own but she'd made her choice and turned to the next podium.

'Efficient', 'Prolonging', these words felt different than the others. 'Efficient' felt harsh when spoken but had a sense of order to it, something done quick, clean, concise. 'Prolonging' actually made her shudder at first. 'Prolonged suffering...' was the first use of the word that came to mind. She knew it could also relate to Stamina or Endurance but her mind could only picture the first meaning causing her to quickly turn to the word 'Efficient', choosing it and sliding it into place. She felt this choice was more rash than the others as though she was too scared to even consider the other simply because of one definition for it. Liz didn't like choosing so quickly and based only on emotion, yet she felt that couldn't always be possible in most cases and that, really, she made most of her choices based on how she felt, whether she liked to admit it or not.

'Direct', 'Abstract', more words, more various meanings, more vague feelings and images. Liz's desire to be done here was growing stronger. As she'd completed each 'room' she'd felt more and more like she was supposed to be heading toward something, that something more lay ahead waiting for her and if she could just get done with whatever this was she'd be there. But Liz was trained well enough to not let her impatience get the better of her. Trained? She ran her fingers over the dogtags under her shirt. Military, trained for combat, to be ready, follow orders, on alert, patient, steady. Liz sucked in a deep breath. That seemed to be the theme of the internal war going on as her mind continued to scramble for understanding but her discipline forced her to remain calm and focused. After gazing at the two words a moment Liz picked up the one labeled 'Direct' and put it too into place. She was already tired of 'Abstract' and felt she'd never really been one to be too excited about vague, subtle, abstract ideas.

The girl stepped back as the podium vanished like the others. Now there was nothing but the soft glow around her. No door appeared this time, making her wonder if this was it, if at last she was done. Still she felt suddenly very alone. Liz glanced downward at the floor and decided to lay down a moment. She laid her back against the floor, her knees bent and feet flat upon the ground, head pressed back on the solid surface. She pressed the palms of her hands on her eyes and rubbed at them as she tried to get her mind to settle. She didn't truly feel weary or fatigued but she sensed that that's how she would feel if she wasn't here. Having a moment to just be still was nice, though she was beginning to feel nervous about not having another task to complete and wondering what else was to come.

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The presence lingered in the air, but she was otherwise alone for what would be a minute or two. Though the endless time didn't really pass in this place, and could seem to drag longer than it seemed with nothing to do. But it wasn't too terribly long before something would start to change. First, a flash of yellow light, an aurora spreading and illuminating the air. Then, a flash of blue joined it. Finally, a flash of red weaved around with the others, and suddenly it felt like there were more presences within this place.

But then she was falling. How the floor had disappeared was unknown, but the emptiness stretched around her as the warm orange light of the room started to shrink away. The only comfort was the power holding her around her chest, similar to how this all had began. The odd shifting and movement swirled and sent a rush of vertigo through her, clouding her vision and brushing her mind. Just as quickly as it started however, it was over. And suddenly there was solid ground beneath her again, in whatever position she'd been in before being pulled away.

Her mind raced to catch up, and she'd start to regain her senses. As they returned, she'd be able to get a better feel for the new environment around her. Unlike the void, things here were more natural. There was a heavy scent of flora in the air, the moist and fresh smell filling the space around her. The air was heavily humid, and the sun was beating down heavily as the midday summer heat weighed on her. The ground felt hard, but grainy. Almost dirt or ashen, or something between those.

When she regained her vision, the blurs from her pushed sense of veritgo fading, she'd be able to visually confirm what her other senses were detecting. The quiet rustle of tall, dark trees. The sound of a bird far off chittering into the open sky. Around her in a semi-circle were large, strange totems, faced into the center of this clearing where she was. The forest was thick with natural life all around her, aside from a beaten dirt path leading straight in front of her. In the distance, she could see the silhouettes of buildings.

Though there was something else that approached from that direction as well, small deft paws carrying it forward. Pale grey in a mussed up pattern decorated the feline, though oddly this one seemed to walk on two feet rather than four. The tips of its paws and ears were more of a cream color. Its ears were large and rounded, folding against its head. Two beady eyes, lilac outers surrounding purple pupils staring at the woman as it approached. As it got closer, Liz would feel a pang of familiarity. But as the final memories slipped out of her mind, she wouldn't be able to find a reason she knew this pokemon.

Throughout the challenges, the beasts collect much information for Ho-oh. Once they presented their findings, she selected the final questions for Liz, based off the types that matched most to her. Through her answers and decisions, Ho-oh has chosen that a Psychic type with high Speed is a logical match for Liz. After using this, and many other factors, she has chosen the pokemon and pushed Liz through the portal outside Ashfield City, where her new partner awaits. @Jance

Liz has obtained an Espurr!

Choose a gender

Choose an egg move

Choose an ability

Choose a name
(the name can be put off until later if you so desire)

[ This topic has ended, but you may resume the adventure in Ashfield City. From now on, the Espurr is yours and is under your creative control. The die roll for the chance to have a Pokedex resulted in an 13, so Liz does not start with a Pokedex. Send me a PM when you've made the necessary decisions regarding your new Pokemon. Good luck and have fun! ]

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