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 Spencer Jazz
Saint Judas
 Posted: May 23 2018, 09:55 AM

Idle Staff

Tired. If one could sum up all of how Spencer looks at a glance, the overwhelming aura and sympathetic feeling one instinctively picks up from him at just a cursory look, it would be tired. Sure, the other obvious and basic details also will strike one. He's white, and not just as in pale of skin, but all but the actual color itself, his skin pasty to the point of leaving one doubting if he has ever spent more then a passing minute or two in the sun. In the natural light his skin tends to flush a ruddy pink quite easily, giving him a bit of a soft look. This probably is not hurt by the smooth and supple quality of his skin, and though his face shows slight signs of acne still it's largely passed as with puberty, leaving mostly a few passing marks amid a beauty mark or two.

Spencer is also awkward. Not necessarily tall, though not really short either at a five foot and ten inches, but somehow he still seems like he's gangly and willowy. Truth be told he's quite an average weight as well, but something of teenage youth seems to cling to him still, leaving him with a pointed Adam's apple and jutting elbows that seems too bony for their width, his rounded, almost heart-shaped face slightly babyish with strong cheekbones that give his cheeks a slightly chubby look from a glance or a distance. His short hair, all mousy brown and obstinately curly locks certainly don't help, and mixed with dark, almost black, brows seemingly almost always slightly furrowed with some sort of anxiety or suspicion, or perhaps just an after effect of his weariness. It would be hard not to say he doesn't always look troubled, or at the very least feverish and exhausted, the glimmering of blue eyes shadowed by curled strands of hair soulful seeming, though rarely trusting, giving him a sort of warded feeling, a shadow of innocence hanging over him like something still remembered in gentle features but lost now, replaced by a heavy burden on his shoulders and lost faith in dark distrustful glances.

Quentin Smith - Dead By Daylight/A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) - Tumblr

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