Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 Posted: May 21 2018, 03:12 PM


Crispin grabbed his jacket from the coast rack in his house. He checked his pockets for all of his supplies. He had his lock pick, his pepper spray, his pocket knife, his climbing gear, and his metal file. He was almost set. He put his fake sling on his arm, and within the secret pockets, he stored vials of various poisons. His excuse, of course, was self defense. You never knew what might happen in a world where the legendaries had abandoned you.

Of course, he might have other applications for his supplies, but everyone else didn't need to know that.

Crispin reached for the front door to open it, but his hand passed right through the handle, which rippled as if it was made of water. He flinched and stepped back.

A deep breath or two later, he stepped away from the door and climbed out through the window, just to be safe. Extra precautions didn't hurt, though they drew a few puzzled looks from the neighbors.

He was casually strolling towards his destination, the nearby bank, when a tree near him made a fizzling noise and turned into a hulking Mamoswine, which turned towards Crispin.

Crispin backed away slowly. "Now, buddy, let's think about this," he muttered in an uncertain voice.

The Mamoswine bellowed and lowered its tusks at Crispin's head.

The man didn't hesitate. He pulled two vials of Scolipede venom from his sling, flung them at the beast's face, and took off running without pausing to see whether he had hit his target or not. The enraged roar from behind him, however, provided him with an accurate answer, and the earth shook as the massive Ground/Ice type began pursuing him.

Crispin ran as he never had run before, formulating plans all the way. His weapons would have little effect on the Pokemon, but if he could perhaps trick it into running into a building...

A jagged fissure suddenly opened up not fifteen feet from where he stood, and a Tyrantrum popped out of it like a jack-in-the-box. The monster stared him down, the force of its hot breath forcing him back a step, even as the Mamoswine continued to chase him from behind. He looked to the left and right, searching for escape paths, but great stone walls had sprung from the dirt, about a meter from each of his sides, before he could even move a muscle.

Crispin refused to lose. Even as the Tyrantrum noticed him and growled, he pulled his pepper spray from his sling, snapped off the entire top of it, and hurled it at the monster, not even bothering to use the spray feature. The Tyrantrum howled in agony, shaking its head and clawing at the space in front of it. Crispin grabbed a ledge on the walls and began climbing.

However, he had counted out the Mamoswine, which had a terrific sense of smell, even when blinded. It charged towards him, its tusks making a horrible scratching sound against the hard wall. Crispin knew the Mamoswine would most likely reach him first, but he pulled himself up with all of his might anyways. Miraculously, he hoisted himself to the top of the wall.

Then, he screamed in agony as powerful jaws with serrated teeth clamped down, hard, on his left leg. He felt himself being pulled back to the place he had just escaped. His final thought was of the popular movie, Jurassic Park.

He yelled and thrashed as the terrible noises of the two battling beasts got louder and louder...

Stomping feet...

Stabbing tusks...

Slashing claws...

Deafening roars!

Then he blacked out.

 Posted: May 25 2018, 09:22 AM



The man blacked out, darkness taking him as his consciousness faded. Some time passed, and though it may feel long from his lack of perception for the moment, it would only be but a few moments before his suffering soul was detected. The word, from a voice strong and powerful, reverberated in his mind as it pull him into consciousness, a deep orange light creeping slowly and gently in the blackness of his mind, encompassing and warming him. No amount of aid from this power would heal the leg from what he'd suffered, but he would find his pain muted as an inkling of strength rushed through his veins to provide comfort and relief.

You Are Safe.

Once he opened his eyes and returned to his senses, he would find that he was lying on an abnormally flat surface. Stretching into the never-ending sky above him and in all directions around him was the same saffron light, pushing out and holding no true volume. There was nothing, noone around him, as an attestment that he was no longer under immediate threat, and he would be given this chance to collect himself and prepare for what lied ahead. Any questions he had about his injuries or current location would be met with silence, but he would be allowed some time to work through bringing himself to his current situation.

And then, it would start to change. A drop of water would fall in front of him, resonating a cool blue color as it fell to the ground. Where it landed, he'd see clearly as the splash turned the floor blue. Soon, it bubbled up, water spouting calmly but quickly and spreading. Where it reached, saffron turned to blue, and this continued out further than he could see, the air and sky above him following suit until there was no longer any orange to see. The water made a thin covering on the ground, rippling out from his form with each movement. Despite this, he would find that the water did not soak into his clothes nor get his skin wet, simply repelling off and back to the ground.

Let Us Begin.

In front of where he was facing, whether he'd decided to get up or stay on the ground for now, the water would start to ripple and change, bubbling up as it rose in three precise spots. As if guided, it swirled and pushed up, leaving behind a perfect cylindrical shape as it grew a few feet high. Once each reached what was deemed as the top, the water continued to push, spiraling outward and flat now as it created a surface. Once complete in a perfect circle approximately 3 feet in diameter, the table froze into a smooth, clear ice. Though it provided a bit of a chill to the air, when touched he would find that it was not cold as if frozen - skin contact would prove only a mild cooling sensation, which would feel comfortable as the energy coursing through him shifted into one with a more calming effect.

Atop each table's surface appeared a few items, holding more natural and realisitc coloring in contrast to the void around him. On the leftmost table he would find a page of cream colored parchment with black letters inscribed into it, each a strange and unknown character. Yet, if he studied and tried to read it, he'd find himself being able to comprehend what was written on the page. It was a puzzle, of sorts. Laid out on the side of the parchment was an intricate deep blue pen, primed and ready to be written with.

The letter below are proper, but out of. Unscramble each word to discover my phrase, but beware - the letters stretch across all spots, not remaining constrained in those spaces for words they belong. The length of each word will not change, only the letters will swap and switch.


On the center table was a single cube, however it seemed it was split into pieces, all of which were attached to a pivoting core. On each face of the cube, he would find 9 individual cube. Each face could be turned to change the direction and setup of the cubes as each had a different color on all sides. Gold letters were inscribed into the table, strange but oddly legible characters just as the parchment had. It read "To complete my task, get each face to show the same color".

The rightmost table was similar to the left, holding a piece of parchment and a deep blue pen. The ink used to write the letters upon this one were a blue instead of black, but that was the only difference in appearance. If he chose to read the letters here, he'd find no instructions but a rather straight-forward task. It was a riddle, showing a few lines of description followed by a question at the end he was to answer with the cryptic information given.

A line, a fold, a divet I make
They define me, from smooth I take
I can be defined as marks on page
I can be made or grown from age

What am I?

Choose One To Complete.

Once any of the three puzzles was complete, the completed would disappear, though the other two could still be attempting if he so chose. On the table of the one he completed, no matter which he'd chosen, three new items would appear. They shimmered into existence in front of him, and he might notice a bit of thin mist rising from the floor, creating a bit of a low fog that drifted. It brushed at any exposed skin he had, but would not cause him to get wet nor be absorbed into his clothing, just as the water at his feet.

In the center of the table was a delicately crafted metalwork piece. Thin bars wraped and weaved through each other, creating a knot-like design. To it's right was a thick, leather bound book with unreadable characters scratched into all of the pages inside. And to the left of those was a neatly folded cloak, made of a soft midnight blue cloth.

Take One.

With his choice made, the mist would thicken and rise more around it. Though curiously it would avoid a certain section, creating a funneled path forward where the mist left the area untouched. At the end of the short path was a tall, statueqsue door. The main material was made of a deep sapphire gemstone, and silver detail work lined the frame and handle of the entrance, little flicks of sivler etched into the surface as well. When he opened the door - which he'd find was much lighter than he might have expected - he'd find a veil of water, which reflected him and the area behind him. However, it was thin and weak, and he would find he could easily pass through to see what lied beyond.

And Continue.

Welcome to the void between universes. Ho-oh and her beasts will challenge Crispin in a variety of ways, to discover how he faces and overcomes the obstacles they lay. The three legendary beasts will take turns creating puzzles or riddles to solve. Each will have a variety of answers to choose from, but don't fret - there are no right or wrong answers. If Crispin is unsure or unwilling to complete a challenge, he need only sit down and they will progress to the next step. They will use his methods and choices to help determine what type of pokemon compliments Crispin, and his process will be considered when selecting his partner. However, Ho-oh's decision is influenced by what she believes works best in tandem with Crispin, so where the answers lead may yet surprise you!


 Posted: May 25 2018, 01:56 PM



Crispin awoke.

He was lying on his back in an unfamiliar but serene place. The cloudless sky (ceiling?) stretched on forever in a beautiful saffron color. There was a sense of peace in the area, as if there was no adversity there, and it filled Crispin with a sense of calm.

Nevertheless, he reached in his pocket for his knife.

It was gone.

This startled him into pushing himself into a sitting position, and from there, it didn't take long for him to realize that things had changed. He saw that though his jacket with pockets almost all over was still on him, nothing was in them anymore. Another difference that he spotted immediately was his lack of a fake sling.

However, the real kicker came when Crispin's eyes wandered towards his left leg. He looked at it and flinched. His cargo pants were shredded on that side up to the knee, and his actual leg didn't look much better. It was torn, though the gashes had somehow healed, and the injury had been really deep. At one point, he could even see his bone.

Crispin gritted his teeth, cursing mentally at his assailant.

Who was...
Which was...


He didn't remember.

Crispin knew that the incident was recent, but he still had little memory of it. He tried to think back further, but it was like trying to grasp his shadow. He knew something was there, but it wasn't.

"All right." He whispered in a husky voice to himself. "Let's see how well off you are..."

He carefully got to his feet. Or, rather, his right foot. He was leaning most of his weight on it for the time being.

He gently attempted to put about half of his weight onto his other leg...

Knives, stabbing into his legs! Acid, corroding, eating away! Burning fire! Freezing ice! Pain!

He fell back with an agonized exclamation.

He wanted to stay like that forever. But he knew he couldn't.

He knew it would take some limping, but he got up again, and started to turn around, looking at the blank landscape.


Suddenly, the water (why hadn't it made him wet?) began to form three cylindrical tables. Puzzled, Crispin looked on. However, it wasn't any different than the kind of stuff he had seen in...

His brain hit a dead end. He sighed. This was going to be no fun.

The three tables had formed completely by now, and Crispin saw that different items sat upon each of them.


Complete? Was this some sort of examination?

Crispin looked at each of the tables. Two of them had a pen and a piece of parchment, while one had what looked like...

Crispin laughed aloud. He remembered these, at least. He picked up the puzzle cube and, in a matter of minutes, had all the faces with the same color. He place the cube back on the table, and it disappeared. He flinched, but then remembered that this place followed no rules.

Crispin remembered that the mysterious voice had told him to choose one, but there couldn't possibly be any harm in doing another. He moved on to the next table, which had a word puzzle. He peered at the instructions for about thirty seconds and then chuckled, picking up the pen and writing, "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER." Then, he looked at the pen. It really was a good pen. He slipped it into his jacket pocket. The parchment vanished.

Moving on to the final puzzle, he looked at it and scoffed disgustedly. This wasn't the kind of thing that he did well. He reached into his pocket to get the pen, but realized that it wasn't there. It must have vanished with the parchment. Disappointed, he wrote "YOUR FACE" as the answer to the next riddle and dropped the pen back onto the table, where it disappeared like the others.


Crispin watched as three items appeared on the same table. One was a book with unreadable characters, which he ignored. A book was only useful if it could be understood. There was also a piece of fine metalwork, but it served little purpose to him, and would likely hinder him more than help him.

The last item was a cloak. Seeing as the other items weren't of interest to him, Crispin stepped forward to put it on.

His left leg gave way underneath him.

From the ground, Crispin groaned in pain. This would likely also be something he would have to get used to. After a few seconds, or minutes, he eased himself back up, and then draped the cloak over his shoulders.

Mist swirled around Crispin's feet. He looked up, confused, and saw that there was a sort of path, leading to a large door. The door was beautiful, enormous, and awe-inspiring.

"Who are you?" He asked, looking around in wonder.

There was no answer.

Crispin pushed on the door, which swung open easily. He walked through the doorway only to be confronted with a veil of water, which reflected what was behind him. He reached forward tentatively, only to see that his hand passed right through the veil. He drew back his hand quickly, and looked around, confused. He was having deja vu...


At these instructions, he reached forward once more, this time not stopping as his body pushed through the curious liquid.

 Posted: May 29 2018, 09:50 AM


Stay Strong.

The voice faded out as he passed through the veil of water, into a new world that lacked the water from before. The cool blue tones were replaced with a muted yellow color, stretching out as it had previously. The water which he'd pressed through seemed to break rather than soak, beads of water bursting from the flat veil and floating away from him, aimlessly hovering until they eventually evaporated into the air. If he looked behind him, he'd find the door was gone, leaving him to way to return to the watery room.

At the ground there was a flash of light. And then another - except, not light. It was electricity sparking audibly as it flashed against the ground, making it appear as though the ground were electrically charged. Similarly, he'd feel a new source of energy pulsating through him, creating a more upbeat and energetic feeling within him. It would not press itself over his mind or emotions, but simply encouraged such similar feelings that he might have, in order to help him through the challenges that awaited him.

This time, instead of focusing in one direction, he'd find tables and objects laid out in all four directions from where he was positioned. Complimenting the muted yellow color that pushed in the endless dimemsions of the space around him, there were warm golden tables, one in each direction as different items were poisted on top of them or next to them. There was no indication to any order, and he would be free to explore the options of what to complete however he chose. Or, he could simply move past them and go towards the exit to move on.

Trust Your Instincts.

Straight ahead, the table held a pile of small pieces, in no certain order. Once he approached, should he choose to investigate further, he'd find that the pieces were of a puzzle, shaped to fit into each other in a specific order. Beneath them, the table shined with a soft light displaying the image of what the puzzle should be, once complete. Though he wouldn't be able to tell from an inital look, there were 500 pieces - which meant if he wanted to complete this task, he'd be here for a while. As if preparing him for that, there was a chair sitting tucked with the table that he could use to sit in - and, if he wanted, he could carry this chair to the other tables as well.

To his left side, he'd notice three targets moving in a swinging motion a bit off behind the table, though they had no strings nor other pieces attached to indicate why they were swinging. Each target was a white base, with a couple blue and red rings to show different levels of accuracy challenges. On the table before them were three sets of weapons, one much more pronounced than the others. The largest was a long, intracately carved wooden bow, with three arrow resting next to it. The second largest were a set of three throwing knives, each sharp and shaped in such a way to be lobbed skillfully towards the targets. The last was a set of three throwing stars, small and easily conceiled but certainly more difficult to handle than the others.

Behind him, the table held a collection of soil, loose with bits rolling off onto the floor. Planted within and growing strongly out of the soil were three flowers - each of a different size. The largest was a vibrant orange color, petals curled around and into each other in a beautiful arrangement, hiding the core inside. The next was a sky blue color, the pollen clear and open as 5 petals stretched out brilliantly from the base. The smallest of the three was a little purple flower, with thin tendrils sticking out from the center with small petals shaping around it. Behind them was a single clay pot which he could plant them - however, due to its size, he could only fit one of the flowers. The largest was much too big, but he'd be able to squeeze it in if he chose. The smallest certainly didn't fill the space, but left room for spores to grow other flowers to accompany it. The middle blue flower was a perfect size for the pot, and would look best in compliment with the pot.

The table off to his right had a scroll of parchment and another intricate pen, though the words written on this page were of a brilliant golden hue. Much different than before, where he had a puzzle to figure out, he'd find a collection of numbers and symbols. On further analysis, he'd find that it was a mathematical equation. It was rather complex, so whether he had the knowledge and patience to work through the problem was up to his prior education and skillset. But, as with any of the others, Crispin would be free to simply leave it incomplete if he wanted - or he could attempt the equation.

Complete All, Some, Or None.

From the very start, the next door proceeding forward would be waiting for him on the other side of the table in front of his position. It was rather hard to miss, being just as grand as the previous. This tall door was made of a deep, warm gold, with burnt golden tints decorating the frames and details etched into the surface. Once the door was opened, he'd find the same as before. The veil of water greeted him, reflecting his image and the tables behind him and conceiling what was to come. And just as before, he would find himself able to move through the water easily, to see what this strange place held for him next.

Keep Going.

 Posted: May 29 2018, 12:22 PM



The water veil hadn't made Crispin wet at all, just like the water on the ground. Rather, it seemed to break as he walked through it, and little droplets bounced around in the new area he has just entered.


If the previous world was calm, this was anything but. Harmless sparks of electricity danced around on the floor, and though they unsettled him, the feeling was quickly replaced by vigor and a sudden feeling of strength. The color was a dull yellow that sharply contrasted with the pale blue from before.

Crispin noticed four tables, each in a different direction. He also saw the exit door directly in front of him.


He could just exit without completing any of the activities. However, since he assumed this was done sort of test, he decided not to, in case the entities in control of this decided to punish him.

The first table that he went to had a pot, and three flowers that could be placed into it. After a moment of consideration, he chose the smallest one. It would easily fit in the pot, and the color was the most speaking to him. Purple was the color of royalty and wealth. It felt powerful to him.

Moving on to the next table, he saw the weapons and moving targets some distance away from the table. After contemplating them for some time, he picked up the throwing stars. He had no practical reason for it, as the concealment didn't matter and the throwing knives would be easier for him due to experience, but he simply enjoyed the opportunity to use a new weapon. Also, he would really like some of these, as throwing knives would be inconvenient to carry around.

He missed the target completely the first time, but the second and third time, he hit the innermost ring. Satisfied, he turned to the next table.

There were puzzle pieces. He saw this and immediately turned away. He was terrible at those.

The final table had a complex math problem, which he also ignored. He was adept at math, but he didn't like it much. The voice had said "all, some, or none."

He turned to exit and walked towards the door, pushing it open with little effort.


He walked through the doorway and the veil, as he had before.

 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 06:09 PM


Keep It Up.

Walking through the door, just as before, he'd find a similar effect. As his body pushed through the thin veil, the water would break into beads. Each floated out, seemingly aimless and light as they hovered away from where he entered. They were clear and clean, eventually dissolving into the air. It wouldn't take quite as long as before though, sparing him only a few seconds before they were gone. And it wouldn't take long to find out why. The air here was considerably warmer than before, though not so hot to be uncomfortable. In fact, as his body warmed up and a new kind of energy pressed into his system. he'd find it growing more and more comforting.

Though the area around him was hardly the most welcoming sight. His feet pressed into the firm ground, which was alight with red flames, stretching further than the eye could see. The path behind was gone, and so the man was left in the fire with nowhere to escape. Quickly he'd realize that, despite what normal circumstances would dictate, this would not harm him. It flickered and licked on his shoes, but the fabric did not catch. Exposed skin would feel a tickle at his nerves, but no pain would come. It seemed, against its nature, the fire was completely harmless.

The man wouldn't be left to ponder the flames for too long before his attention would be visually commanded. The flames fired up, pushing about 10 feet high in a roaring wall. The wall quickly started to recede away from him, flickering strongly as it moved. In its path, he'd find that there were a number of things being created. While the fire was illogical, these paths started to form with much more natural coloring and feel. Two walks forward would come to show, a different choice being presented. They were quite different, and he'd be given no direction as to where he should go.

Follow Your Passion.

The path to his left was lined in natural sights. The path that pushed forward was soft soil lined with grass on both sides. Flowers of many colors decorated the scene here and there in seemingly random alignment. There was a small pool of water and a single tree. The grand oak was dark with branches that stretched out many feet from it. It was full with deep green leaves, some of which fluttered to the ground, and could be easily plucked. It was long enough that he couldn't make out what was on the other side, but the scene was certainly a vision to behold if he chose this path.

To his right was completely man-made. The ground abruptly shifted into a smooth, steel element.The light from the flames shined on the cool metallic surface and resonated off the wall that stood on the edges. Lining the walls to the top were a variety of things - more than he could possibly fathom in such a short time. There were paintings, sculptures, devices, and some other unknown technology everywhere he looked. There was no lack of innovative or useful objects around, with a mix of creative pieces here and there. Though it might not hold the same soothing, natural visage as the other, there were certainly plenty of objects for him to observe.

No matter which way he'd chosen to get to the other side, he'd find himself at the same crossroads. This time, he was faced with three separate paths he could use to continue on his way. The center path straight ahead would greet him first with a table. In front of the table was a bit of a hole, but lining the bottom were a series of blocks. The block in the center was raised up separate from the others, the top in line with the floor on both sides of the gap. The table had a board with an identical set up. There were the same amount of blocks, with one in the center higher than the others. If he pressed the cube into the rest, he'd see the 4 adjacent blocks rising as it descended. In addition, the same thing would happen in front of him, the path matching the movements on the board. If he was able to solve the puzzle, he'd be able to create a path to the other side.

To the right was a rather bland looking path. Rough dirt was laid out, and he'd be able to move forward over it with no surprises. However, unlike the others, there was practically nothing to do nor look at. The entire stretch was much the same dirt, with no hills nor holes. It continued on as far as he could see, and would continue until the flames were back if he moved along the path. It was perhaps the easy of the three paths, however he would find no other redeeming factors to it. There would be nothing developing to provide anything interesting, unless he found himself oddly drawn to the dirt.

The left held a myriad of things, starting with a wall he'd have to climb. It held conveniently placed hand and foot holds for him to assist, but it was easily 10 feet tall. Once at the top, it would drop right back down, meaning he'd have to carefully climb back down or risk hurting himself by jumping. And it didn't stop there. On the other side was simply a platform over water, which stretched to more platforms. He would need to jump from platform to platform to get across. Once across, a stretch of moving punching bags rotated and shifted, crowding the area. He could get through, but would be banged around and required to shove them out of his way quite often. It was physically tolling, but not impossible.

With another path crossed, he would find himself at a ledge, looking over at the ground that lay many feet below him - too far to see, in fact. If he looked, he'd find two ways to get down of varying excitement. One was simply a lift. There was a basic control piece with a single button that, once pressed, would slowly move it down to the ground so he could continue. The other was a mounted line, with a piece attached to the line that he could grab. It lowered towards the ground at an angle, and would take him much further out. The zip line looked as secure as they could get, and would certainly be the more thrilling and quick way to get to the ground.

Cross Through.

Once at the bottom of the chasm, another door would greet him. This one was made with a ruby gemstone, brilliant golden hues complimenting the fierce color in the frames and details. The grandiose door was light, just as its counterparts. However this time when he opened the door, he'd find a different sight. There were stairs, made of a deep orange brick. They were layered tightly, creating walls that made it almost like a tunnel. It ascended, a warm saffron light beckoning him to rise, waiting at the top. Once he stepped in, the doorway was replaced with more brick, leaving him no way to go except up.

Prepare For Judgment.

 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 08:44 PM


This time, the particles of water dissipated very quickly. Crispin didn't have to wonder why; the heat of the next world answered the question on its own. Though it wasn't uncomfortable or oppressive, it was certainly warmer than the previous areas had been.


Crispin saw the flames rolling beneath his body. He deduced that they must have been harmless because his sandals were perfectly fine, as were his feet. Also, the sparks of electricity in the previous room were similarly lacking of their harmful qualities.

However, he still yelled and jumped back when a wall of fire erupted from the ground in front of him. The wall advanced away from him at a rapid rate, providing him with a sense of profound relief.

After he recovered from the shock, he noticed that the wall of fire had left behind some paths that, he presumed, he would be expected to choose from.


Two paths were before him. One was full of the wonders of nature, while the other was filled with the wonders of mankind. He paused for a moment. Nature was there, but... it would always be there. Something told him that nature was just too powerful to defeat, and that he would encounter it again in the future. That is, if he got out of this strange place.

The other path, though, had things that he was constantly surprised by and captivated by. Humans were genius. Crispin had never truly appreciated the wonders of his own species before. He walked through at his own leisurely pace, admiring everything on the way and soaking up information like an over-enthusiastic museum-goer. Though many of the things he saw didn't make much sense, he was glad he saw them anyways, as they provided food for thought as he wandered through some of the more barren areas of the path.

Crispin also noticed that he had become better at sharing the weight of his body among his legs without triggering severe pain. It did involve a sort of limping, but he would be fine.

Eventually, he reached the end of the path, and saw three more before him.

After shaking off the wonder he had just experienced, he pondered the paths. He saw the table and the blocks first, and soon understood the puzzle. He understood how he was to complete it, but decided to check on the other paths first.

His eyes gazed over the expanse of dirt that was the second path, and he immediately decided against it. He may have chosen that path if he wasn't aware that he was being watched and afraid that he would be judged negatively.

The final path looked the most fun to Crispin, and once he glimpsed it, he knew he would have to do that. The rock climbing looked fun, and Crispin had always rather enjoyed it, as it challenged him.

He ascended the wall with some difficulty, eventually reaching the top. Crispin felt exhilarated and began descending the wall.

He wedged his foot in a crevice and then...

He cried out in pain as icy needles shot up the length of his leg. He toppled from the wall towards the ground, a good ten feet away.

A force grabbed Crispin and gently lowered him to the ground.

Crispin just stood there, dumbfounded.

After a solid minute of silence, he muttered, "thank you."

Then he continued, even more determined. His assessors could not think less of him because of his inability to complete the challenge. They should not. That wasn't under his control.


A horrible thought occured to him. What if they interpreted his decision to undertake a physical challenge with an impediment as foolhardiness?

Gulping nervously, Crispin forced himself to continue on, as he couldn't turn back now. He couldn't change his decision anyways.

He saw the next obstacle, which was a large lake. He could cross the platforms floating on the surface, and Crispin assumed that that was the intent of them. However, he was probably incapable of crossing the platforms in his current state, and another solution presented itself to him. He could simply swim.

He swam across the entire length of the lake. As he reached the shore, he wondered what was going on there. A lot of large bags obstructed his path, moving and rotating with no clear pattern. He hesitated and then plunged through the mess, only to realize that having only one leg as support was very much of a burden in this case. He gritted his teeth and pushed harder, though. He wasn't going to give up this far in.

Eventually, he spotted a bag that seemed to be making a beeline to the other side. He hobbled towards it as fast as he could, grabbed it, and held on tight, and observed delightedly as it stopped right at the edge of the bag-filled area. He jumped off, slapped the bag, and laughed. That really was a stroke of luck! He continued on his way.

A steep cliff greeted him. He couldn't even see the bottom of it. There were two methods of reaching the bottom. He looked between them. The zipline was certainly the more appealing of the two, but if he took the elevator, his assessors might let him off for the silly mistake he had made earlier.


He pondered this for some time, then eventually gave in to his wilder side, mostly because he didn't want to miss the opportunity to go on a zip line. It was a novel experience. Or, at least, he thought it was. He didn't remember doing it before, but... He didn't remember much in the first place.

After an exhilarating ride, he reached the bottom. He whooped in delight. He didn't think any of the (few) things he remembered matched that experience.

Gazing up at the door in front of him, he remembered the previous two and pushed it open, expecting to see a veil of water ahead of him, as he had previously. However, a staircase lay ahead of him.


Crispin took a deep breath. So this was it. He wondered what would come next. What his assessors had thought of his responses to their challenges. The assessors' unearthly powers.

Suddenly, Crispin regretted sassing them with the respons "YOUR FACE" that he had earlier written on the riddle.

Full of trepidation, Crispin ascended the steps.

 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 09:37 PM



As the light poured down the staircase, he'd be able to feel the power from the presence above. It was stronger and more forceful than the others. It attempted to comfort and welcome him, inviting him up to continue silently. It sought through his veins to cure an exhaustion or discomfort caused by the challenges, giving him the energy to keep moving forward. Once he arrived at the top of the stairs, the deep orange light stretched out over the entire void around him, warmly toned but alone for the moment.

Just a little further.

Straight ahead, a podium appeared, with a slot open in the middle of it. It was impossible to tell where it may lead, and there was no way to open up the podium. Laying upon it's surface were two tablets. On the first was written 'One for all'. The second, 'All for one' Inscribed above the slot were instructions to choose one, and enter it into the hole. As soon as a tablet was placed within, the podium would vanish, the objects and words the contained with it.

Make your choices.

Another appeared up ahead, looking identical to the first. The same slot, same height, same instructions. This time there were three tablets. The first was 'Defense', the second 'Strength', and the third 'Speed'. Once a tablet was entered, it would vanish just as the first had, taking away any trace of anything having been there.

A final podium appeared, and the process repeated yet again. The two tablets here were inscribed with 'Direct' and 'Abstract'. Once this podium was completed and disappeared, there would not be another in it's place. With that decision made, he was left to do as he pleased for a few moments. The presence gave no indication as to what would come next, nor how long he might have to wait before something more would happen. The injured man would be able to have a chance to sit and rest his leg, if he so desired. Or, perhaps his concern about what they'd think would keep him on his feet.

They define who you are.

 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 10:07 PM



Crispin moved up. About three steps up, he felt a presence, and immediately all of his misgivings took a back seat as comfort flooded him. The power of this presence compared to the previous ones was even greater.


Crispin saw a podium, with two tablets on top of it and a slot for one to be inserted in. The tablets read, "All for One" and "One for All."

He decided that he would go with the "All for One" tablet. If everyone focused on one problem, it would be resolved much quicker. One person focused on many things, however, wouldn't be much use to anyone. He inserted the tablet.

The tablets and the podium vanished, and Crispin moved on to the next one. This time, there were three tablets. One read "Strength," one read "Defense," and one read "Speed." He thought throught this for a few seconds, and then pushed the one that read "Defense" into the slot. After all, careful planning far outweighed brute force and rash decisions.

The next (and final, not that he knew it yet) podium had two tablets that read "Direct" and "Abstract." This one was no contest; he pushed "Abstract" in. After all, thinking out of the box was often what helped him succeed, and there was no glory in taking a path that others had already blazed.

After the final podium disappeared, Crispin waited for the next one to appear. When one didn't appear, he decided that he would wait for the being; it probably had a lot of work to do. Maybe it had gotten stuck. It didn't even occur to him that he had almost reached the end of his trials.

 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 10:59 PM


For a few moments more, there seemed to be nothing happening. No indication whatsoever of what the presence was doing, or it's thoughts on the answers he had given. It stayed quiet, as if weighing the answers he'd given against the world. This kept going, for what seemed like a long time. Eventually, the three colors from before - blue, red, and yellow - danced into the room as the other presences joined with the larger. They created a new myriad of colors to be viewed, the man able to simply enjoy viewing them given the lack of tasks to complete.

Then, suddenly, he was falling. The color left, and there was nothing to be seen, but the movement was dizzying. There was only darkness in every direction as he was pulled through to an unknown location, vertigo kicking in and clouding his mind and senses. As quickly as it had started however, it stopped. It took a few moments, but his mind was able to sort itself out, even as the memories of what had just happened quietly started slipping away. The endless void and presences were gone, and everything was... normal?

As his vision started to come back, his surroundings were suddenly natural again. No longer a surreal fabrication that was mono-colored, but trees, totems, dirt, and the sky. It was quiet, except for the occasional bird chirping in the distance. His other senses started to return as his mind pulled itself together. A cooling breeze rolled through the trees, providing light relief from the heat sticking in the summer air. It brushed against his skin with air thick with moisture. Despite the warmth of the area, there was no lack of water around.

As his sight fully returned, he could look around the clearing he was in. There was an object, now in his hand. It hadn't been there before. Or, had it? Nonetheless, now there was a white and red sphere sitting in his left hand, with no indication as to why it was there or what it was for. Around him, there were totems, forming a half-circle to his right, left, and behind. And straight forward in the distance, was a city. The buildings could be seen on the horizon, showing that it was within walking distance.

On the trail ahead, there was something else as well. The creature stood tall as it walked towards him, arms swinging at its side as it got closer. It was oddly humanoid shaped, albeit much smaller than a human. Most of its body was purple with a couple hoops of white around its waist and wrists as if they were wrapped. Its legs were covered in a roundish, brown piece that almost gave the appearance of shorts. The same could be said of its feet, giving the impression it was wearing shoes. Its head had three flat protrusions sticking out towards the sky in a row. If he tried to figure out where he was and why it was familiar, he'd find the last of his memories fading away.

Throughout the challenges, the beasts collect much information for Ho-oh. Once they presented their findings, she selected the final questions for Crispin, based off the types that matched most to him. Through his answers and decisions, Ho-oh has chosen that a Fighting type with potential for high Special Defense & Defense is a logical match for Crispin. After using this, and many other factors, she has chosen the pokemon and pushed Crispin through the portal outside Ashfield City, where his new partner awaits.@Sivanandi

Crispin has obtained a Tyrogue!

Choose a gender

Choose an egg move.

Choose an ability

Choose a name
(the name can be put off until later if you so desire)

[ This topic has ended, but you may resume the adventure in Ashfield City. From now on, the Tyrogue is yours and is under your creative control. The die roll for the chance to have a Pokedex resulted in a 66, so Crispin does not start with a Pokedex. Send me a PM when you've made the necessary decisions regarding your new Pokemon. Good luck and have fun! ]

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