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 Moonlit Romp, [Adventure]
 Posted: Oct 30 2017, 08:02 AM


befriending attempt !
A befriending is attempted on the Pumpkaboo. Pumpkaboo is generally friendly towards humans and pokemon, and is certainly enjoying time with Aimess and Goodstuffs. Though, the lack of freedom probably isn't too enticing, she probs doesn't even understand that's what might happen if she goes along, but she'll still have reservations about going into the human civilization, where people are so discriminatory against ghosts (with good reason xD). I'll set chances at 45%. RNG says... 2! Wowza! Pumpkaboo will start with 10% loyalty.

As goodstuffs furry paws pressed into the shiny rock, she'd find that it was abnormally squishy - the rock already starting to lose it's firm shape. The reaction and quick grab by the human, the stufful's change from yelling to pouting was too hilarious to the pokemon to hold it's copied form. The creature started to giggle, which cause carefully adjusted cells to start to fade back to their normal amorphous form and pink color. The mouth was flat and bland, and two dot that could be considered eyes appeared on the blob that continued to giggle uncontrollably.

The duskull had known all along that the rock was a ditto, haven't watched the young creature change shape and followed it in order to see what kinds of mischief it would get up to. But the glare from the human promptly shut up its laughter, as it had no interest in bugging any humans. He didn't like it when they got mad, because they had a tendency to attack. Which usually meant throwing things. And while as a ghost she could simply phase through the items, it was a notably uncomfortable experience having things pass through her.

The pumpkin was already off the topic of the ditto though, as her main points of attention started to turn towards the human settlement and away from them. The human waved a smile and some block of what she believed to be food, and she was interested. Despite not needing to eat, tasting things was fun. Plus she was salty about the rock stealing the first piece that was offered to her. So she decided to go with the duo, floating forwards towards the human. Whether the human chose to stay longer or just go back to town, she would follow, wanting to stay with these new friends for a while.

Pumpkaboo befriended!
level slightly higher than Goodstuffs ◒ female ◒ ability unknown ◒ moves unknown
100% Health. Tiny Size. I like frands :D

a wild Duskull has appeared!
level lower than Goodstuffs ◒ female ◒ ability unknown ◒ moves unknown
100% Health. Watching silently.

a wild Ditto has appeared!
level lower than Goodstuffs ◒ genderless ◒ ability unknown ◒ moves unknown
Suffering from a giggle fit. Lost form due to laughter.
Desk Lamp
 Posted: Oct 31 2017, 06:18 PM


Aimess felt kind of stupid not to have realized the rock was a Ditto sooner. It had even turned pink before it had its little laughing fit! They decided, after slapping their forehead, not wanting to embarrass themselves further, to bring Goodstuffs and their new ghostly friend home soon. Besides, it was late, and there were doubtlessly ghosts with more malicious intentions waiting for them if they explored further.

Goodstuffs' eyes nearly popped out of her head when the rock turned into a pokemon! It seemed pretty happy about its trick, she thought with a little scowl. She could totally beat the Ditto senseless right now, but... well, it hadn't really done anything all that mean, if she considered it. She wiggled and whined for Aimess to put her back on the ground, giving them a sweet, pitiful look. Aimess laughed a little through their nose. "Promise not to punch anyone?" Goodstuffs nodded, and Aimess set her down on the forest floor.

They slowed their pace a bit to fall back next to Pumpkaboo just as they were about to enter the city proper. "Well, what am I going to call you? You're a pumpkin, so... how about Gourdelia?" They pointed at the newly dubbed Gourdelia, repeating her name again to get their point across to a pokemon that probably didn't understand much human language.

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bio :: user posted image :: tracker
 Posted: Nov 6 2017, 06:44 AM


topic closed
▲▲ +100 tokens for completing a topic
▲▲ Pumpkaboo befriended!
▲▲ Pumpkaboo named Gourdelia

▼▼ No losses

Yay spoopy pumpkin frand!! Hope you enjoy your tiny pumpkin friendo~

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