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Posted by: Jani Aug 28 2016, 09:07 PM
We accept roleplayers of all talents and abilities, and we strive to create a safe, enjoyable, and immersive community and experience for all.


◒ one
Respect. For your fellow members, for the staff, and for guests. Be polite to even the most irritating people, especially in the cbox. It is acceptable to politely/gently encourage a member or guest to change their behavior if they are breaking rules or otherwise being disruptive. If you have a recurring problem with someone, bring it to the attention of the staff via PM. (Screenshots are always useful when lodging a complaint!)

◒ two
This is NOT a one account-per-character site. It is recommended that you register with your OOC name. You may use character-specific accounts if you like, but it is not required. Also, please put links to your character's app/index in your signature, for ease of access for staff and others.

◒ three
Keep all content and conversation in the cbox at a G or PG level, please. It is visible to all who visit the site, thus we should keep it at a level that will make as few people uncomfortable as possible. This especially includes sexual innuendos and cursing: such things should be kept out of the cbox entirely. Discussions on politics or any other subject that might become heated should also be kept out of the cbox. [Update 3/23/2017: due to incidents, I have decided that more in-depth cbox rules must be created.]

◒ four
In-character posts (as well as character applications) must be written in third person and past-tense. No first person, second person, present-tense or future-tense.

◒ five
We tend toward a more realistic take on Pokemon than the anime and the games do. Pokemon tend to be more fearsome and less tame, and they take on a much greater depth of personality. Keep this in mind.

◒ six
We don't have a minimum word count here, but one- or two- liners are not acceptable for in-character posts. Quality above quantity is encouraged, of course, but a handful of sentences can hardly be considered quality if that's all you post. We don't frown upon rapidfire roleplay, but you need to make sure that whoever you are roleplaying with is okay with it. It is good form to try to match what your writing partner(s) are putting out; that way it doesn't feel like one person is doing all the work while the other is barely keeping up.

Rating: PG-13

◒ Language
Foul language is permitted both in-character and out-of-character; however, cursing at another player in a manner intended to offend or hurt them will not, in any situation, ever be permissible, even in PMs. Excessive use of heavier language will violate our PG-13 rating, so keep that in mind for IC posts. And again, keep it out of the cbox entirely.

◒ Sexual Content
Of the three sections that fall under site rating, this is most strict. Mild sexual innuendos, themes, and references are permitted, but no explicit references to genitalia or explicitly detailed sexual acts are allowed. If such a situation arises, we enforce the fade-to-black rule. Such situations may be roleplayed off-site and considered canon.

◒ Violence
Semi-graphic violence is permitted, and even encouraged in some situations to make the roleplay seem more realistic. Explicit descriptions of gore should be toned down to appropriately fit our PG-13 rating.


Posted by: Jani Mar 23 2017, 03:19 PM
Cbox Rules

◒ PG rating
Keep all content and conversation in the cbox at a G or PG level. In general, the Cbox should be a welcoming and friendly place for all who visit the site. Respect and be kind to everyone, both old and new, and you'll get along just fine. As long as you keep things light and open, there shouldn't be any problems.

◒ Harrasment
Absolutely NO harassment, discrimination, or manipulation will be tolerated. Comments deemed to be intentionally hurtful or out of line will be deleted, and the mods will take action against the player responsible. This behavior is a bannable offense; depending on the severity, you may or may not get a warning first.

◒ Arguments
We do not encourage any heated or insulting arguments in the cbox or on site. If you feel like you need to, please move it to pm or off-site. Additionally, any complaints about another player should be sent privately to a Mod, not shared openly with other players.

◒ Community
The Cbox is for conversation, community, and friendship-building. We expect that topics be kept open and friendly.

◒ Plotting
The Cbox is not for heavy plotting. Any discussion about plots should be kept short and generalized. Talking too much about characters and plots that others aren't a part of can put a quick stop to chatting. Mentioning a plot or potential thread between characters is fine, but anything more should be moved to PM, plotters, or off-site chat.

◒ Controversial / Hot-Button
To keep things light and welcoming, it's expected that controversial issues (chiefly, politics and religion) be kept out of chat. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and ideas, however, expressing strong words in favor of one particular viewpoint may ostracize those who do not share the viewpoint. This is not a place for debate, this is a place for fun and relaxation.

◒ Reply-Seeking
We all get excited about getting threads and plots going, and it can be hard to wait sometimes. However, badgering others for responses will not be tolerated. You may mention it, or poke someone about this occasionally, but ultimately we are a casual site, and no one should have to feel bad if they can't reply quickly to something. Please refrain from asking or poking about something repeatedly over a short amount of time.

◒ Flooding
The cbox should be kept clean, open, and welcoming for everyone. In order to keep it that way, please refrain from posting long rants or in-depth conversations about topics that are unrelated to our site and our community. This could cause earnest questions about the site to be lost in the flood, or could cause people to lose interest in friendly chatting in the cbox overall. Our aim is to be friendly and welcoming, but not overwhelming. For example, a lengthy conversation about your difficult day at school or work is fine; a long rant about some other forum you are a member on is not.

Thanks to Kaien for providing much of the content for these rules.


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