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 Ink & Paint, Adventure
 Posted: Jun 7 2018, 09:56 PM


capture attempt
Despite the use of a potion, Fletchling is still weakened, which gives us a 40% capture rate with a normal pokeball. RNG says... 35! Congrats on catching your very own birb!

Now, as for the starting loyalty... Well, throwing rocks is no way to build a friendship, but this birb is not unreasonable. He will see that Kendon didn't mean for things to go that far. Despite that, he and Kendon have been on opposite sides of this small conflict, so the immigrant will need to work hard if he wants to be friends with this cute bird! Starting loyalty will be 5%.

The female was gone, looking for adults who would know better what to do about an injured youngster. The two birds had almost forgotten, in their dismay, that the reasons for their trouble were still present, waiting to strike again...

Fortunately, said troublemakers did not go down that path. The male bird was still on the ground, forcing his eyes shut as he waited for help to come. He heard the human's voice, growing closer, but he didn't have the energy to move and flying away was definitely not an option in his condition. He could only pray for mercy... He waited while the human did his preparations. It wasn't until the soothing voice sounded right over him that the bird opened his eyes. His vision was blurry from the tears of pain, but he was doing his best to act strong and keep a straight face. As the human drew his explanation, Fletchling stared at it in confusion. Lots of strange lines that vaguely resembled familiar shapes... He frowned, unable to make out what the man was trying to tell him, even if he was intrigued by the attempt.

Fletchling winced as the water-type move formed at the tip of Smeargle's tail moved closer. Were they going to put him out of his misery?... Was it really that bad? He closed his eyes, but no further damage came. Instead, the water that was spilled over his wound was somewhat soothing. Were they cleaning the wound? Were they... helping? Fletchling opened his eyes again in order to watch in disbelief. Next, the human was moving his hand closer with some strange substance. The bird began to panic. His tiny heart was pounding, but he wasn't fighting back or running away. He was frozen in fear and couldn't find the strength to resist. He allowed the man to spread the Potion with only a grimace on the small face as the substance burned him at first, but slowly began to ease the pain.

As the human was looking for a bandage, Fletchling was breathing heavily, wondering if it was all over. It didn't hurt as much anymore, but as he tried to lift his wing and fly away, it stung him with pain again. He yelped.

"Don't worry. Humans are nice. He'll help you out," Togedemaru said cheerfully in a tone that could sound a little dismissive to his pain. She didn't have much of a reason to believe that this particular human could be so pure-hearted, but every human she had met in the village was mostly nice, so the rodent was full of naive faith.

Fletchling didn't say anything until the human suddenly grabbed him and began wrapping cloth around the wing to stabilize it. This time he couldn't hold back his panicked screams and he had to struggle. Being touched by a human was so weird and scary and oh Arceus, why him. Learning from his earlier mistake, he was not moving the injured wing, but the rest of his body was flailing desperately: his two short legs, the other wing and even the small head. He was pecking the man's hand weakly, trying to break free, but all of his struggles were for nothing. A young Fletchling stood no chance against an adult human in terms of strength.

Despite his protests, his wind ended up all getting the makeshift bandage around it. It was a very strange sensation to have something attached to his body part, but at least it reminded him not to move the wing around, Fletchling supposed, frowning at the wing once the trainer was done. In a way, it was kind of pretty, too. He hadn't seen any other bird wear human clothes before. He soon scolded himself, remembering that this was not the time to think about it.

Togedemaru smirked proudly as the painter turned to her for help. "But of course! I happen to be your local expert on humans. Follow me!"

She ran a few steps toward the village, as swiftly as her short legs would allow, before turning back to see if they would follow.

Fletchling was trying to forget all about his misery by watching the exchange between the Pokémon, as well as the human's strange drawings. He couldn't make sense of what was going on. Why would they be going to a human settlement now? Before he could think of a rational explanation, the man took out one of those strange capture devices and... The next thing he knew, he was trapped somewhere. There was an initial moment of panic, but soon Fletchling realized how calm it was inside the pokeball...

On the outside world, the pokeball shook for a moment, but the weak bird couldn't put up much of a fight. The sphere clicked and stopped moving.

"Hmph. Capturing one of those nasty things, huh?" Togedemaru commented in a slightly insulted tone. She turned back toward where the village was. "I'll show you where to go. Let's go!"

If they would follow, the hedgehog would lead them toward the first buildings of Forest Beach Village. The human and his Smeargle would soon notice that Togedemaru was rather slow and relaxed in her ways - despite the grave situation, she walked in a casual pace. She also didn't know exactly what they were looking for, so she stopped as soon as they reached the entrance to the human town.

"Here we are. Is this good enough?"


a wild Togedemaru has appeared!
level 5 ◒ female ◒ ability ◒ egg move / moves
Local guide, please leave tips in the jar

a wild Fletchling has appeared!
level 6 ◒ male ◒ gale wings ◒ Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Tail Wind
26%->46 HP || 37% EN Wet and with a broken wing. Captured (Edited HP in the last post, because I forgot. Took 10% damage from rock throw!)

 Posted: Jun 10 2018, 05:10 PM


It seemed like the little togedemaru knew where she was going, so Kendon swiftly picked up his cloth bag and began to follow. The smeargle, in spite of how tired he was from their recent altercation, joined only a moment after. He was just glad that they wouldn’t be doing any more fighting. As such, he wasn’t bothered in the least for their guide’s casual pace, grateful he would be allowed some time to rest. He did, however, keep himself occupied by studying the togedemaru further, positioning himself directly behind her. He put one paw on his chin as he walked, while the other kept his tail-brush in a light grip.

“Huh, the yellow and brown spikes are alternating, both vertically and horizontally, providing a nice balance no matter which way you look at her… I wonder how I missed that before…” the Painter muttered, turning his head this way and that, “Then there are the jagged, sharp turns of her tail… softened by the roundness of its corners and edges. Yes, yes, there’s no trace of an uneven feature anywhere. And if I look at her from above — the spikes form yet another circular border. Similar to the shape of her body, the yellow markings on her cheeks, her ears, her eyes — even the white part of her face! So many patterns, so many repeating elements! Oh, Arceus, you truly designed a spectacular one this time…”

His partner, on the other hand, was not as pleased the two other pokemon were taking their time. Despite having used a potion on the bird, he had no idea how bad it’s condition actually was. The pokeball would keep it safe for now, right? Come to think of it, he had no idea how pokeballs actually worked. If the fletchling were to die because of him… Even if it survived, it would probably take quite a bit of time for the wound to heal completely. And it wasn’t like he would be able to free the pokemon until then. Without its ability to fly, it would be even more susceptible to predators. But that would mean keeping it against its own will… keeping it from its friends, its family… They would all think it was dead. And what if the wing never properly healed, and the bird could never fly again? Would he just keep it forever just to protect it, even if it hated him? Oh god. He had ruined its life. He had hurt it, kidnapped it, enslaved it, taken it away from everything and everyone it had ever known—

Dude. Just shut. Up. It was that almost-voice again, the one he imagined to be Trixie’s. There’s no point in worrying about the past, because, stupid, it’s the past. And there’s no point in worrying about the future, because it’s the it hasn’t happened yet, and may never actually happen. Look, your decisions are your decisions, live with them and move on. Focus on helping the dumb bird now.

Before he could open his mouth to either retort or resign (he hadn’t decided which), Kendon realized that the group was standing in front of what appeared to be a human settlement. He needed to find someone to help, and quick. He took a couple hasty steps forward, expecting the others to follow — and then remembered. The smeargle had taken an interest in him, and had even gone so far to listen to a few commands. But the togedemaru — she was just a random pokemon they had encountered. She hadn’t pledged any sort of loyalty to the human, like the smeargle had.

Regretfully, the man knelt down stretched out one hand to pet the small creature. He liked her, but he wasn’t about to force another pokemon to become his companion. “Thank you for all your help! It was really nice meeting you,” he smiled, but a twinge of sadness could be heard behind his words. Not wanting to part without giving the Roly-Poly a gift, he reached into his bag and pulled out one of the berries at random (it was the apicot), and offered it to her.

The smeargle, for what it was worth, was also sad to see her go — although, for different reasons. “I’ll miss your patterns,” he said, wholly remorseful, “Stay out of trouble, so nothing happens to those beautiful, beautiful markings on your back.” He gave one last, longing look at the togedemaru’s body before turning away. (“If only I had more time to paint you…”)

user posted imageuser posted image

 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 07:01 PM


Togedemaru blushed, focusing harder on the path, as she heard the other Pokémon's voice. What was it talking about? She heard parts of his mumbling and she couldn't make much sense of that. Was it about her again? It was a little creepy... She shuddered, feling as if she was being watched, and went a little faster. The human was very nice, like all humans, but his Pokémon partner was... peculiar.

Oblivious to the human's inner struggle, the round Pokémon gave him a friendly smile as he thanked her. She was a little... Jealous about that bird. She thought she was forming a connection with this human, but those bullies were mean to her friend and yet the human ended up getting one of them for himself... She knew what those orbs meant. It wasn't that she was particularly looking forward to being put in one, but she found it strange that this man wouldn't even try to capture her before settling down for a mean bird.

Therefore, the human's gratitude put a large smile on Togedemaru's face. She stood on her toes as she reached for the offered fruit, to grab it as fast as she could, and held it close. A present! She loved presents, especially yummy ones. She was relieved to see that the human hadn't forgotten her heroic efforts of... Leading them here, she supposed. She hadn't done much, but she didn't need to, she believed. After all, humans always awarded her just for her cute smiles.

"Um, thanks," she responded to Smeargle, raising an eyebrow suspiciously. This one was... confusing. What did he even mean by that? "I'll, uh, miss your patterns, too."

And so, Togedemaru waved at them with one hand, still holding onto her gift with the other, before she turned away. It was time to pay her other human friends a visit, just like she had originally planned. It was great that she had managed to make another one today.


a wild Togedemaru has appeared!
level 5 ◒ female ◒ ability ◒ egg move / moves
Local guide accepts your offering. Thank you for using our services!

 Posted: Jun 21 2018, 06:13 AM


topic closed
▲▲ 50 tokens for completing a topic
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▲▲ +20 EXP for Turk
▲▲ Turk levels up! [5 -> 7]
▲▲ +3% loyalty for Turk
▲▲ +2% exp in Combat
▲▲ +5% exp in Medicine

▼▼ -1 potion
▼▼ -1 apicot berry

Ahaha this was a great read. I love reading these two so much. Also I always need a togedemaru guide for everything in my life. Also yes Turk i agree togedemaru is a beautiful design and I need 15 of them

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