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Pokemon: Terrene > Oasis Village > Release the kracken

Posted by: BestBella Jul 9 2018, 06:33 PM
It felt a little odd to be out in the ocean. Well, it felt odd to be outside in general. Although Blue was pretty sure she was away from the hostility of Oasis, she still felt on edge. She merely sat and waited in worry for something bad to happen. She kept herself seated close to Chuck, who was quietly fishing off the side of the wooden boat. Honestly, the girl couldn't believe she had managed to talk him into taking her along for one of his fishing trips... He seemed really hesitant to do so, though. So... Hopefully just don't get in his way and help if possible.

Due to the limited size of the boat, only Blue, Chuck, and about half of Blue's team were able to be in the boat without it sinking. While Chuck's team, Mary, and Pyro stayed at the safety of the house, Sasha and Poppy stayed put in the boat while Joey buzzed erratically in the air around it. The maractus... Didn't seem all too happy with her new surroundings, and kept making unknown off-handed comments to Sasha. Blue couldn't help but laugh as the sheep began rolling her eyes and moving to seat herself at the girl's feet.

"(... I'm just saying, why are we even here in the first place?)" Poppy muttered, crossing her arms together. She was perfectly fine with staying at the house, but naaaah, how about they go on some weird trip into the ocean? That'd surely be fun.

"(I don't know, why are we here?)" Sasha retorted, shuffling around to make herself more comfortable at the human's feet. She let out a sigh as Joey buzzed around her head. The cutiefly seemed a bit more upbeat than usual... She didn't know whether to be annoyed or tolerant of that. "(Oooh! What if we are visiting my swarm at Fairy Island? I could show them all what oddities humans are! They'll be so impressed by my research and observations!)"

"(... Keeeep dreaming, buddy.)" Sasha chuckled, setting her chin on top of her hooves. She didn't have much else to do, so the sheep decided to try and take a small nap to pass the time.

Blue flashed a tired smile at the excited bug, wondering what he was thinking about. What was causing his hyperactivity this time around? Was he not used to the ocean? The girl tilted her head and squinted at the cutiefly. Joey hovered blankly for a moment before bonking himself on her nose before flying off doing whatever he was doing. She merely stared at him for a while, but flinched up at Chuck's sudden warning.

"I think I got a bite, watch out."


user posted image : Sasha, level 14 : Health 100%. Energy 95%. Zzzz.

user posted image : Poppy, level 6 : Health 100%. Energy 55%. Bah >:T

user posted image : Joey, level 4 : Health 100%. Energy 40%. ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)━☆゚.*・。゚

Posted by: Shasyu Jul 11 2018, 05:20 PM


Here came the humans once more hunting in their territory. Riding their wooden steeds as they floated on their beautiful ocean. Who did these punks think they were trying to lure in one of their naive young and take them as their meal. Not today, the blue jellyfish thought as he narrowed his eyes at the fishing line that had sunk into the water.

The tentacool floated near the baited end of the lure as he watched two dumb fish swim up to it ready to take a bite. “What are you two doing?” he hissed. It was difficult for creatures to communicate underwater but some aquatic pokemon had their ways. The Tentacool was able to use sonar to deliver messages.

The little blue and white fish swam near the fish with two shades of blue. This second fish had a pink line across her body and a tail that looked like a butterfly. The wishiwashi was honestly jealous of her tail but there were more important things to focus on at the moment. He stared at the jellyfish who attempted to stop him from taking a bite out of the free snack floating in the water.

“Obviously, we’re having dinner. What’s your damage, bro?” the wishiwashi retorted.

The finneon didn’t even bother saying anything. She just watched as the two bickered. Rolling his eyes, the tentacool was honestly just trying to save the fish’s life. “This is a human trap. You’ll get caught on the claw and it will reel you in so they can capture you and eat you,” he explained.

The wishiwashi and finneon drifted back in dismay. “Are you kidding me?” the butterfly-tailed fish shrilled.

“Not just that but they shouldn’t be in our territory. They have the land and the ocean is ours. We have the right to destroy them!” the jellyfish stated, prepared to swim up and attack the boat the humans were fishing on. “Who is with me?” he roared.

The wishiwashi and finneon raised a fin. “Yeah let’s get ‘em!” the little white and blue fish shouted.

Grinning, the tentacool grabbed hold of the fishing line. “Excellent,” he said. When Chuck would reel in the line, he’d find the tentacool at the other end being accompanied by the two fish. One on each side ready to attack.

“Congratulations, you played yourself!” the tentacool snarled at Blue and Chuck as they revealed themselves. Noticing the pokemon on board they knew they had to attack before the land pokemon struck first. Immediately the tentacool released a supersonic on the mareep. Soon after the finneon shot a psychic beam at the cactus. There was something about the way it looked that grossed the fish out. The wishiwashi figured he’d just aim for the little bug that was buzzing about. If he could knock it into the water, he could have his snack.

wild Wishiwashi has appeared!
level 8 ◒ male ◒ ability ◒ Water Gun
100% health, 57% energy. Used Water Gun on Joey.

wild Finneon has appeared!
level 6 ◒ female ◒ ability ◒ Psybeam
100% health, 43% energy. Used Psybeam on Poppy

wild Tentacool has appeared!
level 9 ◒ male ◒ ability ◒ Supersonic
100% health, 57% energy. Used Supersonic on Sasha.

Posted by: BestBella Jul 15 2018, 12:01 PM
Sasha groaned as she heard a few shouts ring out behind her, almost entirely consisting of her human. Ugh, what was it this time? The mareep lifted her head slowly to see a large blue jellyfish crawling up the line. She didn't seem too fazed until a loud wave of sound rushed by her. She immediately stood up and backed away from the attack. Sparks of electricity instinctively flew off her wool, and she growled loudly as she rushed up to stand by the two humans.

"(You sure you didn't play yourself, though?)" She retorted with a glare. The sparks emitting from her started to intensify, and were quickly launched at the enemy pokemon. Poppy let out a snort at the scene, and was content with just sitting back through the whole ordeal until a beam of energy crashed into her. The maractus let out a sharp shout and tumbled back from her seat. The action would have gotten a laugh out of the nearby mareep, but she seemed to be too focused on the jellyfish to do so.

The tall cactus groaned as she hoisted herself up from the attack. She hopped over towards the side of the boat and soon spotted her attack. An admittedly pretty fish. Too bad she wouldn't be pretty for long. A small flurry of seeds floated into the air around her right arm, appearing to be harmless at first. But no, she wasn't letting this fish attack her again, she was doing anything but harmless. She lifted her arm for a moment, letting it stay still for a moment before harshly throwing it down. The seeds surrounding her were thrown into the water at the finneon. The attack would still seem not all too bad at first, but soon they would start to explode at an alarming rate.

Joey was still buzzing about during this whole thing, only observing the battle taking place below him. Blue caught herself shrinking back at the chaos erupting behind her, and kept her eyes constantly switching to each of her pokemon. Chuck seemed a bit disturbed, but was a bit busy with the jellyfish that was stuck to his fishing rod. The girl tried to take deep breaths. Everything was going to be alright. They could handle this. Everything was going to-

Her self-reassuring thoughts were interrupted as she spotted a beam of water take a shot at Joey. Instant panic set in as she heard the bug let out a loud squeak and start to fall back into the water. Blue quickly shot up from her seat, and she bolted across the small boat. She stood off to the side of the boat, and reached out her arms to catch the cutiefly. In the attempt, she came scarily close to falling off herself. But thankfully, Joey landed safely in her palms and allowed the girl to draw herself back further into the boat.

Her eyes stood wide and she tried to pet the small bug in her hands. "Oh my god, are you okay?" A small murmur escaped her mouth. She didn't seem to settle down as the cutiefly perked up quickly and shot back up into the air. He let out a series of squeaking before zooming over towards the fish who had attacked him and throwing some harsh wind at him.

Sasha had noticed what had taken place, and glared at the wishiwashi with intense eyes. A few more sparks of electricity managed to launch themselves at the small fish out of spite.


user posted image : Sasha, level 14 : Health 100%. Energy 75%. Using Thundershock (-8%) on tentacool and then another Thundershock (-8% + -4%) on wishiwashi.

user posted image : Poppy, level 6 : Health 56%. Energy 39%. Rolled a 92, so no confusion. Using Seed Bomb (-16%) on finneon. Oh so you wanna play rough, huh?

user posted image : Joey, level 4 : Health 70%. Energy 32%. Using Fairy Wind (-8%) on wishiwashi. Thou art a fool!

Posted by: Shasyu Jul 15 2018, 12:38 PM


The humans and their pokemon didn’t hesitate to retaliate immediately. The puffy looking creature generated electricity from her wool as it shot directly for the jellyfish. He wasn’t exacting any of them to be electric types but it was too late to back out now. They couldn’t let the human invade their territory and get away with it. All of them had to die here and now.

Feeling proud of having knocked back the plant with her psychic abilities, the finneon couldn’t help but float there with a smug look on her face. She wasn’t afraid of no cactus. If it tried to throw leaves at her, she’d just dive into the water to escape. It was a flawless plan. What the finneon didn’t expect was for the maractus to summon seeds. The small orbs launched into the water at the fish who dove out of the way. She swam back up to mock the maractus for missing her but as she floated in the water surrounded by the seeds, they began to explode.

Waiting for the little insect to hit the water’s surface, the wishiwashi swam over quickly. This bug was small enough for him to scoop into his mouth. He was going to have himself a tasty snack while the others ate electricity and exploding seeds. They weren’t really his friends anyway. Just fellow members of the ocean who wanted to defend their home. The fish was furious to see that the human caught the fly before he hit the water. He was about to shoot another water gun at her until the bug rose from the palms of the girl and zipped forward to unleash its fairy magic at him. The attack was followed up by electricity from the sheep.

Though they expected the humans to go down easy it would appear their pokemon were prepared for this fight. They would not give up however. “Do not surrender! Fight until your last gulp of water!” the tentacool cried out as he kept his grip onto Chuck’s fishing line. The jellyfish came closer to the boat so he could lash out one of his tentacles at the opponents. He aimed to sting the mareep with a poisonous lash. If he couldn’t confuse her, then he’d try to poison her and let her die slowly.

The finneon’s psychic powers took a lot of energy and she didn’t want to stress herself out. For now she’s just fire a simple water gun against the sheep who seemed to be close to killing them. Wishiwashi would join in with a water gun as well but he was still focused on getting the bug.

wild Wishiwashi has appeared!
level 8 ◒ male ◒ ability ◒ Water Gun
32% health, 49% energy. Used Water Gun on Joey.

wild Finneon has appeared!
level 6 ◒ female ◒ ability ◒ Psybeam, Water Gun
34% health, 35% energy. Used Water Gun on Sasha.

wild Tentacool has appeared!
level 9 ◒ male ◒ ability ◒ Poison Sting, Supersonic
52% health, 47% energy. Used Poison Sting x2 on Sasha.

Posted by: BestBella Jul 15 2018, 03:15 PM
Sasha let out a low growl as she realized that the tentacool was still gripping onto the hook. The growl only intensified as she heard him begin to bark orders. Until their final breaths, huh? Well, that oughta be soon then. She glanced up at Chuck, who was trying to shake off the jellyfish off the fishing rod. He glanced over to Sasha, and barked out an order while pointing to the fish. The sheep didn't even have to understand what his words exactly were to know what he wanted. She wasn't exactly okay with taking orders from him, but she was going to do it anyways.

"(Alright, get off.)" She hissed, tightening her muscles as she released even more electricity at the tentacool. She backed off as she watched Chuck stand up. The man lifted his leg and forcefully tried to kick the jellyfish off. Sasha glanced back, and let out a bleat towards her human. She wasn't wanting this idiot to fall off by doing that stunt. She let out a sigh as the girl turned her head and realized what was happening. She stumbled forwards, and wrapped her arms around Chuck's torso. She would try her best to keep him balanced in case he came close to falling off the boat.

Sasha let out a shout as a water gun hit her side as well as the two consecutive poison stings, which alerted Joey to keep watch of the attacks the wishiwashi was throwing at him. Sure enough, another beam of water was shot his way. The cutiefly dove down to avoid the attack, landing behind the maractus. The other pokemon was busy throwing a few needles into the water, aiming to hit the opposing finneon. Maybe she could sap back some energy from the little jerk. Her attempts were briefly paused as she noticed the bug dive behind her, soon followed by a shot of water directly at her. The pain that followed was brief though. In fact, she a lot better after the attack. She glanced behind her shoulder to look at the small bug buzzing behind her head. "(Hey, you knew this would happen, right? Thanks.)" She murmured under her breath, as if threatening the bug if he didn't know.

She turned her head before the cutiefly could reply, and shot out some of the needles from before at the wishiwashi that had accidentally attacked her. Joey blinked, admittedly intimidated by the cactus. But he quickly shook himself out of his small shock and hovered back up into the air. He glared at the smaller fish, and sped over towards him. He hovered above the water, his gaze fixed on the other. This fish probably thought he looked like an appetizer, as if he'd stoop to being that low of prey. Even if the fish stayed put, the little bug would try his best to absorb the other's energy before quickly zooming back to the boat.


user posted image : Sasha, level 14 : Health 52%. Energy 64%. Rolled a 79 and 82, so no poison. Static activate! Using Thundershock (-8% + -3%) on tentacool. I swear to Arceus you are the biggest idiot.

user posted image : Poppy, level 6 : Health 81%. Energy 17%. Took a Water Gun, which activated Water Absorb. Using Absorb (-9%) on finneon and then another Absorb on wishiwashi (-9% + 4%). I'm about sick of these idiots.

user posted image : Joey, level 4 : Health 70%. Energy 23%. Using Absorb (-9%) on wishiwashi. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Posted by: Shasyu Jul 15 2018, 07:48 PM


The tentacool having drawn in close to the sheep, only set himself up to get shocked directly. His goal was to poison the mareep but her wool must have protected her or she had good resistance. The jellyfish was shocked by Sasha once more and this time he could not hold on anymore. It was just too much as the tentacool lost grip on the fishing rod and began slipping off the edge of the boat into the water. His body floated on the surface as he died.

The next pokemon to go down was the wishiwashi. Both the cutiefly and maractus managed to get an energy draining attack on the little sardine. He wasn’t really able to live this with the little health he had left. The fish was tiny and weak anyway and the combined power of the super effective moves sapped the life out of him. The fish went belly up as he died along with the tentacool.

It was only the finneon who was holding on strong. She had some of her energy sapped by the maractus as well but it wasn’t enough to take her down. She saw that her two allies were down but knew she could still fight using her psychic abilities. The fish reserved her energy just for this. Focusing her mind, she shot two blasts at both the mareep and maractus. Hopefully she’d be able to wipe out or at least confuse the two because it was the last of her strength.

wild Wishiwashi has appeared!
level 8 ◒ male ◒ ability ◒ Water Gun
0% health, 49% energy. (Absorb from Poppy 15%. Absorb from Joey 30%) Dead in the water.

wild Finneon has appeared!
level 6 ◒ female ◒ ability ◒ Psybeam, Water Gun
17% health, 7% energy.(Absorb from Poppy 17%.) Used Psybeam x2 on Sasha and Poppy. Going out with a bang.

wild Tentacool has appeared!
level 9 ◒ male ◒ ability ◒ Poison Sting, Supersonic
0% health, 47% energy. Dead jelly.

Posted by: BestBella Jul 15 2018, 10:09 PM
Sasha let out a sigh of relief as she saw the blue jellyfish go tumbling back into the sea. She looked up to Chuck, who still had the girl almost aggressively hugging him. But once she was told to let go, the man leaned over slightly to the side of the boat. Everything was beginning to calm, so it seemed. Good, now she could go back to her nap.

But as soon as the mareep tried to lie down to rest, a powerful beam of energy crashed into her. She bleated loudly for a few seconds, attracting the attention of both humans. Poppy's voice joined the noise as she too was hit with the attack. It seemed to take more of an effect on the maractus though, as she was staring off into random directions and was shaking her head violently. The mareep shook off the pain from the attack, and started muttering to her teammate once she saw Poppy try to form an attack. "(No, I'll take care of it. Get yourself together first.)" She hissed.

She felt a gentle pat from her trainer, and she sighed. Her head turned towards the girl, who seemed to be rather frightened by the fast-paced chaos. Sasha could already tell what the words she spoke were. "(... Yes, I'm fine.)" She replied with quick nods. A confident look spread across her face before she turned to rush to the side of the boat.

Blue quickly looked away from the mareep, already knowing what was going to happen. Her attention turned towards Chuck, who was busy trying to drag the tentacool out of the water. She winced at the sight. After a minute, the man held up the corpse by its tentacles, a dorky smile spread across his face. "Hey, guess what we're having for lunch."

The girl didn't look amused, prompting Chuck to drop his happy expression and set the dead tentacool into the boat. Blue felt a small weight set itself on her shoulder, and she sighed. "You doing okay, Joey?"

When a few squeaks murmured into her ear, the girl nodded. Her attention then shifted to Poppy, who seemed to be heavily confused about her surroundings. Blue stumbled over to the cactus, extending her hands. "Okay, calm down. Just sit down and rest..."

The maractus seemed to be hesitant, but did follow directions. She seated herself back to her original spot, looking onto the sea in a dazed expression. Blue sat down next to the pokemon, murmuring soft reassurances as she did. When Sasha soon joined back up with the group, the human couldn't help but smile. The small sheep curled up at her feet, almost immediately drifting off into sleep.

Blue's head suddenly shot up, and she glanced over towards Chuck. "Um... I think I'm ready to go home now..." She murmured with a small awkward chuckle.


user posted image : Sasha, level 14 : Health 31%. Energy 52%. Rolled a 51, so no confusion. Using Thundershock (-8% + -4%) on finneon. Adding to her body count so she can get to sleep faster.

user posted image : Poppy, level 6 : Health 66%. Energy 17%. Rolled a 16, so confused.

user posted image : Joey, level 4 : Health 85%. Energy 23%. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Posted by: Shasyu Jul 16 2018, 06:55 PM


Shocking the final fish to death, the finneon, was left floating in the water as well. With all their efforts the sea creatures could not protect their home. The humans and their pokemon were just too much for the fish. As soon as Blue had everything settled she was able to turn back around and row home. She didn’t appear to be staying around much longer. If she did more fish would arrive to continue the work on the fallen sea creatures. Not that they knew what happened but just the notice of a human boat would send them into a rage.

wild Wishiwashi has appeared!
level 8 ◒ male ◒ ability ◒ Water Gun
0% health, 49% energy. (Absorb from Poppy 15%. Absorb from Joey 30%) Dead in the water.

wild Finneon has appeared!
level 6 ◒ female ◒ ability ◒ Psybeam, Water Gun
0% health, 7% energy. A shocking end.

wild Tentacool has appeared!
level 9 ◒ male ◒ ability ◒ Poison Sting, Supersonic
0% health, 47% energy. Dead jelly.

topic closed
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▲▲ Sasha leveled up to 15!
▲▲ Sasha learned Charge!
▲▲ Sasha is able to evolve!
▲▲ +1% Loyalty for Sasha.
▲▲ +23 exp for Poppy.
▲▲ Poppy leveled up to 8!
▲▲ +28 exp for Joey.
▲▲ Joey leveled up to 7!
▲▲ Joey learned Stun Store!
▲▲ +1% Loyalty for Joey.

Good work Blue, you did what no one has done before. I hope you take what you've earned here and put it to good use!

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