Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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Jun 10 2018, 01:21 PM
wow okay firstly i feel terrible for continually dropping off like this with no warning :']

Secondly, the brain goo has been acting up again, this time with some negative realizations as to why I have been rping, and a whole slew of things related to that- which is why I've been silent for so long now (in addition to work being terrible.)

I'm going to try and slowly ease back into posting, but with the upfront statement that I'm likely going to be very slow about it for a while.
May 27 2018, 10:21 PM
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Aisu'd had quite enough. She was grateful to have been found by that passer-by, and grateful still for the shelter of the nearby village- But she needed to figure out about where she was- What the land was like, why she was here- What she was supposed to do now. The little maractus was by her side, as ever, watching intently as Aisu studied the items in her bag. There were a few berries she could faintly recognize, but didn't know the names of. A vial, filled with something she didn't know, but.... felt would be beneficial for pokemon- like a medicine? Two small orbs- and what looked to be a small portfolio- a pokedex, her mind corrected. ...whatever that was.
Amidst those things were several pens (whatever it was those were supposed to do, they didn't do anything now), paper ruined by the storm, and what looked to have been a letter.... but the letters had all blurred together from the rain, making it unreadable. Aisu frowned at it all, throwing it out and packing a bit of food in its stead. She wasn't sure if she'd need it- she only planned to go out and explore for a little bit- but something told her to pack more just in case. As the thought struck her, she frowned a bit, pausing in what she was doing. Why.... had she made a habit of exploring, before? Had someone made a habit of giving her advice like that? The woman shook her head, as if shaking away the thought. There was no use focusing on something like that, now. Instead, she just looked over at the maractus, giving the grass-type a nod before tossing her satchel over her shoulder, and heading out of the village.
Her feet wandered to the path, leading down to the ring of stones, and the burnt, ashen grass. The portal where she had appeared from. Aisu paused a moment to look at the area- it seemed a lot more pleasant, more tranquil now. It seemed so different... Aisu moved closer to the standing stones, brushing fingertips to one. How long had they been here, standing watch over those who came after? Aisu moved closer, bracing herself on the statue even as she peered at the "face"- It was roughly hewn, carved with simple tools instead of anything more refined- As she stared at it, murmuring this all a bit to herself, one of her hands slid from the stone, moving to her bag for her journal, to take notes-
It was only when her fingers found the satchel that she started, glancing first at the bag, then to the maractus. She- She had brought no journal- nor did she even have one. Similar thoughts had plagued her since she had gotten here. Not memories of things, no, nothing so solid- Memories of memories of things, half-formed thoughts made of smoke and fog. Frustration rose in her like a torrent- How was she supposed to do anything if she had nothing, no concept of who she was or where she was, or what she was supposed to do?
A snarl ripped from her, primal and angry, the maractus jolting a bit before pressing tentatively to her side- The wrong move, evident instantly as Aisu yanked herself away, storming past the standing-stones towards the line of trees. "There's- There's got to be something. At the very least, I- I can- can find out about the area." It was pathetic, desperate at best- but what else could she do? What else was she meant to do? Stay in the little village? Reflect? No, Aisu might not know much about this world, or her past- but she knew well enough that she could not simply rest idly, and wait for things to come to her- They never had before.
And that thought was bitter, acrid in her throat, and she rushed forwards, pushing through into the trees, only dimly aware of the maractus behind her. It had grown dark, quite suddenly, the canopy above them thick and capable, Aisu staring upwards at it for a long moment before slowly looking around. Not that she could see much- It would be easier to see with a light... didn't she have one in her bag? As she pulled it forwards to look, fingers grabbing the cloth-
The sensation struck her like a blow, frozen cold and sucking the air from her lungs, sending the woman crumpling to the ground as she struggled to catch her breath. That- It was a swirl of emotions, desperation and fear and determination yet, and somewhere curiosity, but it was far, far behind the others. Something- something about the dark, and the light- Aisuru knew, deep in her chest, that something had happened, and that she had lost something very, desperately important. She simply laid there a minute, swallowed up by her fears just as wholly as the shadows, finally mourning that which she couldn't remember.
And there was a rustle, quietly, and Aisu picked up her head to see the maractus, who watched her with those round, round eyes. Mara.... Maractus ara. The creature said, words Aisu couldn't understand but a tone, soft and somber, that left Aisu shivering somewhat, before wiping her face and slowly getting to her feet. "I.... I'm fine." She said, hoping that was the gist of what the creature was trying to say. Aisu reached up to smooth back her hair, noticing the pokemon watching her, face first twisting into a sneer of annoyance- and then smoothed plain, restrained, proper. "I'm fine- honestly. We can keep going ahead." The maractus didn't seem terribly convinced, hopping a bit closer to the woman with a rustle. Somewhat satisfied with her hair, Aisu gave the forest another glance. Behind her was the path back to the village, but.... She had to decide a way to go forwards, first. "... well. I suppose the best thing to do is just- decide, and get it over with." That said, she started forwards, leaving the maractus to skitter after her, without so much as a glance backwards.

</h3></div></div></div></td></table></div></div><div style="font-family: arial; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 7px;">1,019 words | adventure (tagless) | maractus (5, 0/18)<br><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=145">LAUZ ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡</a></div>[/dohtml]
May 24 2018, 09:23 PM
The first thing she knew was the rain.

It soaked into her skin and her clothes, plastering her hair against her face and neck, turning the ashen dirt to torrid mud as she collapsed to her hands and knees, gasping for air as she fought down a sob. Emotions ran through her, disappointment and failure welling up strongest, powerful bitterness from a place she couldn't name. Her fingers sank into the mud- And that only jolted more feelings, half-felt memories of struggle and fear, but shouldn't couldn't place any of it, could only grasp at it like the grains of ash in her hands- and ending up with nothing but murk for her troubles.

The rain grew hot, the air more humid, and Aisu finally started to catch her breath, shivering a bit as she lurched to her feet, wavering a moment where she stood. She was exhausted- and didn't know why. It felt like-

A cold chill ran through Aisu as that thought- half formed as it was- simply stopped, dead in its tracks. She- she didn't have anything to compare this to. Aisu tried to remember- the last time she felt exhausted, the last time she went to bed- what she'd done yesterday, what she'd done directly before now- something, anything- And there was nothing. Not even blackness but just blankness, the hesitation between pressing a button and something powering on. What do you do, when there is nothing in your life to go off of? For a long moment, Aisu froze, just caught in the hot rain and her own suffocating emotions.

But she closed her eyes, and took in a shaking breath- and turned, looking around her- eyeballing the collection of stone monuments watching her. Some were just rock- other shaped like people, or pokemon. (Which meant she remembered both people and pokemon, at least- and that was something, wasn't it?) Aisu was so busy looking at them, as if trying to decipher what they meant, that she didn't notice the movement of a pokemon behind her until there was this rattle. Aisu froze, then whipped around, seeing nothing-


Aisu looked downwards- at a plant. It was a plant, and it was looking at her. The thing- maractus, or something- looked at her with round eyes, smiling a bit up at her. Marara! It said, waving its little arms. Aisu looked at it, almost uncertain. Was this a wild pokemon? It... certainly didn't belong here, did it?

There was the flicker of lightning, and the crack of thunder above them, Aisu flinching a bit, while the pokemon skittered past her, taking shelter under one of the stones, shaking where it stood. Aisu just watched it, a moment, before turning at the sound of more movement- something else coming towards her.

Apr 1 2018, 11:02 AM
Hey there! :'D

A whole bunch of things happened at once, including but not limited to:

-health issues!
-family drama!
-craziness at work!
-i heckin' moved to a new apartment!

I'll be slowly making my way back here once I start clearing out my rl backlog of things I need to get done :']

I miss you alllll and hope to be here again soon <3
Jan 31 2018, 09:51 AM
They were on their way to the closest village. Aisu was talking, discussing the way the chaos had struck this area- it was so interesting, really, how drastically different this town could be from theirs, yet being so close to each other-! Haruko was beside her, quiet as always, but his eyes were bright and attentive.

Time loops always felt strange, like they were occupying the space between “awake” and “asleep,” a haziness that left you questioning if it had really happened. Aisu had kept walking, asking hypothetically if the legendaries had specific or favored places- and realized with a start, turning back to see Haru far behind her. ”Haruko!” She called, Haru glancing up before jogging back to her side. Aisu gave him a critical look, as if making she he was fine before huffing and continuing forwards.

”So, the time loops are expanding to out here, as well,” Aisu murmured, making careful note of that. ”Which would mean either the legendaries moving… or have just expanded their focus, and area of effect.” Aisu frowned at her papers, stopping in place to puzzle over this. Haru paused with her, eyes scanning the landscape. ”The legends I have found say that particularly strong or strong-hearted trainers can speak to, and even influence legendary pokemon. So… whoever is going to stop all this will need to gain the power at least for any of the legendaries to give notice.” Which was going to be much easier said than done.... If any of it was even true.

Aisu pause, thoughtful, and wrote something else down. ”But with the world in such a state, it's certainly not going to be easy to do. The earth is shattering apart, and the time loops are expanding to out here, as well,” Aisu murmured, making careful note of that. ”Which would mean either the legendaries moving… or have just expanded their focus, and area of effect.” Aisu frowned at her papers, stopping in place to puzzle over this. Haru paused with her, bright blue eyes locked on her, a rather unhappy look on his face.

Aisu frowned at him, confused, then glanced back at her paper- ”Oh- Ugh!” She fought the urge to just crumple the paper, the mirrored lines of the same information, the repeated findings, the wasted time doing the same thing, twice-but instead took a breath, smoothing it out with her hand. ”It- this is fine,” She said, rather crossly as it all very much wasn’t. A flash of anger shot through her, and she stormed forwards, hearing Haru running to keep up behind her. They would go to this village, and find out what anyone knew- and they would start fixing all of this.

And it was black- the sky completely disregarding the time of day, the position of the sun, leaving only darkest night, without the gleam of stars or the barest sliver of moon. ”What-” Aisu felt Haru’s hand find hers. She shook off her fear, rummaging in her bag, and pulling out her PokeNav, fumbling with it until a weak beam of light cast out. ”There- See- It’s not a problem.” Aisu said, voice sounding moderately sure, with effort. They started forward again, slower than before, ensuring that the other stayed beside them.

The roar sounded distant, but still shook the earth, ground rumbling and shifting underneath them. ”This- this isn’t supposed to be happening here!” Aisu cried out, grabbing at her notes- there had never been any earthquakes in this area, only the withering of plants, shifting of space- and now time. There was no reason for this-

Another roar- but this one was right in front of them- Haru shoved her back, got in front of her. Aisu glanced up, trying to find whatever he was so frightened of- and found two bright red eyes. She had her PokeNav in her hand, still, she could just swing it upwards, see what they were up against. Her arm refused to move. ”Haru-” The ground shook.

The earth gave way.

Haru’s grip was tight on her arm, dragging her away- from the creature, from the void closing in on them both. Her PokeNav fell from her hand, bouncing once- twice- and shattering before falling into the blackness. Her papers spilled from her grip, fluttering away- ”No!” Aisu jerked back, a foolish attempt to save her notes- everything she had learned about the awful situation they were all in. She pulled free of Haru’s grip, and reached for her papers.

And fell.

Aisu grabbed at the newly-formed ledge, breath coming in ragged spurts- there was no way to tell how long this would hold! She had to pull herself up! She looked up to find Haru, catching sight of him just as more of the ground crumbled, and he fell. ”Haruko!” She screamed, but the sound was muffled by earth shattering, and her grip gave way.
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