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Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 TOO LATE, (starter)
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 12:55 AM


Tick, tick, tick.

Jazzi's eyes are fixed on the clock in her room, her eyes following the second hand as it shifts in a steady manner. The clock read 11:27, but she wasn't sure if it was supposed to be early noon or midnight. While it was pitch black outside, with the illuminating rays of the moon being the only light source, it had remained like that for the past year or two. Actually, it may be three. She honestly wasn't too sure about that either - the concept of time was so bizarre to her now, as it was all over the place. She honestly hated it. Time seemed to crawl by, and her impatient nature was not taking it well.

She tries to tell herself that the messed-up time was why her older brother hasn't called home yet. He usually calls back at least once a month, but ever since the chaos took place, he hasn't. Maybe he just wasn't sure if it's been a month yet. Or maybe, he already did, but something went wrong during the call and the connection broke off. There was also the possibility that -

Jazzi shook her head, annoyed at herself. She knew very well that her brother, and most likely her beloved mother as well, was dead. It's not like her to make up a bunch of excuses and hold on to false hope - no, she would force herself to accept the situation and move on. That's what she did when her mother left. She needed to do the same now. It was silly of her to think that her older brother was still alive, when natural disasters were striking every other minute. To be honest, she was surprised that something hasn't happened in her town yet.

The twenty-two year old closed her eyes, making a feeble attempt at going to sleep. She had nothing better to do. She might take her younger siblings out for a walk later, though, as they haven't left the house for a while. Magby needed to get some exercise as well. At the thought of her partner, Jazzi opened her eyes again, and glanced at the small fire Pokemon at her right. She smiled wistfully at him. Her dreams of leaving town and traveling the world with Magby seemed so far away, so unrealistic now. They would be lucky if they even stayed alive.

The woman continued to stare at her companion, and couldn't help but wish that she had left her family for just one weekend and went on a short adventure. It didn't have to be very far - just a little bit of something to satisfy her desire to go out and roam. Jazzi had always thought there would be more time for her to explore the world. All she had to do was to wait for her youngest sibling to turn eighteen, and then she would've been free. Unfortunately, things didn't work out that way.

Jazzi shut her eyes again, and forced herself to push those thoughts out of her mind. There was no use in wishing for something that could never happen. Maybe in her next life, she can have the lifestyle she always wanted to have. But in this one, she just wants the rest of her family to stay safe and alive.
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 05:10 PM


Fret Not.

The words resonated into her mind, the powerful voice speaking directly to her. As it did so, an orb of orange light appeared in her vision, whether her eyes remained closed or otherwise. It quickly turned into two, then four, and within moments the warm hue was encompassing all she could see. There was a strong energy collecting around her torso, as she was unable to see or reach for her pokemon. It held her firmly, before pulling.

And then she was gone, being yanked out of the world as the orange light flushed from her vision, allowing her to see the blank void around her. Her bed, her room, the life she'd known had disappeared in the blink of an eye, and this strange force carried her to somewhere new, through this unknown place. It wasn't long before the rush of movement and dizziness was wearing off as she was placed on firm ground, in the same way she'd been laying in her bed. The material under her was not unkind or hard, but it was not exactly comfortable either.

Though this place was much different than the orange energy that dispersed from holding her. The air here was much cooler, a subtle prickling on her skin as the world around her grew calm. She was surrounded by a cool blue color decorating the ground and air, as well as the thin layer of water that started to push in towards her, slowly approaching like the waves of the ocean against the sand, creeping up more and more with each push before pulling back some. This would continue until it reached past her and further out than she could see, despite the water near her not getting any deeper.

Make A Choice.

Up ahead, two stands appeared. Each was tall and thin, mirroring the color of the cool water covering the floor beneath them.As she moved, she may notice the ripples coming from the disturbance in the water, oddly calm and calculated as they pushed away from her. A cool energy prickled at her skin, providing a sense of calm and subtly urging her towards the stands, each with a different item hanging on it. Despite the oddity that was this place, the items looked much more natural. More real.

To her left, the stand was carrying an object that pulled much more attention. It drew the eye with its base of pure, shimmering gold, despite being smaller than the other choice. It was hollow, but circular and strong, shaped just so as to fit on her head. Intricately carved designs pushed upward as facets of brilliant gems decorated the rim of the magnificent crown. It would seem heavy, but if rested on her head, would fit and feel perfect for her. It would not wear her down, but would certainly feel amazing to her.

The other was a deep midnight blue in color. So dark that to the untrained eye it simply looked black. Long and thick, the flat fabric would feel extremely soft to the touch, the length being many times the height of the crown. Most of it was tailored edges of otherwise unaltered cloth, but neat the top it was sewn in such a way to carve out a hood, shaped perfectly to sit around her head. Thick, velvety strings were attached and able to pull around her neck comfortable, a sapphire clasp attached to join the two ends together. It was the less attention-grabbing option of the two, but would provide comfort to those seeking to stay out of the spotlight.

Keep Going.

Once the decision was made, a square table would appear up ahead. It held a few items on it, awaiting her inspection. Though there were no instructions to go with these, she'd be free to decide what to do. On the table were three items. In the center was a small, silver key, though nothing nearby that it could go to. To the left was a folded piece of parchment, though if it was opened, there would be no writing on the inside. The final object was a hammer, a smooth wooden handle to a carved obsidian head, fierce but with nothing to pummel.

After she made her decision (whether she chose one, all, none, or some other option) another table would appear up ahead. On it rested a chest, about 1 foot wide and a half a foot tall. It was wooden with a warm red finish, leading to a metal lock on the front. It was a combination lock, but if she looked she'd find a keyhole on the back of it. She could open it, using the item she retrieved before, or if she didn't take any, she'd be left to decide whether to try opening on her own or leave it alone.

If she chose the parchment, and the parchment alone, she would find it start to glow, golden text appearing on the page with the 4 digit code to match the lock on the chest. If she chose the key alone or together, she'd be able to open the lock from the back. The hammer would only be able to open the lock through brute force. Once it was open, she'd find two switches, both flipped off. If one was flipped on, and she tried to flip the other, both would flip back off. The right switch read "Freedom", and the left read "Safety".


Once the tasks had been completed, or she'd decided against completing them, a thick mist would rise from the floor, blocking out her vision as the tables and items disappeared, aside from those she had on her. The fog would separate, revealing a path to a shining sapphire door, silver detail work etched into the frame and handle. As she opened the door, she'd find a thin veil of water, showing her reflection. But she would not be prevented from pushing forward, once she chose to move on to what waited for her next.

And Continue.

Welcome to the void between universes. Ho-oh and her beasts will challenge Jazzi in a variety of ways, to discover how she faces and overcomes the obstacles they lay. The three legendary beasts will take turns creating puzzles or riddles to solve. Each will have a variety of answers to choose from, but don't fret - there are no right or wrong answers. If Jazzi is unsure or unwilling to complete a challenge, she need only sit down and they will progress to the next step. They will use her methods and choices to help determine what type of pokemon compliments Jazzi, and her process will be considered when selecting her partner. However, Ho-oh's decision is influenced by what she believes works best in tandem with Jazzi, so where the answers lead may yet surprise you!


 Posted: Feb 15 2018, 02:13 AM


Jazzi's eyes were still closed when a voice rang out with the words "Fret not".

At the first word, her eyes immediately snapped open and she sat up. Her brown orbs darted around her room, seeking for signs of an intruder. However, before she properly scanned each corner, a small orange light appeared in her vision. Jazzi squeezed her eyes shut before opening them again, and frowned. Not only did the strange light not vanish from her sight, it actually doubled - wait, it's taking over her vision now. She gripped the side of her bed tightly, clearly frustrated. First she was hearing things, and apparently, she's now seeing things too. What was happening to her?

Moments later, the brunette felt an odd energy wrapping around her torso, and it was pulling her backward. "Magby!" she couldn't help but yelp as she attempted to move forward, but before the pokemon could do anything, she was gone and brought to a different space.

Before Jazzi could make another sound, the orange color began to fade and her vision cleared up again. She still felt light-headed, and the world seemed to be spinning around her. It took a few moments before the dizziness slowly disappeared, and she found herself on the ground, in the same position as she was before. A confused look was sprawled across her face as she took in her surroundings. The air felt a lot cooler than it was before - she was very glad that she had her favorite green jacket on - and everything seemed to be tinted blue. It took her another second before she saw the water inching towards her, and the woman immediately stood up, not wanting to get wet. She watched as the liquid reached her feet, expecting it to stop there, but it didn't. She couldn't help but shiver slightly - everything was so strange. "Where in the world am I?" she spoke to herself. She paused. "Actually, why am I here?"

As she spoke, two tall structures appeared in front of her, both carrying a different item. "Make a choice," she heard. It was the same voice that she had first heard when she was still in the comfort of her bed. Although Jazzi was quite confused, her skin prickled and she found an urge to get closer. She went forward, taking note of how the water moved in an orderly manner - almost as if it was being controlled. She frowned again. This place seemed quite sketchy if you asked her.

Those thoughts flew out of her mind, however, the moment she laid her eyes on the objects presented to her. The one on the left immediately caught her attention - it may be one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen. It was small, yes, but it was colored gold and Jazzi could almost see it glowing. Not only did it have a detailed design - she wondered how much work was put into it - but it was also decorated with many gorgeous stones. The beauty of the crown left her breathless, and she wanted to lift it up immediately, but she chose to take a look at the object on the right first. It could be just as beautiful.

Although less eye-catching, the blue headwear was still quite attractive. Her first instinct was to touch it lightly, and she was surprised by how soft the material was. Even her finest blanket wasn't this comfortable. The object was extremely long, especially when compared to the crown from earlier. It had a beautiful sapphire at the bottom, to connect the two strings. Jazzi stared at it for another five seconds before glancing at the shimmering crown to her left. As high-quality as the blue headwear was, the brunette still felt more attracted to the crown. Thus, she stepped towards the left structure again and picked the gold object up. Taking a small, excited breath, she carefully placed it on her head and grinned widely. She felt amazing wearing it. Its weight was not a burden, surprisingly, and it somehow fit perfectly, as if it was designed for her.

She only had a few moments to enjoy the crown before another table rose up from the ground. This time, Jazzi didn't even hesitate and bounced forward. Sure, this place still seemed quite sketchy, but she was seeing things she had never seen before back in the real world. This must be a dream of some sort, she can't help but think, but her gut tells her it isn't. Well, even if it isn't, she'll just continue to push on and see what happens. The whole thing was starting to seem like an adventure.

This time, the objects presented to her were a lot less exciting but more practical. There was a silver key, a hammer, and....parchment? Jazzi tilted her head slightly and leaned forward to open the paper. She was disappointed to find nothing. She directed her attention to the other two items instead. Am I suppose to choose again? she thought, staring at the objects. Well...they never said how many I can take, she reasoned to herself, and picked up both the key and the hammer. It was always safer to take a key than not to. As for the hammer, well, who knew what she'll meet in this odd dimension? She better bring it, just in case some monster popped up and tried to kill her.

Thankfully, what greeted her wasn't a monster, but another table. This time, a wooden chest stood on top of it and had a warm red hue. It had a lock, but required a series of numbers. Jazzi ignored it and chose to pick up the box. She would try guessing, but that would take forever and she had no time for that. No, there's got to be a faster way.

She inspected the wooden chest and grinned in triumph when she found the keyhole at the back. She knew that key would come in handy. Jazzi quickly jammed the silver key into the hole, and twisted it slightly, eager to find out what the box held. As soon as she heard the soft click, she flipped it open and was slightly disappointed to find another set of choices presented to her.

This time, there were two switches. Safety, one read. The other was printed with the word Freedom. Without a single thought, Jazzi flicked the switch with Freedom printed on it. That was what she desired to have. She had been trapped in her town for twenty two years - all she wanted to do was to be free and explore the world, like her mother did. Sure, she wished for her family's safety at her last moments in the old world. But when it came to her, if she was forced to pick one, she would choose freedom. Jazzi didn't think she could live being trapped for the rest of her life, even if it guaranteed safety.

Taking a deep breath, the woman stood back, and simply watched as the mist rose up and swirled around her figure, covering her vision completely. Just like before, however, the mist separated and a path appeared in front of her. It lead to a shiny sapphire door that contained as many details as the crown resting on Jazzi's head. She quickly crossed the path, reaching the door in no time. Her hand rested on the handle and she jerked the door open. "Woah!" she cried when a thin layer of water was revealed. Out of all the things she expected, that was not it. The liquid held her reflection, and she was almost taken back by the crown on her head. She knew it was there, but it was still surprising to see herself wear something as nice as that.

The brunette stood there briefly, staring at herself, before crossing the clear veil. She wanted to get going, as there was no use in staying at the same place for too long. She glanced around, expecting something else to pop up again.
 Posted: Feb 17 2018, 03:16 PM


Well Done.

As she stepped through the tall doorway, she'd find this next world was possibly a bit more alarming than the one before it, despite any efforts made on the legendary's part. Her foot would step into the calm, flickering flames that encased this new void, licking at her feet and ankles. However, this fire did not burn, instead simply warming her to her core. It channeled a new energy, slightly different than its predecessors, trying to soothe her concerns and help her focus on continuing through this strange place.

Though she was not given too long to ponder on her situation before the flames started acting up, a comfortable distance away from her but noticeable still. They started to intensify, the red hues shining as it moved around, building upwards and out. Those immediately around her remained calm, neutral, as if promising not to move or cause harm in any way. Up ahead though, as the fire continued to move and push back, two paths started to form in their trails, looking much different than anything else she'd experienced up to this point.

Continue Down One Path.

The first two paths seemed simple enough. It split into two tunnels going either direction forward, but the paths were abnormal. The flames solidified into a beautiful crystallized form to shape his choices clearly. To the left was a tunnel with sharp, defined edges. The walls pointed in just as the floor did, provide rough obstacles to dodge around, but promised better footing with the relatively flat base. To her right the path was completely smooth, the cylindrical tunnel continuously rolling in place. To start this side required a slight drop to the bottom of the moving construct, and making her way forward would prove difficult as the well carved base gave no traction for her feet. Either path would allow her to move forward, but each presented its challenges.

More Ways To Go.

The Rugged Path

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
As Jazzi progressed through the obstacles, the foundation was at least solid and still, allowing her to take her time and move with carefully prepared strategy. It would be difficult, but ultimately she couldn't fail unless she gave up. On the other side, three new paths awaited, shooting in a new direction each.

Straight ahead showed the first true puzzle this place had to offer. The walls rose high up into the air, and looking into the path would reveal that it was more than just a straight shot forward. Multiple, identical paths sprawled out ahead, which may alarm the young woman to be a maze. While simple enough to walk around and explore the paths until a way through was found, there was always a risk of getting lost. If this path is chosen, once she enters the maze tall white pages of blank paper would appear, blocking paths but proving to be easy to tear down. The trick though is that some pages would simply cover a wall, creating more confusion to the maze.

To the left shined panels of glass, the light of the red illumination reflecting off in beautiful auroras of light. This puzzle was risen up, requiring stairs to be able to approach this path. It would be a risky choice, and ascending the stairs would only show this was not as easy as it may have seemed. At the top, she would see that the path was laid out in a 6x6 grid of the glass panels, each with a different amount of cracks in them. Each time a panel was stepped on, it would crack more. If stepped on again, it would hit again, until it broke. It seemed 3 cracks on a perfect panel would cause it to break through, causing Jazzi to float to the ground and have to return to the entrance. A very specific path would allow her to cross without falling.

The last path to the right looked open and easily visible, with a table at the start. Upon closer inspection, she would see that the path weaved intricately to the other side, with chunks missing in the floor. To match these, there were large, clear blocks that could fit into the missing slots, however she would not be able to move them with force. The table held the secret, however. Study at the table would show a replica of the path ahead, with the blocks, holes, and all in miniature size. The cubes representing the obstacles could not be picked up, but moved along the surface and could fall into the slots. If she chose to move one, she may notice the real-sized block corresponding to it ahead moving as well, showing a direct correlation between the table and the path. Solving the puzzle on the table would open the way forward.

The Slippery Slope

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Once Jazzi climbed up the other side, having completed the odd slippery path, it seemed there would be no reprieve. This time the way forward would split into three separate choices, each presenting their own challenge. Straight ahead was a wide open space that stretched to the other visible end. The only thing worth interacting with for this path was the table in front of the gap, which notably had a stack of tiles on it. A closer look would reveal that the table was laid out in a grid formation, the number of spots perfectly matching that of the pieces stacked up. Each piece was beautifully decorated, with realistic views of grass, river, road, and a single bridge piece. If she tested the tiles on the board, she would see placing one in a spot created that piece of path in the corresponding spot in the pit in front of her. With the designs on the pieces, it could be seen that this was a picture puzzle. Only once the correct solution was found would she be able to cross the quaint path to the other side.

To the right of her looked a simple, bland path. However before she could approach it, she would be able to notice the air distortion just above it. Then, the path would change, twisting and turning in new ways. If she studied long enough to attempted crossing the route quickly, she might discern that the path changes every 10 seconds, leaving some spots to fall. If she were to fall, she'd find herself floating back to the start to try again. With careful timing and agility, crossing the path could be accomplished. Enough watching would reveal that there are 10 patterns that change in order, allowing for an amount of planning to be put in.

The last path, to her left, was much more light and fun. The other side was risen a considerable distance high, and the ground simply didn't exist, the chasm descending endlessly. The most notable part of this path were the large bubbles that floated up from it continuously. Each seemed rather durable, and would prove to be just as strong as they looked if she tried jumping on one. She could, with precision and deft footwork, hop across the bubbles to reach the other side. If the woman fell, she would be guided back to the start similar to how she'd fallen into this strange world in the first place.

No matter which of these paths she crossed, the other side would be the same. When she crossed the threshold of the puzzle she'd solved to continue forward, she would see a pedestal with a socket in the middle. In between her and it was a long thin table with 4 gems of identical shape and size. Each had a word on it. Love. Power. Knowledge. Safety. Any of these choices could be inserted into the pedestal, but once entered, it could not be removed and replaced with another gem. Her first choice would be absolute.

Cross Through.

As the words pushed through again, deep and rumbling with the final challenge completed for now, she'd notice the glimmer of light appearing ahead. A tall, grandiose door like the one before would appear, though this time she'd find it made of smoothly cut ruby, the red shining a lighter hue than the flames beneath her. Warm gold brilliantly decorated the frame and details here, and once the door was opened, she'd find her reflection once more in the veil concealing what was to come next.

More To Come.

 Posted: Feb 18 2018, 04:35 AM


Jazzi blinked in surprise when she saw flames flickering around her, getting dangerously close to her ankles. It was the thing she least expected after crossing a veil of crystal clear water. However, she quickly realized the fire had no intent of burning her. Instead, it provided a comforting warmth that soothed some of her nerves. It was only then that she realized she actually still felt wary about this strange dimension, despite viewing iit as an adventure.

The flames started to increase in intensity, shifting from a glowing orange to a passionate red. Thankfully, it still showed no sign of hurting her. Jazzi watched with curiosity as the streaks of red moved around the area, until it carefully formed two singular trails. Almost immediately, she heard the voice whisper, Continue down one path.

Well, this was different. The two paths were polar opposites, with one of them being jagged and sharp in its edges. The other path was a lot rounder and smoother, with no obstacles in its' way. Jazzi noted that it would be slightly more difficult to keep her footing on the second option, due to its rounded floor. Both would be difficult, and neither seemed to be faster. After a quick moment, she decided to take on the tunnel.

Jazzi bounced over to her chosen path and started her challenge. She slid down the short drop and attempted to plant her feet steadily on the ground, but it proved to be difficult. She almost slipped, but she managed to catch herself last second. With a sigh of relief, the brunette started to make her way forward as fast as she could. However, she quickly realized that was not a good idea, as she continuously lost her footing and landed on her bottom. She was not saving time at all - honestly, she was probably losing more time due to the number of times she had to pick herself back up after falling. "Augh!" she couldn't help but cry out in frustration, slamming her fist on the side of the wall.

She took a deep breath, trying to recollect herself and staying focused on the task at hand. After another moment, Jazzi started to move forward again, though she was taking more time with each step(at least, as slow as she would allow herself to go) and taking smaller strides instead of large ones. It proved to be more efficient, and even though she still slipped from time to time, she made a lot more progress than she did originally.

After a few more minutes, Jazzi popped out the tunnel. Her face broke out into a huge grin the moment she stepped out the cylinder, although it quickly turned into a scowl. She was rubbing her bottom with both hands, wincing during the process. "I'm going to have a bunch of bruises," she complained. She was about to continue to complain about the pain when she realized she had another challenge ahead of her. Letting out a sigh, she dropped her hands and began to study the three paths presented to her this time.

The first path had a huge gap preventing her from reaching the other side. Near the large ditch was a table, and large tiles stood on top of it. Jazzi squinted at it, trying to figure out what it asked from her. Each tile held a different picture, but they all seemed to have the same theme. The table was no ordinary table either, with it being in a grid format. Putting two and two together, she realized that it was a picture puzzle and she had to complete it in order to get to the other side. It seemed to require a lot of time, so she decided to see if there was a better option.

The second option seemed quite plain at first, but as she reached closer to it, the brunette would realize that it was far from plain. The path seemed to be constantly shifting and changing position, meaning that it would be quite easy to fall through. Jazzi immediately crossed this one out of her options - if she thought the picture puzzle would take some time, this one was on another level. It required great planning, and she was not in a mood for that now.

She moves on to the third path, and this one definitely stood out more, with large bubbles floating to her destination. It seemed a lot more fun to do, and most importantly, less time-consuming. Of course, she had to be careful, or she would probably drop to her death, but she should be fine...right?

Jazzi shifted into a squatting position and bunched her muscles, before leaping for the closest bubble. She made a soft oof sound as she landed on the bouncy material, still a little surprised by how well it took her weight. "I can't even believe this right now," she declared with a beam. "This got to be one of the most fun things I got to experience!"

She carefully stood up and squatted again, but this time, she took less time to judge the distance between the two bubbles. She got onto this one so easily - that must mean she knows what she's doing, right?

Jazzi jumped again, but this time, only her fingers grazed the bubble. She yelled out in panic as she found herself dropping into the depths of the abyss. Oh god, I should've been more careful! Oh man, why didn't I take an extra second? she thought desperately, squeezing her eyes shut, waiting for her body to hit the ground.

However, the only thing she felt was the ground touching her back lightly. Her eyes opened in confusion - was she not dead? Quickly, she sat up, and found herself at the very beginning of the trail. "Thank god," she breathed out loud in relief, realizing that she somehow was not dead and was simply brought back to the entrance.

The woman started the challange again, determined to complete it this time. Narrowing her eyes, she bunched her muscles and jumped again. Like the first time she did it, she landed on the bubble safely without falling. Jazzi swept her hair out of her face and prepared herself for the second jump, getting into the right position to provide strength for her muscles.

She continued this process, making sure to properly judge the distance between each bubble. It took a little longer than she had expected, but better than constantly falling down and having to start all over again. After reaching about ten bubbles, Jazzi reached her destination. Bunching her muscles for one last time, she threw herself towards the land up front, landing harshly on her side as she did so. However, she showed no sign of pain besides a slight wince and got right back on her feet.

She immediately noticed the pedestal, as well as the sparkling gems that laid across the table. Jazzi took a few steps forward, and with a closer look, she saw that each gem had their own word written on it. Love, power, knowledge....ah, and safety. She assumed that she needed to pick one of the four, as there was only one slot in the pedestal. Well, safety was out, no questions asked. Power? She had no desire to have power over others. She rather mind her own business, and she'd expect others to do the same. So, that was out as well. Knowledge and love were the two other options left, and the brunette had to admit that those two were harder to choose from.

Her fingers brushed the two gems, thinking hard about the decision. After a couple of long moments, Jazzi wrapped her hand around the gem with the word love on it. Although knowledge was important, well, who would one be without love? She loved her family, she loved her dear Magby - she couldn't imagine what her life would be like without love. With her decision made, she went closer to the stand and inserted her chosen gem into it.

A bright streak of light flashed a little bit beyond where she was now. Another door rose from the ground, though this time it glimmered red instead of blue. It was a lighter shade than the fire surrounding her, and was speckled with hints of bright gold. With no hesitation, Jazzi opened the door once again and waited for the next challenge to present itself.
 Posted: Feb 20 2018, 12:45 PM


Well Done.

As she pushed through the door, the water would break apart once more, small orbs of softly iridescent light floating away from where she stepped in, her body pushing them out of the way. As she did so, she'd likely notice the warmth fading, though she was not brought into a chilly environment again. The temperature seemed to normalize, though a new energy did seem to bounce in and trickle through her body, providing an upbeat and charged feeling to her, attempting to help her continue but not influencing her emotions.

This next world also had it's surreal oddity to it, this time in the form of electricity. Here and there the sparks of static flashed a bright, yellow light againt the mellowed yellow that covered the rest of this area. Though it may seem random and inconsistent, she'd find that the sparks were at least leading her forward. Though not in a straight line and not in a very thought out or time manner, the little flashes would attempt to draw her forward, leading her towards the next taks to complete.

Many Materials Are Waiting.

Up ahead, there was a long, curved table with a golden stool, the cushion of which seemed rather large. It was fluffy and comfortable, allowing her to sit and focus on the task at hand. From the seat, she'd be able to reach all the items in the semi-circle table, and in the center was a risen mount that was blank for her to place things on. As she inspected, she'd find a variety of materials in a variety of colors that she could use, however there wasn't a guide or specific code that would lead her to know what to do with them.

Choose Those You Wish, But Only One Material.

There were 4 variations of the same set of blocks, each with a variety of different sizes and shapes that she could use accordingly. She'd find oddly enough, that any shape she needed, if not there already, would appear for her. To the leftmost of the center from her position was a set of sleek, marble like blocks. Much like the other stacks, this material was split into 4 separate piles, each a different color. Closest to her was a pile of cool white marble, cream colored markings here and there, and a pile to the right of that made of a dark black, little sparkles of silver creating some accents to it. The top right was decorated in a washing of light red hues, spreading like waves of smoke alone the surface of each. The final pile was a deep emerald color, with tones of white crackling into the design, creating tints and shades in the green as well.

The next set over was made of a gritty, metal material. The sides looked smoothly cut, the miniature lines of grain within the harsh, solid metal creating the odd texture if she ran her fingers over it. In the front closest to her, and to the left, was flat silver toned metal that shined from the sparking light around her and enamating from the soft yellow table it rested on. It's counterpart pile was tinted with a cool blue color, but otherwise was similar in form, much like the other piles. Above that pile in the top right corner was made of a bronze color, and across from that was a warm golden metal.

Continuing to the right on the other side of the building area was the set of wooden materials, each polished and smooth so as to keep from giving her any splinters. The corner closest to her was a dark red wood polish, the red hue warmly shining proudly more than the other piles. Behind it was a warm chestnut finish, the dark etches of the wood more clear in this set. In the other front corner was a darker ebony polished wood, deep and much more foreboding color than the others. The final in the back right corner was a softer, more natural inner wood color with a smooth clear finish.

The final set to the right most edge of the arc was all made of a grainy, hard clay material. This material had more options in terms of intricate designs and textures from such, but was certainly the most fragile of the options presented. In the front right corner the clay was made to be bright orange, the most showy of the four. Across from it in the front the pile was made of a soft blue color, with many flat designs etched into the different pieces. Behind that were pieces with a more plain, somewhat cream colored material. In the final pile in the back, right corner was material made in a dark grey color, with deeper carved designs than the others.

And Build Anything You Desire.

She'd find that she could truly build or do whatever she wanted with the objects presented, but if she tried to place two different materials on the building platform, she'd find the first place down pulling back to it's pile, as if being yanked by a strong magnet. She'd be free to take however much time or material as she wanted, though each of the pieces were small so making anything larger than about half a foot would take a painstaking long amount of time. Or, she could even just make a picture or flat design if she wasn't inclined to make a 3-D structure.

Once she'd decided she was finished, the platform would flash in yellow light, temporarily causing her eyes to flutter shut in reaction. As soon as she opened her eyes, she'd be able to see the large, shining golden door standing brilliantly on the other side of the table, with enough room that she could open the door comfortably. Once she did open the door, she'd find something different than before. The veil of water was not there, and instead of a new void similar to those which had presented challenges, she'd find dark orange brick, designed to create a staircase up towards the warm saffron light which had brought her here.

Time For Judgment.

 Posted: Feb 20 2018, 04:44 PM


The first thing Jazzi noticed about her new surroundings was that it no longer held the warmth she had found so comforting. However, it was not chilly either, but closer to room temperature. The brunette also found herself extremely energized, as if she just ate a large bag of sweets and drank a large sugary drink. It was odd, but she didn't mind it, as it helped her feel more determined to take on the challenge that whoever - or whatever - was throwing at her way.

Each area seemed to have a theme, she noted as yellow streaks began to dance across the dimension. Jazzi was a little surprised, but to be honest, she was beginning to get used to it. She no longer gaped as objects popped out of nowhere, or jumped when dangerous elements got too close to her. By this point, she realized that the thing, for lack of a better word, had no intention of hurting her. What it was trying to do, she still couldn't figure out, but at least she knew she wouldn't get hurt.

The curved table ahead quickly caught her attention, and she began making her way towards it. Next to it stood a small golden stool that had a fluffy cushion, and Jazzi plopped herself on it. Ah, that felt good. Her legs were a little sore from all the jumping she had to do in the previous trial. "Well, aren't you considerate." she couldn't help but say teasingly, glancing around her as if someone would burst out and reply.

The only response she got was the next set of instructions. Well, that wasn't too surprising. She directed her attention back towards the variety of objects laid out on the table. There were many of them, all in different colors and sizes. However, after a closer look, Jazzi saw that each belonged to one of the four materials provided. More specifically, they were either marble, metal, wood, or clay. Her eyes scanned through the cluster of blocks, slightly impressed with the detail on all of them. Even these were such high quality.

And build anything you desire, Jazzi heard. "Anything?" she asked out loud, tilting her head slightly to the right. That was slightly unexpected - she thought that she was going to be asked to either build something super difficult or choose to build one out of the two options given. To have free reign over this - assignment, she shall call it - was a pleasant surprise. She wasted no time and immediately got to work, wriggling a little bit in her seat now. The woman had never been one to sit still.

She leaned towards the marble blocks and plucked two blocks in a light red hue. After a few minutes, she picked out another one of the same shade, and then another, and then another. It didn't take too long for Jazzi to produce a small statue - it wasn't perfect, with the head a little bit lopsided, but it worked. She didn't really want to spend more time to fix that little mistake - honestly, it's not even that important. That little detail didn't even make that much of a difference.

Even with that slightly lopsided head, anyone could tell it was a Magby. However, that name seemed to have left Jazzi's mind during her stay here, as she had no clue on what it was. A frown creased between her eyebrows. What was this statue, exactly? She felt like she should know, does know - but her lips were unable to produce its' name. She didn't know where she even got the inspiration for this statue, now that she thought about it. Her hands had simply moved on its own the moment she was given the task, almost as if it was on pure instinct. The frown became deeper as Jazzi racked her brain for the name - even a letter. A....M seemed to form, but nothing else seemed to appear. She clenched her fist in irritation, but after a long sigh, she lets it go. Maybe she just had a long day. She'll remember it later, when she's more refreshed and awake, right...?

"Well, there you go." she announced, setting the red statue on the curved surface. Almost immediately, a blinding yellow light flashed in front of her, causing her eyes to close momentarily. The next thing she saw was another majestic door, this time gold in shade. Even the colors are in theme, Jazzi noted with a slight smile. She rose from her seat, and like the previous two times, she approached the door and tugged on the handle, opening it. This time, however, she was greeted with a staircase built from brick, leading her up into a space filled with warm orange rays. She shut the door and began to step upwards to this new dimension.

 Posted: Feb 20 2018, 07:34 PM



As she entered the stairwell, the door behind her silently vanished, leaving only the monotone orange brick. The only light floated from the top of the stairwell, the comforting orange light radiating down to her, shining light the sunset. It grew stronger as she ascended, the powerful presence becoming more and more present as she got closer. Once she got to the top, she'd step out into the orange void, similar to where she'd started.

Just a little further.

Straight ahead, a podium appeared, with a slot open in the middle of it. It was impossible to tell where it may lead, and there was no way to open up the podium. Laying upon it's surface were two tablets. On the first was written 'One for all'. The second, 'All for one' Inscribed above the slot were instructions to choose one, and enter it into the hole. As soon as a tablet was placed within, the podium would vanish, the objects and words the contained with it.

Make your choices.

Another appeared up ahead, looking identical to the first. The same slot, same height, same instructions. This time there were three tablets. The first was 'Defense', the second 'Strength', and the third 'Speed'. Once a tablet was entered, it would vanish just as the first had, taking away any trace of anything having been there.

A final podium appeared, and the process repeated yet again. The two tablets here were inscribed with 'Direct' and 'Abstract'. Once this podium was completed and disappeared, there would not be another in it's place. For a few moments, nothing would happen. The presence lingered, but made no move to create anything more, instead choosing to stay and wait. What for, Jazzi couldn't have known.

They define who you are.

 Posted: Feb 20 2018, 09:40 PM


As Jazzi neared the top of the stairs, she could feel the rays growing stronger and stronger on her back. It wasn't overwhelming, though, but comforting. Jazzi enjoyed the warmth for as long as she could, a smile stretching across her features. When she finally reached her destination, the light began to fade out and so did the warmth.

A stand rose from the ground, and it had a slot in the middle of its surface. Two choices were given to her, namely "All for one" and "One for all". Jazzi stared at the tablets thoughtfully, but like usual Jazzi fashion, she took about 15 seconds and grabbed her chosen capsule. "One for all", it said. She would feel bad if she was always on the receiving side of things and never giving back. No, she's much more of an one for all kind of gal. The brunette quickly inserted the tablet into the slot, and the podium immediately disappeared in front of her eyes.

An identical one appeared a little bit beyond where she stood now. Jazzi bounced over and was given the exact same directions. There was a little more variety with its' options this time, though. Speed, strength, and defense. She immediately crossed defense out in her mind. Defending is usually a slower process, and she preferred the faster route of striking and attacking. Strength and speed, though, was a tough one. However, she knew deep down that she valued speed just a little bit more - the quicker she gets things done, the better. It had been devastating to live in a time loop, where time inched forward, where everything seemed to be put in slow motion. She had grown to appreciate a quick-paced life during that time.

With a determined nod, Jazzi picked up the tablet that had the word Speed inscribed on it and places that one into the slot. This stand vanishes into the air as well, and just when she thought it was over, the third podium appeared. Thankfully, this one was fairly easy. It asked her to choose between direct and abstract, and the woman shoved the 'Direct' tablet into the hole. Everything should be expressed directly, in her opinion, whether it be emotions, feelings, art, ideas. That way, people could understand things much quicker and won't waste time helplessly guessing the wrong answers to things. She wished everyone felt that way - they each could accomplish so much more with that saved time.

Like the last two times, this podium disappears with a quiet 'poof', which is the only indication that it was there to begin with. Jazzi waits for the fourth stand to rise from the ground and present her with a set of options, but nothing happens. She taps her foot impatiently, irritation written clearly across her face.

 Posted: Feb 20 2018, 11:32 PM


Her impatient tapping on the floor was the only sound to be heard, the flat ground beneath her projecting the sound of it well. Though the endless space made for the sound to just get lost, with nothing for it to echo off of. Still, though the moments she waited would likely feel dragged out and long, it would only be a few moments more before something would start to happen. A few flashes of light, each equidistant from her in a triangle, would come to life. The blue, red, and yellow from before would decorate the air in a myriad of auroras, the lights dancing though the space near her.

She would not be given much time to stop and admire it, however. Within a few seconds, she would fall, the emptiness quickly surrounding her as the colors all disappeared. The power remained though, spreading around her torso once more and attempting to soothe any fear she might have from the sudden and uncomfortable movements as she was moved to who knows where. She'd be struck with dizziness as her mind and sense attempted to detect and catch up with the situation at hand, temporarily flooding her vision.

As suddenly as it had began, it was over. She'd find that her feet were set in flat once more, though this time the ground was considerably softer. The moist dirt beneath her shifted as her weight appeared on it, creating a much more natural feel than anything in the void could have produced. The energy that had been helping her, filling her with power, was suddenly gone. There was a slight chill to the winter air, the scents of the forest thick around her. The growth was still fresh and vibrant, releasing pure air that enriched the senses.

It wasn't long before her vision would start to clear up, and she'd be able to clearly see the source of the scents in the air. Outside the clearing she was in, the trees and other flora were rich with life and extremely healthy and nourished. The clearing she was in was devoid of plant life, and the ground had a more ashen color rather than the natural browns of the soil expected. In addition, tall totems stood in a semi-circle around her, ending to reveal a well-traveled path forward. Looking down, the signs of civilization would be marked by scattered buildings in the distance, barely able to be seen through the break in the trees from the trail.

Walking up that path, and in her direction was a small, red creature. It had a rounded, yellow beak and a flame-shaped yellow marking on it's stomach. It also had a collar of black around it's neck, in color only. Two arms and legs with claws marked its limbs, and it had a thin straight tail. The top of it's head was lumpy, shaped in a bumpy circle around the crown of its head. The only other noticeable detail was the single spike protruding from its back. As it approached, she'd feel as though this pokemon was familiar, possibly in more ways than one, but wouldn't know why, as the last of her memories drifted away.

Throughout the challenges, the beasts collect much information for Ho-oh. Once they presented their findings, she selected the final questions for Jazzi, based off the types that matched most to her. Through her answers and decisions, Ho-oh has chosen that a Fire type with high Speed & Attack with a more social and curious nature is a logical match for Jazzi. After using this, and many other factors, she has chosen the pokemon and pushed Jazzi through the portal outside Ashfield City, where her new partner awaits. @Jupiter

Jazzi has obtained a Magby!

Choose a gender

Choose an egg move

Choose an ability

Choose a name
(the name can be put off until later if you so desire)

[ This topic has ended, but you may resume the adventure in Ashfield City. From now on, the Magby is yours and is under your creative control. The die roll for the chance to have a Pokedex resulted in an 88, so Jazzi does not start with a Pokedex. Send me a PM when you've made the necessary decisions regarding your new Pokemon. Good luck and have fun! ]

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