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Yesterday at 08:52 pm
[[Just going for that sweet sweet loyalty and have Genesis explore her new home.]]

Soren had succeeded in capturing a pokemon, and not just any pokemon. Genesis was a hooved herbivore with a long neck, two heads, and some mysterious powers. She was highly intelligent with a curiosity that rivalled even his own. Best of all, she'd followed him home on her own will. She wasn't exactly showering him with affection, but she liked him and wanted to be his friend. At least he thought so, and that made him love her all the more. Soren often felt lonely, especially since he'd been branded and stopped attending school. He was now expected to work as an adult, which kept him almost trapped on his farm. The closest one on the farm to his own age was Ivka, his arch nemesis, a troglodyte in curls.

Soren was not well suited physically, emotionally, or mentally, to a life of detached and joyless hard labor. Having a pokemon friend to bond with and help with the work was exactly what he needed. However, he did worry that she might not like the farm. He didn't fear anyone teasing or abusing her. She was strong enough to hold her own against a bully, and she was bold enough to demand respect. But what if she grew bored? What if the work was too hard for her? She could rest in the barn like Destiny, but he would hardly consider his mother's old starter to be a good example of a happy pokemon. No, Genesis might be content enough for now, but her active mind craved stimulation and Soren worried what trouble she could cause if she didn't receive proper training. He was going to need to find some outlet for her beyond farmwork if she was going to thrive.

For now though, for this first night, he would just try to make her feel welcome and comfortable. Soren ran over to the barn as everyone was starting to leave and head towards the house for dinner and rest. He held Genesis's pokeball high above his head and announced, “I've caught a pokemon!”

There was no applause, no cheers, not even a “Good job, you didn't die!”. Soren found himself surrounded only by weary expectant faces. He searched for one in particular and met his father's tired eyes. His father, Gaspar Kolton, nodded for him to continue. Soren pressed the button on his pokeball and in a flash of red light, his new pokemon appeared. A few of the workers gasped in surprise. They had been expecting something smaller, or at least something with a single head. Instead, there stood a girafarig. She was nearly as tall as Soren, and most of those present had never seen a creature like her. Those rare few that had could no longer remember their time in the previous world where girafarig once roamed and were captured and tamed by humans.

Genesis felt a brief moment of disorientation as she was released. It felt strange, like waking up and knowing that you're not in the same place where you first fell asleep. However, going into the pokeball had not been painful, and she didn't think she'd been brainwashed. She remained entirely herself. And now she realized with almost giddy anticipation that she would have almost free access to all of the humans here. She walked forwards and gave each one a careful visual examination. It was strange how all of these humans, including the one she'd allowed to capture her bore the same scars on their forehead. It appeared to be caused by a severe burn, but what kind of creature could inflict such and injury? She didn't know of any pokemon that purposely burned humans on the forehead in that exact shape.

Genesis stepped up to Gaspar, still completely unafraid and wondering why some of them were behaving in ways that suggested anxiety towards her. Perhaps it was only a logical caution. Gaspar however, didn't flinch. He stared at her intently, as if she was an acquaintance whose face he recognized but for the life of him he couldn't think of her name. This human had looks similar to the one that had captured her. His hair, eyes, and even overall facial features mirrored that of the smaller human. Could he be the paternal ancestor? Fascinating! She'd never examined human familial units before, but she'd always wanted the opportunity.

Gaspar reached out to Genesis and rubbed her jawline softly. "What sort of pokemon is this?" Gaspar asked. The other workers didn't seem interested enough to stay and began to wander away into the house to prepare dinner and rest. They left Soren and his father along with the strange pokemon in the fading light.

"I'm not sure what the name of her species is," Soren said, suddenly embarrassed. He wanted his father to love Genesis like he did. He wanted his father to be impressed at what a great pokemon he'd brought home. "But I know that she's strong and smart and brave. She did something funny with her horns that confused a geodude..."

"Geodude? Soren, where did you find this pokemon?" Gaspar's tone had changed, and Soren was getting the creeping suspicion that he may have done something wrong, and he might be scolded.

"Well, I found her on the plains, Daddy. I didn't go any further than the plains." Soren said, his own voice rising sweetly in pitch in an effort to sound innocent of whatever unknown crime he'd committed.

"Why were you on the plains, Soren?"

"You told me I could catch a pokemon."

"Yes Soren, but you can catch a pokemon without leaving the farm. This place attracts enough rodents and birds and bugs. There are stray pokemon right here in the city. For some tokens you could even buy a pokemon from off one of the neighboring farms. Why, why, would you risk your life by going into the tall grasses without a pokemon of your own to protect you?"

Soren didn't know how to respond. He'd been certain in his mind that his father expected him to get a pokemon from the plains, but now Soren reflected on how foolish this idea had been. His father almost never left the farm, and he had pokemon of his own to protect him. What parent would send their child into the plains with nothing but a pokeball and a prayer? He had given Soren a pokeball and instructed him to fill it with a pokemon, and Soren had decided on his own that he wanted his pokemon from the wilds beyond Crater's wall. He still didn't regret his actions. Surely his father wouldn't punish him, would he? What if he made Soren take Genesis back and release her? Just because she came from the plains doesn't mean she was bad.

"Her name is Genesis," Soren told his father weakly, looking up at the man with sad and pleading eyes. "She's a good pokemon. I don't know what she is, but she's a really good pokemon, Daddy."

Gaspar only sighed and pressed the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger as if he were trying to stave off an oncoming migraine. He was never good at staying angry at Soren, and he knew it wasn't good for the boy. He needed discipline. He needed to understand the risk he'd put himself in, but at the same time, capturing a wild pokemon from the plains was a great accomplishment. That was not a feat accomplished by many children Soren's age. Gaspar's pride in his boy battled with the terrifying knowledge that Soren could have died horribly due to a misunderstood instruction. His pride won, and he gave Soren a tiny smile.

"I'm sure she is a great pokemon." He looked the girafarig in the face and gave her jaw another stroke. "It's nice to meet you, Genesis. Soren and I are going to show you where you can sleep with the other pokemon now."

Genesis didn't respond beyond staring right back at the man. What was the meaning behind this seemingly arbitrary physical contingence? The boy had done this too, stroking her neck with the palm of his hand. She'd experienced it in her herd back when she lived among other girafarig, and she hadn't quite understood the behavior even among her own kind beyond grooming. It didn't seem threatening, and she would guess that it was some kind of attempt to bond with her.
Apr 21 2018, 09:44 PM
Hey guys,

I mentioned in the c-box that my dad is very sick, and tonight my mom and brother called me and said it's bad enough that they need me to come home to Indiana right away. I'm going to be in Indiana for at least 2 weeks, I think my flight back is May 7th. I don't know how active I'll be for this time. My focus is going to be on taking care of my family right now, and when I have time I can't promise that I'll have the will to make posts. That said, I may badly need the break that comes from rping on the site, so I'll pop in when I can and when I feel up to it.

Not gonna lie, the situation is really bad. I don't know how long it's going to take me to deal with this and any of the repercussions that follow. I might manage to be very active still, but if I'm not, I wanted you guys to know why.
Apr 10 2018, 09:45 PM
[Trying to get housing prices, materials, and some building done]

The craftspeople in Forest Beach Village were having a particularly busy season. New people were arriving, but the village was also losing housing to a swarm of bug pokemon that had basically taken over a section of the village. Cecilia didn't think she or her pokemon were powerful enough to reclaim that section of the town on their own, so she couldn't help with that just yet. However, she'd managed to accumulate what she thought was a lot of tokens, and she was also the owner of the most valuable material of all. That material was her own strong body, time, and a can-do attitude.

Thus she'd decided that she'd spent enough time encroaching on the hospitality of others, and she ought to at least take the first steps to home ownership. With her pokemon stowed away inside of their pokeballs, Cecilia approached the construction foreman. His crew was currently working on building the house of another resident, but when she saw that he appeared to have a free moment she came over to talk with him.

"Hello sir, my name is Cecilia Clark," she greeted him with a smile and a hand extended in offer to shake. The man looked up from the scroll of writing cloth where he'd been drawing the design for his project. He seemed surprised at first, but then he smiled. He set down his quill and wiped the ink from one hand onto his dirty construction uniform before using that hand to shake Cecilia's.

"I've heard of you. You're that girl with the Mr. Mime. My kids loved your little show. It was really cute the way you trained that monster to juggle like that." The man said. "How can I help you, ma'am?"

Cecilia didn't let her smile falter and she didn't correct the man by telling him her pokemon was no "monster". Instead she got straight down to business. "I was wondering if you might help me. I want to have my own house, but I'm not sure where to start. I have some tokens and some items that I might be able to trade, but I don't even know what materials I'll need or how much. Once I get the materials, I'll still need help building. I'm more than willing to do the work myself, but I've never built anything before and I'll need some guidance."

The foreman considered the woman a moment, crossing his burly arms and tapping one finger as he thought her request over. "Well, what kind of house are you wanting, and where do you want to have it?"

"I just want something small and basic. A place to eat, a place to sleep...doors and windows. I'd like something small, but comfortable. And I don't need it too close to the center of the village. I'd like space to go outside and garden or train my pokemon. I think I'd like it on the outskirts, near the forest." Cecilia said, using her hands as she spoke to point to the side of town she was referring to.

"You know it can be dangerous over there. Pokemon from the forest wander in, and some don't want to leave. Like those pesky bugs. At least you aren't fool enough to want it beside the ocean where it'd be sure to flood or get blown over by a storm."

"I feel pretty confident in my ability to defend my home once I have one, it's the materials and the building that I need help with," she explained.

"Well, what have you got to offer as far as payment?" The foreman asked.

Cecilia had prepared for this, after all the foreman and his workers needed to eat themselves. She knew this purchase would be expensive, but until she knew the full cost she didn't know what she should be aiming for. "I have 675 tokens right now. I'm also willing to work or even gather materials myself if I can just find out what I'll need and how much of everything."
Apr 10 2018, 07:59 PM
Cecilia had her gear prepared before dawn. Her arrows and her bow were neatly arranged so that she could easily reach them at a moment's notice. Her pokeballs were fitted along the belt at her hip, an she wore the most comfortable travel clothes that she had. Like most of her clothes, they were second-hand and not the best fitting. Everything felt just a little too tight, but the blue uniform that she'd worn when she arrived in Terrene stood out too much for today's work. She wanted to blend in, and earthy greens, browns, and beiges were best for that today. She wore some tough leather hunting boots that had been gifted to her by one of her new friends in the village, the same friend who was taking her out today. These were handmade for her, and they fit well. The didn't even pinch.

Since she would be going for subtlety, Cecilia didn't bring out all of her pokemon the way that she often did. Instead the only pokemon she had outside its pokeball was Sweet Pea, her little rowlet. Sweet Pea was growing, but the little owl was still small enough to perch on her shoulder. She was also the most demure of Cecilia's pokemon, though she sometimes seemed to lack confidence in herself. "All right, Sweet Pea. I hope you're ready for a little adventure today," Cecilia whispered softly to the dozing owl pokemon perched on her shoulder as she left Philippa's house.

Cecilia still didn't have a house of her own, but she'd been saving up tokens so that she could buy the supplies she would need and maybe hire some help. Today's journey would be part of that effort too. Cecilia's friend, Thea Milone, waited for her at the edge of the forest. Cecilia had first met Thea when she went to the hunter's lodge to learn how to prepare her first kill as food. Thea was one of the few female hunters in the village, but she kept up with the men easily. She was just as proud, just as skilled, and she told tales twice as tall. Cecilia sought her out a few times after that encounter just to talk, and the two women really got along. When Cecilia asked Thea to give her tips on hunting, the woman happily agreed.

Thea was a few years younger than Cecilia and a few inches shorter. She had long black hair and she was wearing light cotton hunting clothes when Cecilia arrived to meet her. The only ornament the woman seemed to wear was a white flower in her hair. As Cecilia came closer, she could see that this was no ordinary flower. It had a passenger. "Hey Thea, is that a pokemon that you're wearing?" Cecilia asked.

"Sure is! This is my Baby girl! Since we're tracking I thought I'd take her along. She isn't too experienced but she knows how to stay out of the way. If it comes to a fight, she can bring the punishment though. Don't let her looks deceive you." Thea boasted as she reached a finger up to stroke the little flabebe's ear. She had her own bow and gear strapped across her chest and she looked Cecilia over before nodding in approval. "You look ready. Rowlet's a good choice for a hunting trip. They're stealthy, natural predators, and native to this forest. I'm sure she'd do better if it were night, but all sorts of other dangerous beasties come out at night time too. Besides, today I'm focused on training her trainer. We're going to do a little bit of hunting and foraging today. Follow me, try to keep quiet and try not to hurt yourself. Let's see what we can find."

Thea lead the way, and Cecilia followed close behind. She tried to keep her senses open to everything, every new sight, smell, and sound. She wanted to impress Thea by finding a pokemon first or maybe sighting some valuable plant or berry. On her shoulder, Sweet Pea fluffed her feathers and hooted drowsily. The sun was beginning to come up, and she'd rather be sleeping. However, she wanted to impress Cecilia in much the way Cecilia wanted to impress Thea. She knew she was the smallest and the weakest on the team, but she wanted to show that she could be strong and helpful too.
Mar 29 2018, 04:15 AM
Hey guys,

So I hear a lot about people doing nuzlocke runs in the site, so I thought it would be fun to make a thread just to discuss this topic. I want to nuzlocke all the pokemon games eventually, but right now I'm doing a nuzlocke of Leafgreen. I'm playing with the standard rules:

1. Can only catch the first pokemon you meet on each new area, if you fail, too bad.
2. Any pokemon that faints is dead and must either be released or boxed forever.

But I threw in a few others:

3. Name every pokemon a different name.
4. Battle style is Set
5. No legendary capture allowed. Legendaries are for the murdering.

My run also allows duplicates, even if that means I catch nothing but zubat and rattata. I also chose my starter based on my trainer ID card and got super lucky (Bulbasaur I love you!).

My Team so far:

From left to right, Antonio, Orion, Topaz, Scotch, Aqua, and Zeus. We just beat Giovanni in Celadon and we're getting ready to do Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. Three casualties so far, one voltorb and two pidgey (Popcorn, you were supposed to resist razor leaf! Why?).

So, that's enough about my run, I'd like to know about yours. What games are you playing, what rules are you using, how far have you gotten? Share whatever you want about your game, your wins and your losses. I think it's a fun topic and I want to hear about it.
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