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 Haruko Nakano [Wip!], extra wip-y
 Posted: Feb 6 2018, 10:12 PM


Haruko Nakano
20 - Male - Pansexual (Poly)
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⚔ Dutiful ⚔ Curious ⚔ Detail-oriented ⚔ Low Self Esteem ⚔ Reckless ⚔ Anxious ⚔ Determined ⚔ Restless ⚔

He was never a person of many words- even as a child, Haru had quite a bit of energy... but was well walking (and running and getting into trouble) before he could speak. It was initial shyness generally- Haru would hide behind his parents or their pokemon rather than approach strangers to start with, and even as an adult seemed to prefer to keep away from social situations. As he got older, he could place the nebulous fear of his youth as being one of self-consciousness, and it was something he never quite got over. He is generally uncomfortable at being the center of attention, though he's learned to hide his nervousness well. His attempt to save face in front of people included becoming extremely hard to read- some might go as far as to describe him as being solemn if they're feeling empathetic of him- there's always a strange seriousness to his expression, even after losing his memories. Others... might say he's aloof, brushing people off, too "good" to speak to them, when really Haruko's motive comes from the opposite end of the spectrum. He feels he can never say the right words- or what if he says something that causes someone harm?

He cares deeply for others, even if he's not always sure how to act around them. With a strong, ingrained sense of morals, Haruko will help someone to his own detriment, because it is the right thing to do. However, he is quite lawbound- he will help as much as he can, without breaking from society's expectations, and the expectations others have laid on him. Unlike Aisuru, Haruko had taken responsibilities placed on him like a mantle, and with deadly seriousness. In their world falling apart, the least he could do was try to offer some stability to whoever he could. The burden on someone like him, who chafed at social situations in a casual atmosphere, was something he considered justifiable- he was less important than those he felt obligated to help, anyways.

While this might seem to place him solidly as 'doom and gloom', there is something indomitably hopeful and bright about him. It's hard to know what he's thinking at any time- but actions speak louder than words. He stops to listen to those who would speak, and does his best to assist those who need it. If he notices his quiet demeanor has unsettled someone, he does his best to put them more at ease. For all his careful attempts to remain neutral and cool, he obviously finds great joy in the happiness of others- and nature around him. Sleeping out of doors will not come as a great adjustment for him in the new world- he might actually prefer it despite the obvious danger. He is insatiably curious about where he is, poking into every nook and cranny, observing and watching with bright, attentive eyes. He seems determined to discover every secret, and see all of the wide world that he can.


Theirs was always a world wracked by calamity- for as long as Haruko could remember. It had been afflicted long enough it was written into histories, woven into tales of terror and loneliness- told alongside fables meant to teach lessons about the creatures of the world. They would learn from the time they could understand that sometimes time did not flow as it ought, like a smooth river blocked by fallen trees. Sometimes it overflowed, and came crashign down- too fast, too hard, otherwise it crawled to a dripping, torturous trickle. Sometimes the earth yawned wide beneath whole cities, swallowed them into endless darkness. Sometimes fire rose from the earth, and others it fell from the sky. If there were those who had tried to understand the cause, most had long since ceased as the generations went on, and the catastrophes grew worse. Civilization, like always, clung to hope. They knew, abstractly, this was the work of some fell legendary pokemon... but which? And how to stop it? Trainers who stood against such creatures were legends themselves, and yet that is what many were trained to do, regardless of their ability to actually succeed. For some, like Aisuru, this way was forced upon them... for others, though, they grew up with it- and into it.

But of course, Haru's parents were not so heavyhanded. Aisuru's parent's lived in their lofty, massive manor and it's cold marble floors. Haru grew up among an ancient, verdant forest, which had sprawled to the very doorstep of the city (and during one particular event, into it). His parents helped maintain the tentative peace of the city, as close to Rangers as this world had left, brokering the peace between terrified people and pokemon. He grew up weaned on tales of bravery, but never was it expected he should place himself there. When he gained his first pokemon (a gangly, bitey mudbray), there was no talk that a simple pokemon like that could never hope to take down a legendary. He was taught to foster a relationship with the young creature, and together they would grow strong and brave. It was a strength he needed when one day, his father did not return from some task or another- perhaps gravity had become too great, or suddenly stone was not meant to support what it did. Buildings fell and gave way, and his father with it.

For some time, it was just he and his mother- but it was time that was lost. Too long, misty, hazy. Soon enough-- or after quite awhile (he could never be sure), he and his pokemon were alone in the now twilight-seeped forest. When he left it, emerging into the paved city streets and sunshine astride the evolved mudsdale, he ended up treated as half local-celebrity, half-pariah. He was quiet and haunted and alone- the only person left to carry on his parents' legacy. He did his best- which was at the very least supported by the pokemon who had joined him on his journeys. He had a knack for them- perhaps being so quiet, to a wild animal, he was less threatening. Perhaps it was his dogged determination to make their lives better regardless of their tameness or desire to be anywhere near humans. Maybe it was both. Before long, he'd settled into the footsteps of his parents before him, and their parents before them.

It didn't go unnoticed- Aisuru's father was a stern man and one of the last real bastions of safety. The manor was known for its strangeness in time, now not unlike the way the forest had become. Still, it was supposedly more minor, but Haru had kept his distance from it all the same. That couldn't be avoided when the man- the closest thing they had to a mayor- all but assigned Haruko to teach his daughter all he knew about pokemon training. Haruko understood why, technically... but the more he saw, the less he liked.

First off- he wasn't there to really be a teacher. Aisuru was educated enough just... educated, in his opinion, poorly. And... she didn't want to be a trainer in the slightest. She'd be happy as a researcher, he realized soon enough. Secondly... oh, she hated him. He didn't event really know why to start- she did everything she could to avoid him, push him away... before long it was clear she saw the silent trainer as a babysitter and a lackey of her father. Haruko wanted neither of these things, and saw what Aisuru's father could not. If Aisuru was to succeed as a trainer, ever-- they had to stop trying to force her to be one. Expensive pokemon, and items did not a good trainer make. His were all once wild, or cast off- half of them were not even "his" in that he'd caught them. But none of this had been asked of him, just assumed. Why wouldn't the steady mudsdale have been bred for her temprament and shining russet coat? There was nothing wrong with a handraised pokemon, but it wasn't the answer to everything. Aisuru had to want things to work, or they wouldn't.

So Haru... did his best to become less of a spy or restraint and more... a friend. In his quiet way he resisted the orders of her father- Aisuru left the mansion more and more frequently- when pressed Haru would say they would go out and look for pokemon who were strong, or rare pokemon for her to catch. Sometimes, this happened- but it was never the goal. Aisuru got used to her shadow, and then eventually a little attached. He listened when she spoke, helped her weasel out of a grounding or two, and even taught her a few things about the creatures they shared the world with. They found a common ground in their desire to know things. Haruko was hesitant to enter chaos-ridden areas, but Aisuru found she had a devoted and courageous protector all the same. No matter how he shook afterwards- not even the most terrifying of anomalies could keep him from her side...

...until, one day, it did.
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