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Terrene continues to heat
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 Posted: Feb 26 2018, 11:57 PM


Alexandris is approximately 5'0", shorter than average for a woman of her age and size. She has remarkably tanned skin, with a tinge of pink and a smattering of freckles pressed across her face, all over her shoulders, and stretching all the way down both in front and back. There are two small moles on the back of her neck, while her face is slightly scarred from an aggressive attack of the pimples and zits. Terrible things, those.

Pale grey eyes are thickly lashed and are at a slight upwards tilt. They squint slightly, as if she has a hard trouble of seeing far away. Long blonde hair that reaches her elbows is slightly curly, and nearly always pulled up into a pony-tail so her bangs don't fall into her eyes. In the sunshine, her hair seems to have a few hints of red in it. These streaks are natural. Where people say she's dirty blonde, she sharply retorts, "Strawberry blonde!"

When she was in the Suffering Universe, Alex got a tattoo that stretches across the entirety of her back. Running down her spine is an elegant sword from the middle ages, with vines twining around the hilt and across her shoulders. Circling around the blade in an infinity symbol is a soft gray serpentine shape where it's head eats it's tail..

There is a faint scar on the far end of her right eyebrow from when Alexandris tripped over a rake and it came into contact with her face. While she got a few scars from the incident, her dignity survived the fall and she wears the scar with a general air of amusement. Alex rarely wears jewelry, but on her left ring finger she wears a simple rose-gold ring with the words 'always' elaborately etched across in black. This is her wedding ring, a remnant of her late husband.

Alexandris now walks with a permanent limp and a make-shift cane.

Her once rose-tinted eyes had turned into an impartial gaze upon her former world, silently accusing the legendaries and godly beings. 'Where are you?' They seemed to ask as Hoopla and his crew wreaked (and still cause) havoc onto her planet. Sometimes, it seems like Alexandris just doesn't care about what happens to everyone she knows. One day they will be killed, one day they will be sucked into an endless cycle of death and death and death.

It is perhaps this that Omega saw when he hired Alex.

A few years after she was born on 8th August, four year old Alexandris's parents died in a car crash on their way home from checking out a local stable that they wanted to rescue horses from. While she was young enough to understand that her parents weren't coming back and instead of a younger place, her grandparents told the little girl that the two had hoped for a boy instead.

Not disheartened in the least, Alex's maternal grandparents took her in as their right as the little girl's only surviving biological relatives left. While she had many adopted uncles and aunts, her mother made sure that her own parents would be able to be the only people to take Alex in if the two ever passed away.

Fortunately, her Gran and Grandpa raised her with a stern but loving hand. Every time she fell, she would pick herself back up again and keep on moving. If she fell so far that she couldn't come back up, they would help her and push her along so she didn't linger that much on it.

Admittedly, she had a rather disillusioned view of the world as she grew up. Her grandparents instilled in her that she had to do the right thing, whether it was lie or tell the truth. She became terrifically blunt, an impartial gaze and self-confident actions drawing her friends in, and eventually the guy that she would marry.

Alexandris Winthrop and Theodore Vaughn were drawn to each other since the day they met. At twenty-two years old, they were freshmen at a university in Montana. They had seen each other in classes, which was part of the major they specialized in. Being a huge history nerd and willing to work hard for her dreams took Alexandris to an even higher spectrum.

As a kid, her grandparents showed her how to work the farm. How to milk the cows, clean out the horse's stalls, feed the pigs, clean out the hen coop, and take care of an enormous garden as well as how to grow her own vegetables. To put it simply, Alexandris was extremely self-sufficient by the time she entered high school.

The first time she and Theodore met, Alex was streaking down a truck station's hallway with a fire extinguisher in hand. Her truck's engine had caught fire, and it quite needed to be put out. Theodore's incredulous gaze had followed her from his spot at the coffee machine, the cup of coffee he was making spilling over, onto the counter, and staining his crisp white work shirt.

Marrying Theodore taught Alexandris patience, gentleness, and the ability to share precious moments with the person she loved most. Theodore became her best friend, the person she leant a shoulder to, the person she cried on when her grandparents passed away when she was twenty-six.

When Alexandris was thirty-one and Theodore thirty-two, they got into a car crash that cost the life of Theodore and severely wounded Alexandris. She now walks with a limp and is forced to use a cane to get around. A few months after the crash, she laid on the floor of her apartment, wheezing and gasping for breath as illness damaged her systems. She was dying. And Alexandris knew it.

Then.... blackness. In between the next time she opened her eyes to see a beautifully green world off the side of a cliff, something happened. Something important. Something that changed her life completely around and gave her a new purpose. She still walked with her limp, but it seemed easier for her to walk around.

The first mistake she made was to walk into a nearby cave on accident, looking for something she could make a good walking cane out of. Then all of a sudden there was a flutter of wings and something heavy had gotten tangled in her hair. Screaming in surprise and slight pain, she bolted out of the cave and tried to fiddle with the creature that landed in her hair.

When a slightly frightened Woobat curled around her neck and looked at her with huge dark eyes, Alexandris knew she was gone. This was the one that needed her now, and the draw between the two was too heavy to be a coincidence. With a ball she found nearby and a person that was hiking up to the top of the mountain, Alex had her first starter.

Now, take into account that this was abouuuut, ten and a half years ago. Speed forward a few years, and you'll find Alex with her Woobat (named Screech simply for the fact that she would violently scream 'WOOOOOOOO' into the air on a whim and have it carry for miles) and a Minccino (named Steele because he likes to chew on whatever metal he could find oddly enough).

She worked off her ass in that time to get Screech and Steele to work together. Admittedly, the bat and little squirrel thing would fight for hours on end. These fights have resorted into physical violence that Alex would let them tire themselves out with. Over time, their fights and reluctance to work together dissolved into hesitant battle partners.

Throughout those few years, Alexandris found herself wandering through the Western Great Forest, the Eastern Great Forest... and across several plains. However, she found herself missing the safe feeling that Crater had, and eventually found her way back up there. It was in Crater that Omega found Alex. Or rather, she found him.

He was snappy and irritable, if not withdrawn. However his research had Alexandris intrigued. What was it about this research that rang so strongly within her. She pestered the man for years, begging him over and over again to work with the man. This kind of work brought back a drive to the woman that she had never felt before, yet was so familiar that she had to keep going back to ask him.

After five years of constant begging (she was 40), crazy old man Omega relented and cautiously brought her up to task with the research. Gleeful and eager to start, Alexandris threw herself into her job with all the subtlety of a raging Tauros.

(Annnd with this, it brings us to the current state of Terrene.)


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