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 Lost, Aka Saint needs major plotting help
Saint Judas
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 12:03 PM

Idle Staff

So.... I have not been on the most. Or rather, I flat out have been gone. For a while >_>; And I kinda need some... Major help figuring out A) what has happened to everybody and everything, like events and who went where and what all the fun developments went on and B) getting myself out of the hole I have of Ihavenoideawhattodonowwithmycharacters

Well, not entirely. In theory Hyaska hasn't really changed. At all. Probably because I never finished his starter. I would still like some help figuring out after I finish his starter what he's been doing the past several months but thats not... That big a deal. Comparitively

But I have no idea what to do with Cheers and how to explain what happened during the time gap, she was in Ashfield but hadn't done much yet, however with her personality... I feel like she wouldn't have just sat around for several months doing nothing

And I especially dont know what to do with Judas. Because he was in a long plot line with another character before I vanished, and now my plot partner vanished too. (Long story short, very abusive relationship that he got caught in very faw away in Oasis) And I believe originally that plot line was going to end with much interaction from characters like Shae, and her company of strong female peeps, but... Obviously that might not be the case now. Not only because if it already happened then it definitely wasnt part of their timelines but if we wanted to fake it that would probably take too much interfering with plans and too much guesswork of how to control a character who isnt there >_>; which I'm not sure if it would be allowed or not, but I don't feel comfortable trying to do anything more then the vaguest of vague interaction with another persons character if they are not playing them anymore and didnt sign them over to be npc used or what have you.

So I'm a little stuck on ideas of how to get from the middle of Oasis to... You know, somewhere else where I can start doing things again.

I can uhh, go into more specifics of what had happened/what the vague idea of what was going to happen, I dont know how much it will help or how much anyone knows/remembers, so I just wanted to get the gist of what I need help with down :c

Edit: Regarding more details on the Judas portion of things, and the plotline he was in and now needs help having a resolution with - first off, I should explain the whole premise of it. In a one word summary, Fleas. In a bit more detailed but nut-shelled summary, a ship between my character, Judas, and a character of someone named Drakka's, Fleet. Quite the opposite of a match made from heaven, Fleet is a childlike highly aggressive selfish person, nothing is ever his fault, what he wants he takes, and if he isn't having fun he hurts. Judas is passive, submissive, he tends to take the blame and works hard to try and make others around him well and happy. He's shy but he cares about people and lives to try and please, through his own nervous uncertain way.

Here follows a trigger warning, I don't think I went too detailed, but still there is much abuse in multiple ways, and some hints of other things (sex, rape, kidnap, etc)
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
So stick those two together. Nothing could go wrong. Especially not when Judas, an immigrant, moves to Oasis to see Fleet. At first all goes well, its a little awkward for Judas but overall quite nice. Fleet gets Judas drunk, and he is ill-prepared when Tic happens by the pair, and while Fleet's presence keeps him more or less safe he still loses his glasses, making him, for better or worse, a lot more short sighted with poor, blurry, vision, and frequent headaches. At first it doesn't matter too much though, drunken, the excitement of the meeting passes quickly and instead the pair find themselves engaged in... intimate stuff. As time passes things go less from consensual, (if very rushed and uncertain for Judas despite Fleets constant assurances that he's just overreacting or too jumpy) loving and enjoyment mixed with some adventure to more and more controlling and less and less comfortable. Soon Judas doesn't really have any say in anything, and where before he was content to follow whatever Fleet wanted him to do, he now is more scared for his life and Fleet forces him into danger, uses his pokemon to their own ends, and is aggressively affectionate even when Judas is not affectionate, taking his love regardless of whether or not Judas is giving it.

Stuck with Fleet now, surrounded by people who care little about whats going on, and with fleet getting a stronger team and decidedly more and more callous to how Judas feels as long as he does what Fleet wants him too, and doesnt struggle too much, or make too much noise or complaint.

 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 01:16 PM


I see what you mean...it does seem rather awkward to just leave this story imcomplete. Since you can't just say so and so died. Maybe the best way to get out of it is to just say you got away?

Maybe make a dev about some time you spent in isolation trying to recover. Take care of yourself and your pokemon. Now moved on, you try to get back to your travels or adventures and meet new people. Hopefully none that are abusive.

Possibly take a newer member under your wing in a big brother type role. Lots of the newer characters are young

 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 02:56 PM


Lemme see if I can help, or at least jump-start your own brainstorming

what would it take for Judas to flee Oasis on his own? I don't think this can be resolved without him leaving. Is there some sort of trigger, that would either make his brain go "enough is enough I can't take anymore I'm going" or that would tweak his confidence just enough to make him believe he could go? Below are my suggestions. They might work best if combined together somehow.

-Fleet abuses Judas' Pokemon. Maybe Judas doesn't have the strength to run for himself, but what about for his babies?
-Judas' Pokemon begin to grow defensive of Judas, start attacking Fleet or Fleet's Pokemon, or otherwise his Pokemon begin to plot to convince Judas to leave somehow, or his Pokemon trick him into leaving.
-Shae sends a letter via mail bird to Judas, both inquiring about Judas' general welfare and telling him of her plans to move toward Crater. Perhaps says something about how his friendship means a lot to her, about how she's always there for him, or something along those lines? Judas is thus inspired to flee Oasis and meet Shae in Crater.

I think that, somehow, you have to temporarily get Judas over his submissiveness. Otherwise he wouldn't leave. Something, or multiple somethings, has to push him.

These things could probably be detailed in a series of short devs followed by his travel out of Oasis? Devs that, while keeping it vague, detail Judas' general progression of thought and experience, going from him trying to convince himself that Fleet isn't bad and it's all in his head etc etc to eventually realizing that Fleet is dangerous, etc. Maybe getting some Pokemon loyalty during the process. This wouldn't have to take place during any of the events with Fleet- it could be during those few alone times Judas has, hanging with his Pokemon while he mulls on what is going on. You don't have to explicitly mention anything that Fleet did, you can just keep it to Judas' vague thoughts, focus on the emotions and not the events that occur between Fleet and Judas. That way you don't have to worry about controlling someone else's character.


OR. If you don't want to go the character development route, you think it's absolutely impossible for Judas to ever gain a sliver of confidence or even be halfway convinced or tricked into leaving Fleet whether for his sake or his Pokemon's sake, you could go more of a deus ex machina route.

Create an NPC that fits exactly what Judas would need. Perhaps a traveling immigrant merchant that reminds him of Shae. And like Shae would, he/she becomes furious at Fleet and somehow frees Judas from him. Then Judas + NPC could travel away together.

Or figure out how to kill two birds with one stone: Cheers somehow wandered over to Oasis and for some reason or another got into a situation where she fought with Fleet or defended/befriended Judas. I'd have to wave my magick admin wand and teleport her over there without her having gone through the actual travel or buying supply packs, but if it helps an inactive member become active again and revive their characters, I think it's okay. :D


Aaand I think that's all I have right now. Hopefully something of this was helpful in some way :U Also, when you finally get these characters moving again, we'll have to work out what their skills all, because right now they are all skill-less

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